Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller

The back roller is gaining popularity. But this is absolutely not an innovation. It was used in ancient times, laying under the armpits, back, neck during periods of rest. You need to know how to lie on it in order to get the maximum benefit and pleasure.

Types of back rollers

  1. Orthopedic roller – the action is aimed at relieving tension of the muscles of the neck, joints in the shoulder area, as well as in the lumbar. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  2. Gymnastic roller for fitness (roll).
  3. A roller made of terry towels with a dense texture.


Fillers in the rollers are of great importance. Modern products are manufactured with fillers having hypoallergenic qualities. They are the most practical and have healing properties.

  1. Polyurethane foam filling. The main advantage is that dust does not accumulate in it, and ticks do not appear. He is able to take the necessary shape as much as possible and does not leave dents after application. It is sufficiently resistant to environmental influences, and is practical to use and clean. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  2. Polyester. Filling is relatively inexpensive, so the cost of the product with it is a budget option. But this is not his only advantage. Due to the fact that it is a lot of small balls, it makes it possible to form height and shape. The only inconvenience is the constant beating of the roller. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  3. Buckwheat husk . The main advantage is that the filler has a healing effect. Rollers with such filling are recommended for people suffering from bronchial asthma, because the husk is very hypoallergenic. The roller with this filler is stiff and has a “memory effect”.
    Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
    Buckets for the back of the buckwheat husk deteriorate over time
  4. Practice filling the roller with juniper (shavings). Oils (essential) eliminate germs, the smell aromatizes the air, disinfects it, cleanses it. Inhalation helps to increase immunity, calm the nervous system, helps with hypertension, headaches, stressful conditions. There is a normalization of the blood circulation process. All these factors provide a good rest.
  5. Manufacturers are trying to diversify the juniper filler with additional components: lavender, aspen shavings.

Based on practical application, the polyurethane foam roller is easy to clean. Husk and polyester do not tolerate moisture very well – such a roller needs additional pillowcases.

Regarding the shape – there are no differences, they have a standard shape and differ only in size: width and height.

What are the back rollers designed for

The back roller (as it will be said below) is considered a unique and universal pillow. Bad sleep, fatigue after sleep, pain in the spinal part of the back arise mainly due to uncomfortable (high) pillows.

They keep in tone the thoracic spine, and the chin is relaxed. It is this dream position that is considered incorrect. There are pains, migraines appear, osteochondrosis develops.

Advantages of using a roller:

  1. It is he who helps to take the necessary form.
  2. Helps to eliminate deflection in the chest area.
  3. Able to maintain the neck in a comfortable position relative to the body.
  4. When used in the lumbar, relaxes the back muscles.
  5. Effective with existing problems with the spine and for the prevention of back pain, osteochondrosis. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  6. Used not only during sleep. A certain set of therapeutic exercises for the back is performed with it.

How to lie on a roller for posture correction

The back roller is also used for posture correction. When a person does not slouch, he looks slimmer. You need to know how to lie on it in order to achieve maximum results.

To begin with, the roller is located in the lumbar. After performing the stretching exercise, it moves a few inch higher, is located in the area of the shoulder blades, which helps to raise the chest and correct posture.

Indications for exercise with a roller

The roller for the back, how to lie on it and do exercises, experts say. Specially designed gymnastics positively affects the condition of the spine and strengthens the muscles of the back. To perform a set of exercises you do not need any devices, and the effect is recognized as after applying physiotherapy or stretching the spine. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller

But it should be remembered that gymnastics is not aimed at curing serious problems of bones and discs, but at the functional normalization of the spine.

  1. Helps strengthen posture.
  2. Pain syndrome decreases, discomfort in the back disappears.
  3. Excess fat deposits from the lumbar go away.
  4. The elasticity of the muscles increases, their strengthening takes place.
  5. To strengthen the chest and straighten the posture (when moving the roller).
  6. Effective for violations of the natural position of the axis of the support.

Exercises are not absolutely harmless, therefore, strict compliance with the rules of execution is necessary. The technique is simple, but it affects the spine. Failure to follow recommendations or contraindications can aggravate the situation and lead to rather dangerous complications. It is not recommended to start gymnastics yourself, without examination by a specialist and its appointment.


As with other procedures and gymnastics, these classes have a number of contraindications.

These include:

  1. Acute back pain.
  2. The presence of a hernia of the intervertebral disc.
  3. Fragility of the vertebrae.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. The presence of colds, fever.
  6. Presence of compression fractures or fissures of the vertebrae.
  7. Osteoporosis. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  8. Any bleeding.
  9. Damage or sprain in the groin.
  10. The presence of pain in the spine with an unexplained cause.
  11. Pregnancy. Postpartum period (almost a year).
  12. Various tumor processes.

Roller for the back: how to lie on it and perform a set of exercises consult a specialist.

This is important because they can cause some negative reactions. Dizziness, headache, acute back pain, darkening in the eyes, nausea, fainting may appear.

They can arise as a result of several reasons:

  1. Violation of the rules for performing exercises.
  2. Individual characteristics of the body.
  3. Unaccounted contraindications.

When such syndromes appear, it is necessary to stop the exercise complex and rest for a few minutes. Then carefully stand up. If necessary, take an anesthetic. After the symptoms disappear, do not perform the exercises without specialized advice to identify the causes of discomfort and complications.

Japanese exercise for weight loss

The method was developed by the Japanese doctor Fukutsuji. After many years of research, he came to the conclusion that the violation of natural processes and balance in the body causes an incorrect location of the pelvic bones and ribs. All this leads to a distortion of posture, bulging stomach, back pain, etc.

The doctor has developed a method of static stretching, which is mainly aimed at restoring the full functioning of the spine, shoulders are aligned, posture is straightened. Due to the fact that gymnastics is aimed at restoring normal blood circulation processes, it has another positive effect – it contributes to weight loss, especially in the lumbar.

Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller

With regular use, the correct position of the internal organs is also restored, the skin is tightened, the waist becomes slimmer, the body lines are correct. Perform exercises better in the evening, ideally before bedtime. The body recovers well during the night, the muscles cease to hurt.

With constant implementation, the following results are achieved:

  • volume decreases in the waist;
  • shoulders are straightened;
  • the pelvic bones are in the correct position;
  • chest is tightened;
  • the spine is stretched.

The correct technique for doing the exercise:

  1. Engage on hard surfaces.
  2. Prepare the roller.
  3. Follow the sequence of actions: take a sitting position, lower limbs should be straight, put a roller under the back in the navel (this is important). Lie smoothly on the roller, check the correct location under the lower back (draw a conditional line down from the navel, if the finger touched the middle of the roller – it is located correctly).
  4. The lower limbs are located on the line of the shoulders, the thumbs are brought together. They must be in contact with each other. The effect of the “clubfoot bear.” This is actually not easy. If it doesn’t work, fasten the thumbs with some device, for example, an elastic band.
  5. Place your hands with your palms to your face, connect your little fingers and smoothly put your hands behind your head.
  6. The position is not very comfortable, but in this way the spine is extended, and the pelvic bones, ribs become in the correct physiological position.
  7. Initial execution lasts about 3 minutes. Then the duration increases to 7 minutes.

Examples of a set of exercises for stretching

Classes aimed at stretching the muscles of the back:

  1. Sitting on the floor, place the roller in the center of the back and lie down. The legs are shoulder width apart. The chest is straightened, hands are located on the hips. Roll the roller from the middle of the back to the shoulder blades. If possible, it is recommended to roll to the neck, if this does not cause difficulties. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  2. Place the roller under the lower back near the navel. Legs stretch out smoothly. Pinch your thumbs and spread the heel of the foot. Place your hands with your palms to your face, connect your extreme fingers and in this position, put your hands behind your head. It is recommended to be in a stretched position for about 5 minutes.

A set of exercises: toning

To improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area, eliminate pain, to increase the tone of internal organs, it is recommended to perform the following exercise:

  1. Lie on a hard surface. Place a blanket under your head and place a roller in the lumbar. To connect feet and to press to a basin. Try to fix it. Hands spread apart. Exercise is performed with relaxed buttocks. Breathing deeply for about 5 minutes. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  2. Take the position of “lying on your back”, position the roller under the shoulder blades. Moving legs, roll on the roller. The cushion should roll into the lumbar. Repeat the movement in the opposite direction (towards the shoulder blades). Perform 6 (7) times.
  3. Rolling along the side of the back. From the axillary roll to the waist.
  4. Exercise for the lower back. Sitting on the floor, lean your hands on the floor behind. The legs are shoulder width apart. The roller is located under the sacrum. Roll it from the sacrum and above.

It must be remembered that the roller should be rolled very slowly. With rapid rotational movements, it will not only not be beneficial, but may also harm.

A set of exercises: relaxing and improving posture

A set of exercises has been developed for general relaxation and relaxation of the shoulders, relieving leg fatigue, normalizing blood flow and lymph movement :

  1. Take a position: lying on your back. The roller is located in the lumbar so that the sacrum, ribs and the lower back itself relax. Extend your legs gently. Arms apart, bending them at a right angle. After relaxing, be in this position for 3 minutes. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller
  2. Lie on a hard surface, place the roller under the neck. The head should hang a little. Make smooth rotational movements in different directions. Duration is about 2-3 minutes. The blood circulation in the brain is restored.

How to use a roller for osteochondrosis

Roller for the back, its thickness for osteochondrosis of the neck and lower back is selected based on the distance from the body to the mattress. By measuring the distance, a suitable size is selected.

If the roller is made of a towel, it is twisted to the required thickness and looks like orthopedic.
For pain in the lumbar, lie on it, placing it under the lower back and under the knees. To keep your lower back relaxed, keep your legs above your torso.

Cushion under the neck contributes to:

  • cessation of headaches;
  • provides a good rest and good sleep;
  • prevents neck curvature;
  • stimulates the normalization of blood circulation in the head.

When the roller is located in the lumbar:

  • muscles relax, fatigue is relieved;
  • discomfort disappears;
  • spinal tension is relieved;
  • blood circulation processes are normalized.

The use of the roller should not be accompanied by any discomfort, it should not cause pain. Otherwise, it is necessary to abandon this type of roller and choose a different size and the required height.

A set of exercises for the back and spine require compliance with all the equipment. Before starting the use of gymnastics, it is necessary to consult a specialist to find out if there are any contraindications. Neglecting the technique of gymnastics can lead to the development of processes that adversely affect the condition of the spine.

  1. Classes include daily exercise, with a gradual increase in stress and the duration of the workout.
  2. After strengthening the spinal muscles, the press is recommended to form a larger roller.
  3. During the execution of the complex of exercises, monitor the correct breathing: without over-exertion, smoothly inhale and exhale, they should be deep.
  4. After gymnastics, it is strictly forbidden to sit abruptly, not to get up, to carry out other exercises.
  5. It is necessary to relax, relax the muscles, smoothly roll on its side. Lie down for a while. Perform a smooth bending, extension of the arms and legs.
  6. It is allowed to get up only after a 10-minute rest, while observing a certain sequence of actions: first kneel down, linger for a few minutes. Then reach out to full height.

The exercise roller can be made independently. Take a towel, mainly of a stiff texture, since it is necessary that the roller turns out to be stiff. Roller for the back: juniper, massage, sports, orthopedic, Japanese, cylindrical fitness roller

Tightly, roll the towel in rotational movements, bandage it with a rope or secure with an elastic band. In order for the roller to bring maximum benefits, it is necessary to observe the optimal dimensions. The width of the product should be the width of the back. The ideal height is from 3’9 – 5’9 inch.

With osteochondrosis, a set of exercises is selected to eliminate pain symptoms, dizziness, numbness of the limbs, and improvement of blood supply. Depending on the location of the problem, the doctor selects a special gymnastics complex using a roller.

Standard exercises for the back include the following:

  1. Take a sitting position on a hard surface. Ideally on the floor using a rug.
  2. Position the roller behind and slowly lower it. The roller should be in the navel area. It is easy to check by drawing a conditional line from the navel down.
  3. The legs are shoulder width apart, bring the thumbs together and part the heels.
  4. Raise your hands, place your palms to your face, connect the extreme fingers and put on the head.
  5. Be in this position for 3 to 7 minutes. Duration is gradually increasing.

Whatever position of the roller is chosen for the back or for the neck, how to lie on it and do the exercise, you need to consult with specialists to get the most pleasure and effect.

Back Roller Video

Japanese technique of correction of the spine using a roller for the back:

Miracle roller for posture and back health:

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