Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

Plasma lifting for the face is a type of cosmetic effect on the skin during which the active substances are introduced into the subcutaneous layer in an invasive way. The specificity of this procedure is that the main active ingredient is the patient’s own autologous material – his blood plasma.

Photos before and after the manipulation confirm the effectiveness of the procedure. Its cost starts from $ 48. and depends on the additionally included substances, the range of related services, the clinic.

Advantages and disadvantages

The essence of plasmolifting is the introduction of human blood bodies under the skin. To carry out the procedure according to any of the existing methods, a small amount of venous blood is collected from a patient. As a result of the treatment using a centrifuge, platelets are separated from it, which are subsequently inserted under the skin by micro-punctures.

The following types of plasmolifting technologies are used in cosmetology:

  • regenlab – Swiss anti-age therapy. The cost of 1 ampoule is $ 190 .;
  • plasmolifting is a American scheme. The cost of 1 ampoule is $ 136 .;
  • endoret is a Spanish microinjection technique. The cost of the procedure is $ 218.

Regenlab and endoret prgf technologies are recognized as the most effective because they allow you to allocate a larger volume of platelets.

PRGF technology allows you to get the highest quality material. The allocated blood plasma is characterized by an enhanced growth factor, which sharply starts the process of skin rejuvenation.

Plasma lifting for the face, photos before and after prove the positive effect of the method on the skin, allows you to replace other procedures of aesthetic medicine aimed at obtaining a rejuvenating effect – contour plastic aquashine and therapy with hyaluronic acid.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

Some cosmetologists compare the results of plasmolifting and fraxel. Sure, the result is identical, but it is achieved in different ways.

The advantages of plasmolifting include:

  • safety. To obtain plasma-saturated material, up to 3,38 fluid ounce of blood is enough, which is completely safe for healthy people. The fence of this amount does not have negative consequences for the body;
  • naturalness. The technology of the procedure involves the use of only the patient’s own blood, which means the absence of any foreign substances in it. Moreover, there are no extraneous additives and chemicals in it;
  • very low likelihood of allergic manifestations, rejection and other negative reactions of the body. The procedure does not require temporary and material investments for the rehabilitation period;
  • lack of scars and scars after plasma therapy. In addition, guaranteed to remove nets from fine wrinkles;
  • smoothing and improving the skin of the face;
  • stem cell activation;
  • strengthening the immune and antioxidant systems;
  • visible result after 1 application;
  • saturation of cells with oxygen.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • high cost;
  • the risk of infection with serum infections, including hepatitis and autoinfection, that is, the awakening of viruses that were in the patient’s blood and activated due to a change in location. In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to contact certified medical institutions with a good reputation and a license for cosmetic procedures. It is also necessary to get acquainted with patient reviews about the clinic, to clarify how long it provides the necessary service, whether experienced specialists work there;
  • allergic reactions to anticoagulants and the materials from which syringes are made are possible. Before starting the procedure, the doctor must take a patient’s test for the presence of an allergen;
  • unpleasant or painful sensations from the introduction of the drug, bruising and swelling are possible.


Plasma lifting for the face, before and after photos make it possible to compare the appearance of the skin, significantly improves the tone of the face, hands, neck and decollete.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

Carrying out the considered cosmetological manipulation is shown in the following cases:

  • scars and scars, acne, slowly healing wounds;
  • copious pigmentation;
  • age-related skin transformations.

There are no strict age restrictions for this therapy. When it is better to turn to the methodology, a cosmetologist will recommend. Plasma lifting allows you to achieve the result in a natural way. The technique focuses on treatment, not masking the problem.

Nevertheless, the procedure should not be considered a panacea, it is not worth waiting for an instant and complete elimination of deficiencies. For patients older than 45 years, plasma lifting for the purpose of rejuvenation is considered ineffective.


Plasmolifting is one of the safest anti-aging procedures. Its holding is allowed even for allergy sufferers.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

However, the technique has a number of contraindications:

  • lactation and the period of gestation;
  • menstruation;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • taking anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs less than 2 days before the procedure;
  • hepatitis A, B, C;
  • malignant tumor;
  • reduced hemoglobin;
  • corticosteroid injections;
  • an allergic reaction to drugs that slow down blood coagulation;
  • decreased platelet count or dysfunction;
  • infectious diseases;
  • disturbed psyche;
  • fever;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • hypofibrionogenemia.

The procedure is not performed if one of the listed contraindications is detected, as well as while taking antibacterial drugs. The doctor separately clarifies the possibility of using anticoagulants. Plasma lifting is prohibited in the presence of colds.

Individual intolerance to the procedure is possible, but in extremely rare cases. During the manipulation, sterility is maintained, so infection is excluded. The occurrence of complications is possible only with unskilled plasmolifting.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

If it is carried out by a highly qualified specialist, then the negative effect on the skin is minimized. Sometimes patients report pain in the puncture sites, note an increase in pressure and activation of herpes.

What examinations you need to pass

According to the medical protocol, before the first plasma therapy session, the tests indicated in the table are mandatory:

Analysis Name general description Price manipulation
Blood chemistry This is a fairly informative analysis that allows you to find out if a person has pathologies in the work of internal organs, diseases of an infectious nature or life-threatening Typically, the cost of this procedure is up to $ 41.
HIV and syphilis tests These are tests that are used to assess whether a person has inherited diseases or pathologies of an infectious nature that are sexually transmitted The cost of the procedure is up to $ 41.
Coagulogram This is an analysis conducted to determine blood coagulation parameters. It is necessary so that the doctor can assess how quickly the patient stops bleeding Cost – up to $ 27.

These are basic tests for obtaining information on which a patient takes venous blood.

Such procedures are carried out without anesthesia. Unfortunately, often in cosmetology rooms the doctor ignores them and is limited to oral, unconfirmed information from the patient. In this case, you should think about the safety of your health and the competence of the staff.


Before plasmolifting, you must first consult with a cosmetologist. He will evaluate the general condition of the patient’s skin, listen to problems and wishes, confirm the possibility of the procedure, and give relevant recommendations.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

For a final decision, the doctor needs to get acquainted with the results of the tests. Especially important are the data on the level of glucose, ESR, platelets. If there are any deviations from normal values, the procedure should be canceled or rescheduled for the period of adjustment of indicators.

To achieve the best result from plasma therapy 2 days before it is recommended:

  • avoid taking any medications, anti- and procoagulants, do not drink alcohol-containing drinks even in small doses, exclude smoking;
  • drink at least 0,5 gallon of water daily;
  • exclude fatty, salty, spicy foods from the menu;
  • eat more fruit and vegetable dishes;
  • limit or stop physical activity.

In 3 hours before the appointed procedure, it is not recommended to eat, preferably only water to drink, you will have to refuse coffee and tea on this day.

Procedure step by step

Plasma lifting for the face is carried out for 40-60 minutes. In the photo before and after you can see changes in the structure of the skin after 1 session. How much venous blood is needed for the manipulation is determined by the doctor individually. On average, it is 0,7 – 2 fluid ounce.

The procedure for preparing biomaterial is carried out in this way:

  1. The medical worker takes blood into a test tube, supplements it with an anticoagulant and places it in the device. After processing in a centrifuge, the liquid is divided into components.
  2. After that, an injection is made in the presence of the client. Its development consists of the following steps:
  • 1-2 tubes filled with the patient’s blood are placed in a centrifuge.
  • As a result of the treatment, the blood is divided into fractions of different densities – low concentration plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells. For plasma therapy, only plasma with platelets is taken. Due to the special spraying inside the tubes, the blood in them does not clot. In 0,03 fluid ounce of plasma contains about 1 million platelets.

It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the injection composition. After this, the plasma is introduced into the skin with a thin needle similarly to mesotherapy.

In some cases, plasma lifting is carried out superficially, without introducing the drug into the deeper layers of the skin. This technique involves the distribution of the resulting composition to problem areas of the skin without injections.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews
The photo shows the stages of the plasma-lifting face procedure.

Plasma lifting for the face, photos before and after a professionally performed procedure prove the effectiveness of the method, it is performed only in a medical institution or beauty parlor, it is forbidden to carry it out in a domestic environment.

The technique of plasmolifting is divided into several successive stages:

  1. Preparation includes cleansing and treating the skin with antibacterial drugs. In the vast majority of cases, the use of anesthesia is not required, since the patient does not experience severe pain, it is more like insect bites. Depending on the total size of the problem areas, up to 3,38 fluid ounce of venous blood may be required.
  2. The material is placed in a sterilized tube and processed.
  3. The skin at the sites of the intended treatment is anesthetized with an external anesthetic. This is done in order to reduce the pain from injection.
  4. The cosmetologist collects the plasma into the syringe and injects a very thin needle under the skin to a depth of 4/32 inch.
  5. The composition is introduced into problem areas of the body. To get the effect of rejuvenation, not only the skin of the face, as well as the neck and decollete is processed, but the procedure can only be performed in a specific area. Most often, patients choose plasmolifting of the nasolabial triangle, neck and eye area.

The procedure performed on certain areas of the face requires less time, respectively, and the effect of it is narrowly targeted.

Plasmolifting is performed in the following ways:

  • in places with very delicate skin, a papule technique is prescribed, that is, the drug is administered superficially, filling the space between the cells, and then a papule is formed;
  • in areas with a thicker fat layer, the technique of deep subcutaneous administration of the substance is applicable. Manipulation makes it possible to make the second chin less pronounced. Since neither blood nor plasma comes into contact with the environment and humans, the risk of infection is minimized.

Recovery after

Plasma lifting for the face, photos before and after clearly demonstrate a positive effect, characterized by the absence of rehabilitation time. Given the invasive route of administration, small hematomas, slight redness, and smal
l swelling may form on the surface of the skin. Without any intervention, external manifestations disappear in the first few hours after the procedure.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

On the day and after plasma therapy, patients should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is forbidden to apply decorative cosmetics to the face, other cosmetic effects should be excluded;
  • on the day the session is scheduled, the skin should be allowed to relax – do not usd it, do not touch it with your hands;
  • Within 3-4 days after the manipulation, you need to refuse to visit the bath, steam room, pool, gym, solarium, massage room;
  • in the first 7 days it is forbidden to stay in the sun and sunbathe, it is necessary to exclude the ingress of UV rays on the skin;
  • for 3-4 days it is not advisable to play sports and it is worth limiting physical activity;
  • during the course of the course of therapy while going outside, it is important to apply sunscreen with SPF 30+.

Often after plasmolifting, bruises remain on the face. According to the cosmetologist, they indicate a high sensitivity of the skin and are its reaction to the performed manipulations. Sometimes hematomas appear as a result of the uneven distribution of the drug under the skin.

How long does the result last

To achieve a sustainable result, cosmetologists recommend a full course of plasmolifting. Usually, 2-9 procedures are enough to consolidate the resulting skin tightening effect.

Plasma lifting face. What is it, photo before and after injections, the cost of plasma lifting, reviews

The exact number of sessions and breaks between them are discussed individually with a specialist. On average, the time intervals between manipulations are from 10 to 14 days. In individual cases, the break can be extended up to 1 month.

The effect of a course of plasma lifting, carried out in compliance with the recommendations of a cosmetologist, lasts up to 2 years.

This procedure is indicated for women and men of any age who notice the first age-related changes on the face. Usually they appear at the age of 32-35 years. But cosmetologists note that after 45-50 years the number of platelets in the blood decreases. Because of this, the effectiveness of the procedure is reduced.

Possible complications

Side effects are most often observed in people prone to allergic reactions. Before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to pass all the tests to make sure that there are no infections and other pathological processes in the body.

If there is an allergy to anticoagulants, it is better to refuse plasma therapy, otherwise the following side effects may occur:

  • swelling at the injection site;
  • the appearance of bruises;
  • skin rashes.

In cases where plasmolifting is carried out in order to get rid of rashes of an infectious nature, an exacerbation of the problem may occur for several weeks, after which the skin is cleaned in a natural way.

Plasma lifting for the face returns the skin a beautiful and youthful look. Photos before and after clearly confirm the effectiveness of such a procedure. This is a unique, safe and effective method of anti-aging therapy, which has a pronounced effect of tightening and healing the skin. The patient is guaranteed safety during and after the procedure, as well as a quick and visible result.

Video about face plasmolifting

How is plasmolifting of the face done:

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