Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

A short haircut is a quick way to radically change the image. There are many options for getting an original haircut. But you should know that shortened curls require a special approach and attention. About how to do your own styling or a beautiful hairstyle on short hair – later in the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of short hair hairstyles

A short haircut has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

First about the good – about the benefits:

  • with the help of a short haircut you can “throw off” up to 5 years and seem much younger than his current age;
  • a successful haircut and hair coloring makes the female image very dynamic and youthful; Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  • short hair requires less time for drying and styling, which is important in the cool season. Ultra short haircuts in this regard greatly facilitate the life of its owners;
  • a short haircut is able to hide imperfections in appearance, correct the contour of the face or hide protruding ears;
  • short hair provides more options for experimenting with style and color. To change the style, you just need to be patient for a couple of months.

Now about the shortcomings of a short haircut:

  • you should carefully approach the choice of style – sometimes a haircut can aggravate some flaws. For example, extremely short hairstyles are suitable only for those girls and women who have the correct head shape;
  • it’s quite difficult to choose the right haircut option for owners of a heavy chin having a square face shape;
  • for those whose hair is prone to oiliness, styling products contain a catch – frequent shampooing;
  • frequent visits to the hairdresser will be required. To keep the haircut in shape and not turn into an anti-hairstyle, you will have to visit the master at least once a month. Depending on how fast the hair grows back, the frequency of visits may fluctuate every 3-6 weeks;
  • if you want to have long hair again, you will have to spend quite a long time on it.

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The basic principles of creating hairstyles for short hair

Using various styling products, you must remember:

  1. The denser the texture of the styling product, the smaller the amount needed for styling.
  2. The “busting” of the product will not affect the condition of the hair, especially light hair, in the best way – they will look dirty.
  3. In order to make any weaving from straight hair, you must first curl them with a curling iron or a special hairdryer. Light waves or curls will give your hair style strength.
  4. Advice for those who have very curly hair: if you want to get large curls such as “Hollywood wave”, you must first straighten your hair, and only after that make a large curl. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  5. When doing hairstyles using a straightener or curling iron, hair must be protected with a thermal tool. The use of gels or foam for styling is not suitable for this purpose, since such products greatly dry and spoil the hair.
  6. It is not advisable to “bother” your hair every day by applying styling products and using irons or plaques. Such a load will very quickly negatively affect the state of hair.
  7. Light and simple styling can be done using only a hairdryer when drying hair after washing.
  8. A beautiful hairstyle can be created using various weaves, tails and bunches.

Tools for creating hairstyles and decoration elements

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair are created using special tools and styling tools.

Hair styling tools:

  • straight comb with thick teeth;
  • large straight comb with rare teeth;
  • round brush – brushing, to give volume to curls; Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  • hair dryer with nozzles;
  • styler (curling iron / straightener / tongs with nozzles).

Hair styling products:

  • varnish;
  • foam;
  • mousse;
  • gel.

This is a minimal set of tools, but progress does not stand still and modern manufacturers of hair care products offer :

  • thermal protective products for hair;
  • gels and sprays to give volume;
  • serums for perfectly smooth hair;
  • modeling pastes, lipsticks, hair wax;
  • powder powder for fluffy hairstyles.

To fix the hairstyle you will need:

  • hairpins;
  • Invisibility
  • clamps;
  • gum.

In order not to overload the hairstyle with auxiliary accessories, you should pick them to match your hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair can be complemented with original jewelry.

Elements of decoration and decor:

  • decorative hairpins with feathers, rhinestones;
  • volume clamps of various shapes;
  • ribbons, scarves;
  • hoops with decor;
    Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
    Using hoops, you can create both casual and festive beautiful hairstyles for short hair
  • beads;
  • tiaras.

Comb back

Hairstyle, now so popular, came into fashion over 100 years ago. Riding back is stylish and elegant, and it’s not difficult to do it.

Hair pulled back completely opens the face, so this styling is not for everyone:

  • having skin problems, deep wrinkles or other defects on the face, do not do such a hairstyle;
  • for owners of a very high or narrow forehead, it is also better to refuse combing;
  • for those girls who have slightly protruding ears, such a hairstyle should be done with lush temporal curls to hide the flaw;
  • there are age restrictions – combing back is not suitable for women older than 40-45 years. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

The hairstyle is suitable for young women and girls with regular facial features of medium fullness.

Tools and tools for styling:

  • strong fixation hair spray that does not stick together strands;
  • styling mousse;
  • wax for modeling strands
  • hair dryer;
  • round brush – brushing;
  • thin straight comb for combing.

How to comb back – a step-by-step process:

  1. Apply wet mousse to wet hair. Apply the product only on
    the part of the hair from the roots to the back of the head. Dry the hair with a hairdryer using a round brush, lifting the strands when drying at the roots.
  2. With a thin comb, make a pile at the roots, adding volume. Those who have thick enough hair can skip this step. Thin hair is indispensable.
  3. Lubricate the fingertips with wax and hold them, like a comb, from the forehead to the crown, forming a hairstyle. Fix the temporal strands with a spray so that the hairstyle does not ruffle during the day. You can use invisibility. To get locks of hair from temples under a comb, so that they are not visible.

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Marseille wave in retro style

The fashion for the Marseille wave returned to the modern world from the 20s of the last century, after the screening of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. In those days, two types of styling were invented – cold and hot.

Cold styling was done using a special tool, cooked from flax seeds and hair was laid with fingers, from which it was called Finger Wave. Hot styling was done using tongs that were heated on a gas burner. It was called Marcel Wave, named after the inventor.

French hairdresser Marcel Gratot came up with undulation – curling hair with hot tongs – the process is incredibly complicated at that time. Now the hairstyle in retro style “Marseilles wave” can be done at home.

To do this, you will need:

  • hair dryer;
  • straight comb with frequent teeth;
  • regular massage comb;
  • hair gel;
  • thermal protective agent;
  • hair spray;
  • clamps;
  • styler – curling iron or ironing.

Step-by-step hairstyle creation:

  1. Wash hair, apply thermal protection and blow dry, leaving them slightly moist, but not wet.
  2. Make an even parting on one side. Apply the gel to the hair, combing them with a straight comb. Secure hair not taking part in the work with clips.
  3. Screw a strand of hair onto the styler, stretch it a little and twist it to make a curl.
  4. The next step is to fill the same strand in the styler, but slightly lower than the curl obtained, and turn it in the opposite direction. Depending on the length of the hair, do this several times, changing the direction of the styler to form waves.
  5. Fix the result with hair spray.

This is the fastest and easiest way to do the Marseille wave hairstyle. A cold styling method is also available at home, but it requires more time and skill. According to the rules of styling, the hair should dry on its own. The process can be accelerated if the styling is dried through the net with a low-speed hairdryer.

Cold Way Hairstyle Marseille Wave

Tools and materials:

  • styling gel;
  • thin comb with small cloves;
  • clamps;
  • hairnet;
  • hair dryer.
  1. Apply gel to hair. Make a parting.
  2. Having departed a little from parting, make the first wave with a comb. The bend goes up and is fixed by a clip.
  3. The second bend is the hollow. The strand of hair should be moved so that the letter S is obtained, fix with a clip.
  4. Slide the next bend in the opposite direction and also secure with a clamp. Wrap the ends of the hair inward.
  5. Cover the finished hairstyle with a mesh and blow dry at low speeds so as not to damage the waves. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

Retro hairstyle suitable for women of any age. The girl will look super stylish, and the older woman will be elegant.

Hollywood wave

A great solution for a special occasion is the Hollywood wave hairstyle.

For work you will need:

  • hair dryer;
  • curling iron with a diameter of 1’6 – 2 inch without clamp;
  • comb with large rare teeth;
  • hair foam;
  • varnish;
  • clamps.

Hairstyle process:

  1. Dry the washed hair with a hairdryer. Apply foam.
  2. Make a parting in the middle or sideways. Screw the strands onto the curling iron. The curling iron should be heated to maximum temperature.
  3. Wound strands comb comb. Then fix the clips on the troughs of the waves and fix the hairdo with varnish. Clips to remove.

Hair styled up

This hairstyle is suitable for hair of various lengths, both for ultra-short haircuts and for medium length. A styling option for a very short haircut, such as “pixie” or “under the boy.” Thick modeling tools allow you to make such a hairstyle without pile. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

For styling you will need:

  • modeling a wax or gel of medium fixation;
  • hair dryer;
  • round brush for drying hair.
  1. Dry the hair with a hairdryer, on the top and back of the head lifting it with a comb at the roots.
  2. Apply the product on fingers and spread evenly on the hair roots. It is important not to overdo it with wax or gel so that the hair does not look too licked. The tool should add volume to the hair and fix it. Run your fingers like a comb, lifting your bangs up.
  3. The final touch is applying the product to whiskey and modeling short strands.

Romantic wreath

To create such a hairstyle you will need:

  • small hairpins;
  • Invisibility
  • gum;
  • clamps;
  • medium fixation hair spray;
  • mousse for hair.

Process of creation:

  1. Spread a little mousse across the hair so that it is slightly moistened with it.
  2. Divide the hair into a parting, if desired, from the side or in the middle.
  3. Taking the strands in turn, twist them into a tourniquet. Secure the end of the harness with a clamp so that it does not fall apart. Do it the other way too.
  4. At the bottom of the back of the head, connect the ends into a ponytail and wrap it upward into the resulting bundle, secure with studs. If length allows, weave a short pigtail and also like a tail, hide it in a tourniquet, fixing it with invisible or hairpins. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  5. The curled strands should be slightly relaxed, then fixed with a spray so that the hairstyle does not fall apart.


A universal haircut that has not gone out of fashion for several years. It suits both girls and women in age. For this haircut, there are no restrictions associated with the features of appearance. A skilled craftsman can choose a bob haircut option for any person. When the haircut is done qualitatively, it does not require special styling and time for a hairstyle, except for a special occasion.

Options for bob hairstyles:

  1. Strict classic:
  • blow dry your hair;
  • using a spray to align curls;
  • lightly curl the ends of the hair with the curler inward.
  1. “Fervent” bob with the tips out:
  • when drying hair with a hairdryer, tighten the ends outward from the face;
  • lock the strands with wax or gel.

Kare – Bob

Those whom nature has endowed with curls do not need to curl them every day. But sometimes you want variety and straight curls, not curls. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

To do this, you need:

  • blow dry hair by pulling locks;
  • distribute heat protection over the hair and straighten it with an iron;
  • parting, divide hair, smooth it with a smoothing serum;
  • twist the ends of the hair inward.

Stylish hairstyle is ready!

In order to make a hairstyle on straight hair:

  • dry hair with a hairdryer and comb brushing, raising hair at the back of the head;
  • apply mousse to the ends of the front strands;
  • spin light waves using a curling iron;
  • if desired, the curls can be left, or tattered with light movements, slightly sprinkled with medium fixation varnish.


This trendy short haircut is suitable for those who are not afraid of experiments.

When deciding to part with long hair, you should consider:

  • if the hair is very curly by nature, in such a hairstyle it will be difficult to style;
  • the hairstyle is not suitable for girls with a round face and a short neck;
  • such a hairstyle should be abandoned for those who have large facial features, large or protruding ears;
  • with such a hairstyle, quite often you will have to visit the master to keep the hair neat and well-groomed.

This option is suitable for girls and women with an oval and thin narrow face. This haircut visually enlarges the eyes and lips, as it opens the face. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands

Pixie – a haircut, which implies a lot of interesting options, and there is the opportunity to choose the right one.

Styling for pixies with a long bang – retro:

  • apply fixative to bangs;
  • do a pile, lay the hair up and a little to the side, make a roll out of the bangs, twisting the ends of the bangs;
  • fix the hair with a spray.


Curled curls always look beautiful. The original hairstyle for a short haircut “Garson” is proof of this.

To create it you will need:

  • hair dryer;
  • foam;
  • curling iron;
  • hair spray;
  • round comb.
  1. Apply foam to wet hair. Dry the strands with a hairdryer, lifting them from the roots.
  2. Distribute the hair into strands, curl them with a curling iron, leave the bangs even.
  3. Do not comb curls, fix hairdo with varnish.

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Short hair fishtail

Beautiful hairstyles with braids and various knots and weaves are available not only to owners of long curls. They can be done on short hair.

Spikelet or fish tail: weaving pattern:

  • you need to start weaving from above, from the place where the bangs end and long strands begin;
  • the pigtail is made of thin strands. Gradually adding new strands, bring the braid to the back of the head and secure with a clip; Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  • if you braid the braids on both sides and fasten it to the back of the head with an elastic band or a tight clip, you get an original bezel from your own hair.

A bundle with a braid rim

To create a hairstyle you will need :

  • curling iron;
  • hairpins, invisible;
  • gum.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Curl hair with a curling iron to add volume to the weave.
  2. Spread the hair into 3 parts. From the middle, make a tail and curl the bunch, fix it with hairpins.
  3. From the side strands, braid the braids that will frame the face. Continue weaving until the bundle, tie the ends of the braids with elastic bands and secure with invisibles, hiding the ends of the braids under the bundle.
  4. The hairstyle can be specially disheveled by releasing several thin locks of braided braids.

Tail inside out

Such a hairstyle can be easily and quickly created with only a hairbrush and an elastic band on hand:

  1. Comb hair, collect in the tail, slightly tightening the elastic.
  2. Divide the tail over the elastic into two parts.
  3. Insert a tail into the hole formed, passing it over the elastic band.


Elegant hairstyle for special occasions – cockleshell or French twist.

To create it you will need:

  • thin comb with small teeth and a long thin handle;
  • massage comb;
  • hairpins and invisible;
  • hair dryer;
  • styling products – hair spray, foam;
  • beautiful hairpin or original scallop.
  1. Comb your hair thoroughly with a massage brush.
  2. Spread a little foam on the hair and blow dry with a hairdryer.
  3. Collect the hair as for the tail, but at the same time wrap the bobbin, as if wrapping it on a finger. Fix the edges of the shell with studs. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  4. Pull the side strands back, loosen them slightly and fasten the ends with hairpins close to the shell. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  5. Fix the hair with varnish. The hairpin can be fixed vertically on the open edge of the shell, so that the studs are hidden under it.

Greek hairstyle

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair in the Greek style include ribbons, graceful rims and long curls.

To make such a styling for owners of a square or bob, you will need:

  • elastic rim;
  • h
  • varnish.
  1. Comb hair, parted parted. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  2. Put the bezel over the hair so that it is located in the middle of the forehead.
  3. Starting with the temporal strands, dress the hair by wrapping it around the elastic.
  4. The hair at the back is divided into 3 or 4 large curls and also wrap them around the rim.
  5. Secure the locks with hairpins and fix with varnish.

For those whose hair length does not allow them to be wrapped around an elastic band, it can be done differently:

  • with the help of a styling tool, curl with a curling iron or crimper tongs;
  • put a Greek rim on your head and gently spray hair with varnish. The hairstyle is ready. In this case, it is better to use a bezel with decor.

Casual styling

Translated from English, this word means “careless.” More precisely, it implies a neatly careless style. Sticking out strands are allowed, as if knocked out of the hairstyle, and a slightly disheveled appearance.

Casual style bundle:

  • to collect hair in a bun on the crown, secure it with hairpins or clips;
  • release the side strands and fluff the bunch a little, pulling several strands out of it.

Bundle and loose hair:

  • to collect the hair high on the top and make a bun, leaving the hair loose on the sides.

Braided Whiskey:

  • fix hair on the middle part of the head with clips; Beautiful hairstyles for short hair 2021. Fashion trends, how to do it quickly and easily with your own hands
  • make tight weaving at the temples with a spikelet and fix the ends with elastic bands or special plastic clips for afro-braids;
  • hair in the middle to dissolve.

Hidden Bangs:

  • to distribute thin locks on a bang.
  • roll them into flagella and fasten them with invisibility under the hair.

Stylish mess or hairstyle “Hooligan”

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair suggest deliberate carelessness and naturalness. That is exactly how this styling is in the “Hooligan” style. It will take a little time and a minimum of styling means, because the hair should look natural.

This styling is suitable for owners of haircuts:

  • pixies;
  • short bean;
  • Garcon.

How to do it:

  • apply foam to slightly damp hair and dry it by tilting your head down;
  • comb the hair with a comb with rare combs, ruffle a little with your hands and in this condition fix with varnish. Stylish mess guaranteed.

Modern women of all ages increasingly prefer short hair. It is convenient, simple and always original. Make a beautiful hairstyle for every day or for a celebration is not difficult. It will take only a little time and imagination.

Video about beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Stylish styling for short hair:

Retro hairstyle for short hair:

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