Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

The biceps exercises that will be described here are designed for the woman’s body, taking into account its structure and power reserve. In order for the training to benefit, it is necessary to correctly carry out the preparatory phase, strength training in the gym, trying to avoid mistakes in their execution.

She chooses biceps exercises in the gym, chosen by the girl who decided to pump the biceps, without first consulting the trainer. As a result, harmoniously forming the contour of the arm does not work, because only 1-2 muscle sections are stimulated, and not the full-fledged muscle work in different positions.

Biceps exercises only with the use of fixed block mechanisms standing in the gym is the second mistake of girls. It is the use of free weights when pumping biceps that causes a greater number of muscle fibers to participate in training. On the simulator, the muscle is isolated, work is being done in only one area.

Girls do not have much power in their hands when they just start working on them.

To complete the exercise, the girl uses body swaying or other muscles to ease the effort. This is the third mistake made by an inexperienced athlete. So the payload goes instead of the biceps on the back, and the hands do not pump because they did not work. Only following the exact instructions will lead to muscle development.

Girls make many climbs to improve the terrain. This approach is fundamentally wrong: first, muscle mass is accumulated, then drying takes place. The beginner still does not have something to dry.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

In order to harmoniously develop biceps in combination with other muscles of the body, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of influence on them when working with various simulators in the gym. It is best for a beginner to listen to the advice of a trainer, especially with regard to the technique of doing the exercises.

The difference between male and female training

The biceps exercises in the gym, designed for guys, are exactly the same as for girls, because the location of the muscles in the body of all people is the same. But with an equal load, a guy will develop muscle faster than a girl. This is due to the fact that the growth of muscles is controlled by the male hormone testosterone, which is less in girls than in the stronger sex.

Female skeletal muscles are designed for long-term load, male – more for short-term effort. Women recover faster after exercise. Physiologically, men are created to be stronger than the fairer sex, their muscles are more developed.

Muscle fibers are slow and fast. The latter are responsible for the volume of muscles, its power, and slow – for endurance, resistance to fatigue. In the gym, the guy lifts large weights with strong movements, while the girl does more repetitions with an average load.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

Exercises for biceps in the gym, performed by girls, will allow them to have tightened muscles without a visual increase in their volume. It is impossible for a woman to grow bulk muscles of her hands, unless she begins to purposefully take steroid-containing drugs.

The right workout

Before proceeding with power loads, it is necessary to prepare the body, warm up the muscles. In gyms there are not only exercise machines for pumping muscle groups, but also cardio machines that affect the whole body. They are set to warm up the muscles before the main workout.

The warm-up time can vary from 7 to 20 minutes, allowing the athlete to warm the muscles sufficiently to avoid rupture of cold muscle fibers.

Time for training in the gym, min.
Warm up 10-20
Power load 40-60
Stretching 10-15
Total time 60-95

When warming up, the joints warm up, including the joints, which very well affects their safety. If the joint is not warmed up, and there is a force load on it, this leads to the destruction of the cartilage tissue. It is important that the blood before the main workout circulates more actively throughout the body, delivering the oxygen necessary for high-quality muscle work.


Stretching must be involved in any workout: it is an essential element of training in the gym. Stretching the muscles increases the amplitude of the exercises performed, and also stimulates fiber growth. During stretching, the muscles relax, more blood flows to it, carrying nutrients and oxygen with it.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

It is thanks to enhanced nutrition that muscle development occurs. With the outflow of blood, lactic acid leaves, causing pain after training.

Stretching exercises should be leisurely, smooth. It is important to feel how this or that muscle relaxes. At maximum traction, you need to freeze for 10-15 seconds, inhale and smoothly go back. After stretching, they usually take a break for 1-2 minutes to allow the body to return to normal.

Best basic exercises

Below are the best exercises that have proven effective when working on the biceps muscle. They are popular due to their simplicity, as well as various shells, with which you can achieve the desired result.

Dumbbell lift

Working with dumbbells will allow you to give a load on the short head of the biceps. To maximize the effect, the weight must be large, but within reason. The trainer in the gym will give the necessary recommendations for the loads, taking into account the preparation of the athlete.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

  1. Legs should be spread across the width of the hips, relaxed arms with dumbbells on the sides of the torso. Capture the crossbars from below.
  2. Perform a lift to the shoulders while exhaling, bending the biceps. Elbows should be pressed to the body.
  3. With a breath, you need to return your hands to their original position, avoiding jerking.

Barbell lift

Any exercise with weight is carried out in a concentrated manner: jerking up, sharp relaxation when moving the load down are prohibited. Depending on the width of the grip, the load on the bicep sections is regulated. The universal rule: returning to the starting position should be slower than bending.

  1. Starting position: legs s
    houlder-width apart, medium grip (at the extreme points of the hips). Palms under the bar.
  2. On exhalation, the bar is steadily raised. Hands to the elbows firmly pressed to the body. In the upper position, make an effort to press the forearms to the shoulders.
  3. Slowly returning to their former position, feeling muscle resistance.
  4. If there is not enough strength to raise the barbell to the shoulders, it is allowed to slightly pull the body back: this will ease the load.

Grip “hammer”

Since the bar is not the only equipment necessary for training, working with dumbbells will work out those areas that she can not pump.

The load will maximize pumping:

  • short head of the biceps;
  • long head of the biceps;
  • forearms.
Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program
The photo shows how to do biceps exercises with dumbbells in the gym.

To complete the approach, you need to spread your legs to the width of the hips, arms extended on the sides along the body.

  1. Dumbbells are held with hands turned parallel to the body (pancakes on the dumbbells look back and forth).
  2. Breathing out, bend your arms to your shoulders. The brushes are held in parallel, in no case do they unfold.
  3. Breathe in, slowly lower their hands.

Pull-ups on the bar

For those who want to work out the biceps using pull-ups on the bar, you need to grab it with a narrow back grip. The blades do not need to be reduced to one another.

This exercise involves the muscles of the back:

  • the widest;
  • big round;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • the bottom is trapezoidal.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

The biceps, brachial and brachioradial are auxiliary.

  1. Starting position: hanging on the crossbar, narrow re-grip.
  2. Pull the body up while exhaling. It is necessary to strive precisely upward, and not with the chest to the crossbar.
  3. Slowly lower, not allowing the arms to straighten to the end.

If, while performing pull-ups, you allow your arms to fully extend in your elbows at the end of each pull-up, this will entail a joint injury, because the whole body mass is redistributed from the muscles to the ligaments.

The most effective biceps exercises in the gym for girls

The biceps exercises in the gym, listed here, have proven to be effective in creating a beautiful muscular relief for the shoulders and forearms. The listed tasks give a load to various sections of the biceps due to changes in grip, change of equipment.

Correctly performing the approaches, you can provide a relief shape of the muscle. Women should do several (two or 3) blocks of each exercise with short breaks. In one block, it is recommended to perform from 8 to 12 repetitions.

U-turn dumbbell lifting

Unlike the classical lifting of dumbbells, the addition of a turn of the hand stretches the muscle fibers, thereby increasing the training efficiency and range of motion.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

  1. The starting position is standard: the legs are spread across the width of the hips, arms are extended along the body, palms parallel to the body.
  2. Perform a dumbbell lift to the shoulders as you exhale. While moving, turn the brushes forward so that the dumbbell pancakes are deployed to the sides in the highest position of the hands.
  3. Slowly bring your hands back down, turning one another in parallel.
  4. Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Hammer exercise

Exercise “hammer” allows you to form a rounded contour of the biceps due to the fact that the shoulder muscles enter the workout. It is necessary to bend your arms from a standing position.

Bending sequence:

  1. Initial position: stand facing the projectile, legs are spread across the width of the hips, elbows are pressed to the body. Grab the rope handle with the “hammer” grip (turn the brushes in parallel with one another).
  2. Making sure that the elbows do not move relative to the body, bend your arms fully as you exhale, spreading your hands in the upper position a little to the side.
  3. Extend your arms in a slow motion almost to the end.
  4. Keep the body motionless, elbows tightly pressed. Rocking is not allowed. Each movement is performed only with the help of the biceps, without jerking.

Scott Bench Rises

Biceps gets maximum load. Starting position: sitting on a bench, pushing your hips back. Shoulder close to the trainer, armpits rest on its upper edge. You can take a straight neck (the inner part of the muscle will work) or curved (the load is redistributed to the outer part of the biceps and back).

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

  1. The barbell is grabbed from below using an average grip (palms pointing up).
  2. Exhaling, raise the forearm.
  3. With a breath, gently lower the bar down.

On Scott’s bench, barbell lifts can be replaced with dumbbells. To work on biceps, the girth of the bar of the dumbbell is produced from below; if you expand the brushes one to the other, the brachial muscle will work. It is important not to move your shoulders all the way: they should be completely motionless.

  1. While exhaling, you need to fully press your arms with dumbbells to your shoulders.
  2. Exhaling, dumbbells gently lower down.

Biceps Barbell Lifting

This lift is the most popular method for pumping the biceps in the gym. It allows you to work out the biceps and the inner surface of the forearms.

  1. Initial position: stand with legs spread across the width of the hips, straightened arms hold the bar with a grip from the bottom.
  2. With an exhalation, gradually raise the bar, trying to pull it to the shoulders.
  3. With an inhalation, the bar gradually lowers to its initial position.

If you change the capture of the crossbar, you can increase the load on the external or internal head of the muscle:

  • wide grip stimulates the inner head;
  • narrow grip – external.

Important: in the process of lifting the elbows must be pressed firmly to the body. The body should not sway to create a starting impulse. You can not throw the barbell on the sternum: at every moment you need to feel the tension of the muscles.

STEP Platform Deadlift

Using the deadlift, the lower back and auxiliary muscles are worked out:

  • hips;
  • buttocks;
  • forearms;
  • middle part of the back;
  • quadriceps;
  • trapezoidal.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

Need a stable platform with a height of 1’6 – 3’1 inch or discs from a bar of large diameter, laid one on top of the other.

  1. Spread the legs across the width of the hips, tilt the body down.
  2. Using a medium or mixed grab barbell gripper (one hand is turned toward you, the second from yourself), take the barbell. Flatten the shoulder blades.
  3. With a breath, begin to slowly lower the shell. The head must be kept raised, the back must be bent. You can’t hunch.
  4. When the shins touch the neck, they make a quick barbell lift, trying to reduce the shoulder blades as much as possible.

Perform 2-4 sets of 1-4 repetitions. Use 85-100% of your own weight.

Torsion bar rod

The brachial muscles are being worked out, the trapezius muscles are auxiliary. Large weights are not welcome, because the traction technique may be impaired.

  1. Put your legs to the width of the pelvis. You need to take the bar with an average grip on top.
  2. While exhaling, perform lifting the load to the chin, simultaneously spreading elbows to the sides.
  3. Having fixed the upper position, gradually inhale the bar downward while inhaling.

Important: the elbows should move strictly in the plane of the body, not moving forward or backward.

Bending the arms in the lower block

Running a long biceps.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

  1. Grab the bar with the palms below. Keep your elbows pressed to the body.
  2. Without allowing the arms to fully straighten, lower them to the hips.
  3. On exhalation, perform bending, making maximum effort in the upper position.
  4. With a breath, spread your arms smoothly.

Crossover Bends

The biceps, radial and brachioradial muscles are being developed.

  1. The legs are placed on the width of the pelvis, straighten the arms with the crossover arms to the sides.
  2. Standing parallel to the uprights, they inhale bend their elbows.
  3. Having fixed the moment of maximum voltage, with an exhalation return to the initial position. It is necessary to keep the body stationary. Only hands should work.

Bending on an incline bench

Biceps are being worked out. Additionally, the brachial muscles are involved. Exercise allows not only to develop biceps, but also to stretch it due to the angular support of the bench.

  1. Set the bench at an angle of about 70 0 . The dumbbell should be taken in one hand, stand behind the bench, pressing his shoulder tightly against it. The armpit should lie on the top edge of the bench.
  2. Breathing out, bend your arm. The shoulder should remain motionless.
  3. With an exhalation, return to the starting position.

Arm curls sitting on a bench

When performing this exercise, they train alternately between the right and the left arm. It is necessary to concentrate on the technique: in a bent state, the hand should be pressed to the shoulder as much as possible, and there should not be a dumbbell throw on the reverse movement. You can relax your arm only after completing the entire block so as not to injure the joints.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

  1. To part legs, to establish an elbow on an internal surface of a thigh.
  2. Exhaling, the arms are maximally bent at the elbow joint, leading it to the shoulder.
  3. Inhale: the arm slowly unbends.

Sample training program in the gym for a week

Either professional bodybuilders or people who are free from work can afford to train in the gym every day. To have a toned body, it is enough to exercise in the gym 3 times a week. If not enough, then 5 times. Rest should be given to muscles in the same way as a load: during this time, torn muscle fibers are healed, and lactic acid is removed.

For beginners, the first lessons may seem difficult, since the muscles are not yet accustomed to intensive work. In the initial period, you should engage in strength, devoting at least one day to working on the biceps of the shoulder. The intensity of the load must be increased gradually.

For newbies

To work on your hands, you can allocate 1 or 2 lessons per week. On other days, work on the back or chest. It is better to alternate days so that muscles can recover.

Number of repetitions: 2. In one repetition, from 8 to 12 muscle contractions are included. First, you can do the minimum number of push-ups, pull-ups or lifts in a single repeat; as the muscles develop, the load increases.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

1 Complex:

  1. Push up from the knees.
  2. Lifting dumbbells while standing.
  3. Leaning, spread straight arms with weighting to the sides.

2 Complex:

  1. Get in a stable position. U-turn dumbbells.
  2. Work on triceps. Extend your arms with the handle of the upper block over your head.
  3. Pullups in the gravitron (as much as possible, but not more than 5).

For advanced

The set of exercises is designed for a weekly training. It includes exercises on the biceps and triceps muscles of the shoulder. It is necessary to pump out the shoulder muscles twice or thrice a week purposefully, and on the rest of the days, dilute the exercises with a load on the back, chest.

The chest and shoulder muscles should not be loaded within one day: the work of synergistic muscles is necessary so that they interact with each other. The recommended number of approaches for each exercise is 3. Each time you need to do 10 to 15 repetitions. Weight does not need to be taken too much: it is important to work out muscle endurance.

Day one (training is aimed at working out biceps and triceps):

  • Sitting on a bench, bend your arms with dumbbells alternately.
  • To stand in a steady position, take a dumbbell in each hand. In turn, pull them to your shoulders, then lower them. Avoid rocking the case.
  • Get up near the block trainer, choose a suitable weight. Perform classic extension. It is necessary to ensure that the body does not help the hands.
  • Push ups from the bench with the elbows back. The back should be straight.
  • With your legs wide apart, take the barbell. Lift her to the shoulders, feeling the work of the biceps. Prevent muscle relaxation when the bar goes down.
  • Push back from the floor, keeping your back straight.

Day two – general training.

Day 3 (a set of exercises for biceps and back muscles is performed):

  • Perform pull-ups on the crossbar, capturing it with a wide grip.
  • Get up near the block simulator, connect the upper block. Grab the handle with a reverse grip, pull in front of you.
  • Take up dumbbe
    lls, stand in a stable position. Raise your hands, put them behind your head. Perform extension.
  • Sit on a bench with legs apart. In the arms extended downwards, take the bar with a narrow grip. Perform lifts to the shoulders.
  • Take a dumbbell in your hand, go to the bench. Leaning, rest against it with a knee and a hand; the shell is down. Pull hand with weight to chest.
  • Taking the barbell with a small weight, go to Scott’s bench and take a sitting position. Grab the neck with a narrow grip, perform lifts to the shoulders.

Day 4 – general training.

Basic exercises for biceps in the gym for girls. Weekly Workout Program

Day Five (a set of exercises is performed aimed at working out biceps and triceps):

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand, lie down on a bench with your arms raised above you. Bending the elbows 90 0 , lower the dumbbells to the head and lift back. The exercise is slow.
  • Go to the block simulator by selecting the lower block. Attach the rope handle and take it with outstretched hands. Perform flexion to the chest.
  • Take emphasis with your hand and foot on the bench. Take the dumbbell in the other outstretched arm. Bending the elbow, lift the weight to the shoulder. Repeat on the other side.
  • Take the bar with a reverse grip and stand in a stable stance. Raise the projectile to the chest.
  • To spread hands with weighting to the side from an inclined position.
  • Become by picking up a dumbbell. Lift the weight to the chest, keeping the hands extended forward.

The sixth and seventh day is a weekend.

The biceps exercises presented in the blocks are recommended to be changed in order to prevent the muscles from getting used to the same type of training in the gym. The development of technology is important. To carry out the tasks efficiently, you must clearly follow the instructions.

It is necessary to start with a small weight of the load, gradually increasing the burden. This will fix the correct execution technique. Classes should be regular in nature: beginners should come to the gym at least twice a week, every week.

Posted by: Olga Bondareva

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