Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviews

To help professional athletes whose joints and ligaments are subject to daily stress during training, the American pharmacological company Universal Nutrition has developed a preventive supplement to Animal Flex.

The use of the complex according to the instructions helps to restore connective tissues, relieves inflammation from the muscles and replenishes the body with vital vitamins and minerals.

Release form

The versatile complex effect of the drug is due to its composition. Each dose of the dietary supplement consists of 7 pills, collected in a portioned package. The full course (jar) includes 44 packages, designed for a month and a half reception.

Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviews
Sports supplement Ultimate Flex

Each Flex Flex capsule has a specific role and purpose that it fulfills due to the presence of effective polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals in the formulation.

The mechanism of action of the additive

Biological supplement affects the athlete’s body as follows:

  • Helps the connective tissue repair process.
  • Reduces muscle inflammation.
  • It supplies the body with necessary substances, which increases endurance, generates energy, helps to achieve high results during training and regenerates ligaments.
  • It produces the necessary amount of joint lubrication, which prevents serious injuries during power loads.
  • It regulates the blood circulation of athletes, which helps to properly supply nutrients to all internal organs.
  • Quickly and efficiently relieves pain.
  • It performs the protective function of the body and contributes to its quick recovery after training.

The main active substances and their effects on the body

Based on the instructions for use, the main 3 components on which the effective effect of Enimal Flex is based are methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin and glucosamine. Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviews

  • Glucosamine is a type of mucopolysaccharide responsible for the formation of new tissue and the production of protein in the body. It is part of cartilage, joint fluid and the main number of ligaments. With his help, the formation of synovial fluid priority for the organs occurs. Glucosamine also prevents the formation of destructive radicals, inhibits destructive enzymes, and begins the catagenesis of the concentration of sulfur and other substances. The recommended dose is half a gram per day.
  • Chondroitin is the second most important link in animal flex. In a small amount is present in connective tissue and cartilage. The role of the component is expressed in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which guarantees the proper lubrication of diarthrosis. It inhibits the activity of enzymes, activates the production of proteoglycans, improves metabolism, accelerates the regeneration and recovery of the body, and optimizes calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The norm of chondroitin is 0.4 grams.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane is a bioadditive element that is a real accumulator of organic sulfur. Some hormonal and protein compounds are formed from sulfur compounds. Increases metabolism and is actively involved in all physiological processes, helping tissues regenerate faster.

The effectiveness of the composition of the drug is increased due to cetyl myristoleate, hyaluronic acid and linseed oil. They prevent the wear of diarthrosis, creating the conditions for the production of the necessary amount of lubricant in the tissues.

  • The general strengthening and preventive effect of capsules adds a special combination of vitamins (C and E) and minerals (zinc, selenium, manganese), which are necessary during intense physical exertion to maintain joints.
  • Ascorbic acid supports the immune system and helps the athlete’s body recover fully.
  • Vitamin E, being a powerful antioxidant, is responsible for antihypoxic, membrane stabilizing and protective functions.
  • Zinc stimulates the launch of the necessary enzymes. It acts as a conductor of calcium in bone tissue, regulates hormonal levels and affects the formation of feelings of smell and taste.
  • Selenium protects cells from the harmful effects of toxins, forms the correct alignment of metabolism, promotes rapid regeneration.
  • Manganese provides maximum nutritional support to the body, which is experiencing great stress during physical activity.
  • Auxiliary ingredients – turmeric, extract from ginger, bromelain to maintain healthy joints are mediocre.

Advantages and disadvantages of the supplement

Animal Flex has proven itself in the sports nutrition market due to its advantages reflected in the instructions for use:

  • Naturalness and ecological purity of the composition.
  • Admissibility of combination with other types of sports nutrition and sports supplements.
  • Safety of use confirmed by the Anti-Doping Committee.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviewsThe disadvantage of the drug can be considered quite a high cost. The price of a can of vitamin complex varies from $ 24 – $ 34. You can buy in specialized sports nutrition stores, pharmacies or order through the online store.

It is necessary to purchase dietary supplements in proven, positively proven places in order to avoid falsification.


Animal flex is characterized by a lack of therapeutic effect in serious diseases. Therefore, in chronic diseases of cartilage and connective tissue, its use in food is preventive and supportive in nature, but not at all therapeutic.

The use of the drug is contraindicated in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. With the simultaneous use of several types of sports nutrition and Ultimate Flex, you should carefully monitor the dosage of each element. This will help to avoid exceeding the daily allowance of the component, and not harm health.

It will not be superfluous to talk with the doctor if the athlete has problems with the health of the liver and kidneys.

Side effects

It has no serious side effects other than individual intolerance to some components of the dietary supplement. With caution, the complex should be used for people who have an allergic reaction to the components of Animal Flex.

Instructions for use

The effectiveness of the training is largely due to the rules for receiving the Flex. The instruction for use recommends consuming one serving of the drug within 24 hours. Capsules are taken regardless of the time of eating. You can drink on a full and on an empty stomach.

Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviewsThe daily diet contains 8 pills, which can be quite difficult to drink at a time. Therefore, dividing the portion into
several stages is allowed. In this case, the main rule must be observed – the contents of the 1st package per day, regardless of whether there was a training or not.

Complex Efficiency

Over the past 20 years, the largest American manufacturer of food products for professional athletes, Universal Nutrition has been focusing on creating a high-quality and perfect product. From year to year, the formula and composition of AF has changed, undergoing a transformation for the better.

As a result of the introduction of new techniques and technologies in the sports nutrition market, one of the most effective sports complexes aimed at restoring and strengthening joints, ligaments and tendons has appeared.

Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviewsThe joint use of AF with Animal Pak, which is also developed by UN, further enhances the athlete’s stamina
, freeing up hidden resources, and protects the body from injury during strength training.

The opinion of doctors

The opinion of experts in the application of this dietary supplement is unanimous and consists in the following conclusions.

  1. Based on the composition, doctors note that this supplement really helps to reduce the risk of damage and sprains, and also reduces the possibility of micro damage to the joints.
  2. Traumatologists, orthopedists and surgeons are convinced that the complex helps to strengthen the ligaments, prevents wear on the joints, and helps to eliminate discomfort from pain during and after sports.
  3. The composition of the drug is completely safe for the patient, however, the doses of the 3 main active active substances are prescribed indistinctly. Only their total total share is known. This means that the amount of glucosamine, chondrotin, and methylsulfonylmethane can vary in each serving.
  4. Ultimate Flex is an excellent source of vital vitamins and minerals.

Doctors say that in any case, the athlete will feel the benefits of taking dietary supplements, you should only keep in mind that this is a preventive rather than a therapeutic drug.

Athletes Opinion

In most cases, professional athletes give positive reviews about Animal Flex. It is noted that vitamins are beneficial when working with heavy weights (weights, barbells, weight training equipment), as they help tissues regenerate quickly and damage damaged joints to recover. At the same time, it is advised to monitor the use and prevent excess daily doses.

Animal Flex. Instructions for use, composition, contraindications, price, analogues, reviewsDissatisfaction with taking the drug occurs only in those athletes who are aimed at achieving rapid positive dynamics from the intake of dietary supplements. The first results from taking are noticeable after 1.5 – 2 months of use, and to achieve the maximum effect you will need to take a course over 5 – 6 months.

Can I use Animal Flex with other types of sports nutrition

Chondroprotectors are combined with any kind of sports nutrition, provided they are used at the same time. Pills are washed down with a sufficient amount of water. On their basis, you can not make cocktails, combining with other types of additives.

The substantial benefits of this are dubious. Without harm to the health of the body, at the same time as Ultimate Flex, vitamins and minerals can be used without exceeding their daily dosage indicated in the instructions for use.

Animal Flex Sports Supplement Video

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