Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life

One of America’s most popular singers, Nicki Minaj, is famous for her talent, extravagant performances and flashy outfits. The daring “Black Anaconda” loves to hold photo sessions in open swimsuits and ultra-short shorts, showing fans their luxurious buttocks, which are undeniably considered a visiting card star.

The figure of Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery

Nicki Minaj is a popular rock singer and the first rap girl to receive an invitation to a Grammy ceremony.

The popularity of a black star consists of a huge talent and hard work, as well as a constant desire to shock the public with outstanding forms regularly shown to photographers in black latex dresses, short doll dresses and swimsuits.

Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life

The Black Anaconda was born in Trinidad and Tobago and was raised by her grandmother in the first years of her life. At the age of 5, the parents of the future star remembered their child and decided to take their daughter to their place in America. Unable to cope with difficulties, Nicky’s father gradually turned into an alcoholic, periodically raising his hand to his wife and daughter.

Living in constant fear, the girl firmly promised herself to get out of poverty. The talented singer was noticed by Lil Wayne, who proposed a contract that opened Minaj musical Olympus. The first music album raises the singer to the pinnacle of fame. Having achieved popularity, Nicky fulfills his promise, breaks with his parents and forever forgets about his family.

In addition to creativity, the black star is known throughout the world as “the owner of America’s widest hips.” Niki’s big buttocks are her calling card. In each clip, the singer assigns a central place to her pope, performing provocative dance moves, and sometimes using the buttocks in the clips as a pillow to wrap her partners’ faces.

Before gaining world fame, Nicky was not distinguished by such an outstanding figure. She could be called a slender, black girl with beautiful breasts and hips, which does not stand out against the background of Hollywood beauties.

Star Parameters:

Height 157. Many glossy publications call the figure 5’3 foot, but the singer herself in one of her songs voiced that her height is only 5’2 foot
Weight 137 -146 pounds
Chest 3 – 3’3 foot
Bust volume 2-3rd before the operation. After the introduction of implants, the bust has acquired an outstanding shape and is the 5th size
Waist 26 – 27’6 inch
Hips 3’7 – 3’8 foot. Until 2014, the parameters were much more modest and amounted to about 3 – 3’3 foot
Clothing size 10 (US) – 40 (EU)
Foot size 7 (US) – 37.5 (EU)
Hair color The black
Eye color Dark brown
Race African American

Niki proudly declares that now the difference between her waist and hips reaches 18’9 inch. The rap star invariably dresses in her luxurious forms in extravagant outfits, mostly pink or acidic. Love for shocking is also manifested in frank behavior, demonstrating provocative sexuality.

The Madame Tussauds Museum in London has a wax figure of Minaj in a revealing dress. The statue is so realistic that male visitors, impressed by the luxurious buttocks of the star, periodically make attempts to touch the protruding parts of the body, or even imitate indecent movements.

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Plastic surgery

Nicki Minaj denies the use of plastics, invariably arguing in her interviews that her luxurious forms have never undergone medical adjustment, but are due to a genetic predisposition.

Nevertheless, looking through the photo archive of the rap star, it is safe to say that the singer repeatedly went to the operating table.

Once on the big stage, “Black Anaconda” carefully worked on her figure, relying on vibrant sexuality and outrageous. Among the operations of the singer are as follows.


Pictures of the beginning of 2000 demonstrate Minaj as a pretty African-American girl with a wide nose, traditional for her race. From 2007-2008 in the girl’s face there have been obvious changes. The large nostrils of the rap star became noticeably narrower, and the respiratory organ itself acquired an elegant tip.

Nicky angrily rejects rhinoplasty, constantly repeating that the changes in her face are associated with skillful contouring by a makeup artist and a lot of makeup applied. However, specialists in plastic surgery do not believe the singer’s statements, noting that no make-up can change the volume of wings so much and raise the tip of the respiratory organ.

Breast surgery

Nicki Minaj (photos in a swimsuit taken before 2009 show that by nature the pop diva did not have such outstanding shapes) in the pictures taken in 2008, she shows a slim figure in a tight-fitting dress. The deep neckline of the outfit suggests that the singer has a 2nd or 3rd breast size.

Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life

In photographs from the red carpet dated 2009, the world appears a completely different Minaj with a huge chest, towering above the neckline of the dress. The appeared forms and their location p
rove that, having naturally the usual size of the bust, Nicky installed the “B” size implants in the mammary glands, acquiring the 5th breast size.

To prove their words, doctors explain that real mammary glands of such a volume had to undergo ptosis over time, while a 36-year-old star shows a high neckline, periodically neglecting a supportive bra.

Buttock implants

At the beginning of her career, Niki adored revealing outfits and provocative poses, but she had much less outstanding virtues. Since 2014, fans were struck by the appearance of the Minaj buttocks, which stand out against the background of a thin waist.

The study of early photographs gave an unambiguous answer that the transformation of the figure was caused by an operation during which lipofillirs and silicone implants were installed in the buttock muscles of the singer.

The opinion of plastic professionals is also supported by the fact that the human figure is not characterized by such a sharp separation of waist and hips, reaching Minaj about 18’9 inch. The singer herself fiercely denies the artificial increase in buttocks, asserting that the sudden increase in priests in 2014 was caused by a strong weight gain.

However, all doubts were dispelled when, during the performance of the song, Nicky sat on a chair and raised her leg high. The star’s booty instantly took on an unnatural form. Buttocks turned out and, along with the fat folds, separated from the legs, crawling around the stool, thereby proving the introduction of silicone gel.

Other operations

36-year-old Nicky is a world-famous celebrity, always obliged to look in accordance with the canons of beauty. The rap star actively uses botulinum toxin injections to help keep skin youthful and prevent the first age-related changes.

Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life
Nicki Minaj is known for her bright appearance. The photo shows the African roots of the singer.

Excessive love for plastic has led to the fact that the skin on Nicky’s face is very taut and has an unnatural oily sheen.

For the sake of a Hollywood smile, Minaj, like many other stars, sacrificed her own teeth. Simple dental procedures, consisting in whitening, did not help, and the star used a proven method, eliminating problem teeth and inserting veneers.

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Cosmetic procedures

Nicki Minaj (a photo in a swimsuit of shocking rap diva is constantly published on Instagram) is considered one of the most beautiful women in the American music industry. The 36-year-old star constantly visits the cosmetologist, actively using the achievements of modern cosmetology to maintain her beauty and youth.

For instance:

  • The singer is an ardent admirer of cleansing procedures. At least 1 time per month, the star tries to clean his face to remove the stratum corneum and accumulated contaminants. Nicky’s skin is prone to acne and requires careful care.
  • To maintain beauty and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, Niki regularly injects hyaluronic acid, which allows him to displace small grooves and align the nasolabial triangle.
  • Carrying out a mechanical peeling helps the singer not only eliminate deep pollution caused by applying a large amount of makeup, but also smooth out facial wrinkles, rejuvenating the face contour.

After concerts and photo shoots, the singer must wash off her makeup, using lotion or foam for this. Minaj recently launched her own line of decorative cosmetics, which she is actively promoting.

According to Nicky, cleansing procedures are a necessity, the neglect of which even for a short time adversely affects her skin, causing the appearance of black spots and acne.

Pop diva – a fan of shocking and pink. A star never leaves home without makeup. Even on weekends, a pink lipstick is always present in the Minaj cosmetic bag, without which Niki cannot exist.

Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life

The star trusts her makeup to a professional stylist:

  • With the help of foundation and corrector Minaj corrects the shape of the cheekbones. The singer does not like round cheeks, preferring to hide the area around her nose. Following the advice of a makeup artist, the singer covers the upper eyelid with foundation, and the area around the eyes and the triangle near the nose are smeared with a lighter tone concealer.
  • Eyes and eyebrows Minaj trusts only his makeup artist. The specialist applies mascara, applies shadows, outlines the shape of the superciliary arches. The singer never does eye makeup on her own. She does not have enough patience for this, and her hands are shaking constantly.
  • False eyelashes give Nika a doll look. The girl used to have eyelash extensions in bunches, but recently, she prefers to use invoices, without which, according to her, she feels naked.

Nicky loves wigs. Her incredible hairstyles are the key to the constant wearing of artificial hair and stylist skill. For a long time, the rap star was looking for a suitable specialist and made sure that the artificial hair on her head looks as natural as possible. Now in the star collection there are more than 300 different types of wigs.

The singer can not always remain in the same image and changes her hairstyle at least 1 time per year. According to her, a stylist can even create a “jukebox” on her head that looks like a real one.

In recent years, the rap singer has chosen a short nail design of her favorite pink color. Minaj used to be an ardent fan of long “cat claws” with a huge amount of jewelry.

A sharp change occurred after an unsuccessful trip, during which the singer hit and broke her nail, tearing it out of the hole along with the skin.

According to Nicky, the pain was so severe that the girl even had to make an emergency stop and spend the night in a nearby motel. The rap star devotes a lot of time to his figure, follows a strict diet and is constantly engaged in dancing. Nicky adheres only to proper nutrition, considering one of his habits an unlimited love of vegetables.

Nicki Minaj. Photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop, personal life

In the struggle for beauty, Minaj completely excluded from her diet:

  • fast food;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • sugar;
  • confectionery;
  • fatty foods and dishes.

The singer’s favorite diet is a large number of different vegetables:

  • chopped carrots;
  • paprika;
  • celery;
  • green tea.
  • prunes
  • cereal bread with avocado;
  • corn;
  • Tomatoes
  • spinach.
High tea
  • almond;
  • 2 cups skim milk
  • vegetable salad with lemon juice;
  • fruits.

In the case of weight gain, Nicky sits on a diet designed specifically for her and excludes from her diet:

  • potatoes;
  • pumpkin, squash;
  • legumes;
  • cauliflower;
  • bananas and chestnuts.

The dance steps and the set of exercises performed by the star are kept secret. Nicky believes that every woman should choose her favorite food and exercise for herself and not be shy to be different from others.

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What does it look like now

Nicki Minaj (photo of a star in a swimsuit can be found on her Instagram page) loves to shock the audience with shocking outfits that promote her natural unbridled sexuality.

Clips of the singer can be watched even without musical accompaniment. Any performance of a rock star is invariably accompanied by incendiary dances in tight-fitting, open dresses demonstrating big hips.

On the set, Nicky loves to use tricks that provoke sexual desire, such as:

  • licking whipped cream from an open neckline;
  • erotic biting bananas;
  • licking puffy lips;
  • playing sports in shorts;
  • Erotic touches to partners buttocks.

For performances and “red carpet” Minaj always tries to choose the most candid outfit with a deep neckline. Especially the singer loves tight pants, black latex and animal print clothes. In addition to wild sexuality, Minaj is a fan of the Barbie style and has repeatedly appeared in doll dresses with invariable pink lipstick on her lips.

The singer tries not to spread about her personal life. It is known that she met with colleagues in the shop and at the age of 16 had an abortion (as reported in one of her songs).

After a long period of chilling, Nicky reestablished ties with her family, helped her father overcome alcohol addiction, and tries to support his brother in jail on rape charges.

Unrivaled Nicki Minaj is a symbol of shocking and provocative sexuality. The star loves taking pictures in swimsuits, short shorts and latex jumpsuits, showing fans a non-standard figure, which contributes to even greater popularity.

Video about Nicki Minaj

The story of singer Nicki Minaj:

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