Body sculpt – what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results

The actively promoted modern trend in fitness, known as body sculpting, appeared in the sports world relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of many. What is it, what are its advantages, distinctive features, as well as disadvantages, the following article will tell.

Body sculpt: differences from other areas of fitness

The body sculpt is designed to effectively burn body fat in problem areas, strengthen the muscle corset, and increase stamina and flexibility of the whole body during fitness classes. To form an even more detailed idea of what this area is , it is important to highlight its obvious advantages, which include:

  • general accessibility for people of any gender, age and physical fitness;
  • emphasis on training on a specific problem area engaged in this area of fitness along with a restorative effect; Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
  • continuous exercise, contributing not only to weight loss, but also to moderate training of the cardiovascular system;
  • avoidance of undesirable significant increase in muscle tissue;
  • the possibility of individual selection of the load and weight of the weights, even in group classes.


Body sculpture (what it is in fitness and how it is better than other directions will be discussed below) is chosen by people who try to monitor their figure and lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the above distinguishing features, which objectively can be attributed to the advantages of the sport in question, there are a number of other positive aspects of Body Sculpt classes.

These include:

  • minimal risk of injuries of various kinds or mechanical damage to ligaments, muscles;
  • lack of likelihood of muscle getting used to a certain type of load;
  • strengthening the immune, skeletal, circulatory system of the body;
  • acceleration and maintenance of metabolic processes;
  • contributing to the production of hormones of happiness (endorphins), which guarantee resistance to various kinds of stress.

Disadvantages and contraindications

No matter how effective the body sculpt training system is, you cannot talk about its safety for absolutely every athlete who wants to try it.

The main contraindications, in view of which it is advisable to choose another way to maintain good physical shape, include:

  • heart disease of varying degrees;
  • problems with the venous system and blood circulation in the body;
  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • deviations in the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
  • recurrent epileptic seizures;
    Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
    Body sculpt is contraindicated in case of VVD. It is recommended to use other fitness techniques for this disease.
  • VVD and other cerebrovascular diseases;
  • high blood sugar;
  • last trimester of pregnancy;
  • lung diseases or other problems associated with a violation of the correct functioning of the respiratory system of the human body.

The body sculpt (what it is in fitness you need to understand, making sure that there are no contraindications listed above, and also having studied the potential negative points that you will probably have to face during classes of this kind) include several disadvantages, which include:

  • the inability to make a complex for people with excessively overweight, due to the large number of health restrictions that such athletes have;
  • preservation of post-training pain after the first few sessions;
  • the need to spend a long amount of time doing moderate exercises to achieve visually noticeable results.

Slimming Effectiveness

A body sculpture, subject to a competent selection of the load by the fitness trainer, can help in the fight against extra pounds or inch by uniformly working out the whole body at a fast pace for an hour in order to speed up blood circulation. As a result, there is a direct burning of the fat layer.

The following example of a training program for people who want to lose weight can give a concrete answer to the question of what exactly is the complex of the direction in question:

  1. “Warming up”, which implies an intensive aerobic load to prepare the muscles, joints, tendons for the active part of the exercise, thereby protecting them from possible injuries and injuries (5-15 minutes). Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
  2. Cardio, which helps accelerate metabolic processes, strengthen the muscle corset and increase endurance (15 – 30 minutes). 
  3. “Power” block training, which includes exercises with weighting (weights, dumbbells, barbells, and so on) (15 – 30 minutes).
  4. “Hitch”, necessary for the comfortable completion of physical activity without harm to the cardiovascular system. This unit traditionally includes stretching the muscles being worked out, as well as relaxation and breathing exercises to restore the body.

Suitable workout clothes

Given the presence of the active part of training, which is an integral part of body sculpting, athletes need to choose clothes for training in such a way that it not only does not hamper movement, but also is sewn from the most “breathable” materials. Equally important is the ability of the selected form to absorb moisture.

There are no strict rules for choosing clothes for Body Sculpt classes, in this case comfort is more important: you can give preference to both shapeless sweatpants with an oversized t-shirt, tight-fitting shorts and a T-shirt, provided that the athlete is comfortable with himself in such a set.

The only recommendation is to pay attention to the naturalness of the product, in which the athlete has to withstand intense physical exertion. Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results

As for body sculpting shoes, it’s advisable to wear sneakers or sneakers with such good cushioning and a hard back that fixes the ankle on such workouts. The importance of this feature of shoes is explained by minimizing the teachings of injuries, sprains, and tearing of the ligaments during the Body Sculpt exercise in the “right” sneakers.

Equipment necessary for classes

Body sculpture (what it is in fitness and how it is important for beginners to figure it out correct
ly) requires the acquisition of the necessary equipment for full training.

For the most commonly used shells when performing a set of exercises of the type in question, it is necessary to have:

  • expanders;
  • bodybar; Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
  • step – platform;
  • dumbbells;
  • fitball;
  • barbell;
  • pancakes of their base weight;
  • shock absorbers;
  • gymnastic sticks and ribbons.

Exclusively subject to the presence of the absolute majority of the listed inventory items, full body sculpting classes are possible, guaranteeing the athlete the obvious result from training.

It is especially important to make exercises with power loads aimed at various muscle groups for those who intend to lose extra pounds and give the body a slender look.

Trainer for home workouts

Having a great desire to master this area of sport, you can start classes even at home, without waiting for the formation of a group in a fitness center or without spending a lot of time training outside the home.

It is advisable to form a complex around use:

  • dumbbell
  • gymnastic rug;
  • a multifunctional simulator capable of providing equipment for alternately working out the muscles of the whole body;
  • gymnastic rings or sticks;
  • kettlebell and dumbbell weight corresponding to the physical fitness of the athlete.

How to choose the weight of weighting materials

In choosing the most suitable weight for weighting materials, it is advisable not to overestimate the possibilities. Otherwise, the bodybuilder novice risks serious injuries that require long-term recovery of the body, in particular, fractures, sprains, torn ligaments, dislocations, and so on. Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results

For the proper selection of weighting materials for the legs you must keep in mind:

  1. At the initial stage of familiarization with sports, it is recommended to choose weighting materials of not more than 1 -2 pounds.
  2. After a certain period, at the moment when the working weight begins to seem insufficient, it is advisable to replace the equipment with a heavier one. Do not dramatically increase the grammar of the weighting compound. The step should be no more than 1 pounds.
  3. If you notice uncomfortable pain during weighted exercises, it is important to immediately abandon its use and, in order to avoid injury, temporarily switch to a lightweight training regimen.

Training program

The classical program of body sculpting implies a uniform distribution of intense load across all sections of the human musculature.

Traditionally, such training is formed on the principle of repeating exercise cycles, which include the basic stages:

  1. “Warming up”. Muscle training should ideally take place on a treadmill, stepper or exercise bike for 10 minutes. at moderate speed and relatively even breathing.
  2. The main part, or “cycle”. Traditionally, it includes a standard set of exercises: squats with a barbell, push-ups, lunges, bench press, traction and so on. A similar cycle is performed without rest between exercises. Having finished one circle and having rested no more than 2 – 3 minutes, it is necessary to start performing its repetitions.
  3. “Hitch”. In the case of the final stage of an active exercise, a complex of breathing exercises is included in the hitch, and at moderate or low intensity, a stretch of previously developed muscles is stretched.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is traditionally preferred for the warm-up phase of body sculpt training. It is primarily intended to rid athletes of fat by speeding up metabolism, strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as saturating the brain with oxygen and preventing the development of abnormalities in blood pressure. Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results

For instance:

  1. Walking on a stepper or ellipse – 10 – 15 min. at the beginning and at the end of the lesson.
  2. Running on an automatic track – 10 – 15 min. at the beginning and at the end of the lesson.
  3. Small jumps – 50 – 100 times per set.

Resistance training

Training with resistance involves performing exercises with a reverse-action projectile, for example, an expander, which contributes to the effective development of the muscle corset.

  1. Take the starting position: the Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results legs are shoulder-width apart, the handles of the expander, the main part of which is pressed with the feet, are in the lowered upper limbs. Perform 10 flexion and extension of the arms, overcoming the force of the expander. Repeat the cycle 3 times.
  2. Take the starting position: the legs are shoulder-width apart, the arms from the expander are in the upper limbs. Extend one arm to the side, bend the other side, simulating archery. With tensile movements to overcome the resistance of the projectile 10 – 15 times. Repeat the cycle 5 times.
  3. Take the starting position: posture for push-ups, the expander is stretched across the back. Perform alternate flexion and extension of the arms, overcoming the resistance of the expander, 5-10 times. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

Stretching Complex

The body sculpture training complex, designed to stretch worked muscles, traditionally includes basic exercises to restore heart rate and increase muscle and ligament elasticity:

  1. Take the starting position: stand facing the doorway, firmly press your elbows and palms against the wall at a right angle. Gently push the chest forward until the muscles, joints and tendons in this area are maximally stretched. Repeat exercise 10 to 15 times. Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
  2. Take the starting position: feet shoulder width apart, straight arms raise up, back and shoulders as straight as possible. As much as possible, reach upward, as if trying to reach the ceiling with your fingertips, slightly raising the shoulder girdle. Repeat stretching 10 – 15 times until complete relaxation.
  3. Take the starting position: sit on a hard surface, the back is straight. Bend the leg at the knee and, holding it in a position parallel to the floor, gently pull it to the chest by the ankle, feeling a stretch in the hips. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times for each leg in turn.

Power Features

When practicing body sculpting, like any other area of fitness, you need to remember the importance of controlling your diet in order to obtain a high-quality result from training.

Professional trainers recommend that you adhere to the basic rules of healthy eating, including:

  • a complete rejection of flour products, dishes with a high sugar content;
  • reduction in the amount of fried, fatty foods consumed;
  • avoid the use of convenience foods;
  • eat as much protein food as possible, including chicken, cottage cheese, protein-containing additives;
  • sufficient water intake necessary to maintain life support functions; Body sculpt - what is it in fitness, a program, exercise machines for home, weight loss exercises, exercises, results
  • to cook food for a couple or in the oven, in order to avoid loss of useful properties of products;
  • reducing the addition of salt to dishes, due to its ability to retain fluid in the body, which is extremely undesirable especially for people prone to edema and having kidney problems
  • instead of the usual side dish, for example, in the form of pasta, it is recommended to cook vegetables rich in fiber, in particular, cauliflower, zucchini, bell pepper and others.

What results to expect from regular classes

The vast majority of people who regularly attend body sculpt training, note dramatic changes not only in their appearance, but also in their health.

Most often, athletes note:

  • a decrease in body fat, expressed in a significant reduction in weight and a decrease in body volume;
  • giving “relief” and expressiveness to the desired areas (press, buttocks, arms, and so on);
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system, expressed in the ability of a person to withstand a large load without causing shortness of breath;
  • muscle corset strengthening;
  • increasing the protective functions of the body, due to the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • blood pressure stabilization;
  • increased flexibility and elasticity of the body of an athlete who prefers Body Sculpt;
  • improving mood and increasing stability in stressful situations requiring increased concentration and attention;
  • normalization of the menstrual cycle (in women).

A competent selection of the load during the body sculpt classes, as well as the first few trainings with a professional fitness trainer who is able to explain to his student what kind of direction this is and how to correctly perform the given exercises, are the guarantors of the athlete’s external and internal result, which will not take long .

Body sculpt video

Body sculpt training:

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