Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

An effective cosmetology procedure called phonophoresis is used to sparingly rejuvenate and restore a healthy appearance of the skin. With its help, when applying ultrasonic energy, it is possible to increase the permeability of the skin to absorb beneficial substances and activate the body’s own resources to restore the integrity of the inner skin layers.

The method of physiotherapy with the use of ultrasound is universal, effective, allows to solve a number of cosmetological problems by non-invasively introducing various formulations and medications.

Before undergoing phonophoresis, it is necessary to assess the condition of the skin, take into account a number of indications and contraindications, and also familiarize yourself with the features of the use of various drugs.

The essence of technology and mechanism of action

Phonophoresis is a procedure in cosmetology using ultrasonic waves that has a comprehensive healing effect on the inner and superficial layers of the skin.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews
Phonophoresis – a procedure for gentle rejuvenation and restoration of a healthy appearance of the skin

The essence of the technology is that using the phonophoresis apparatus it is possible to carry out whole molecules, delivering them through the surface layers of the skin to the main tissues and bloodstream. Thanks to the action of ultrasonic vibrations – a special transmission of waves at the level of body cells, there is a beneficial effect on certain pathologies and external flaws.

To achieve the maximum positive effect, a number of drugs are used – vitamin cocktails, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds. Penetrating to a depth of 2’4 inch, tissue is intensely heated by ultrasound, as well as increased activity of white and red blood cells.

A feature of the technique is the use of various medications, the active substances of which are able to penetrate with the help of ultrasonic waves, providing a powerful aesthetic or therapeutic effect.

Phonophoresis technology is used not only in cosmetology, but also for medical purposes for the treatment of various diseases. Based on the existing problem, the specialist selects a particular therapeutic composition that can solve several problems at the same time, having an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory or anti-allergic effect.

During the phonophoresis procedure for cosmetic purposes, the stratum corneum is initially removed to increase the permeability of the skin and improve the absorption of the drug. When heated by the apparatus, the delivery rate of useful elements increases.

Ultraphonophoresis can be used in 3 variations:

Type of phonophoresis Frequency used Application features Penetration depth, inch
High frequency 3000 kHz It is used for facial areas for active restoration and rejuvenation of the epidermis. Until 3
Midrange 800 kHz It is used to destroy body fat, eliminate cellulite, get rid of scars and scars 4 to 6
Low frequency 22 kHz It is used to relieve severe internal inflammation. From 8 to 10

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

The main advantage of the technique is prolonged action. The beneficial substances, getting into the heated tissues, continue to actively influence the problem areas for a long time, additionally saturating the cells and tissues with oxygen.

After a course of procedures, all internal inflammatory processes, puffiness are eliminated, the skin restores elasticity, comes in tone, rejuvenates and smoothes.

Positive effects on the skin

Phonophoresis is actively used in cosmetology and medicine.

This procedure has a positive effect on the skin and helps to solve a number of aesthetic problems:

  • restore elasticity lost due to age-related changes or under the influence of external negative factors;
  • eliminate scars, traces of post-acne, small scars of various etiologies, striae;
  • restore hydration of tissues and epidermis, eliminating peeling and dry skin;
  • eliminate acne, inflammation, cleanse pores of sebum;
  • restore tone by eliminating signs of early ptosis of soft facial tissues;
  • to tighten the blotted oval of the face, eliminate bryl, double chin;
  • eliminate lipid disorders, body fat, cellulite in stages 1-4;
  • return to the skin a healthy complexion, eliminating dullness and traces of hyperpigmentation.

The course of phonophoresis is indicated for patients after plastic surgery and aggressive cosmetic procedures to activate regeneration. For medical purposes, the ultrasonic wave therapy hardware technology is also used to treat hernias, systematic headaches, muscle and joint pains, sprains, gastrointestinal tract diseases, trophic ulcers.

Contraindications to the use of phonophoresis

The ultraphonophoresis technique is universal, it is widely used in various fields of medicine, cosmetology, for treatment and rehabilitation. Before resorting to the ultrasonic wave hardware technique, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications for use.

Phonophoresis is not recommended for use:

  • during lactation and pregnancy (exposure in 1-2 trimester is especially dangerous);
  • in the presence of malignant neoplasms;
  • with systemic diseases of a fungal or bacterial nature;
  • if there are neurological pathologies of the facial nerve;
  • in the presence of ectopic spirals, metal prostheses, pacemaker;
  • if there are pathologies of the cardiovascular and endocrine system;
  • with circulatory disorders, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders;
  • if signs of anorexia, weight deficiency are observed;
  • with a tendency to vegetative-vascular disorders, urolithiasis.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

Beauticians and physiotherapists also do not recommend resorting to ultrasound therapy in the facial areas after the installation of dental implants, fillers or thread lifting. Temporary contraindications include focal inflammation in the treatment area and recent facial surgery.

It is strictly forbidden to conduct phonophoresis procedures with individual intolerance, as well as high pressure.

Is it possible to carry out the procedure at home

Phonophoresis is a procedure in cosmetology that has established itself as a safe and universal healing method. To date, the technique can no less effectively be used for home use.

The benefits include:

  • low financial cost of the method in comparison with salon procedures;
  • the ability to buy a portable device with the necessary functionality;
  • the ability to simultaneously solve several therapeutic or aesthetic problems at any convenient time.

The technique is easy to use, but for greater effect, it is recommended to consult a professional cosmetologist or physiotherapist, take special courses and familiarize yourself with the features of the selection of a medicinal product.

At home, it is simple to conduct phonophoresis , you must follow a step-by-step algorithm of actions:

  1. Take a comfortable pose in the chair.
  2. Choose the optimal power of the device and prepare the medicinal composition.
  3. Apply heated gel for axons to the problem area, as well as to the surface of the ultrasonic manipulator.
  4. Set the optimal wave feed setting.
  5. Process the entire area with a manipulator, gradually increasing the intensity.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews
In order for the home phonophoresis procedures to bring the expected effect, it is necessary to choose the right device and choose the optimal medicinal composition for influencing the problem area.

Apparatus for home treatment

The choice of an apparatus for ultraphonophoresis used at home is the main task to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. It is necessary to pay attention to the functionality and power of the supply of ultrasonic waves.

It is important to understand that there are 2 types of wave intensity:

  • Impulse. Such waves work on the surface of the epidermis, they are not able to penetrate deeply and enough to warm up the internal tissues. Pulse mode can be used for highly sensitive areas, delicate and gentle treatment. The regimen is painless, easily tolerated by patients of any age, does not cause discomfort, can be used for pediatric therapy.
  • Permanent. This wave mode is more intense, allows you to deeply penetrate and intensively warm the tissue. This mode is used to eliminate scars and scars, striae, hematomas, lipid deposits, as well as the treatment of a number of serious functional disorders and diseases.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

When choosing a device for home use, it is recommended to pay attention to the following models:

Device name Complete set and application Cost
Venus Ultra 3 The device is equipped with 3 transunders, as well as nozzles for processing various areas of the face and body. It operates at an ultrasound frequency of 1.1 MHz with an exposure intensity of 0.2-2 W / cm2. The device is used both in professional clinics and for home use.

From $ 136.

Venko E + 08 A portable phonophoresis apparatus with a frequency of ultrasonic vibrations of 1 MHz and an exposure power of up to 1 W / cm2. It has 3 modes of operation: for skin nutrition, oval correction and micromassage to eliminate edema.

From $ 49.

UMS-04 The device combines the functions of phonophoresis and cryotherapy, which allows micromassage and purification of the epidermis, increasing skin elasticity, eliminating hyperpigmentation, relieving swelling, irritation and inflammation.

From $ 102.

Delta AUZT


Portable multifunctional device with several modes that can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. It is equipped with a timer, as well as 3 levels of output power with a coefficient of 30%, 40%, 50%.

From $ 204.

Delta Combi AUZT Portable device for home physiotherapy. Combines the functions of a neurostimulator and an ultrasound generator. With its help, it is possible to carry out drug and drug-free ultrasound therapy, as well as percutaneous electroneurostimulation.

From $ 258.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

Beauticians and physiotherapists recommend choosing devices for home use, taking into account the initial problems and obtaining the desired aesthetic and therapeutic effects. During the application, it is important to strictly follow the step-by-step instructions, this will help in the future to avoid causing damage to the body and the development of negative side effects.


Phonophoresis is a procedure whose effectiveness increases with the use of various drugs. The composition is selected individually, in accordance with the existing problem.

The most commonly used ultrasound therapy with:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • hydrocortisone;
  • contractubex;
  • fermencol;
  • lidase;
  • karipain.

The active substances of therapeutic compounds help get rid of various esthetic flaws, they are aimed at restoring internal tissues, saturating with useful substances, accelerating regeneration processes and activating cellular metabolism.

With hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronate – a substance that allows you to restore the skin’s moisture balance and immunity, prevents the occurrence of moisture deficiency, supports the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, and slows down the natural aging process.

Features of the procedure:

  • Before processing the problem area with ultrasonic vibrations, hyaluronate is applied. When heated under the influence of waves, acid penetrates into the deep dermal layers.
  • The technique is used to deeply cleanse pores and treat acne.
  • It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in particularly sensitive areas using intensive regimes, burns may form.
  • When using phonophoresis with hyaluronic acid to eliminate cellulite after applying the composition and heating, the area is covered with a film to create the effect of a sauna.

The technique allows you to process locally problem areas, which allows you to achieve the desired result in several sessions.

With hydrocortisone

Hydrocortisone contains a high concentration of the hormone cortisol. Its deficiency in the body causes dryness, dehydration, and, as a result, the early development of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dull complexion. The main focus of phonophoresis procedures with hydrocortisone is moisture retention inside the dermal and epidermal layers.

As a result of the course of procedures, molecular motion and tissue temperature increase are enhanced, due to which:

  • local blood flow increases;
  • collagen synthesis is activated;
  • muscle relaxation occurs;
  • pain is eliminated;
  • enzyme activation occurs.

Procedures with the influence of ultrasound waves and hydrocortisone provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, relieve swelling, and reduce local hyperemia and skin hyperthermia. Typically, this method is used to treat injuries, muscle cramps.

In aesthetic medicine, the principle is used to activate metabolic and lipid metabolic processes in the body, reduce body fat and eliminate cellulite. In cosmetic anti-age programs, such procedures are temporary.

With contractubex

The direction of treatment with contractubex is the elimination of postoperative and post-burn scars, scars, striae. The drug is used in medicine and cosmetology for phonophoresis procedures. An ultrasonic device heats damaged internal tissues, providing deeper penetration of therapeutic components and restoration of integrity from the inside.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

For aesthetic purposes, phonophoresis procedures with contractubex:

  • scars and scars are removed;
  • ultrasonic cleaning of the skin;
  • cellulite, local fat deposits are eliminated;
  • complexion normalizes, hyperpigmentation is eliminated.

Phonophoresis procedures in the postpartum period have been shown to be highly effective in the fight against stretch marks and rough scars.

With fermencol

Fermencol in synthesis with phonophoresis ensures the delivery of collagenolytic enzymes to the deep dermal layers.

Procedures allow you to:

  • align skin texture;
  • get rid of scars and scars;
  • eliminate hyperpigmentation.

Before the session, the scarred area of the epidermis is cleaned with a warm soapy solution or a special cosmetic lotion. Then fermencol is applied in a thin layer and ultrasonic waves are applied. The duration of the session is 3-5 minutes, the duration of the course is at least 10 procedures.

With caripain

The cream includes hyaluronic acid, papain and glucosamine hydrochloride. The action of the drug provides an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Phonophoresis with caripain allows you to:

  • slow down the aging process;
  • restore fluid balance;
  • improve microcirculation;
  • provide cells and tissues with oxygen;
  • relieve pain.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

As therapeutic therapy, the procedures help in the treatment of hernia, discogenic radiculitis, osteoarthritis.

With lidase

Lidase is a specific fermented substrate. It is used to absorb hematomas, improve joint mobility, reduce and eliminate contact. Ultraphonophoresis with hyaluronidase is an effective technique for accelerated softening of scar tissue. The deep penetration of the drug affects the connective tissue, destroying it.

Features of the procedures:

  1. The action is provided locally.
  2. The strength and depth of phonophoresis with lidase depends on the selected power of the apparatus.
  3. It is used for resorption of scars, traces of acne and acne residues.

Beauticians recommend a course of phonophoresis with lidase to patients with pronounced skin defects to eliminate and level the relief.

Execution technique

Phonophoresis is a procedure in cosmetology, a simple and affordable technique for improving the condition of the skin and eliminating flaws. It helps to deeply cleanse the skin of the stratum corneum, accelerate cell metabolism. The method is used in programs of rejuvenation, elimination of puffiness, getting rid of fatty deposits and cellulite.

The main task of phonophoresis is the enhanced penetration of beneficial components of drugs into tissues and cells using ultrasonic waves.

To achieve an effective aesthetic result, you must follow the step by step instructions:

  1. At the preparatory stage, problem areas are determined, the appropriate medicinal composition is selected.
  2. The treatment area is cleaned of contaminants, makeup, sebaceous gland products. For cleaning use warm soapy water or micellar water.
  3. The cleaned areas are disinfected to prevent infection in small wounds.
  4. A bioactive composition is applied on the skin with a thin layer – hyaluronate, contractubex, hydrocortisone or another drug selected in accordance with the aesthetic problem.
  5. A local effect is made in a circular motion with an ultrasonic manipulator. The sensor is alternately transferred along the processing zone, in each section it is delayed no more than 15 seconds.

Phonophoresis. What is this procedure, photos before and after, price, reviews

In process of influence the power can be increased or decreased, it all depends on the sensitivity of the zone. After a phonophoresis session, the skin needs additional hydration. Treated areas must be soothed by applying nutritious serum or cream.

As a result of ultrasonic exposure, accelerated regeneration of cells and tissues, oxygen saturation, and nutrition take place. After the course of procedures, the skin acquires a uniform shade, freshness, elasticity, traces of acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation are eliminated.

How often can phonophoresis be done

Phonophoresis procedures are aimed at simultaneously activating natural processes and preventing unwanted reactions and inflammatory processes.

Since the skin is not injured during the session, the technique can be combined with other cosmetic procedures:

  • paraffin therapy;
  • mesotherapy;
  • massage techniques;
  • electrophoresis;
  • cosmetic masks.

In combination, therapy will give a positive rejuvenation effect, which is noticeable after 2-3 sessions. The skin is smoothed, dullness, puffiness, traces of hyperpigmentation and acne are eliminated, it acquires firmness and elasticity. The course of phonophoresis is calculated individually. On average, to achieve a stable aesthetic effect, it w
ill take 7-12 sessions with a break of 3-7 days.

In the interval between procedures and after completion of the course, the active components continue to have a beneficial effect, activating biological processes. An effective technique in cosmetology is phonophoresis. This procedure is safe, painless, with regular use of the skin, complete care is provided.

Phonophoresis procedure video

What is phonophoresis and how to do it:

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