Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

Acne in certain periods of life occurs in almost everyone. Baziron AS, according to women, dermatologists are prescribed to get rid of acne. The gel exfoliates dead particles of the upper layer of the epidermis, treats acne in 7-10 days, makes the skin radiant. To get the result, you need to know the rules for using the gel. Information about contraindications will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Release form

Baziron AS is a white gel substance. It is produced in various doses of the main component. Benzoyl peroxide effectively eliminates the rash. The tool is released in the content of 2.5%, 5% and 10% of this substance, which is a subspecies of hydrogen peroxide.  Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

Baziron AC with any percentage of benzoyl peroxide is packaged in tubes of 40 g.


The drug includes the following ingredients:

  • water;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • glycerol;
  • propylene glycol;
  • methacrylic acid copolymer;
  • poloxamer 182;
  • carbomer 940;
  • disodium edetate;
  • sodium docusate;
  • silicon dioxide.

Pharmacological properties

Baziron AS (dermatological reviews confirm the material described below) prevents the growth of bacteria and staphylococcus, which affect the occurrence of acne. The tool creates an unfavorable environment for the development of microorganisms. Rashes cause anaerobic pathogens that die in oxygen. Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

Baziron AS supplies the epidermis with oxygen molecules, thereby destroying harmful organisms.

Through laboratory studies, it was found that after 7 days of application of the gel, the number of bacteria decreases by 94%, in 28 days – by 99%. In addition, the gel improves blood circulation, controls the sebaceous glands, moisturizes the skin.

Indications for use

Baziron AS is prescribed for rashes of varying severity. If there is not much blackhead, it is necessary to give preference to a medicine with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide content. If acne covers the cheeks and forehead, you need to buy Baziron AC 5%.

A tool with a content of the main component of 10% is prescribed by dermatologists very rarely, in advanced cases and acne lesions more than 70% of the face. It is forbidden to buy and use the product with the highest concentration of benzoyl peroxide without consulting a dermatologist.

Many doctors agree that the first course of treatment should be carried out by Baziron AS with the lowest concentration of the main component, regardless of the number of acne. A dosage of 5% is recommended for secondary treatment. Therefore, it is important to visit a dermatologist to select the right treatment regimen.


Baziron AS is prohibited for allergies to any of the components of the drug. The product can not be used for children under 12 years of age.

Dosage and Administration for Acne

Baziron AS (reviews of dermatologists can be read further) should be distributed on the cleansed skin until completely absorbed after waking up in the morning and at night before bedtime. Before applying the product, it is important to dry the skin with a soft paper towel. If there are few rashes, the gel can be applied only in the morning or in the evening.

Baziron AC should be used for 3 months. The first results will appear after 7-10 days of regular use. In a month, the skin will completely clear of acne, and after 3 months the therapeutic effect will be fixed for a long time. Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

The possibility of repeating the course of therapy should be discussed with a dermatologist. With the complete disappearance of the rashes before 4 weeks, during the remaining course of therapy, the drug should be applied not twice, but once a day.

For overdried, very sensitive skin, the product must be used in a minimal amount. The gel is allowed to be used as a preventive measure for oily, prone to acne skin only in the morning or in the evening for 3 months.

How to use Baziron AS during pregnancy

Baziron AS (reviews by dermatologists indicate the absence of laboratory studies of the safety of the drug for pregnant and lactating women) can be used by women in position only if the beneficial effect for the girl exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.

Baziron AS has a very low absorption through the skin, so it practically does not enter the bloodstream. Due to the lack of clinical studies, manufacturers do not write about the harmlessness of the gel in relation to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The risk of Baziron AS affecting the fetus or infant is minimal.

Side effects

Adverse reactions of Baziron AS are noted in changes in the epidermis. After discontinuation of the drug, unpleasant symptoms disappear. Negative manifestations can be divided into several groups according to the frequency of occurrence.

The most common reactions are:

  • feeling of tightness;
  • itching
  • peeling;
  • erythema; Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists
  • discomfort during palpation of the skin;
  • redness;
  • burning.

Rarely encountered:

  • intolerance;
  • swelling of the face.

special instructions

Before the first application of Baziron AS, a sensitivity test must be performed. A drop of the drug is rubbed into the wrist or the inside of the elbow. Itching and other side effects indicate intolerance to one or more components of the remedy. In this case, the gel must be washed off with running water. People allergic to any of the components are not allowed to apply Baziron. Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

It is important to know that after the first application of the gel, slight peeling of the skin, redness within 2-3 days and a slight burning sensation within a few minutes after application are possible. It is important to monitor the severity of the symptoms described above.

With a normal body reaction, unpleasant symptoms disappear in 2-3 days and almost do not cause discomfort. With an allergy to the components of Baziron AS, a negative reaction manifests itself strongly, brings pain.

Baziron AS (according to dermatologists) should not get into the eyes, on the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth. If the product falls into these areas, they should be washed with water.

Baziron AC is forbidden to apply on open wounds and other damaged skin areas.

To minimize the possibility of negative consequences, after applying Bazir
on AS can not be in the sun. Therapy with Baziron AS is best done in the winter season. Ultraviolet rays can provoke burning and irritation of the epidermis.

When Baziron AS interacts with dyed tissues or hair, their color will change or discoloration will occur. Baziron AS does not affect brain function. The gel may be used before driving or before working with small parts.


During the period of treatment with the drug, it is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol-containing agents. Doctors prescribe such drugs for drying acne, exfoliating the upper layer of the skin. Alcohol-containing drugs can not be used simultaneously with Baziron AS. Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

Doctors often prescribe treatment with Baziron AC along with diferin . This medicine deeply cleanses the pores and causes peeling, which help to quickly get rid of acne-affected layers of the epidermis.


Baziron AS (reviews of dermatologists and the rules for applying the drug indicate that the medicine is allowed to be used exclusively on the skin) causes negative effects when applied more often than indicated in the rules for using the product. Excessive application of Baziron AC will not have the best result and will not accelerate regeneration.

Too frequent use of the drug only increases the risk of negative manifestations. If itching or other negative phenomena occur, discontinue therapy with Baziron AS and visit a dermatologist who will prescribe special treatment.

Cheap analogues of Baziron AC cream

The minimum cost of Baziron AC in USA is around $ 10,2. The price of the gel practically does not change, regardless of the concentration of the main component. Cheap ointments with similar components are produced in India, but they are not represented in USA.

Benzoyl peroxide is part of the Ugresol spray. Its price is $ 2 – $ 2. The effect of using this drug appears after 8 weeks of use. It is not very convenient to apply, since the substance enters large areas of the skin.

Skinoren gel has practically no side effects, only a slight burning sensation after application is permissible. This drug is considered to be milder, but not inferior in performance to Baziron AS. Its price is $ 5 – $ 8. Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists

Proderm is a cheap American analogue of Baziron AC. It is effective only against a specific group of bacteria. For effectiveness, you need to take tests before using Proderm to identify which bacteria cause the rash. Its price is $ 2 – $ 2. Other analogues are manufactured in the USA by Persa and Neutrogena.

Terms and conditions of storage

Baziron AC is stored for 2 years. Before buying a medicine, it is important to familiarize yourself with the date of manufacture. Expired gel is prohibited.

Baziron AS should be kept in a dark place away from children at a maximum temperature of 35,6 – 41°F.

The price of the drug in New York, Los Angeles,

Name Manufacturer country Pharmacy Price
Baziron AC gel for external use 2.5% France $ 11,72 $ 10,68
Baziron AC gel for external use 5% Samson Pharma $ 11,26
Zdravzone $ 11,14

Product Efficiency

Often the appearance of negative reactions is associated with improper use of the drug. The lack of positive dynamics in therapy, possibly means the wrong selection of drugs or the concentration of the main component. Therefore, dermatologists advise using the drug only after prescribing the drug individually.

Doctors note a decrease in the number and size of acne after 7-10 days after the first contact of the drug with acne. The rate of onset of positive dynamics depends on the intensity of the disease. Stop applying the product is not recommended before 3 months after the first use to achieve a lasting effect.

Baziron AC. Instructions for use for acne, price, analogues, reviews of dermatologists
When used correctly, Baziron AC allows you to get rid of acne

In addition to the positive results of therapy, Baziron AS sometimes causes negative reactions, so it is not suitable for everyone. Often there is a slight peeling of the epidermis, the appearance of red spots a few days after the start of the course of treatment. In this case, the skin needs to be given time to adapt and suspend the use of the gel for 1-2 days.

To avoid unpleasant situations, dermatologists do not recommend starting therapy with Baziron AS before important events.

Dermatologists reviews

Doctors say acne can be cured, but relapse is very likely. Therefore, Baziron AC should always be at hand. If new acne appeared at any time after treatment, you need to treat the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

If the gel has ceased to cope with its task, it means getting used to the main active ingredient. In this case, the doctor prescribes a peeling course or other cosmetic product that will need to be used together with Baziron AS.

Among doctors there are opponents of Baziron AS. They believe that acne should be treated with drugs whose main components are antibiotics. Dermatologists refute the established belief that benzoyl peroxide can contribute to the appearance of cancer cells. Scientists have proven that this substance is not a carcinogen.

Effectively treating not the symptoms and manifestations of the disease, but its cause. To do this, before the course of therapy, you need to undergo an examination and pass the appropriate tests. Baziron AS is effective against many types of bacteria, but not in all cases it can cu
re a rash.

According to dermatologists, using Baziron AC for 3 months, you can completely get rid of acne. It is important not to discontinue treatment after the first results. For the best effect, you need to study the instructions and conduct a gel intolerance test before first use.

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