Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

The model, the face of world brands, a novice actress with the most famous eyebrows of show business, is Cara Delevingne. Being at the peak of popularity, the adorable girl of Karl Lagerfeld does not cease to replenish Instagram with photographs demonstrating the angelic appearance of the only “imp” from Victoria Secret’s.

short biography

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born in London on 08/12/1992 in an aristocratic family belonging to distant relatives of the British monarchs. The girl’s mother is a professional shopper, her father is an architect. The top model inherited her famous eyebrows from her grandfather, the retired head of the British commission, Sir Jocelyn Stevens.

In addition to prominent relatives, Kara is the goddaughter of the Dynasty star Joan Collins. The childhood of the famous Delevingne sisters was spent in a mansion located in a prestigious area of Britain. The girl graduated from a private school, where in her free time she attended a drama club. From the age of 17, Delevingne, with the help of Sarah Ducas, begins her modeling career by actively participating in fashion shows.

From the age of 18, Kara was the face of brands:

  • Burberry Beauty
  • “Topshop”;
  • “DNRY”;
  • “Mango”.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

Delevingne repeatedly participated in advertising, demonstrations of new collections from:

  • Chanel
  • “Dolce and Gabbana”;
  • “Stella McCartney”;
  • Oscar de la Renta;
  • “Zara”;
  • “Marc Jacobs.”

The work of the model brought the girl world recognition.

23 year old Kara is considered:

  • the face of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013, according to the Brazilian “Vor”.
  • 2012 Model Awarded by British Fashion Ewards;
  • one of the Victoria Secret angels.
  • any face and muse of fashion designer Karl Otto Lagerfeld.

From childhood, the main dream of Delevingne was an acting film career. After a successful debut on the catwalks, the girl was repeatedly invited to appear in films.

In the actress’s piggy bank, participation in:

  • “Anna Karenina”;
  • “Peng and Travel to Netland”;
  • “Children in love”;
  • “Suicide Squad.”

Delevingne played the main female role in the film “Paper Cities”, for which she got rid of the British accent. The 23-year-old model leads an active life, constantly flickering on the catwalks and covers of fashion magazines, acting in films. In 2021, Kara founded her own brand Cara @ Co, specializing in youth clothing.

Personal life of the star proceeds no less brightly. Giving an interview in 2021, the girl admitted to her unconventional sexual orientation, the loyalty of which is respected even despite the frank attention of Harvey Weinstein.

Was in a relationship with:

  • singer Annie Clark;
  • Advoa Aboa
  • top model Ashley Benson.

Interesting facts and achievements

Cara Delevingne (star photo shows the girl’s chic sable eyebrows) is a successful top model, film actress, singer, who in 2012 received recognition and award as a model of the year from British Fashion Ewords.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

Interesting facts from the life of celebrity:

  • Kara is 17th in the top 50 of the world’s most famous top models.
  • The main feature of the actress is sable eyebrows, inherited from grandfather. The artist Mel Elliot, creating the coloring of the star, paid special attention to this particular line of the model.
  • At the age of 16, Kara experienced severe depression caused by constant mockery of her peers over her non-standard appearance.
  • Help for the girl at the beginning of her career was provided by her mother’s friend Sarah Ducas, who had previously opened Kate Moss for the fashion industry.
  • Both Delevenne sisters, Chloe and Poppy, successfully make a career in the modeling business.
  • On the body of the actress there are more than 10 tattoos, the most famous of which is the lion located at the tip of the finger.
  • Delevingne loves to play music, sings beautifully, composes songs, tries not to part with her favorite drum kit. Her debut song “I Feel Everything” was first performed in L. Besson’s fantastic action movie “Valerian and the Thousand Planets”, becoming the official soundtrack of the movie.
  • Kara is a novice writer, who presented in 2021 her debut work “The Mirror”, which talks about the difficulties of life and the problem of choice faced by 16-year-olds.


Cara Delevingne regularly updates Instagram, posting photos taken on red carpet and in everyday life. The model is characterized by extravagant behavior, manifested in a desire to destroy established social norms. In ordinary life, Kara is a girl who prefers unisex and sporty style.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

Favorite things Delevingne:

  • T-shirts with print;
  • baseball caps;
  • bath hats;
  • jeans;
  • short jackets;
  • jogger.

Away from the cameras, the girl prefers to minimize makeup, slightly emphasizing the lines of the eyes and lips. On the red carpet, Delevingne is the face of world brands that looks equally good in open evening dresses and formal business suits.

Parameters of the model:

Height 5’8 foot
Weight 108 pounds
Figure 80-59-87
Bust 1st size
Clothing size 38-40
Foot size 39
Eyes gray
Hair light brown
Appearance european

By nature, the film actress has long blond hair, with which she loves to experiment.

In 2021, the star surprised fans by appearing with an ultra-short platinum hedgehog, which later turned into a shaved head. Cara introduced fashion to thick eyebrows, thin, well-defined lips, unnatural thinness. Delevingne naturally has a slender
figure, which emphasizes sportswear.

Plastic surgery and their features

Cara Delevingne (photos of top models regularly appear on Instagram, capturing the next actress of the actress) has a fragile physique, reminiscent of a boyish figure. In early 2021, photos of the actress appeared on the global network, disassembling unexpectedly rounded shapes and an open neckline.

Despite the denial of Kara herself, professionals unanimously notice a surgical change, after which the bust of the star was transformed into a full-fledged 2nd size.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

In the posted photos, the chest looks very high, which is unnatural for the natural location of the mammary glands. According to the unanimous opinion of experts in plastic surgery, Kara performed mammoplasty, during which implants of size B were inserted into the mammary glands.

The cost of a similar intervention in the American Federation is from $ 2720. The operation is performed by a plastic surgeon in a regular manner. Perhaps, the complexes that arose due to ridicule about a non-standard figure prompted the top model to change the appearance of the top model.

Beauty treatments

Cara Delevingne (photo of a 23-year-old celebrity amazes with the angelic beauty of her face) has excellent genetics, allowing her to rarely resort to the services of a cosmetologist. The actress admits that she can not stand salon procedures, preferring to take care of her appearance on her own.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures
Photo of Cara Delevingne without makeup and with it.

Top Model:

  • Controls the condition of his signature eyebrows, lubricating them with Brow Gel (from Anastasia Beverly Hills). The price of the product in the American Federation is $ 31. The star tries not to pluck out a large amount of hair, allowing the cosmetologist to slightly adjust the shape.
  • Every night he devotes time to make-up removal, applying classic Nivea cream ( $ 2,72) and organic ointment with papaya oil ( $ 48) to his face, which, according to the star, is a “remedy for all problems.”
  • Prefers to minimize the amount of daily applied makeup. In everyday life, only the Touch Eclat concealer (from Yves-Saint Laurent) is in Kara’s handbag. The price in the salons of Ile de Beaute is from $ 39.
  • Applies hydrogel patches for the eyes weekly (price from $ 18.). Cosmetic pads remove dark circles, signs of fatigue, tighten and moisturize delicate skin, eliminate facial wrinkles.
  • When acting in films, he carries out additional care, selected in accordance with the type of skin. Restorative therapy consists of daytime (Bee Yammy Skin Food – $ 68) and evening (Avocado Pear Night Cream – $ 61) creams. The active components of the care products nourish and protect the tissues, preventing the destructive effect of actor makeup.
  • Undergoing massage of the face, decollete zone with a mesoscooter. A similar procedure can be carried out in salons or independently using a special device equipped with microneedles. During the procedure, a special gel is applied to the face with hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants. Moving, the device injures the skin, causing the mesococtail to penetrate the tissues. Under the influence of substances, skin cells begin to actively produce collagen, and blood circulation improves tissue regeneration processes. The price of a salon service is from $ 16, the cost of a roller for self-massage is from $ 8,16.

Cara Delevingne does not recognize diets. The beautiful figure of the top model is preserved due to genetic features and sports loads. The star loves fast food, preferring to eat hamburgers, hot chocolate and bacon, which, according to the model, improves the complexion.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

The consumption of fatty foods Kara compensates:

  • a constant calorie count (the star tries to get up from the table, experiencing a slight feeling of hunger);
  • refusal of sugar (replacing it with honey, dried fruits);
  • exception to the diet of coffee.

Delevingne tries to consume a large amount of vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. The top model does yoga daily and does a handstand, for a rush of blood to the head.

Cara Delevingne now

At 23, Cara Delevingne is a sought-after model representing eminent brands that produce cosmetics and clothing. The star regularly acts in films, unsuccessfully tries his strength in the singing field.

The popularity of the top model is growing every day. The unique appearance of Kara fits easily into any look. Thanks to the renewal (mammoplasty), the Delevingne figure has become more feminine, the acuity characteristic of androgyne models has disappeared.

Cara Delevingne. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup. Figure, appearance, height and weight, did plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures

Having matured, the actress stopped experimenting with her appearance, returning to blonde curls, red lips, “smoky eyes” makeup, emphasizing her huge gray eyes. The clearly defined lips of Kara are one of the hits of the season, forcing women to resort to the services of plastic surgeons.

Delevingne still loves to shock others with unusual behavior, evoking increased interest in her figure. Model Cara Delevingne – celebrity, included in the list of 50 most popular top models of the world. The actress regularly pleases fans with new photos, allowing you to observe the angelic appearance of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite.

Video about Cara Delevingne and her appearance

Cara Delevingne in childhood and now:

Cara Delevingne answers the most common inquiries about herself:

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