Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

Anastasia Reshetova is known as the American model and girlfriend of rapper Timati. Having received the title of “Vice Miss USA” in 2014, she does not stop at her successes. She achieved fame thanks to her strong character and external changes (photos before and after plasticity do not cease to amaze many fans).

Biography of Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia was born on January 23, 1996 in a military family. Growing in severity, Nastya and her sister did not know the maternal affection, because the parents divorced in their early childhood and the father raised his daughters on his own.

At school, the girl was not popular among peers and once was even beaten after school. This became a powerful impetus to the desire to develop and not complain about their problems. The girl began to study acting at school. After graduating from it, she took part in the contest “Miss USA 2014”.

Not expecting to receive a prize, Anastasia was very happy when her appearance was evaluated and awarded her the title of “Vice Miss USA”. Since then, she began to build a serious modeling career.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

The model began to attend classes at the school of radio and television at the stage of training at the New York Institute of Economics. The profession of a journalist attracts her with its diversity and in the future the girl wants to connect her life with this.

Beauty contest, career before plastics

Anastasia Reshetova, whose photo before plastics is full on the Internet, has very attractive natural data. The modeling business did not cause much enthusiasm for the girl and she did not seek to connect her life with this profession, but her participation in the main beauty contest changed her attitude in this matter.

Having appeared as a spectator at the Miss University contest, the organizers noticed the expressive features of the girl’s face and her sophisticated figure, after which they offered to take part in the all-American beauty contest.

After going through all stages of the castings, the girl did not at all believe in the possibility of her victory and considered herself absolutely not ready to participate in such a large-scale project.

The jury appreciated its natural external data, as evidenced by the receipt of the title of Vice Miss. Only some time after receiving one of the prizes, the girl decided to resort to changes in her appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

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Personal life

Having an outstanding appearance made Anastasia very popular among males. Having met with rapper Timati, they declared themselves as a couple in 2021. He drew attention to the girl immediately after the break with Alena Shishkova.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

A public couple does not hide their relationship, regularly appears in public together. The career of many famous people requires shocking and reasons to surprise their fans. This couple is no exception, therefore, rumors periodically circulate about their separation.

Anastasia Reshetova – Timati girl

Anastasia is 12 years younger than Timati, but this did not stop them from entering into a relationship. The musician is very generous to his lover.

For her birthday, the girl received from Timati a ring with precious stones worth several thousand dollars, and in 2021 Anastasia was presented with a gift from a Mercedes brand car. Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

The relationship between the model and the musician can not be called ideal. The couple has been on the verge of parting several times. The main reason is called the exaggerated jealousy of the rapper to his chosen one. However, numerous joint pictures and appearances in public places indicate that now the couple is doing well.

What operations did the model do

After participating in the All-American beauty contest, the girl was swept by a wave of popularity, and life gained publicity. The close attention of fans to her appearance was not disregarded by her dramatic changes with the help of professional plastic surgeons.

The operations that Anastasia Reshetova resorted to:

  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Changing the shape of the cheekbones.
  3. Change in lip volume.
  4. Change in breast size.
  5. Gluteoplasty. Anastasia’s tightened buttocks have become a subject of controversy for many fans, some of whom are inclined to consider surgical intervention.

Anastasia Reshetova, whose photos before plastics cannot be made to doubt her beautiful natural data, became a star of social networks and a subject of admiration for fans precisely after changing her appearance.

The girl devotes a lot of time to working on herself: proper nutrition, a visit to the gym and a cosmetologist.

Lip contouring

Anastasia does not hide the repeated use of the services of professionals in the beauty industry. Changes in the volume of her lips are visible to the naked eye. Their contour changed due to the use of special fillers with hyaluronic acid.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters
Anastasia Reshetova: the photo before the plastic shows how the lips have changed.

The unnaturalness of the outlines did not suit the girl to her taste, although she tried to maintain balance. At the moment, the model claims that she got rid of fillers and her lips now have a completely natural shape. She shared information with her subscribers that her lips now have a natural volume.


By nature, the nose of the known model is imperfect. That is why the girl wanted to give him more subtle and even outlines. According to most experts, rhinoplasty did not prevent the preservation of the natural proportions of the face, the changed shape of the nose successfully combines with cheekbones and puffy lips.

Removing lumps of Bisha

From the photos of the 2014 model duri
ng her participation in the All-American beauty contest and obtaining the title of “Miss Miss”, you can see that her face is quite round and her cheeks are more plump. In pursuit of her ideals of concepts of beauty, Anastasia resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

For this, the girl decided to remove small areas of fat on her cheeks – Bisha lumps. This allowed to give the face an aristocratic look: it has become more angular and strict. This procedure allows you to create the effect of losing weight on the face, outlining sharp cheekbones and hollow cheeks.

Anastasia received a clear outline thanks to hyaluronic fillers.

Cheek Plastic

Face contour correction is also a noticeable change with the naked eye in the appearance of Timati’s girl Anastasia Reshetova. Such outstanding cheekbones did not come to her from nature, in order to acquire a new form, she resorted to the help of specialists from the plastic surgery clinic. Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

The girl was able to visually narrow her facial contours thanks to the removal of Bisha’s lumps, as mentioned earlier. In addition, there are suspicions of a change in the shape of the cheekbones themselves with the help of hyaluronic fillers, which added volume and highlighted them.

Mesotherapy injections

Beauty injections in the world of fashion and glossy magazine covers are not shameful. Apparently, this is why Anastasia does not hide the regular visits to the cosmetologist for injections, moreover, she covers these trips on social networks.

In addition to the usual skin care procedures, the model supports youthful skin with the help of mesotherapy , which consists in subcutaneous administration of biologically active substances.

The lack of facial wrinkles of many makes you think about Botox injections. However, the girl can have smooth skin due to her young age, so this is most often said by envious of a successful model.


Previously, Anastasia was very thin, on the verge of dystrophy. As she believed, such a career requires a model. However, the girl revised her tastes about the ideal female figure and decided to get the hourglass shape of the female body. Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

For this, the model decided to increase the shape of the breast, give it elasticity and fit. The performed mammoplasty allowed Anastasia to become the personification of the ideal proportions of the female figure. The size of the bust in size has increased significantly compared to the photo at an early age.

In the photos published on social networks, the famous model shows amazing forms in swimsuits and underwear.

Anastasia Reshetova, photos before the plastic of which show her natural external data, does not much spread about this operation to her fans. However, her candid photos with a deep neckline are direct confirmation that the plastic breast augmentation surgery allowed her to gain confidence.


Frank photos of Anastasia, which emphasize her curvaceous form, provide an occasion for discussion of her changes in the figure. In earlier photographs, the girl looked more refined and thin , but she wanted to match the modern concept of the ideal of external beauty. To do this, she began to eat right, gain weight and exercise in the gym.

The model explains the increase in the volume of the buttocks with heavy physical activities, which she spends a lot of time on. However, such quick results make one doubt their natural origin.

The model itself denies the passage of the gluteoplasty procedure to increase the volume of the buttocks.

The buttock lipofilling procedure allows you to get the desired effect much faster than simple fitness exercises.

How the life of the model has changed after plastic surgery

Anastasia Reshetova is called “American Kim Kardashian” due to her uniforms and clothing style. Photos before and after plastic make it clear what striking changes in her appearance she achieved. She gained popularity not only thanks to her participation in the All-American beauty contest. Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

It was the changes in her appearance that allowed her to achieve success in her career:

  • the girl took part in the filming of music videos for her boyfriend – the famous musician Timati;
  • became a co-founder of the Anatomy Beauty Clinic;
  • has a huge number of subscribers in the social. networks and does not hide that this is part of her earnings. From advertising, she receives large revenues;
  • released a book in which she shares her secrets of beauty and success;
  • began to produce branded personalized clothing.

Anastasia differs from many colleagues in the field of modeling: passion for plastic surgery did not spoil the girl’s natural data. Appearance is a business card of any model, which is why, to achieve the peak of popularity, the girl resorted to cardinal transformations of her appearance.

She managed to maintain a balance of naturalness, emphasizing natural data.

What does the model say about her changes in appearance

After all the transformations in appearance, many started talking about the fact that Anastasia became very similar to Timati’s ex-wife Alena Shishkova. Fans of rumors at one time quite strongly picked up this topic for discussion and agreed that the reason for the change in appearance was the desire to imitate her. Anastasia Reshetova. Photos before and after plastics, height, weight, girl, body parameters

However, the girl denies this and claims that she is trying to be like no one else. She is sure that external beauty does not matter without the internal beauty of the soul. That is why the girl is constantly improving herself, reading books and developing . The beauty industry, to which Anastasia is directly related, requires constant self-care.

The girl admits that in the pursuit of ideals she almost lost her balance. She is very glad that she did not lose herself and in time was able to stop with the transformations. However, the model does not go out without makeup. She claims that it is not a matter of uncertainty or any complexes – she likes the feeling of being with at least minimal makeup.

Opinions of stellar experts

The popularity of Anastasia gives an occasion to discuss her appearance among stellar experts. According to their calculations, a well-known model spent about $ 13600 on plastic surgery. This includes the costs of changing the lips, nose, cheekbones, chest and buttocks.

Of course, the modeling business assumes compliance with certain standards of universally recognized beauty. The opinions of experts and fans of Anastasia were divided: some of them believe that the girl was transformed without losing herself and her natural data, the other part is inclined to believe that the girl turned into a “doll”, no different from most American models.

To judge whether Anastasia Reshetova did the right thing, that she resorted to the services of plastic surgery, it remains only for her. Photos before and after plastic surgery allow us to evaluate its cardinal decisions on changing appearance. She was able to overcome excessive thinness and achieve perfect facial features, which many world models envy.

Video about Anastasia Reshetova

Short biography and personal life:

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