How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

Girls will not tire of spending hours creating curly curls at home or in beauty salons, because this is associated with both romance and tenderness, and with sexuality. To make a curly hairstyle means to attract men’s looks.

Curly curls for short hair: using invisibility

How to make curls at home with the help of invisibility and create natural free curls, tight curls should know every girl.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a vintage look:

  • Before styling, wash your hair with shampoo in the usual way.
  • The strands should be moist, but not wet, they should be dried with a towel.
  • To curls last longer, apply a fixing substance after washing.
  • After preparation, split the hair into even parts (3 or more).
  • Fix the resulting parts with a crab or other hair clips.
  • Separate a small strand in one part of the hair. The size depends on which curls you need in the end. For tight curls, the strands should be small, and for large flowing ones, more.
  • For curls of the same size, the parts can be divided into smaller uniform parts and tied with a regular elastic for hair.
  • Having picked up the tip, the strand needs to be wrapped 2-3 times around the index finger, and then carefully remove the curl, keeping the tip hidden inside. After carefully twist the strand to the roots.
  • To fix the curl you will need 2 invisibility. They are fixed crosswise.
  • Similar actions are done with every little strand all over the head. The strands that are in the upper part of the head should be twisted towards the back of the head from the face. All other curls can be twisted in any direction.
  • After the curls are created all over the head, you need to let them dry. If there is quite a lot of hair, then it is best to do a perm at night. A silk pillowcase is good for sleeping, then the curls will not bloom.
  • After drying, you can dissolve the strands. To do this, you need to carefully remove all the invisibility and give the desired shape to each curl.
  • In order to keep the curls tighter, after unwinding all the curls, you can simply separate them a little with your fingers and comb them slightly. And if the hairstyle should be just wavy, then the curls can be carefully combed and fluffed. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

Now you need to apply a small amount of serum or hair mousse to complete the image. The resulting curls can be left loose or stabbed.  The smaller the curls, the curls will be tighter. If necessary, you can use a larger number of invisibles, the main thing is that the curls hold well and do not untwist before drying.

The main rules:

  • You need to create curls on wet hair, from dry hair you will not get the effect of curls.
  • Thick hair will need more time for styling.
  • To preserve the result for a long time, it is worth using styling products before fixing each curl.
  • Before you give the hairstyle a final look, you need to make sure that all accessories are removed. Do not use hair clips to match your hair.
  • If the perm is done at night, then you need to try not to sleep on your back so that your hair touches the pillow as little as possible.

Elastic band or bezel for a Greek hairstyle

To make curls and feel like a Greek goddess, it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion and go to a beauty salon. The image can be created at home. A hairstyle with an elastic band gives the girl a special femininity and elegance.

There are several types of headbands or elastic bands for styling in the Greek style, so before buying you need to clearly understand for what event the styling will be created. For an evening look, a beautiful, decorated gum will be appropriate, and for the daily styling, the simplest one will do. The bezel is very simple to use: you just need to put it on your hair. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

The styling is created by one of 3 possible options:

  1. The hair remains free, i.e. the elastic is just an accessory.
  2. The strands located on the side are tucked under the rim, and most of the hairstyle remains loose.
  3. All curls are wrapped under an elastic band. This is the classic and most common version of the Greek hairstyle.

If styling is required for a haircut with a bang, then the bezel is also suitable. Here’s what you can do: the headband is worn so that the bangs are under it, and the rest of the hair is twisted under the bandage with hairpins. Then the whole hairstyle is fixed with hairpins.

Bagel or Bezel

Using a donut, you can make a hairstyle no worse than using a curling iron.

Consider one of the ways:

  • Collect hair in a ponytail, spray with water and twist on a bagel.
  • To create the desired bundle, hair is collected from the tip to the roots.
  • You can go with such a hairstyle all day, and for an evening out already dissolve. Large curls are ready.

To create a hairstyle with a rim, the manipulations with the hair will be similar. The only thing – you do not need to collect a high tail, just twist the hair under the rim. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

So that the styling does not disappoint, there are some points to consider:

  • If the haircut is short, it will be quite difficult to achieve large curls, but curls and light waves will not be difficult. To do this, you will additionally have to use mousse or hair spray in a small amount.
  • If suddenly the curls lose their shape during the day, then you just need to collect the hair into a bun for a while and dissolve it again. To make the styling look more natural, you can use a comb for body waves.
  • To create large curls on the hair, it is more authentic to do without styling means. Curls must be fixed so that they simply do not develop from their own weight.

Whatever method of styling curls at home is chosen, the main thing is to recall the health of the hair.

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Large curls on medium hair: newspaper papillots

Paper wraps are an excellent safe alternative to hot styling. This method is available to absolutely any girl and does not require material costs. Waving can be done at night, which is even more convenient.

To create curls, professional hairdressing skills are not required. The biggest and only drawback of such a curl can be considered that for each procedure, the manufacture of papillots will be required.

To make curlers, you must prepare:

  • Paper. Sheets need to be cut into strips of 3’1 x 5’9 inch.
  • Cotton fabric or bandage. Prepare strips 3’1 x 7’9 inch. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos
    How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

On finished pieces of cloth, put rectangular pieces of paper and wrap them in a tourniquet so that it remains in the middle of a piece of cloth or bandage. The number of papillots depends on the thickness of the hair and on which curls you want to get. The more magnificent – the more. For beautiful curls, the hair needs to be washed and dried. They should not be wet or completely dry.

For styling for the whole day, you will need to do the following manipulations:

  • Comb all hair thoroughly and divide into strands.
  • Treat with a little gel or mousse.
  • Screw the prepared strand onto a papillotka.
  • It is more convenient to start curls from the back of the head and then horizontal stripes around the entire circumference of the head.
  • Each strand is fixed by tying a strip of fabric. The papillot should be clearly fixed.
  • Similar actions are done with each of the locks throughout the head.
  • If you wind the curls for the night, then you should tie a scarf or a special hat on your head so that the curls do not tear up during sleep.
  • In the morning, dissolve all the curls and fluff the styling with your hands. It is better not to use a comb.

Vertical Curls with Harnesses

When there is no styler at hand, and you want to make a hairstyle with curls, then this option is perfect. The only caveat is that you should not do such curls at night, it is very inconvenient to sleep with them.

  • First you need to treat all hair with a styling agent, for example, it can be varnish, foam, gel, mousse. This is necessary for a lasting effect from styling.
  • Next, you need to divide the hair into strands, twist each into a tight tourniquet along the entire length and roll it into a mini-loom.
  • The resulting curl is fixed with an invisible hair band or elastic. Accordingly, the less curls are needed, the more flagella will need to be made.
  • After passing at home for some time, dissolve each shark and make the desired shape of the hairstyle with your hands, or give styling to each curl separately. It is better not to use a comb, it will significantly weaken the curl.

Pieces of hair wrap

Using pieces of fabric, you can achieve excellent styling.

Advantages compared to modern methods:

  • Thermal protection is not required.
  • With such a wave, you can spend the whole night. Soft curls do not cause discomfort during sleep.
  • Financial availability.

To create the desired rag, you need to cut a 2 x 5’9 inch rectangle from natural fabric. Then, wet hair treated with a styling agent, tightly twist into a separate curl. The tip of the lock is fixed in the central part of the rag. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

Having twisted all the hair in a similar way, you can cover your head with a scarf to enhance the effect. After 5 hours or at night, carefully unwind each curl and manually give the desired shape to the styling. For fixing, you can use varnish.

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Brushing and clamping

To create stunning curls at home, you may need both clips and a special round comb.

So that the styling result does not disappoint, you need to take into account some nuances when choosing a comb:

  • Diameter. Depends on the length of the hair: the longer the hair, the thicker the comb.
  • For lovers of root volume or small curls, a thin comb is suitable.
  • The material for making the brush can be different, but it is for lush styling that combs with a ceramic coating are suitable. This is due to the fact that the warm air from the hair dryer will be distributed evenly. If your hair is initially curly, then for a magnificent styling a wooden brush with natural bristles is suitable.
  • The teeth should be located as far apart as possible, if lush styling is needed. But, the shorter the haircut, the more teeth should be.

Also, a round brush can be with a clip. It perfectly serves to give root volume. Due to the good heating of the metal part, even the most capricious strands will lie as they should. With the help of brushing with a clip, it is easy to distribute curls, and the pointed end is convenient when creating partings. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

Using such a comb is quite simple: dividing the hair into several lobes, you need to take a small strand from the back of the head, lift the comb and dry it over the entire length of the hair. Then tighten the tip of the strand with a stretch and warm up, and then warm along the entire length.

Before removing the strand from the brush, let it cool or cool it with a cold stream of air. And then sequentially the same with each individual strand. As a result, choosing the right comb, at home you can easily create a variety of styling every day.

With a sports gum

How to make curls at home, so as not to spoil the hair with hot styling, many know. One of the simple and effective methods is to create curls with the help of elastic.

  • It is better to make curls on wet hair – this will prolong the styling stability. This method is suitable even for children’s hairstyles, because it is absolutely safe for the structure of the hair.
  • For long-term styling, wet hair should be treated with a styling agent or a special balm. This is necessary so that the hair shakes as little as possible.
  • Then combed strands need to be passed through an elastic band, depicting a kind of loop. Secure with a loop of elastic and repeat the loop again.
  • On one strand, about 4 loops are obtained. In the same way, do with each lock all over the head.
  • After the hair has completely dried, a small amount of varnish can be applied to fix it.

If there is no time to wait until the hair dries naturally, then you can blow dry it with a hairdryer. However, this will require a greater amount of styling. Leaving such curls all night, in the morning you can unwind them and boldly walk throughout the day. Styling will hold for a long time even on the most naughty curls.

Volumetric curls on long hair: pigtails or “spikelet”

Another of the most common methods for creating curls is a hairstyle based on weaving braids. This method will be completely harmless and not costly. In addition, professional skills are not required.

  • Before braiding braids, you need to wash your hair with shampoo.
  • On wet strands, a little mousse should be applied for good fixation.
  • It is best to braid the braids before going to bed to allow them to dry well. Pigtails can be of various sizes.
  • For weaving, you need to divide the hair parted in 2 equal parts. The higher the braid starts, the more voluminous the curl will
    be as a result.

How to weave a French braid:

  • Select 3 strands, as for a normal pigtail. Throw over each other.
  • Continuing weaving, you need to add strands on each side to the one that appears in the middle. It can be both below and above.
  • If the central strand is on top, then you get an ordinary pigtail, and if from below, then the braid inside out (French).
  • After weaving, fix the tip with a simple rubber band. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

With such a hairstyle, you can go all day or night, and in the morning weave and get an excellent wavy styling.

Using foil

Such an action as creating curls at home implies that you need to sleep through the night with curls on your head. When using foil at night, flirty curls will also be obtained, but the discomfort will be less than with other methods.

You will need a dense foil, which you need to tear in rectangular stripes, and cotton wool. Cotton is put in a piece of foil, and a strand of hair is twisted into a bundle along with the foil. So you need to do all over the head. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

It is worth considering the important nuances:

  • The direction of twisting of the bundles should be the same for each strand.
  • The thinner the strand, the tighter the curl.
  • You can wrap the strand as you like, and the tip is fixed at the roots.
  • With such a hairstyle, it is best to sleep all night.
  • Fluff the strands with your hands and fix with hairspray.

Autumn scarfs

For styling on long hair with a scarf you will need only a foam, the scarves themselves and small elastic bands. The scarf should be made of natural fabric. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Apply a small amount of styling agent to wet hair and allow to dry. It is not recommended to blow dry.
  • Collect 2 identical ponytails on the crown.
  • Roll up the scarf with a tube and tie at the base of the tail. The knot should be at the bottom.
  • The tail is divided into 2 parts and twisted into a shawl in a spiral. The ends of the hair are bent and fixed with simple elastic bands.
  • A similar procedure is carried out with the other tail.
  • In the morning, you can spread your tails and enjoy a beautiful styling.

African Hairpin

Curly curls like African girls can also be done at home.

The procedure is quite simple:

  • Gently stretch the ends of the studs in opposite directions. Form a small strand, moisten with water and thread into a hairpin. The hairpin should be close to the scalp.
  • Hair should be wrapped with a figure 8 around the hairpin. Then fix using invisibility.
  • The same thing is done with each strand all over the head. Leave in this position for several hours.
  • After drying, remove the elastic, pull out the studs and dissolve the curls. How to make beautiful and voluminous curls at home. Step by step instructions with photos

To make styling free and easy, you can simply ruffle the curls with your hands. And for fluffy, voluminous curls, you can comb with a comb.

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How to make curls last longer

Consider a few simple tips to keep your curls as long as possible:

  • Change in hair condition. You need to curl wet hair or apply high temperatures.
  • Use of additional funds during styling. No curling iron can create curls that will never lose shape. But in order to extend the styling time, special products must be applied either before the styling starts, or they should complete the hairstyle.
  • When using thermo-devices for styling, each wound curl should cool down, that is, after removing the lock from the curling iron, fix it with an invisible head and wait for it to cool completely.
  • Try to leave the curlers as long as possible. Better to do it at night.

Owners of long straight hair can only dream of a long-lasting effect from styling at home. Naturally heavy hair, as you do not try, will not be able to keep curls for a long time, so you should not spend a lot of time creating small curls. Better use a loose, lightweight styling.

Knowing some of the nuances and skillfully using the advice of professionals, you can easily conquer others with original hairstyles. Curly curls emphasize individuality and complete any stylish look.

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