Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

Today in the market of cosmetic services a wide range of various hair care products is presented. The most popular and sought after hair care method is nanoplastics. Such a recent discovery has received many positive ratings in a short period of time.

What is hair nanoplasty

The latest keratin repair technology that heals hair from the inside out at the cell level is nanoplastics. The procedure is carried out by a special composition, the safety of which is guaranteed by the absence of harmful formaldehydes and chemicals.

Under the influence of hot air, the substances that make up cosmetic preparations penetrate the cortical layers and begin to act on the coloring matter, brightening the shade to 3 tones.

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

The procedure for hair nanoplastics is more correct to go to a hairdresser who has specialization in working with hair.

He will be able to assess the condition of the hair, choose the correct composition of the drug, the time and temperature of exposure. During the manipulation, the client does not experience unpleasant sensations and smells.

At the end of the procedure, the hair has a healthy shine, straightens, the structure resembles silk. After washing and drying the hair, this result persists for a period of 3 months to 6 months.

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Indications for nanoplastics

The straightening technique is universal, it is used for different types of hair:

  • exhausted after staining;
  • sluggish, with split ends;
  • curly and confused;
  • curled and naughty.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

Nanoplasty for healing lifeless strands is an ecological and safe procedure, therefore it is recommended by professional stylists and hairdressers.


Hair nanoplasty is a restoration that does not negatively affect allergy-sensitive people, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is not recommended to conduct it to clients suffering from skin diseases or the presence of open wounds on the head.

If in doubt before the procedure, you must consult a dermatologist and undergo a course of treatment.

The maximum effect of the procedure will be given to those women whose hair is not damaged and not bleached.

The advantages of nanoplastics

Modern hair care in order to give it beauty and health has positive features:

  • The presence of a harmless composition with natural ingredients.
  • The possibility of using hair treatment for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • The drug is not allergenic.
  • Uniqueness – suitable for all types.
  • Easy to comb and style.
  • Healthy and shiny hair.
  • The strands are not tangled, not injured, restored.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  • Curls are protected from thermal effects throughout the course.
  • When moistened, the strands do not curl.

The drug has a safety certificate if the procedure is performed by a specialist. The feature of the strands strongly affects the result of nanoplastics and the duration of the effect.

Cons of nanoplastics

Women who underwent nanoplasty noted the shortcomings of the procedure:

  • High price.
  • The duration of the procedure is an average of 3-4 hours.
  • The need for frequent hair washing.
  • Use exclusively sulfate-free detergent.
  • Volume loss due to smooth hair.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  • A ban on emaciated and brittle strands.
  • After the procedure, there are problems with staining.

When deciding on treatment using the nanoplasty method, all the advantages and disadvantages are weighed.

The composition of drugs for nanoplastics

Hair nanoplasty is such a harmless recovery, confirmed by the natural composition of the drug:

  • collagen;
  • keratin;
  • amino acids.

In addition to standard components, the composition contains a complex of various vegetable oils, protein molecules of wheat and silk, as well as vitamins that strengthen and improve the structure and properties of hair. In various types of the drug, the basic set of its constituent elements is similar, but each remedy has various additional herbal ingredients.

How and what is nanoplastics done

The standard procedure, carried out in a beauty salon or at home, is not complete without the following tools:

  • iron with temperature control;
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
    Hair nanoplasty helps restore hair structure.
  • hairbrush;
  • brush for applying the product;
  • a hair dryer having the function of cold and warm air.

The recovery process in this way is long. Its duration is from 3 to 5 hours, it depends on the length and density of the hair.

The process consists of the following actions:

  • Washing and drying.
  • Application of prepared emulsion.
  • Distribution by locks of a hairbrush.
  • Exposure for one hour.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Drying with a hairdryer using hands without a brush.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  • Warming with an iron: for damaged or dyed hair – a temperature of 180 degrees, for hard – 220 degrees. This process takes up to 90 minutes.
  • Final washing of the head with detergents without sulfate additives.

The indicated technology of hair nanoplastics is taken as a basis. Its points can be changed and supplemented, which depends on the means used. After the end of the process, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 24 hours.

Sulfate-free detergent helps maintain beneficial trace elements that are absorbed into th
e strands during processing.

It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the hair near the roots, gently rinse the rest of the strands, do not usd with your hands. You can use a balm or mask, following the instructions.

Stages of the procedure at home

It is better to entrust your hairstyle to an experienced hairdresser, but some women carry out the treatment at home. The main thing is to wash off the composition in time and choose the necessary exposure temperature. Nanoplasty of hair at home has an advantage – this is a significant reduction in costs, such procedures are convenient because you do not have to go anywhere.

Having prepared a set of tools, you can proceed to step-by-step recommendations:

  1. Wash and dry your hair. It is not necessary to use shampoo, as the amino acids that make up the structure penetrate the hair structure and clean them. You can simply moisten the strands profusely.
  2. Separate the strands, apply a special emulsion to them with a brush. In this case, do not affect the roots, leave a distance of at least 0’8 inch.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  3. Comb with frequent teeth to comb hair for even distribution over the entire surface.
  4. Leave the composition for 1 hour, depending on the drug (for each there is an individual instruction).
  5. Rinse hair with water no more than 30%, without using detergent.
  6. Blot your head with a towel, blow dry with a hairdryer, alternating warm and cold air.
  7. Gently straighten strand after strand with an iron. For effectiveness, the exact effect on each hair is important. When processing, it is necessary to adhere to the temperature regime. So that the tips after straightening were not dry, apply a little Moroccan argan oil to them, and again work with an iron.
  8. Wash your hair with a product that does not include a sulfate ingredient, rinse with air conditioning and dry.

Nanoplasty can be performed independently, but consult a master in advance and choose the appropriate drug.

Hair nanoplasty is such a cosmetic event, in which the fluffy strands are aligned. For this, it is recommended to purchase professional cosmetics designed for the treatment and revitalization of hair. You can’t save on quality products, since you can damage the strands.

Cheap cosmetic products often consist of harmful chemical additives that cause skin diseases.

It is most advantageous to buy it in the salon from a professional master, from whom you can simultaneously get advice. Before purchasing the drug, you must carefully study the composition. Today, there are 4 popular nanoplastics products that have been tested by leading dermatologists in Germany and Spain.

The result was a confirmation of their safety and effectiveness:

  • Floractive Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  • Honma Tokyo.
  • W one.
  • BB one.

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The Brazilian drug, which is based on the technology of intracellular nutrition.

The drug has positive properties:

  • the duration of the procedure is reduced by 1.5 hours;
  • no smell;
  • no burning;
  • harmless;
  • not dangerous for the respiratory tract;
  • hair is moisturized.

The drug contains only natural ingredients, vitamin C, shea butter. With its help, hair straightens for a long time, restores its structure and acquire a natural shine.

“Honma tokyo”

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

Japanese technology product made in Brazil. Throughout the lineup, this is the most powerful drug, perfectly straightening curls, restoring and revitalizing them.

The principle of operation consists of 3 stages:

  • Shampoo.
  • Keratin.
  • The final mask.

In a wide assortment of species there are soft-acting products for blondes and gray hairs.

The drug has the properties of effective restoration at the cellular level, fills the voids of hair strands and restores their firmness and elasticity.

The composition of the product includes phenoxyethanol – a derivative of formaldehyde, less aggressive in work, and easily excreted from the body.

As an additional ingredient, it contains:

  • extracts of coffee beans, passion fruit, cherry stone;
  • tea tree essential oils;
  • blackcurrant, banana and pear in extracts;
  • aloe vera.

The cosmetic product retains its effect from 4 months to 6 months and reduces the time of each stage of nanoplastics. Its advantages are that it can even straighten African pigtails. After using the drug, you can wash your hair immediately using any shampoo.

“W one”

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

The latest Brazilian development, which contains 8 amino acids, a special hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, which gives more benefit to the hair.

Advantages of the product:

  • Straightening complex strands.
  • Suitable for coarse, porous hair.
  • Apply to dyed hair.
  • Lightens up to 3 tones after application.
  • Straightening takes place in one step, this reduces the process time.

This formaldehyde-free preparation makes straightening unique.

In addition to the main components, there are proteins of wheat and silk, lactic acid, vitamin C and vegetable oils. This tool also works on ethnic and African hairstyles.

“BB one”

The cosmetic brand of the Swiss manufacturer, which is based on high-quality cosmetics for hair care. This 3-step hair treatment method protects, fixes the effect and takes care of their condition. Provides 100 percent hair straightening.

The tool has positive qualities:

  • hydration;
  • recovery;
  • holding time is reduced by 90 minutes;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Statics and fluffiness are eliminated.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

Products for all types of hair, containing 11 amino acids that protect hair after dyeing. Products from this cosmetic line contain natural proteins of soy and wheat, collagen. In this preparation, formaldehyde and formalin are absent.

With such an assistant, ow
ners of bleached hair will forget about unpleasant yellowness, a special pigment neutralizes an unpleasant shade.

Any product from a series of cosmetic products for nanoplastics must be certified. You can buy it in a specialized salon, at the same time and consult with professionals. Pay attention to the description of the drug, expiration date, so as not to fall for a fake.

How to achieve a straightening effect

When purchasing any of the tools for nanoplastics, you must follow the advice of experienced hairdressers:

  • Perform skin tests to detect allergies.
  • Iron the hair roots more, the ends less.
  • With dyed hair do a preliminary test on one curl.
  • After staining, the procedure should be performed no earlier than two weeks later.
  • Apply sulfate-free care to maintain the effect.

If nanoplasty is done in the salon, then the master selects professional products with a natural composition that are suitable for the type of skin and hair. This procedure has a cumulative property. After her first holding, the perfect result of straightened hair can be achieved with the owner of fluffy and healthy strands.

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

If the hair is curled and has a rigid structure, then after the first procedure they are straightened by 80%. The straightening effect is influenced by the individual characteristics of the hair. The strands injured by chemical discoloration, illiterate staining during one alignment procedure will not be restored.

This process is lengthy, the first procedure will treat the hair, and the subsequent ones will restore them completely.

Nanoplasty will not provide the desired effect if the client has thin and dissected hair. The split ends of the hair are cut before treatment. With increased dryness, the formation of dandruff or hair loss, complex treatment should be performed before straightening.

Prices of hair nanoplastics in the salons of New York, Los Angeles,

Hair nanoplasty is such an expensive pleasure today, since the composition of the drug is much more expensive than other similar procedures.

Price of nanoplastics in salons (price in usd)

Hair length        New York SPb regions
medium 6000 5500 2000
long 8000 7500 4000
very long 10000 9500 6000

In prestigious salons in New York, the cost of the procedure can increase to $ 204 – $ 340. The cost of services includes all materials. With very thick hair, the price can increase by $ 7 – $ 14.

The price is affected by a number of factors:

  • length and density of hair;
  • master’s experience;
  • cost of labor;
  • hair damage;
  • laying price;
  • prestige of a service salon.

The procedure at home will be cheaper, but without the skill and experience you will not get the desired effect.

Durability after nanoplastics

This hair straightening process is a lengthy recovery method. The effect obtained lasts up to 6 months. The result is influenced by the composition of the product, the professionalism of the hairdresser and the necessary care after the procedure. Using any detergent for hair is not recommended, the presence of sulfates in it helps wash out keratin.

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
After nanoplastics, it is better to use without sulfate shampoo.

To save the result, sulfate-free shampoo is used. Mandatory conditions for saving the durability of the result. After washing, the hair must be dried with a hairdryer: warm air activates keratin. For combing use the usual comb with thick teeth.

Cases of individual keratin intolerance are rare, the master is not to blame here. For each client, the features of the structure and condition of the hairline are individual.

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Hair Care After Recovery

Hair nanoplasty is such an event, after which it is necessary to take care of them. Violation of technology will lead to a deterioration in the appearance of hair.

The main principles of care are the following activities:

  • Use detergents without sulfates.
  • Daily shampooing.
  • The hair roots are washed, the remaining length is rinsed.
  • Use water at room temperature.
  • Use masks at will.
    Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make
  • When blow drying, do not allow hot air.
  • Do not wet hair in water with bleach.
  • Applying balms and creams to protect hair from sunlight.

How to wash off nanoplastics

Nanoplasty is washed off after 3 months, and up to this point, proper care is necessary. During this procedure, beneficial components get into the hair very deeply, the action takes place at the intercellular level.

Hair coloring and nanoplastics

The restorative agent penetrates the depth of the hairline, so the pigment of the coloring matter “comes out” outward, brightening by 1-3 tones. Before the procedure, it is n
ot recommended to dye your hair, this will affect the initial shade. Staining can be done 14 days after nanoplasty.

Nanoplastics or Botox. What’s better

The most significant difference between nanoplastics and Botox is the harmlessness of the composition and the absence of contraindications. The Botox recovery procedure is cheaper and simpler, and the effect lasts up to 6 months, the same after nanoplastics.

But Botox does not contain vitamins, essential oils and a number of amino acids that are so necessary for hair.

Nanoplasty of hair. What is it, the pros and cons, the consequences. Which composition to buy, how to make

With botox straightening, the hair roots are nourished and their growth is accelerated. The skin of the head under the influence of Botox on it begins to itch, itch. In some cases, allergies and dandruff appear.

The properties of nanoplastics are completely opposite, it is hypoallergenic, and the hair roots are protected. Botox does not work with colored strands, and nanoplastics are compatible with painting and other procedures.

Nanoplasty and keratin straightening: differences

The difference between nanoplastics and keratin straightening is the natural components of the composition, the complete absence of chemical elements and formaldehyde. The use of environmental components has a joint effect on the hair restoration process, while the keratin procedure smoothes them unsafe.

The presence of formaldehyde in the composition of masks can harm the health of the scalp. For pregnant and lactating women, keratin straightening is not recommended.

While nanoplastics is safe for such categories. Keratin straightening is possible for any type and condition of hair, and nanoplastics are not desirable for excessively damaged strands.

Hair nanoplasty is such a modified keratin straightening, which has a natural composition and has a double effect: treatment and giving the hairstyle a chic look. Nanoplasty of hair enables a woman to become even more attractive without harming her body . This procedure will make your hair healthy and alive.

Video about hair nanoplastics

Nanoplastics at home:

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