Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Silicone breasts, as a result of plastic surgery to correct the shape, breast lift, first appeared in 1962. Since then, mammoplasty has been one of the most popular operations in the world.

Silicone breasts – the pros and cons

The positive properties of mammoplasty include:

  1. Correction of physical damage and changes . Such damage can be attributed to the consequences of the removal of the mammary gland due to the disease. Physical imperfection may also be present in the form of congenital asymmetry of the breast.
  2. Prevention of health problems due to large breast size. Often, this operation is performed to reduce breast. Too large a mammary gland adversely affects the work of the spine and other body functions. In addition to health problems, large breasts are an uncomfortable and heavy burden. In some countries, it is customary to fix this problem for free.
  3. The aesthetic side. Improving breast imaging. This procedure helps to achieve the desired effect. The specialist will make the chest the right size, fit, elasticity, location.
  4. The psychological side. Breast renewal. With the help of mammoplasty, you can correct the situation with sagging breasts and regain former confidence.

The negative properties include:

  1. The presence of scars . The consequence of the operation is the presence of scars. They stay forever. Often these scars are very noticeable.
  2. Complete anesthesia. With such an operation, it is precisely full anesthesia that is used, and any specialist error or the presence of an allergy to the medicine can become fatal. Every year there are cases of fatal operations.
  3. Infection If infection occurs during surgery, the implant will have to be removed. More serious consequences occur when an infection is detected after work done.
  4. Recovery. For some time there will be a need to take painkillers because of chest pain. Due to chest discomfort, soft bras will have to be worn. Recovery time after surgery individually.
  5. Lack of mammography capabilities. The inability to perform mammography in the presence of implants makes the detection of all kinds of tumors more difficult.
  6. Risk of tearing. Implant ruptures occur. This phenomenon is fatal to life. Therefore, in case of rupture, implants must be removed immediately.
  7. Lack of sensitivity. After the procedure, there will be a loss of sensation in the nipple or throughout the chest. This mainly occurs during the recovery period. But often the loss of sensitivity remains with the woman for life.
  8. The psychological side. With the incorrect identification of the causes of self-doubt, a woman acquires only beautiful silicone breasts. The problem remains.

Is silicone breast safe

It was determined that the silicone from which the implants are made is safe for the body and women’s health. Breasts of breast implants go away mechanically due to severe injury or shock.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

It is also important to know that silicone implants have their own shelf life, they can not be used throughout life. Symptoms of such a gap can be discomfort, minor pain in the chest.

In the event of rupture or after the expiration date of the implant, surgical removal of the ruptured implant and treatment of scar tissue with the introduction of a new replacement implant are necessary.

In some women, rupture of the silicone implant is asymptomatic.

Others may have:

  • breast pain or soreness when touched;
  • the formation of dense nodules in the mammary gland;
  • breast size reduction;
  • breast deformity.

On average, it is necessary to replace silicone implants once every 10 years.

Indications for the operation

Breast plastic surgery is indicated:

  • in the presence of different shapes and sizes of the right and left glands;
  • with loss of breast volume due to prolonged lactation or by age;
  • with mechanical damage to the chest;
  • with hypertrophy;
  • with gynecomastia;
  • in the presence of congenital or acquired defects of the nipples or areoles.

Medical contraindications: who should not have silicone breasts

This surgery is strictly prohibited:

  • pregnant or lactating women;
  • patients with problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • patients with inflammatory diseases;
  • in the presence of cancer;
  • with reduced immunity;
  • patients with poor blood coagulation.

Silicone breasts in USA are prohibited for people under 18 years of age.

Types of Implants

The shape of the implant may be round or teardrop-shaped. An experienced doctor should determine which form is more suitable based on the anatomical data of patients.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Round silicone breasts create a push-up effect. It is uniform throughout the area and has the shape of a bra. Such a breast is more in demand in patients. But such a breast does not look like natural at all and suits lovers of artificial beauty.

Teardrop-shaped or anatomical breasts have a larger volume in the lower chest. The effect of a natural overhang of the chest is created. But if the natural breast in a prone position takes a uniform shape over the body, then the silicone breast will not change shape and will remain drop-shaped.

There are implants with a smooth and porous texture. When choosing an implant, you need to keep in mind that the body will subsequently create a kind of shell around the implant. That is, to grow around him. Thus, silicone breasts having a smooth filler will be tougher to the touch.

To achieve greater naturalness, preference should be given to implants with a porous surface. Connective tissues will penetrate into the foreign body like a “sponge” and will not create a large stiffness of the chest.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

According to the material of the implants, two types are distinguished:

  1. Silicone Composition: silicone shell and filler in the form of a silicone gel.
  2. Saline. Composition: silicone shell and saline filler.

Comparative table of types of implants

Features Silicone implants
Salt implants
Gel density
  • + High density of the gel creates better elasticity.
  • + When the implant ruptures, the gel is not excreted for some time due to the high density of the gel.
  • – The solution contained in the prosthesis overflows during movements. The disadvantage is the presence of some sounds from the “gurgling” of saline fluid, visible to others.
  • – In the event of a rupture, the saline solution will immediately leak into the breast tissue.
Price + Low price category.
Safety – In case of implant rupture, immediate removal of foreign material is required. + Saline solution is safe for the body.
  • + The risk of implant displacement is reduced.
  • – Long and noticeable scars.
  • + Frowns less.
+ Scars are small minor.

Sizes of silicone breast implants: 2, 3, 4, 5, the largest

The size of the implants is determined in fluid ounce. One size is approximately 5,07 fluid ounce of filler. The smallest implant size is 3,04 fluid ounce. The largest implant volume is 25,02 fluid ounce, which corresponds to 5 sizes.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

In this case, the size of the implants is usually added to the actual size of the breast. For example, if the patient wants to make 3 sizes from her first size, then she will need 10,14 fluid ounce of additional volume.

The surgeon determines the shape and size of the implants together with the patient. When choosing these characteristics, the plastic surgeon will take into account all the features of the body.

The size of the implants can be fixed or adjustable. Fixed size cannot be adjusted during the operation. Adjustable implants allow the doctor to regulate the volume of the filler in a smaller or larger direction during the operation.

Do I need to change implants

If the implants correspond to the quality and were not subject to rupture, then there is no need to change them throughout life. They are safe for the body. However, on the aesthetic side, such a need may arise. In the presence of some factors, the appearance of the breast worsens.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Then, if desired, the patient can perform repeated plastic surgery. Before this, a specialist consultation is necessary. Deterioration of the external state of the breast can be caused by pregnancy, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes or the natural aging of the body.

Breast density after implant placement

Breast after plastic surgery will be very hard. This will last from 1 to 3 months. The cause of this hardness is muscle tension and swelling around the implants. The period of the recovery period is directly related to the characteristics of the body.

Too tight a capsule of the connective tissues of the body around the implants is also the cause of this deficiency.

This can happen in the following cases:

  • very close “pocket” for prostheses;
  • unreasonably large size of implants;
  • insufficient stopping of bleeding;
  • individual predisposition of the body to the emergence of a very dense capsule;
  • installation of implants made of poor quality material.

Implant placement methods

Comparison table. Methods of placement of implants.

Placement method Benefits disadvantages
Between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscles
  • Short recovery period.
  • The absence (or partial absence) of pain during healing.
  • The ability after surgery to evaluate the shape and size of the breast due to a small swelling.
  • Visually, the breast looks more enlarged when the implant is located above the muscle.
  • Lack of deformation, with subsequent sports.
  • The ability to probe the implant from the outside or the visibility of the borders of the implant, since it is not covered by mammary gland tissues.
  • Increased risk of capsular contracture.
  • The visual effect of skin ripples or waves around the implant.
  • The chest is more prone to sagging, as it is directed down under the weight of the prosthesis.
  • Nipples are more prone to numbness.
  • Stretch marks may appear.
  • Risk of obstructed circulation in the chest.
  • Increased risk of prosthesis displacement, leading to breast asymmetry.
  • Inability to subsequently fully examine the chest.
Under the pectoral muscles The ability to be fully examined, including performing a mammogram of the chest.
  •  The lack of the desired visible effect. With this installation, the muscle presses on the implant, making it flatter, so breast enlargement is not so noticeable. In this way, it is not possible to add volume under the nipple.
  • Implants displace due to natural hand movements.
  • Implants are strongly felt in the absence of clothing.
  • The implant looks extremely unnatural.
Partially under the pectoral muscles
  • The chest looks quite natural.
  • The risk of capsular contracture is reduced.
  • The chest does not sag, as the implant is well fixed.
  • It is possible to conduct a mammogram.
  • Insignificant displacement of the implant during sports activities.
  • Slight ripples around the implant.


  • Painful recovery period.
  • The presence of temporary edema from a week to 3 months.
  • A long recovery period after surgery.
  • The contour of the i
    mplant will become pronounced due to the natural aging of the body.
  • During playing sports or performing other physical activities, the implant looks unnatural, as it has the ability to move.

How do breast augmentation surgery

Table of pros and cons. Methods of operations.

Methods pros Minuses
Pancreatic or submammary.

In this case, the incision is carried out directly under the mammary gland by approximately 1’2 inch. Next, the tissues are peeled off and the implant is inserted inside.

  • The mammary glands are not injured.
  • The ability to install an implant of any shape and size.
  • Scars remain for life.
  • With age, the implant is noticeably felt.

An incision is made along the lower boundary of the areola. This method is suitable for the installation of all types of implants. Installation under the muscle or under the mammary gland is possible.

  • Scars are not visualized.
  • During the operation, it is possible to perform mastopexy, areola plastic surgery or correction of breast asymmetry in parallel with breast augmentation.
  • Sensory impairment in the nipple.
  • The likelihood of inflammation during rehabilitation.
  • Increased risk of damage to the mammary glands. In this case, the possibility of lactation at birth is lost.
  • Inability to install large implants.
Axillary or axillary.

An incision of about 1’2 inch is made in the armpits. The implant is inserted into the opening under the pectoralis major muscle. The difficulty is that the implant needs to be placed so that the nipple is exactly in its center. To do this, you will have to dissect the center, in which the muscles are attached. This method is extremely dangerous, since there is a high probability of damage to blood vessels, which will lead to serious bleeding. The axillary method can only be carried out using an endoscope.

  • The mammary glands are not injured.
  • Silicone breasts look natural.
  • There are no scars.
  • The implant is not palpable.
The need to use expensive endoscopic equipment.

Recovery period after surgery – recommendations on the regimen

During the day after the operation, it is necessary to remain in the intensive care unit under the supervision of specialists. If no complications are detected, then you can go home. About two weeks you will need to take medications that your doctor will prescribe. These include pain medications, antiviral drugs, and antibiotics.

To avoid a rough scar, it is necessary to fix the edges of the wound with a patch. After about 10 days, the stitches will be removed. Until then, it is recommended to wear compression underwear all the time. It will help reduce the risk of scarring and silicone breast deformities.

Compression underwear will help reduce swelling. If the swelling is severe, you should be from staying in the sun, in a solarium, a bath, and also not to engage in sports and sex for a month. Cold shower helps to relieve swelling.

During the recovery period, sports are prohibited. In the first week you can’t make sharp movements with your hands, lift things over 7 pounds, raise your hands up, or drive.

Breast massage helps to avoid a tight capsule around the implant. Massage is prescribed by the surgeon. Start time is determined individually.

To avoid stretch marks, you should use creams. Breast augmentation creams are excellent for these purposes. Algal wraps and other salon serums to preserve the beauty of silicone breasts are shown no earlier than a month after the operation.

A sharp change in body weight is contraindicated, especially during the recovery period. In case of weight gain, the chest will sag, stretch marks will appear. In case of weight loss, the implant will be visible under the skin.

Regular bras should be worn no earlier than a month later. Experienced doctors recommend delaying up to 3 months. At first, it is recommended to choose underwear on wide straps with deep cups so that the bra supports the breast well.

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Possible complications (consequences) after breast augmentation surgery

After surgery, general surgical or specific complications may occur.

The general surgical group includes:

  1. Hematomas and seromas. Occur due to bleeding in the postoperative period. The reason may be poor blood coagulation, refusal to wear special compression underwear or an improperly sized implant.
  2. The penetration of infection. Occurs when the surgeon does not comply with sanitary standards during the operation, or if the patient does not follow proper breast care after the operation.
  3. Scarring. There are various reasons. Identification of the cause is determined with the surgeon individually.
  4. Sensitivity in the nipple area may decrease or disappear. It occurs if during the operation sensitive nerves were damaged.

A specific group includes:

  1. Rupture of the implant. It happens when a low-quality thin-shell implant is introduced into the body.
  2. Capsular contracture. The cause of the occurrence is unknown.
  3. Implant displacement. There are many reasons for this: getting injured, developing capsular contracture, too large an implant, muscle traction.
  4. Puckering implant. The reason is the patient’s thin integumentary tissue.

How to properly care for silicone breasts – care rules

To preserve the perfect appearance of the silicone breast for a long time, you should:

  • Throughout life, minimize the time spent in the sun or in the solarium;
  • wear a comfortable pitted bra on wide straps throughout the year;
  • take a cool contrast shower at least 3 times a week;
  • perform breast massage as often as possible;
  • Every day moisturize the skin of the breast with various oils. Oliv
    e, peach and almond oils are best suited. This should be done in circular motions;
  • at least every year to be examined by your surgeon and mammologist;
  • start sports activities only after the approval of the surgeon, as this is an individual issue. It should be done in comfortable underwear that holds the chest. It is advisable to exclude loads directed to the pectoral muscles;
  • you should abandon the sleep posture on the stomach, as over time this can lead to the probing of implants;
  • pregnancy planning is allowed no earlier than a year after the operation.

How much is a beautiful silicone breast. Price (cost) of silicone implants

The cost of silicone breasts in USA ranges from $ 1088 to $ 4080. The price includes: surgeon consultation, surgery, anesthesia, the cost of implants and the time spent in the clinic until discharge. The closer the clinic is to the city center, the more famous it is and the more famous the surgeon is, the higher the cost of the operation.

The average cost of implants in the country is $ 272 – $ 680. The price depends on a number of features of the implant:

  • filler;
  • forms;
  • surface;
  • additional characteristics;
  • brand.

What can you save during breast augmentation

To save money, you can prefer not the most advertised clinic in the city. However, you should be safe and find out:

  • whether the clinic has a license for medical activity;
  • Are the clinic qualified in the field of plastic surgery
  • what are the reviews about this clinic;
  • Is there a preliminary agreement and insurance.

The main thing to remember is that the main thing you can’t save on is health.

Is silicone breast available for free

It is possible to increase, tighten or reduce breasts within the framework of charity programs. To do this, send an application for participation. It indicates: name, age, phone, sideways and face photos, a meaningful story about the purpose of the operation.

The entire operation, including the purchase of implants, will be free. On their own, it will only be necessary to undergo preoperative tests.

The surgeon will personally determine which of the program participants will take part in the free operation.

The lucky one should keep in mind that before-and-after photos will be published on the clinic website. You will have to agree to shoot the video operation and give an interview.

Silicone breast during pregnancy

Surgery during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated. In any case, this does not make sense, because during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, the shape and size of the breast will change.

If you have silicone breasts, you should plan a pregnancy no earlier than a year after the operation. If this still happened, you need to wear a special supportive bra throughout the pregnancy and moisturize your chest several times a day. Usually, the breast heals completely at the time of delivery, with the exception of small scars at the incisions.

Is it possible to make small silicone breasts

In order to make small silicone breasts of 1-2 sizes, you should choose implants of 0,3 – 1 pint.

It is important to remember that the size of the implant is added to the natural size of the breast.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Small silicone breasts look very natural, beautiful. It is especially suitable for women with 0 or first breast size. Small implants reduce the risk of their further palpation, the likelihood of ripping (ripples and waves around the prosthesis) is reduced, the dentures will not sag or fall.

Due to the fact that the muscles are easier to adapt to a light implant, the recovery period will be less painful and shorter. Small implants reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Is it possible to feed a baby silicone breast

All women with silicone breasts are able to excrete breast milk. An exception is severe damage to the lactation system during surgery. In this case, very little milk is released.

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

If the sensitivity of the nipple or areola has disappeared, this will contribute to a decrease in the amount of milk. The lactation system directly depends on the sensitivity of this part of the breast. In general, implants are safe for the baby. It is only important to prevent the rupture of the implant. In this case, immediately remove it.

What does silicone breast look like after breastfeeding

The tone and general condition of the skin during breastfeeding worsen. If the skin is dry and thin by nature, then after feeding the general condition of the breast will noticeably worsen. Usually, silicone breasts after feeding look less advantageous than natural ones. This is because the weight of the implant puts pressure on the chest and increases the risk of sagging.

An important role in this matter is played by genetics. Not always women with silicone breasts go for reoperation after feeding. But the risk of a spoiled appearance is great, so women prefer to do mammoplasty after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Silicone breasts: before and after surgery – photos

Silicone breast. Breast enlargement plastic surgery

Silicone breasts are beautiful. But, deciding on an operation, it is important to be aware of all its consequences. The main criterion for such a choice should be your own true desire to make breasts more beautiful for yourself.

Silicone breasts: videos

Selection of implants for breast augmentation:

Silicone Breast Myths:

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