Breast lift with and without implants. Photos before and after, how is done, prices

Mastoptosis is characterized by sagging mammary glands, which most often occurs after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast lift without implants leads to its shape better. Before and after photos prove the positive effect of the procedure.

Reno Degrees

Breast ptosis is glandular and false. The first type is characterized by a shift of the areola and nipple down, as well as flattening of the chest. In the case of a false variety, the nipples and the paralosal part remain in the same place, when the gland tissues are flattened and the area below the areola increases.

Specialists determine the degree of prolapse of the chest on a special Renault scale. According to her, normally the nipple should be at the level of the middle of the shoulder. At the same time, the woman’s growth does not matter. Its location below the submammary fold, which is located under the breast, indicates ptosis.

Renault scale divides sagging breasts:

  • 1 degree (easy) . The nipple is located above the main volume of the breast and at the level of the skin fold under the mammary gland.
  • 2 degree (medium) . The areola is above the greater part of the chest and breast fold.
  • 3 degree (developed) . The displacement of the areola below the fold on the front of the chest.
  • 4 degree (strong) . It consists in finding the nipple along the contour of the gland in a downward direction.
  • False appearance . The lower part of the mammary gland sags when the nipple remains above the submammary fold.
  • Ferruginous appearance . The gland has a normal volume, the nipple maintains its normal position. At the same time, the lower part of the chest is very sagging.

Indications for a breast lift

Women most often turn to a plastic surgeon for help because of a feeling of insecurity in their attractiveness, as well as dissatisfaction with their own reflection in the mirror. Often this is a good reason for surgical intervention, because psychological stress negatively affects the health of the fairer sex.

Other factors forcing radical action include:

  • chronic form of dermatitis in the area of the breast fold;
  • maceration of the skin, which appears due to poor ventilation of the integument due to ptosis;
  • long lactation;
  • breast asymmetry;
  • sharp and severe weight loss;
  • breast sagging age;
  • congenital damage to the chest.

Breast lift methods

Breast lifting, photos before and after which show the effectiveness of the procedure, has several ways of conducting. Each of them has its own characteristics, rehabilitation period, advantages and disadvantages.

Vertical mastopexy

A kind of breast lift is used when external changes occur that patients try to suspend on their own. Lifting is carried out with sagging mammary glands of the 2nd degree.

The method is based on the removal of a fragment of the breast, which is responsible for the sensitivity and position of the nipples. The operation is carried out within a few hours. The surgeon performs a deep incision. Through it, it is possible to penetrate into the submammary fold.

Advantages of the method:

  • the ability to change the shape and size of the nipples;
  • natural effect;
  • high result;
  • weak chest invasiveness.

After the intervention, the patient needs to go through a rehabilitation period. The procedure involves a week’s stay in the hospital. This is due to the occurrence of edema and the appearance of pain in the chest. All unpleasant consequences of the operation require symptomatic therapy. The procedure leaves visible scars that go from the nipples down.

3 months after the tightening, the condition of the woman fully returns to normal. During this time, it is necessary to exclude high physical exertion and wear tight underwear.

Anchor mastopexy

The technique is so named due to the fact that during an operation on the chest an incision is made in the form of an anchor. It runs on two sides of the areola and is connected by a vertical line. The doctor makes a branching along the pectoral ligament in different directions.

Breast lifting, a photo of which prove the effectiveness in advanced mast mast disease, is often carried out in combination with reduction mammoplasty. Anchor technique has its own distinctive features. A good result and its duration are achieved due to the removal of excess skin and tissues in a large volume.

Cons of anchor mastopexy:

  • leaves scars on the skin;
  • invasiveness of the procedure;
  • long recovery period;
  • high probability of consequences after the intervention.

Periareolar (circular) mastopexy

Circular mastopexy is performed with abnormalities in the development of the breast, omission of 1 and 2 degrees, pseudoptosis. Not used for overweight people. Tightening is performed by making an incision around the areola. This helps remove excess tissue that has stretched. Further, the gland is attached with special sutures to the pectoral muscles.

The advantage of circular mastopexy is that due to unaffected nerve endings, breast sensitivity does not change. After the intervention, a minimal amount of scars and scars remains. The chest becomes more attractive and supple. The duration of the operation is 1 hour. The patient is under general anesthesia. The rehabilitation period takes 7 days.

Endoscopic mastopexy

Mastopexy leaves traces after surgery in the form of scars. For many patients, this feature is a big minus. Based on this, a method was developed that reduces this drawback to 0. It is called “Endoscopic Lift.”

The operation is carried out due to small punctures that leave barely visible traces after healing. With their help, a substance is introduced into the mammary glands, which reduces the risk of bleeding.

Next, use special tools that are inserted under the armpit through an incision. They allow you to separate the glandular tissue from the skin. A part is cut from it, the shape of which resembles a triangle. At the end, a tissue tightening and stitching of the edges are done. Suture all cuts made.

Combined mastopexy with increasing mammoplasty

Mammoplasty, as a method of endoprosthetics, is considered the most effective procedure for improving the appearance of the breast.

The method gives the following effects:

  • preservation of nipple sensitivity;
  • getting rid of ptosis;
  • breast prosthetics after its removal in the treatment of oncology;
  • improving the appearance and shape of the mammary glands.

Breast lifting, a photo of which shows a natural effect, involves the use of silicone implants of various shapes. They are introduced into the body to simulate the natural gland. At the same time, the chest does not differ by touch. For plastic surgery, general anesthesia is used, because the operation is quite complicated.

First, an incision is made on the chest. It is needed for the introduction of a silicone form for the pectoral muscle or mammary gland. At the end of the stitches. 10 days after the intervention, the sutures are removed from the incisions. Within 2 months, swelling of the chest is observed. Its size is significantly increased due to this. After complete healing of the scars, you can evaluate the result.

The main drawback of the type of tightening is a long rehabilitation period, which can last up to 6 months. During this period, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, wear compression underwe
ar and take special medications. The risk of mastopathy and other pathologies also increases, and highly visible seams remain. When choosing this method, it is important to understand that a correction will be required over time.


There are several types of mammoplasty: a change in the shape of the breast, a decrease in size and a complete lift. All methods except the first are performed without the use of implants.

Procedures that help change the appearance of the breast:

  • mastopexy vertical;
  • anchor lift;
  • lipolifting;
  • periareolar mastopexy.


The technique for transplanting fatty tissues taken from other parts of the body into the chest is called lipofilling or lipomodelling. During the procedure, the specialist selects the area where to get the fat. Most often, the material is extracted from the buttocks or thighs.

Stages of the procedure:

  • liposuction of the selected area;
  • injection of adipose tissue into the mammary glands.

Lipofilling gives a good result. With its help, you can increase the chest by 1-2 sizes.

Other advantages of the technique:

  • lack of general anesthesia;
  • natural result;
  • no scars and scars;
  • short rehabilitation period.

The procedure is not easy, therefore, it requires the use of general anesthesia. The complexity of the operation is the removal of fat. This process is much harder than the introduction.

The danger of lipofilling in possible complications that arise due to tissue rejection. According to statistics, only 60% of the transplanted material is preserved. In the remaining 40% of cases, the tissue resolves or dies. After surgery, you should wear special underwear for fixing the mammary glands.

Microcurrents using sera

The method is based on the effects of special sensors with currents on the chest and the use of cosmetic serum. Together they give an excellent effect.

The advantages of the technique include:

  • budget price;
  • lack of surgical intervention;
  • metabolic acceleration;
  • giving the skin elasticity and firmness;
  • low risk of side effects;
  • minimal discomfort.

The microcurrent procedure does not give such a pronounced result as with surgical plastic surgery. Therefore, the lift must be repeated regularly, otherwise the effect will disappear.

The use of microcurrents has contraindications:

  • malignant neoplasms;
  • mastopathy
  • cysts.

Laser Lift

The technique appeared not so long ago. Scientists are still conducting research on its effectiveness. The technique of execution involves the direction and effect of the laser beam on the chest. Outgoing waves lead to tissue massage.

Advantages of laser lifting:

  • painlessness;
  • increased blood circulation;
  • improving the appearance of the skin;
  • lack of intervention in the body.

Breast lift with and without implants. Photos before and after, how is done, prices

Despite all the advantages, the method has disadvantages. The effect of breast augmentation is not fully understood. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict what side effects to expect.


Breast lifting, photos before and after which reflect an improvement in the shape and appearance of the breast, is carried out using injections.

The method involves the use of such drugs:

  • Collagen. It provokes the formation of new cells that help remove sagging breasts and perform the function of the frame.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Gives moisturization of the skin of the bust and elasticity.
  • Organic silicon. Fights striae and scars.
  • Components of plant origin. Moisturize and nourish the skin, normalize the balance of nutrients.

The specialist selects the necessary components for each patient, depending on the features. Performs antiseptic surface treatment and does local anesthesia. Using a thin needle of high strength, the agent is injected to a depth of 3/32 – 5/32 inch. Manipulation is carried out slowly.

Positive actions of the procedure:

  • lack of surgical intervention;
  • rejuvenation effect;
  • improving the appearance of the cover;
  • individual approach.

After the mesotherapy procedure, bruises, an allergic reaction, itching, pain and redness may appear.


Used to prevent the prolapse of the mammary glands in the future. Provided that the total breast volume is maintained, they can be used to get rid of ptosis. The mesothreads are made from polydioxanone. The material is safe, it does not cause negative reactions of the body. Applied for suturing after surgery.

At the beginning of the procedure, the surgeon marks the location of the threads with a marker. A woman is administered under general anesthesia and treated with an antiseptic cover. Using a special needle in the micropores, threads are installed. Thus, a framework is created. Places of introduction of threads are sealed with a plaster. After the procedure, there are no traces on the skin.

Advantages of using mesothreads for breast ptosis:

  • short recovery period;
  • lack of scars and scars;
  • there is no effect on the functioning of the mammary glands;
  • minimal tissue injury.

The procedure is not performed for breasts larger than 2. Complications such as tissue sagging and inflammation may occur. With superficial injection, the filaments remain noticeable. The effect on average lasts no more than 3 years. Sometimes a repeat of the tightening is required after a year.

Microline Mastopexy

A microline is a drug whose action is aimed at modeling the contours of the body. It has no analogues. Due to the lack of competition in the market, the price of the drug is high. For 1 package with a dosage of 0,34 fluid ounce, they require from $ 136.

The main component of the filler is hyaluronic acid. The substance is naturally occurring. It is synthesized in the body. Therefore, after administration, a filler based on it is easily absorbed or excreted from the body.

At the beginning of the procedure, the specialist marks the area for better orientation. Further, the treated area is chipped with lidocaine. Small cuts are made on the skin into which special cannulas are placed. Gel-filled syringes are attached to them. For 1 breast, 0,2 – 0,3 pint of filler is required.

The absence of anesthesia is the advantage of the procedure. In addition, after the introduction of the gel, no scars or scars remain. The patient can immediately evaluate the result. The recovery period is extremely short.

Breast lift with and without implants. Photos before and after, how is done, prices

Disadvantages of using a filer:

  • price;
  • gel migration;
  • rapid resorption of the gel;
  • risk of soft tissue fibrosis;
  • the filler interferes with X-ray and ultrasound;
  • sor
    eness of the procedure;
  • the likelihood of asymmetry of the chest.

The advantages of mastopexy over other methods of breast lift. Photos with and without implants

Photos of mastopexy reflect the high efficiency of the operation. Breast lifting by other methods has a large list of contraindications and side effects. In addition, the procedure is carried out without the introduction of foreign bodies into the body. This feature reduces the likelihood of complications.

Analyzes before surgery

Before performing a breast lift, a woman should undergo a mammologist examination. During the admission, the specialist will issue directions for passing the examination and passing tests.

List of diagnostic measures:

  • ECG;
  • ultrasound of the chest;
  • EEG;
  • biochemical, general blood test;
  • studies on HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis;
  • fluorography;
  • coagulogram;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • consultation of the anesthetist and therapist.

Preparation for surgery

The mastopexy procedure involves the preliminary implementation of special events:

  • examination of a mammologist, therapist, plastic surgeon;
  • consultation of an anesthetist;
  • passing a complete diagnosis of the body;
  • testing;
    Breast lift with and without implants. Photos before and after, how is done, prices
  • proper nutrition;
  • refusal to drink alcohol and nicotine;
  • reduced physical activity;
  • exclusion of medication.


Surgery can last a maximum of 4 hours. Due to this, mastopexy requires the introduction of a patient under general anesthesia.

Operation duration

The duration of the breast lift depends on the complexity of the situation. On average, an operation can last 1.5-4 hours.

Length of hospital stay

On average, the hospital stay after surgery is 3 days.

Possible complications

Mastopexy, like any other procedure requiring surgical intervention in the body, has a greater likelihood of complications.

The consequences of a breast lift:

  • swelling;
  • hematomas;
  • discomfort in the seam area;
  • the appearance of infections;
  • bleeding from the joints;
  • the formation of gross scars;
  • decrease in sensitivity;
  • areola deformity;
  • suppuration.

Are postoperative scars visible

Breast lifting, the photo of which is noted by slightly noticeable scars after surgery, should be performed by an experienced surgeon. With careful suturing, the scars will gradually stretch.

In special cases, severe scars may occur, which is not so easy to get rid of. To do this, you will have to apply cosmetic procedures such as resurfacing and laser correction.

Features of a breast lift after childbirth

If after childbirth a woman decides to breastfeed, the operation is unacceptable. During this period, only massages, physical exercises and body wraps are allowed to improve the condition of the mammary glands.

Can I breastfeed after mastopexy

The mammary glands do not suffer during surgery. The surgeon works only with adipose tissue and skin. Mastopexy is not a prohibition for breastfeeding.


Proper breast lift surgery ensures that the result is maintained for many years. It should be borne in mind that pregnancy and weight gain can accelerate the sagging process. A slight change in the shape of the mammary glands does not affect the position of the nipple. He remains as the doctor did.

For a lasting effect, it is recommended that you regularly visit a plastic surgeon for an examination. For safety reasons, at the slightest change in the chest, you must consult a specialist.

The price of a breast lift, on what depends

The breast lift procedure is of high cost. The price depends on both complexity and volume of work. In addition, the professionalism and qualifications of the surgeon affect her.

The table shows prices for various types of mastoplexy in New York clinics:

Type of procedure Cost, usd.
Periareolation 71500
Anchor 93500
Vertical 70000
Endoscopic 110000

Tips for choosing a clinic and specialist

Choosing a doctor for mastopexy, a woman should pay attention to his qualifications, experience and patient reviews.

Breast lift with and without implants. Photos before and after, how is done, prices

It is also important to consider such nuances:

  • Clinic advertising. The information indicated is not always true. It is recommended to find out the reviews of patients who actually performed the lifting procedure in this institution.
  • The situation in the clinic. Chambers and other rooms of a private hospital should not lead to negative emotions and cause an uncomfortable feeling.
  • Cheapness. It is not recommended to save on such a serious procedure. Choosing the most budgetary clinic, patients run the risk of running into poor hospital conditions and low qualification of the surgeon.

Surgical breast lifting procedure is popular among a large number of women. Most often, patients are satisfied with the results of the intervention. Photos before and after confirm that mastopexy is able to quickly get rid of ptosis of the mammary glands.

Video about breast lift and rehabilitation

What does the breast look like before and after the tightening:

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