Carbon peeling – what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

Peeling is a skin cleansing method that helps eliminate facial imperfections – age spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores, removing dead skin cells of the upper layer of the epidermis.

In the cosmetology industry, there are many types of peeling that improve the condition of the skin. Carbon peeling deserves increased attention and popularity. The method has a number of such advantages that distinguish it against the background of other anti-aging and healing procedures.

Carbon peeling – what is it, the mechanism of exposure

Carbon peeling, what it is – this is a new method of cleaning the skin of the face at all levels from dead cells and from pollution. Carbon peeling is a laser type of peeling using carbon nanogel , which determines the name of the method under consideration.

Nanogel is a special carbon dioxide amplifier based on carbon dioxide contained in the composition. Carbon gel is able to penetrate into all layers of the epidermis and attract dirt, dust and particles of fat. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

A neodymium laser recognizes the gel and vaporizes it along with impurities and dead skin particles. Short laser pulses detonate the gel nanoparticles in the pores of the epidermis, and microcarbon explosions push particles of dirt and grease out. The result of such a delicate peeling is exfoliation of dead cells, cleansing pores of the skin and its surface.

The laser action provides phytothermolysis, during which the skin tissue warms up, the regeneration of epidermal cells is activated. Collagen, elastin, and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid are stimulated.

Expected results

The laser acts in a complex with phyto-rejuvenation on the epidermis, which leads to the following results:

  • the skin is cleansed, dead epidermal cells are removed;
  • skin inflammations are removed and the causes of inflammation are excluded;
  • there is a leveling of the surface of the epidermis;
  • the effect of oily skin is eliminated, other skin defects, pores are narrowed;
  • age spots are removed, skin color improves;
  • the skin becomes firm and hydrated;
  • the sebum of the skin is eliminated, fat metabolism is normalized;
  • smoothing of fine expression wrinkles and reduction of deep wrinkles occur;
  • the surface of the skin comes in tone and takes on a healthy look. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

Such expected changes are visible immediately after the first session. To achieve this effect, 5-7 sessions of carbon peeling procedures are needed, with weekly breaks between them. During breaks, favorable processes in the skin develop on their own.

Benefits of Peeling

Laser carbon peeling differs from other peels in a number of advantages. The procedure has the main advantage – the absence of pain and discomfort. The patient only feels heat. The procedure is safe for the skin. Thanks to the nanogel, the skin does not contact directly with the laser. Burns and mechanical damage are excluded.

The first peeling session leads to an instant result, so laser carbon peeling is used, if necessary, as an express aid if an important event is ahead. Therefore, this procedure is also called “Hollywood purge.”

Another big advantage of the procedure is that carbon peeling is allowed to be used in any season of the year, and also regardless of atmospheric phenomena and ambient temperature, both in summer and autumn, so in winter and spring. This skin healing method is suitable for people of all age categories and regardless of gender with skin problems and those who want to eliminate them.

Carbon peeling has a complex effect on the skin. Therefore, there is no need to use different procedures to achieve the desired result. After 3 – 5 sessions of carbon peeling, it is possible to achieve a recovery of the epidermis. The skin is cleansed and rejuvenated. The face contour is tightened and aligned. There is no recovery period.


Carbon peeling is recommended for the following skin defects:

Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

  • the presence of pigmentation of the skin and freckles;
  • skin areas with acne and enlarged pores;
  • tuberosity, sagging skin;
  • unhealthy and heterogeneous color of the epidermis;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • first signs of aging, aging skin.


Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

Reasons why you should not resort to laser carbon peeling:

  • oncological diseases;
  • severe inflammation on the skin of the face;
  • diabetes mellitus in a patient;
  • skin disease – vitiligo;
  • chronic diseases and viral infections;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of keloid scars;
  • allergic reaction to carboxylic acid.

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Preparation for peeling

In preparation for peeling, you need to visit a beautician. The doctor examines the skin of the patient for the presence of inflamed areas. If they are found, then treatment is prescribed.

The preparation also includes a test for an allergic reaction to the nanogel . In the area of the elbow, a small amount of carbon gel is applied. After 15 minutes, skin sensitivity is checked. If redness, burning, itching or swelling appears, then peeling is contraindicated.

How is the procedure

Carbon peeling is suitable for people with a busy schedule, since a peeling session takes no more than 30 minutes. Consists of two stages.

During the first stage, the skin of the face is cleaned from makeup and contamination with a special milk and antiseptic. After that, a thin layer of nanogel is applied. Within 7 minutes, while the carbon gel is drying, its particles adhere to dead skin cells and particles of impurities on the surface of the epithelium. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

During the second stage, the patient is wearing safety glasses. Then, with the help of laser exposure, keratinized cells of the skin are eliminated and inflammations are removed. A photothermolysis procedure is carried out.

Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo
Intuitive carbon peeling procedure. What is it and how is it done

Short laser pulses provide deep heating of the skin layers. In the skin cells, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is enhanced. As a result, the regeneration of skin cells improves, and its elasticity increases. The skin is strengthened and leveled. Finally, the remnants of the mask are washed off with warm water and a soothing cream is applied.

Skin care after the procedure

After peeling sessions, skin care is required, which is recommended by cosmetologists. During the first day, only micellar water is allowed to clean the skin. To enhance the hydration of the skin, which the epidermis needs in the period after the peeling procedure, use exclusively hypoallergenic products and compositions.

It is also recommended to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, visits to the solarium and sauna, to refuse trips to the pool. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

In summer, it is imperative to use sunscreen. Within 2-3 weeks, protect the skin from cold and wind.

In the period after the procedure, it is forbidden to use scrubs and peels of other types. You can – masks and mesotherapy. The use of decorative cosmetics in the first 2-3 days after peeling is undesirable, the use of alcohol-containing products is especially harmful.

It is recommended to attend the peeling procedure at the end of the working week because of the likelihood of peeling on the skin , which usually disappears in 1 or 2 days.

Possible complications and side effects

Carbon peeling is a safe procedure, since the skin is not damaged during the action of the laser and gel.

But due to violations of the rules for skin care after peeling or neglect of contraindications, sometimes complications arise:

  • The development of purulent processes is possible when there was damage in the form of a wound or microcrack on the skin before the peeling procedure. It is necessary to postpone the procedure until complete healing;
  • If the laser is exposed to the wrong depth, the skin tissue may turn red or cause swelling. It is time to refuse to use decorative cosmetics. The use of soap for washing and alcohol lotions is contraindicated. Active skin hydration is required. It is also recommended to avoid exposure to extreme frost and wind. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo
  • An increase in pigmentation can appear on the skin if the procedure is performed for pregnant women or with Vitiligo disease. Immediately eliminate the effect of pigmentation will not succeed. Reducing the time spent in the sun will lead to a gradual elimination of spots or their partial lightening.
  • If you ignore keloid scars and apply a laser effect on them, then inflammation in the tissues can resume, and the scars will eventually increase.

Carbon peeling at home or in the salon

At home, it is impossible to carry out carbon peeling procedures, because during peeling, special equipment and cosmetics are used.

Laser radiation during the process is monitored by a cosmetologist to eliminate the risk of burns and other unwanted effects. Beauticians in the salon know the technology of the procedure perfectly, therefore peeling is carried out correctly and has a healing and anti-aging effect for the skin.

The use of carbon gel without laser exposure does not make sense because in itself it is ineffective. Therefore, if carbon peeling is needed, you need to contact a cosmetologist in a salon or clinic.

Some useful tips for home peeling

When conducting home peeling, you need to consider the following useful tips:

  • For home peeling, it is better to contact a cosmetologist to assess the condition of the skin and check for the absence of contraindications;
  • Make a skin test for a peeling preparation; Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo
  • Use all the recommendations for the correct peeling procedure;
  • Follow proper skin care after the procedure.

How many procedures do you need to get the result

How many sessions are needed to obtain the desired result is determined by the beautician. Improvements are visible after the first peeling procedure. From 3 to 7 sessions is enough to enhance and maintain the effect. The number of sessions and the duration of the course is directly affected by the initial state of the patient’s skin and obtaining the desired results as a result of the peeling.

How often can i do

The break between sessions of carbon peeling procedures should be at least 5 days and last up to 2 weeks.

During the intervals between the procedures, the rejuvenation of the epidermis and the regeneration of skin cells will take place independently and naturally. If necessary, the course of procedures is repeated after a year. This is not recommended before.

What cosmetic procedures can be combined

The method of fractional thermolysis is a point effect on certain areas of the skin, in which old elastin and collagen fibers are removed. As a result, there is an improvement in the production of these substances, and the processes of epidermal cell restoration are enhanced.

By combining carbon peeling with the fractional thermolysis technique, it is possible to enhance the effect of the thermolysis procedure, as well as consolidate a stable result from the procedure for a long period of time.

The procedure of radio frequency lifting is a rejuvenating method in which the skin is gradually warmed up, activating the production of elastin and collagen. Carbon peeling enhances the effectiveness of the radio frequency lifting method. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

During a laser biorevitalization session, preparations with hyaluronic acid are introduced into the layers of the dermis using laser phoresis. It is recommended to carry out this technique on the same day as carbon peeling. The effect of both procedures is enhanced.

Is it poss
ible to peel people with problem skin, dry, oily

Carbon peeling is recommended for people with normal, oily and dry skin. The use of carbon peeling is effective to improve the condition of oily and problematic skin. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. There is a narrowing of the pores and sebaceous glands, eliminating excess fat content. Carbon peeling - what is it, how is it done, advantages and results, photo

The level of the number of pathogens on the surface of the skin and in its layers is reduced. Therefore, carbon peeling heals and has beneficial effects on skin areas with acne, acne and rosacea. Each subsequent peeling procedure makes the skin cleaner, smoother and more velvety.

For dry skin after the carbon peeling procedure, it is necessary to use moisturizers and nourishing agents to a greater extent.

Features of pregnancy

During pregnancy and lactation, carbon peeling is contraindicated. If this is neglected, then as a result of the procedure, the appearance of pigmentation is likely, which will be impossible to get rid of. Also, the effect of laser carbon peeling on the fetus has not been fully studied. Therefore, you should not jeopardize the developing body of the child.

What do cosmetologists think about the effectiveness of peeling compared to others

Beauticians believe and patients confirm that carbon peeling is a cosmetology procedure that is pleasant to the senses, only warmth and slight tingling are felt. There is no discomfort.

It is carried out painlessly, there is no rehabilitation, the effect is achieved in a short period of time. All cosmetic methods that give effect are unfortunately painful. Carbon peeling is the most gentle that distinguishes it from similar procedures.

As a result of the peeling procedure, the external condition of the skin improves, the action occurs on problem areas of the skin from the inside, and the causes of the problems are eliminated. Regeneration is activated in the skin layers both externally and internally. This is the advantage of carbon peeling and the difference from other methods.

Carbon peeling, unlike other types of peeling, copes with stagnant spots and post-acne, which cannot be eliminated by other methods. The carbon peeling procedure brightens them so that the spots become pale in appearance and do not differ from the tone and color of the skin.

Contraindication for other types of cleansing, rosacea – a vascular network on the surface of the skin, is not a contraindication for the carbon peeling procedure. During a peeling session, carbon dioxide strengthens the walls of blood vessels and saturates the blood with oxygen. The number and size of reddish-blue stars on the face decreases and disappears.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend the carbon peeling method because people of all ages who want to get rid of various imperfections and skin diseases can use the procedure. The effect of carbon peeling is confirmed by numerous scientific studies and reviews of grateful customers.

The development of the cosmetology industry in our time is very fast and this leads to an increase in the number of new services it provides. It is important to identify among them those that are the best.

Carbon peeling is one such procedure. Acting on the skin in a complex, it helps to get rid of skin problems, improve the condition of the skin, give it the effect of rejuvenation for a long period of time.

Video: carbon peeling

What carbon peeling helps from:

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