Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

Currently, the topic of breast augmentation is very relevant in order to constantly look spectacular and irresistible. If you consider the photo before and after enlargement, the latter will definitely satisfy the desire of the opposite sex.

What is mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery that is performed on a woman’s mammary glands, which involves changing their size or shape. Doctors enlarge their patient’s breasts by inserting implants. Also, such a procedure involves a change in the chest contour.

There are various types of mammoplasty. The first is augmentation. This type of surgery is the most popular among women of different ages. With the help of such an operation, experienced specialists give the breast an attractive shape, and also make it even more magnificent, while preserving all the natural functions that it performed before the operation.

For this type of mammoplasty, a special implant with a sealed silicone capsule is used, and inside such a capsule there is physiological saline.

The second is mastopexy. During such an operation, the implant is not always used. During this procedure, the doctor gives a beautiful look to the bust, and also eliminates the effects of cancer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mammoplasty has its pros and cons. It is worth considering them in more detail.

The main advantages of this procedure:

  1. the effect of this operation is very long;
  2. the probability of getting an excellent result is very high;
  3. such an operation is quite simple to perform.

But you should not forget about the shortcomings, because sometimes they are the cause of many problems with the health of women.


  1. if a woman has installed implants, then she should constantly be under the supervision of doctors to monitor the whole situation;
  2. breast implants are eternal, so the time will come when they will have to be replaced with new ones (the choice of high-quality material for the operation will only extend their lifetime, but will not make them eternal);
  3. during such an operation, a woman still risks her health.

Is breast augmentation safe

Scientists tested and studied all silicone helium implants over many years of life. Many American authorities, which usually control medicines and other products, collected detailed information, and after this information was found and proved, such implants were approved for use in plastic breast augmentation surgeries.

Doctors have long answered the question that silicone implants in no way affect the development of cancer , the occurrence of problems with connective tissues and reproductive functions.

And at present, 3 American companies are developing new implants, which in the future will be able to stay in the female body for even more time, and also prevent the appearance of even the smallest health problems.

Before and after photos prove that the effect of such implants will immediately be felt with breast augmentation.

Types of Implants

Breast augmentation (photos before and after confirm this fact) is performed by different implants. All implants for the female breast are presented in the form of a shell, which is filled with a specific composition. And exactly what composition this implant will depend on.

Varieties of fillers and their features:

Title Features
Saline Such breast implants are very rarely used in aesthetic surgery, because they cannot provide all girls with a long-lasting cosmetic effect. After some time of use, patients develop various folds and tubercles.
Gel Such implants, unlike the previous ones, are in great demand, because the gel that is in them does not flow freely over the entire contents and does not destroy the created breast shape. It is also such implants that have a very strong silicone shell, so they are safe to use even when the implant ruptures. The gel still remains inside and does not spread throughout the chest.
Mixture of solutions These implants are better in that an experienced specialist is trying to find a mixture for the filler based on the natural shape of the breast. For this, various solutions are used that give the breast an excellent shape. But they are more expensive than previous types of implants.

When choosing implants, you should definitely consult with many doctors. It is also worth considering the shape of your natural breast. For example, if the patient has a flat chest, then drop-shaped implants are suitable for her, but if it is sagging, then round. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

Also in plastic surgery, two types of breast implants are used: saline and silicone. Silicone helps to achieve a greater effect of elasticity than salt. But salt ones are much softer when feeling, but they create a gurgling effect and, if they break, they completely flow into the mammary gland, which creates an unpleasant pain for the girl.

Implant shape

Breast augmentation (photos before and after clearly demonstrate this) is carried out by implants of various shapes.

They are:

  1. round
  2. anatomical (teardrop-shaped).

Round implants are very often used to correct asymmetric breasts. They are usually suitable for those women who dream of curvaceous and elated.

This variety happens: low-profile and high-profile. She can not provide naturalness, and can easily be turned over. But such prostheses are easier to operate, so many doctors work with them. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

Anatomical, or as they are also called, teardrop-shaped implants are widely used to enlarge a very small breast. It is also this form that gives naturalness and smoothness.

Such implants are more expensive than the previous ones, but they are more effective when used. But they also have negative sides: they can easily move, so the chest can acquire deformed features.

Tests and examinations

Before such a procedure, it is necessary to completely examine the entire body. Such actions will allow you to accurately determine all the contraindications that are available for this procedure. For mammoplasty, a general blood and urine test should be checked, the results of which will be valid for 2 weeks.

It is also recommended to present a biochemical blood test, which includes the presence of liver samples, total protein, creatine and electrolytes. Be sure to conduct an analysis to detect glucose levels. An experienced doctor will also prescribe a coagulogram, a check for the Rh factor and the presence of the patient’s blood group, as well as all tests for the presence of HIV antibodies and markers of hepatitis C and B. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

You should also undergo an instrumental examination of the body, which includes: ultrasound of the woman’s mammary glands, chest x-ray and ECG.

Preparation for surgery

Breast augmentation (before and after photos can be analyzed on the sites of clinics) necessarily requires careful preparation for surgery.

It consists of the following items:

  1. the patient meets her doctor, who will perform mammoplasty;
  2. an experienced specialist examines a woman and evaluates the main indications for such an operation;
  3. the patient and the doctor discuss issues of implant selection together;
  4. a woman undergoes a mandatory examination of her entire body and presents the doctor with all the necessary tests confirming permission to conduct this procedure.


Any woman should be interested not only in the result of such an operation, but also in the main stages of which she consists. First, the doctor first makes certain marks on the chest. Next, the anesthetist gives anesthesia, and after its effect, the surgeon begins to make incisions according to the marks that he left before the operation.

These incisions can be made in different places: along the upper contour of the areola, through the armpit, or along the chest fold. The doctor takes the choice of such places in his professional hands. If vessels begin to bleed during an operation, then he instantly cauterizes them.

The second stage is the establishment of the implant itself. The doctor specifically makes “pockets”, and then sets endoprostheses in them. But initially he puts cotton swabs in such holes that stop the blood and kill the germs.

Before installing the implants, the specialist also disinfects them. Such implants can often be located above the large muscle of the chest, under the fascia of the muscle of the chest, or between the large and small muscles of the chest.

After insertion, all soft tissues, and then the skin surfaces, are sutured. And the last action – the doctor puts sterile adhesives on the sutures. The duration of the operation itself depends on its complexity and the level of training of all specialists. Usually it is about 3 hours.


After mammoplasty, the woman is sent to her ward, where she departs from anesthesia. The next day, if she has pain, the doctor prescribes anesthetics.

After two days, the patient goes home. But the rehabilitation process does not end there, she will have to wear compression underwear for a long time, which supports the tissues of the mammary glands and prevents from the disruption of the action of medical sutures. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

Also, a woman will need to be treated with antibacterial agents each time so that microbes do not get inside. After 6 days, such seams are removed. For several weeks after the breast augmentation surgery, you should forget about complex physical activities, and it is also recommended to be like a preventive massage. Usually the rehabilitation period lasts about 4 weeks.

Risks and Complications

After the operation, many complications can occur, among which are:

  1. hematomas on the body of a woman and seroma (such neoplasms can lead to the appearance of edema and soreness);
  2. penetration into the patient’s body of pathogenic pathogens that cause infection;
  3. capsular contracture (there is a contraction of the inner shell around the implant, which leads to painful sensations in women even during palpation);
  4. the appearance of autoimmune diseases;
  5. nipple sensitivity ceases.

How long do the results last

Some experts believe that such results are preserved for life, especially if the doctor used silicone implants during the operation. It also happens when implants break down, and repeated plastic surgeries had to be carried out, only after replacement. If another type of implant was used, then you will have to change it to a new one 15 years after the implementation of such a procedure.

Where to do the operation

For successful mammoplasty, you must take care of choosing a clinic and an experienced specialist. Before choosing, it is recommended to visit the sites of famous clinics that perform such operations and read reviews about the professional qualities of each doctor.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to negative reviews and apply them mentally to yourself. And only then draw conclusions.

In fact, mammoplasty is professionally carried out not only in the cities of New York – Los Angeles, but also in other of USA. Usually in the they carry out such operations much cheaper than in large cities. For example, for the whole procedure in aggregate, if a woman did it in Atlanta or in other small cities, she would pay about $ 1292 – $ 1360.

And in New York and Los Angeles – from $ 2176 – $ 2856. Such a difference in price merely indicates that more famous specialists all over the world work in large cities, but this does not mean that their professional qualities will be better than those doctors who work in the.

Alternative methods

Currently, breast lipofilling is very popular. It is through this procedure that patients can provide themselves with beautiful and magnificent breasts. To achieve the effect, doctors transplant fat cells from another woman to parts of the patient’s body.

First, a tissue is taken for transplantation, then the taken material is completely cleaned of pathological microorganisms, and at the end the transplantation itself is performed.

An operation lasts about 2 hours on average. Features of this procedure: high safety, no need for long-term rehabilitation, lack of various allergic reactions to the transplant.

You can also increase breasts with fillers. Typically, the gel used to carry out such a procedure consists of hyaluronic acid. The peculiarity of the procedure is that it is able to increase the patient’s breasts by only 1 size, and also correct all asymmetries and deformities of the breast.

Breast Augmentation with Exercise

You can often hear that the breast can be increased through exercise, but this is not so. It is impossible to increase your volumes in this way, it is only possible to improve the shape. On the contrary, when a woman performs a set of burdensome exercises, she loses fat not only on her stomach, or in other places, but also in her chest.

In order to tighten your chest, it is recommended to perform some physical exercises:

  1. push-ups from the knees should be performed (this will involve all the pectoral muscles, as well as the shoulder and dorsal muscles). It is recommended to bend the legs at a right angle and then lower the torso by bending the arms at the elbows. You need to do push-ups about 13 times a day;
  2. also do not forget about the classic push
    -ups (perform 13 times in 4 sets every day);
  3. the exercise of squeezing and unclenching the palms does not hurt (you need to bend your arms at the elbows, place them at chest level, and then squeeze). You need to repeat such movements about 7 times for 11 seconds per day;
  4. It is recommended to do the exercise “stop against the wall” (you should take the starting position on the sides of the doorway, and then start to push forward with your hands). The duration of the procedure should not exceed 5 minutes for 3 approaches;
  5. useful for the shape of the chest will be bench press with dumbbells in a lying position (you need to lie at an angle of 25-28 degrees, put your feet on the floor, and point your forearms up at the right angle). It is recommended to do 3 sets of 11 bench presses.

Massage for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation (photos before and after prove this) can be done using massage. It allows you to adjust blood circulation in the mammary glands, they improve nutrition, thus, the breast increases in size. There are 4 types of massage techniques: water, corrective, vacuum and Japanese.

  • Water massage should be performed in circular motions with strong jets of water. Each breast should be given about 4 minutes of attention.
  • Corrective massage can be done using any oily creams or gels. At first it is recommended to carry out circular movements throughout the chest, except the nipples. Next, pay attention to the nipples, performing sliding exercises for 3 minutes. Then you should take the chest with one hand, and do the patting with your other hand for about 4 minutes. After patting, you need to do tingling.
  • Vacuum massage is also done with creams, only moisturizers, as well as vacuum nozzles. This nozzle must be worn on the chest. And then try to suck out all the air from this device. Such a nozzle should be fixed on each chest for 20 minutes. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies
  • Japanese massage should help to do a second person. Features of the procedure: pressure on 8 points near the thyroid gland, 6 points near the shoulder blades and 2 on the shoulders. Pressure should be carried out for 6 seconds.


Iodine can indeed increase a woman’s breasts, but this effect is short-lived. This action occurs due to the fact that the flow of blood in the chest increases. Thus, the volume increases, and the chest becomes visually larger and more beautiful.

To test the theory in practice, you should moisten a cotton swab in a jar with iodine, and then apply to the skin of the chest, drawing a mesh. But it is recommended to perform such actions very carefully, because the skin in these places is very vulnerable and delicate, so you can get a painful burn.

Broths for drinking

In order to enlarge the breast, you can try to prepare 2 of the most effective decoctions.

  • The first broth is from red clover. Such a plant helps to rejuvenate the body and normalize the synthesis of all internal hormones in the body of a woman. You need to take 1 small spoon of such a flower, put in a cup and pour boiling water into it. Then let it stand for some time, cool and drink for just one day. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies
  • The second broth is the burdock root. You need to take a fresh plant and select its root. Then pour boiling water into it and let it brew. Then cool, strain through a dense flap of tissue, and then drink every time after eating.

Does kale help

In fact, there is no reasonable answer to this question, because medicine does not have such facts.

Usually, mammologists respond negatively to it, saying that the size and shape of the breast depend on the genes, and not on phenotypic transformations, therefore it is impossible to change them with the help of cabbage.

Oil masks

In order for the breast to become beautiful and well-groomed, you can apply oil masks on it. There are two recipes for the preparation of such masks that will bring a woman’s breast tone.

  • First recipe: you need to take one chicken egg, take the protein from it. Beat the protein until small bubbles appear. Then you should add almond oil to this mass, and to completely enrich this mask, you can also add 4 drops of essential oil. If essential oil is not available, then rose oil or rosemary can be used.
  • The second recipe: it is worth taking a fresh tomato, peeling it from the peel, and then chopping it. Next, in the resulting puree, you need to add hazelnut oil, either almond or linseed. It is recommended to keep such a mask on your face for about 25 minutes.

Creams and gels

Breast enlargement can be tried using various high-quality creams and gels.

Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

Currently, the market for all pharmaceutical products offers the following products:

  1. Pupa cream – contains a large number of useful vitamins that help increase breast volumes due to the growth of adipose tissue in women. The manufacturers of this cream recommend using it constantly to maintain the effect obtained. The price of this tool fluctuates around $ 27;
  2. Breasthill cream – it contains phytoestrogens, vegetable proteins and rose oil. The cost of this cream is $ 29;
  3. Eveline cream – in the composition of such a product there are extracts of the placenta, which gives additional volume and elasticity to the breast. It costs about $ 13,33.

How to increase breasts visually

In order for the breast to appear visually larger, a woman should choose the right bra. To get the best effect, you can buy a push-up bra , which has special crescent pads that give the chest a lush and beautiful shape. Breast augmentation. Photos before and after mammoplasty, especially its implementation. Creams, exercises, massage, folk remedies

It is also worth wearing those things that will constantly emphasize their own forms. It is recommended to work on your posture, because a straight back makes even small breasts visually larger. Some women also contour their breasts with blush and contour brushes.

You can enlarge the breast in a variety of ways, even without surgical intervention. Photos before and after confirm this.

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Doctor’s advice: how to behave after mammoplasty

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