How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt

Beautiful and healthy nails say a lot about a person. Hands and face are the first things that a man pays attention to when they get to know each other, so their grooming is very important for any woman. About how to strengthen the health of nails at home – later in the article. How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt

Causes of brittle nails

  • The main reason for brittle nails is a lack of calcium . Therefore, so that the nails shine with health, they are strong and do not break, it is very important to use foods rich in calcium and drink mineral complexes.
  • Fragility of nails is a symptom of serious diseases , for example, in cases of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. For example, grooves or roughness of nails is often the result of diseases or the consequence of taking medications. The same symptoms are possible with a lack of minerals.
  • Frequent nail extensions , manicures that entail mechanical removal procedures. All this thins the nail plate and leads to brittleness.
  • Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle , excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, affects the body as a whole and nails as well.
  • The use of chemicals , for example when cleaning a house without gloves, also affects nails and worsens their condition.
  • Poor-quality and metal tools for manicure , varnishes of dubious quality, careless attitude to nails. All these factors individually and as a whole affect the condition of the nail plates.

How to strengthen nails at home and accelerate their growth

There are many ways to strengthen nails at home. Strengthening nails is best done comprehensively: inside and out.

Internal methods to strengthen nails include:

  • healthy, balanced diet,
  • lack of bad habits,
  • eating enough vitamins and minerals,
  • and even mood, as multiple stresses affect overall health, including the health of nails and hair.

Among the external methods of strengthening nails at home, the following can be listed:

  • masks purchased and homemade, cream nourishing nails;
  • oils;
  • a variety of water treatments with herbs;
  • strengthening nails with the use of tools that artificially give hardness and strength, such as: bio-gel, acrylic powder. These funds are often used in case of genetically determined thinness of the nail plate, as well as after prolonged exposure and mechanical damage as a result of building.

How to strengthen thin, weakened nails with bio-gel. Technology

To choose a bio-gel in order to strengthen the nails, its naturalness is one of the pluses. The use of bio-gel allows not only to make nails beautiful, it also has a healing effect. With regular use of this tool, the nail plates become stronger and more elastic. How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt

Bio-gel is of different types:

  • Transparent. Well smoothes and heals bumps on the nail plates. Often used as a base coat, for applying gel or shellac, as well as regular nail polish.
  • Color. It is used as an independent tool for manicure. It also has a healing effect on nails and gives them a beautiful look. It is applied in two layers, dries a little longer than transparent.
  • Sculptural. It contains silk extract, strengthens and moisturizes the surface of the nail, makes it more elastic and strong. The gel of this type is opaque, has a natural shade. It is also used to artificially create the edge of the nail.
  • Royal Sealer. It has a bluish tint, which allows you to give your nail a healthy look. It bleaches well, eliminates gray color or yellowness of nails. It is transparent and colored. Often used for the classic “jacket”.
  • S-coating. A tool used to build nails. It has increased rigidity. It does not require additional reinforcing agents.
  • UV bio gel. It is used to protect the nail from ultraviolet radiation. It is applied in summer seasons. Used as a base and topcoat.

Application technology

To apply the bio-gel, manicure tools and a UV lamp are required.

  • Preparatory stage. Includes processing of the nail edge, removal of the cuticle, removal of the existing coating. When using a bio-gel, it is undesirable to use a trimmed manicure.
  • Degrease the nail plate.
  • Drawing base. It is recommended to leave a small gap in front of the cuticle, which will avoid delamination of the material and its chips, which will significantly increase the term of the manicure.
  • Application of bio-gel.
  • Design. On the basis of bio-gel, you can make any design.
  • Topcoat application.
    How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
    Essential bio-gel kit

After each step, the material is fixed using a UV lamp.

How to strengthen a broken nail with shellac acrylic powder

The question of how to strengthen a broken nail at home is relevant for many, because it is not always possible to get to the master. To strengthen a broken nail at home, you can use acrylic powder, or powder, as it is often called. How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt

Acrylic powder is a polymer powder. Due to its porosity, the product does not block the flow of air and nails can “breathe”. Powder perfectly strengthens nails and can be used as a standalone tool, or applied as a base for shellac.

Unlike bio-gel, the powder only protects and strengthens the nail plate, without having a healing effect.

Powder is also transparent and colored. There is also powder for concealing defects in the nail and for finishing.

Application Technology:

  • Preparatory stage. Removing the old coating, preparing the nail edge, processing the cuticle.
  • The degreasing process.
  • Drawing the preparatory base. Please note that the powder base does not dry in a UV lamp.
  • Application of powder. The powder is applied with a special brush over a jar.
  • Drying in a UV lamp.
  • Removing excess powder.
  • Applying regular nail polish or gel polish.

The process is simple and will allow you to strengthen your nails at home without going to the master.

How to strengthen weak nails with a base under gel polish so that they do not break

You can use a base coat for gel polish as a strengthening agent for nails. A healing effect in this case should not be expected.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
Foundation Foundation Gel

The application technology is no different from the application of bio-gel, the only difference is that the basic coating becomes the main material for strengthening.

How to strengthen exfoliating, brittle nails with folk remedies – recipes

In folk medicine, there are a huge variety of recipes for the natural strengthening of nails at home.

Paraffin therapy to strengthen nails at home

For the procedure, cosmetic melted paraffin with the addition of oils will be required. Any vegetable oil or a few drops of essential oil is used.

Hands are released into a warm paraffin-oil solution several times, then gloves are put on for a couple of hours. The remains of the paraffin mask are rubbed into the nail. Instead of paraffin, you can also use natural wax.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
Paraffin for Nail Therapy

Strengthening nails with oils.

You can take ordinary vegetable oil, olive is good, you can take cosmetic, it is sold in a pharmacy. A thin layer of oil is applied to the nail plates and hands, using this procedure, not only the nails are fed, but the hands themselves will receive excellent care. It is better if the oil is heated by placing a container of oil in hot water.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
Oil with keratin Rescue Rxx from CND Tea Tree Oil from Organic Shop

Herbal decoctions

With their help, baths are made for nails. The list of herbal preparations can be the most diverse, they help well, burdock root, calendula, St. John’s wort, chamomile.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
Healing herbs to strengthen nails

The use of red pepper

The use of pepper will strengthen the nails, and will contribute to their rapid growth. For a mask of red pepper, you need to mix hand cream with water and red pepper. 1 teaspoons cream, 1 teaspoons pepper, water – 10 drops. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, the proportions can be changed.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, salt
Red Pepper Nail Mask

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has also proven itself, most often it is mixed with olive oil, but almond or burdock oil can be used. It is enough to add a few drops of lemon juice in a tablespoon of any oil.

Beer and Dry Wine

There are recipes based on beer and dry red wine. Beer is mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. And a handful of salt is added to the wine, it is better if it is sea.

Cranberry juice

Rubbing fresh cranberry juice is an excellent tool for strengthening brittle nails at home.

How can i strengthen my nails with iodine at home

Iodine is an excellent tool for strengthening nails. Here, the main sense of proportion is not to get a chemical burn instead of benefit and not to dry the skin and nail plates.

Iodine is added to many masks and baths for nails.

Oil-based iodine mask

In warm olive oil, add 3-4 drops of pharmacy iodine. With the help of a cotton pad, a mask is applied to the nails, cotton gloves are put on. Leave for the night.

It is enough to do this procedure once a week to get an excellent result. 

Iodine and Orange Juice

Iodine mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice has proven its worth. To do this, in a half glass of clean, warm water, a third of a glass of freshly squeezed juice is dissolved, 8 drops of iodine are added to the mixture and a tablespoon of table salt is added.

The nails are placed in the solution for 15 minutes, washed, wiped and greased with oil or any nourishing cream.

Iodine, oil and lemon

Iodine can be added to a mask based on oil and lemon. To do this, add 3 drops of iodine to the oil with a few drops of lemon juice.

Mask of iodine and glycerin

Another effective remedy is an alternating mask of iodine and glycerin. To do this, on the nails in the beginning, iodine is applied, aged, then glycerin is applied. After standing for half an hour, they again cover the nails with iodine and leave it overnight.

Massage with iodine and honey

To strengthen nails at home, massage using honey and iodine is suitable. 5 drops of iodine are dripped into honey (about a tablespoon) melted in a water bath. Within 15 minutes, the mask is rubbed into each nail. It is washed off and oil or cream is applied to the nails.

How to properly strengthen natural long nails with sea salt and water

An excellent tool for strengthening nails at home is sea salt.  Sea salt is a source of a large amount of minerals.  Most often, salt is used in baths to strengthen nails.

  • To prepare a magic elixir, warm water is usually taken, about one glass in which a tablespoon of sea salt is dissolved, essential oil is dripped into the resulting solution.

The choice of ether depends on the taste, the absence of allergies to it and the desired effect. For example, lemon oil is successfully used for whitening nails, ylang-ylang nourishes nails, lavender will also make the plates healthy. The choice of oils is
wide and each in its own way is useful.   

Sometimes sea salt is dissolved directly in heated vegetable oil.

Proportions: a third of a glass of oil per 1 teaspoon of salt.

  • A mixture for a water treatment with the addition of salt (1 teaspoons salt per 1 cup of water) soda (1 teaspoons) and iodine (5 drops) into salt water. Not only strengthens nails, but also has a disinfecting and antifungal effect.

How to restore nails after building and applying gel polish

An important rule for frequent manicure using gel polish or tools for nail extensions is a good rest for nails for at least a month between procedures.

It is better if, at least a week after each manicure, the nails will rest, during this period you can use medical products to strengthen the nails. Including, the coating referred to – “Smart Enamel”.

The first few days require intensive therapy for nails with all kinds of oils, masks, baths. In the future, it will be enough to carry out the procedure once or twice a week.

During the rest period, it is advisable to use gentle methods of nail care, not to cut the cuticle and to avoid excessive exposure to the nail file.

You can drink a course of mineral complexes containing fluoride, calcium, iodine and other useful vitamins and minerals.

Caring for your fingernails is no different from caring for your fingernails. Foot nails also require nutrition and care. All nail care products are applicable for both hands and feet.

What to eat to strengthen nails: vitamins and products

The main factor in the growth and good condition of nails is a healthy diet. Fast food, semi-finished products purchased at the supermarket adversely affect health, including nails.

The lack of a missing mineral or vitamin component can be determined by the general condition of the marigolds. By using the necessary healthy products, problems will be resolved without much difficulty.

Foods That Promote Nail Growth

If the nail plate grows unevenly, then this is a sign of a lack of vitamin A in the body. With insufficient amounts of this vitamin, a fingernail can easily hit a heavily excreted fungal attack.

The most necessary product in this situation is cod liver oil. Both canned food and capsules purchased in a pharmacy are suitable.

Vitamin A is also found in quail eggs, natural cheeses, butter, low-fat cottage cheese.

Vitamin D groups paired with calcium will help the nails with delamination and brittleness. Nails can break for various reasons: under the influence of sunlight, due to improper nutrition, use of low-quality drugs.

It is better to abandon preparations containing formaldehyde, since this chemical substance overdries the nail plate. Rich in this vitamin fish oil, chicken eggs. Vitamin D is practically absent in dairy products, but these products should be in the daily diet, since calcium prevails there.

Vitamin B helps nails grow quickly while maintaining a natural color cast. This vitamin component is found in: potatoes, nuts, cereals, cereals, brewer’s yeast, green vegetables, poultry meat, sprouted wheat, dairy products, soy.

Vitamin PP will give the marigold elasticity, help rapid growth . This vitamin can be found in dried mushrooms, nuts. Vitamin PP is also sufficient in meat products.

In the summer months, you can get vitamin C from all fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs. A sufficient amount of vitamin in rosehip, blackcurrant, pepper, citrus, horseradish, cabbage. Eating everything raw, the human body will receive a sufficient amount of vitamin.

A brief list of products that are useful for nails is as follows:

  • Carrots saturate the body with vitamin A.
  • Nuts, sesame and avocados are high in vitamin E.
  • Milk and dairy products are high in calcium.
  • Fish oil or oily fish (Vitamin D) for better absorption of calcium.
  • Cucumbers, zucchini, fresh cabbage contain sulfur and silicon.
  • Dark bread, bread rolls, cereals contain B vitamins.
  • Seafood, oatmeal, buckwheat, seeds contain zinc to strengthen the structure of the nail plate.
  • Persimmons, seaweed contain iodine.
  • Pumpkin seeds.

Burrs – what to do

The frequent appearance of burrs is caused by several reasons:

  • the habit of biting your nails;
  • exposure to detergents and cleaners;
  • improper and irregular care.

How to strengthen nails at home. The best tools and recipes: biogel varnish, acrylic powder, base, iodine, saltYou can remove the resulting burrs with nail clippers or nippers. Having no experience in processing, it is better to consult a specialist so as not to aggravate the situation and not completely ruin the nail plate.

Rubbing massage oil, lotion or cream will help further prevent the formation of burrs. Such procedures will eliminate painful and uncomfortable sensations, accelerate recovery.

Exquisite and well-groomed manicure will give confidence to every woman. Every day, hands work: washing, cleaning, working at the cottage, this adversely affects the external and internal state of the nail plate.

In order for nails to always have a healthy appearance, maximum daily care is required, and measures to strengthen the health of nails from time to time. Compliance with simple rules for the care of the skin of pens and nails will ensure the neatness and health of the nail plates for many years.

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