Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews

Along with the operation to increase the female mammary glands, which has gained considerable popularity, in aesthetic plastic surgery there is an operation with the exact opposite effect.

If the female representatives decide to enlarge their breasts solely to increase their attractiveness, then women experiencing not only physical discomfort, but also worsening well-being, decide on a breast reduction operation.

Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews
Breast reduction surgery is effective in conjunction with a breast lift.

Reduction mammoplasty (this is the name of the procedure for correcting the shape of the breast in the direction of their reduction) is a plastic surgery, due to which it is possible to get rid of several breast sizes by reducing adipose tissue and part of the mammary gland.

It belongs to one of the most serious operations in terms of complexity of carrying out and is prescribed according to medical indications, and not just from the point of view of aesthetics.

Indications for surgery

Bust reduction surgery is indicated for several reasons:

  • hypertrophy or hypermastia, in other words an abnormally large chest;
  • asymmetry of the glands when the mammary glands are developed disproportionately;
  • mastoptosis or sagging and loss of breast shape.

Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviewsExcessively large breasts (when the volume of the mammary gland exceeds 500 cc. Cm) brings its owners considerable discomfort and has a negative impact on their health.

Women often experience frequent pains in the back, neck, shoulder area, due to the large load on the spine, posture and gait are disturbed.

In addition to osteochondrosis and scoliosis, women with a huge bust suffer from skin diseases caused by diaper rash and loosening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis under the heavy mammary glands.

The abnormally large breasts sag quite quickly, resulting in stretch marks and, as a result, unaesthetic appearance. Such cases are an indication for surgical intervention.

Contraindications to breast reduction

Contraindications for reducing mammoplasty are:

  • diabetes;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • clotting problems;
  • acute form of chronic infectious diseases;
  • any diseases of the internal organs;
  • severe obesity;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • period of breastfeeding;
  • Patient under the age of 18 years.

Usually, such a plastic surgery is prescribed for women giving birth, because breastfeeding after its implementation becomes problematic and sometimes impossible.

Also, after childbirth and breastfeeding, it is often necessary to correct the shape of the breast.

In order to achieve the most aesthetic appearance, reduction surgery is often combined with breast lift surgery.

Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews
The image shows the outline of the breast before and after reduction mammoplasty.

The bust of an abnormally large size is subject to severe sagging , so simply by removing excess tissue, the shape of the breast will not change. Having performed two operations simultaneously, the overall load on the body is reduced and the overall rehabilitation period is reduced. The incisions must be made the same, so it makes no sense to do them twice.

Preparatory stage

Reduction mammoplasty is considered one of the traumatic surgery , during which the possible large blood loss and other complications, so training should be careful.

The first thing after consulting with the operating surgeon is a complete examination: fluorography, cardiogram, general tests of urine and blood, a test for hepatitis, sugar, blood coagulation and sexually transmitted diseases.

Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews
At the stage of preparation for reduction mammoplasty, appropriate tests should be passed, which will be prescribed by the attending physician.

Be sure to appoint a consultation with a mammologist, who sends for an x-ray or ultrasound of the mammary glands. The operation takes place under general anesthesia, therefore, an anesthetist consultation is required , the presence of an allergy to medications is revealed.

In severe forms of obesity, surgery to reduce the mammary glands is transferred until the patient gets rid of extra pounds.

The moral readiness of a woman is also important, therefore, at the preparatory stage, a consultation with a psychologist is appointed.

The patient herself should begin to prepare her body a month before the operation : proper nutrition, sleep at least 8-10 hours a day, moderate sports loads, no stress at work, a calm and measured lifestyle.

2 weeks before the appointed date, the use of alcohol is prohibited, the woman must stop smoking. Acceptance of any medications – only with the knowledge of the doctor.

Just before the surgery, you need to take a shower, but without using any makeup and in 6 hours – no food or drink.

Stages of breast reduction

Reduction mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation is about 2-3 hours , sometimes longer, a lot depends on the specific properties of the body and the scale of the intervention.

Consider how the weight reduction and transformation of the shape of the breast is achieved in stages:

  1. “Cutting” – before the start of surgery, the doctor puts the patient in a standing position marking of future sections.
  2. Introduction to anesthesia.
  3. Incisions of the skin are performed. Most often, inverted T-joints are used using anchor incisions, that is, around the areola up to a new higher position of the nipple, then vertically down and horizontally along the chest fold.
  4. Removal of excess fatty, glandular tissue and stretched skin.
  5. Moving the areola and nipple to the intended position. Basically, when transferring the nipples, they are not separated from the blood vessels and nerve tissues around. But in some cases, when the breast size is critical, it is necessary to separate the nipple from the nerve branches, as a result of which sensitivity is lost.
  6. The formation of a new reduced breast shape is done by shifting the flaps of skin surrounding the areola, down and to the center.
  7. External cosmetic sutures: around the areola, vertically down from the nipple to the fold under the gland and horizontally in the fold;
  8. Applying a sterile retention bandage.
Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews
The sequence of basic actions during breast reduction surgery.

Another way to reduce breast volume is liposuction. This operation is performed in the presence of a large amount of fat and breast asymmetry. Liposuction is usually prescribed for women during menopause, as well as for some men.

This procedure practically does not affect the change in the shape of the breast, simply due to getting rid of excess fat, a reduction in the size of the glands is achieved, elasticity and tautness are also given.

Postoperative rehabilitation

The recovery period directly depends on the complexity of the operation : the larger the scale of the intervention, the longer the rehabilitation. After reduction plastic surgery, the patient is in the clinic for another 1-3 days.

On the first day, special drainage of the wound surface is established. In the early days, the patient experiences tightness, discomfort and severe pain. The arising pain is relieved with the help of individually selected analgesics.

Swelling and bruising are possible, which go away spontaneously within 14 days.

If self-absorbable sutures have been used, then suture removal is not required.

Be sure to wear compression underwear around the clock after surgery for 4-6 weeks, then a dense bra without pits is used.

Breast reduction surgery. Photos, videos, prices, reviews
Compression underwear reliably fixes the chest, preventing damage to the seams.

You will have to sleep for several months on your back, putting an extra pillow under your back. To avoid tissue damage, you will first have to limit your hand movements , especially lifting up.

A shower (not a bath) can be taken only after 7-10 days, while the water temperature should not be excessively warm and in no case should the rubbing joints be rubbed.

After the shower, you should gently pat the postoperative area with a towel and disinfect with a swab dipped in alcohol.

In case of development of edema of the breast, it is necessary to limit fluid intake until they disappear. It will be possible to return to the usual physical activity only after 2 months have passed, this also applies to swimming.

Exclude sunbathing for 2-3 months, visiting tanning salons, baths, saunas. Due to the existing risk of worsening breast shape after surgery, you should not go on a diet and lose weight.

In full, the results of the operation to reduce the mammary glands can be observed no earlier than 6 months after the intervention, and sometimes after 12 months.

After reduction plastic surgery, complications can occur: hematomas, edema, fluid accumulation in the operating area, bleeding, scarring and inflammation. In the presence of complications, treatment is prescribed by the attending physician.

But there are specific problems that can be attributed to them:

  1. Asymmetry of the breast , which remained after surgery to reduce. A common occurrence is uneven swelling, which, after a period of time (usually several months), passes by itself. But there are times when a significant difference between the volume of the right and left breast remains. The solution to the problem is repeated surgery or liposuction.
  2. Incorrectly transferred nipple-areola complex , that is, the nipples are located at different heights. Usually occurs by mistake of the operating surgeon, is restored using a new surgical intervention.
  3. Loss of nipple sensation. Partial and complete loss is possible, it occurs if the nerve fibers were damaged during the operation. It is almost never possible to completely restore sensitivity.

The average cost of breast reduction surgery

It is not so easy to name the average cost of an operation to reduce mammary glands; it varies over a wide range.

The price level depends on many factors:

  • complexity of surgery;
  • the extent of breast hypertrophy;
  • qualification level, academic degree of the operating doctor;
  • level of clinic or medical center;
  • how many days the patient will spend in the hospital;
  • volume of preoperative examination.

The table below shows the prices of reduction plastic in the most popular plastic surgery clinics in USA.

New York Blanc Medical Center (Mont Blanc) $ 3808 – $ 4080.
Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Klinik (“Frau Clinics”) From $ 4896. and higher
Group of Clinics of Aesthetic Medicine Klazko $ 4760.
Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Beauty Plaza $ 9493.
Los Angeles Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Medici (“Medici”)  

from $ 2040.

Kuprin Clinic $ 2448 – $ 6120.
Los Angeles Institute of Beauty (SPIK) Breast reduction – from $ 1360.

Tightening – from 170000rub.

Useful videos that reveal the features of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery has a number of indications and nuances that are given in this video clip:

Is it possible to do breast reduction surgery before childbirth – in this video clip:

This video clip reveals the nuances of performing reduction mammoplasty, as well as the history of one patient:

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