Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it

Exercise trainer helps to master the technical side of training and manages the whole process. For the best effect, a personal instructor is required. Fitness with him is much more effective than independent exercise.

The benefits of exercising with a personal trainer in the gym

The positive aspects of classes with a personal mentor include:

  • lack of constraint in front of other people in contrast to group classes;
  • high efficiency from exercises: under the supervision of an experienced trainer, the student will avoid many injuries, overstrain, inconvenience during fitness classes in connection with the competent selection of the load;
  • individual exercise program: certain physical skills, sports training, character traits and wishes of the athlete are taken into account;
  • development of an individual diet, including nutritional supplements, vitamins and sports nutrition;
    Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
  • all the instructor’s energy is directed only to one client (inaccuracies during the exercise are quickly corrected by the trainer, technical errors are eliminated, advice is given on further physical exertion);
  • safety, comfort and high performance during sports: the coach adjusts the number of approaches, if necessary changes the load, adjusts the sequence of exercises;
  • convenient schedule and training plan;
  • achievement of the fastest result (only with professionals, athletes achieve high performance in sports, because the coach gives a sufficient load and does not allow you to relax);
  • strong motivation (the instructor not only helps to train, but also conveys a personal positive attitude);
  • instant feedback.

In order for physical exercises to benefit the body, it is very important to contact an experienced instructor. But sometimes there are situations when an unprofessional trainer comes across.

He deliberately delays the achievement of a positive result so that the client pays more money. Or a false specialist does not have sufficient qualifications to conduct training. Attending his classes is life-threatening due to his ignorance of the technique of performing the exercises.

Often the instructor gives recommendations, focusing not on specialized knowledge, but on information from the Internet or anatomy textbooks.

Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it

Personal fitness trainer is not always smiling and friendly. Specialists do not always like it when the client asks too many questions or insists on his wrong (according to the coach) point of view. According to some instructors, they deliberately paint the wrong program of classes, which is called professional revenge.

Questions addressed by the fitness instructor

The duties of any fitness trainer include the following tasks:

  • Check the physical preparation of the client, his state of health, the presence or absence of medical contraindications, complaints. The personal trainer is fully responsible for the ward.
  • Make a set of effective exercises that are suitable for a particular person.
  • Read a lecture on the appropriateness of such a training. Explain in detail which muscles are involved.
  • To inform the practitioner of the exercises, the correctness of their implementation. Indicate errors as necessary, clearly indicate your position.
    Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
  • Inspire confidence in the athlete, push for a quality workout, inspire to conquer new obstacles.
  • Observe the safe use of exercise equipment.
  • Monitor the results of the ward.
  • In special cases, provide first aid.
  • From time to time, dilute the workout with other exercises to maintain the interest of the student. Modify the existing program regularly, but do not depart from the main goal.
  • Inform the athlete about a healthy diet, push him to get rid of addictions.
  • Monitor the health of the equipment.
  • Provide detailed advice on any issue.
  • Increase loads in case of poor results.

Who needs the help of an instructor

The body of any person has individual characteristics that should be considered during the training process. The final result and the selection of exercises are affected by the age and weight of the student, the presence of chronic diseases, as well as the general state of health.

A personal trainer will be needed in such situations:

  • poor athletic training;
  • time saving;
  • recovery from serious damage;
  • health problems, including obesity;
  • pregnancy and postpartum recovery;
  • professional sports;
  • body correction;
    Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
  • lack of skills in the sports field;
  • children visit the gym to straighten their posture, as well as get rid of a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Infant swimming
  • fitness classes by the elderly;
  • negative training experience in the past;
  • shyness and disbelief in one’s own strengths;
  • assistance in the development of simulators and techniques for performing exercises.

Tips from a professional are necessary for anyone who strives for high results without negative consequences for the body.

How are classes with a personal fitness trainer

An individual instructor is interested in making the client aware of the importance of sports for health, and also regularly visits the gym. The coach personally monitors the results of the ward and modifies the set of exercises, if necessary.

For weight loss

Cardio training is not the most effective way to lose weight. But do not neglect. They are usually combined with strength exercises. Only then will the best results appear.

A personal fitness trainer will draw up a list of exercises that work favorably on different muscles:

Workout Name Short description
Power training We use dumbbells, barbells, weights. As a result of classes, muscle mass is increased, and excess fat is removed, the body becomes more resilient.
Cardio training Turns, squats, jumps, bends, exercises on simulators are performed. The main goal of training is the full-fledged work of the heart, active burning of calories.

Professionals believe that for more effective weight loss, these types of exercises are suitable:

  • jerks with a barbell;
  • interval training;
  • jumping rope;

    Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
  • a set of exercises from push-ups, jumps, squats;
  • lunges.

Trainers also recommend practicing in the orbit track and rowing machine.

To create a relief

To create a relief body, experienced instructors advise avoiding complex carbohydrates: sugar, flour and pasta, chocolate, carbonated drinks. Women need to monitor emotional behavior, as they tend to seize stress with junk food.

An approximate program of classes aimed at forming a relief:

  • key training: bench press, squats, exercises with a barbell;
  • chest: reduction of hands on a special simulator (crossover), breeding dumbbells;
  • back: traction of the lower and upper blocks, breeding dumbbells on the back of the shoulder;
  • exercises on the shoulders and arms: lifting dumbbells to work out the biceps, lifting dumbbells to the chin, in front of you, as well as breeding, extension of the arms on the block;
  • leg muscles: bench press with different positions of the feet, mixing / breeding, extension / flexion;
  • press: twisting (oblique and straight), plank, raising the legs and body.

For recovery after childbirth

If the birth was successful, you can return to the sport in 1.5-2 months. The additional load should be introduced gradually, starting the exercise with its own weight (in order to avoid disturbance of lactation). It is believed that breast milk acquires a bitter taste due to the presence of lactic acid. To avoid this, it is recommended to reduce power loads.

End the training before the muscles no longer obey.

Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it

Exhausting daily exercises are not effective. Such training only exhausts and takes away the last forces. The optimal time spent in the gym is 50-60 minutes. 3 times per week. The coach always starts any activity with a warm-up. To do this, a personal fitness mentor will send the ward to cardiovascular equipment, after which basic exercises will be added.

With 3 single occupations, you need to ensure that the muscles of different parts of the body are worked out 1 time per week:

  • BT – shoulders, chest, biceps.
  • Thu – legs.
  • SB – triceps, back.

Immediately after birth, it is better not to pump the press, but to pay attention to the diaphragm. The training ends with stretching (relaxation of all muscle groups). In the process of training and throughout the day you need to drink enough fluid. Observe breathing techniques during exercise. Inhale should be at the simple stage of the exercise, exhale at the difficult stage.

To support health and shape

For harmony and well-being, it is necessary to perform exercises for 50-60 minutes. But if the student does not move much, it is better to engage in 1.5 hours (use an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper).

Approximate program of classes:

  • for the press: lifting legs and body;
  • work out the muscles of the legs: flexion and extension;
  • back: traction in the simulator (vertical and horizontal);
  • arm muscles: extension, flexion with dumbbells or on simulators;
  • chest: flattening of hands in front of you, sitting / lying press;
  • exercises for the shoulders: vertical bench press, raising arms through the sides;
  • lower legs: rise on toes.

Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it

If for some reason it is not possible to attend a training session, it is replaced by leisurely walking.

Proper nutrition, the main principles of which are:

  • eat fractionally (preferably less, but more often), the best option is about 4-5 times a day;
  • do not skip breakfast;
  • give the body a sufficient amount of fluid ( 4 – 6 pint per day);
  • light dinner, not overloading the stomach (a vegetable salad with lean meat or fish is suitable);
  • Do not eat 2 hours before bedtime.

During general strengthening exercises, it is enough to do it once in 14 days, from time to time increasing the weight of weights on the simulators.

How to choose the best fitness trainer, what to look for

To achieve the desired result, the instructor with the ward should have a close relationship. All achievements and failures must be lived together. That is why you should pay priority attention not to the appearance of the coach, but to his professionalism.

The cost of such services is high. But health is not the case when saving is applied. A trainer’s mistake can result in a lack of good results or serious damage.

A personal fitness trainer must meet the requirements of:

  • work with people for more than 1.5 years;
  • have a specialist certificate;
    Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
  • look well-groomed;
  • to make contact with the client without problems (not only listen to the person, but also ask questions).

Before the first training session, it will not be superfluous to find out from the administrator about all the instructors working in the gym. But the decision will have to be made independently, relying on the characteristics obtained and one’s own intuition.

A personal mentor should not only draw up a training program and diet, but also monitor the clear implementation of recommendations. You need to work in a team, otherwise training will not make sense.

How to determine the qualifications of a trainer

Before you begin classes, it is advisable to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the presence of education (preferably higher);
  • work experience in the sports field;
  • how often does he improve his qualifications;
  • leading questions during the first conversation (client weight, state of health, whether he had previous training experience, what result the ward plans to achieve);
  • drawing up an individual training program only a
    fter a personal conversation;
  • meaningful answers to asked questions;
  • knowledge of many training methods;
  • keeping a class journal to get a picture of the achievements of the client.

After that, you can find out whether the specialist has publications on a specific sport, whether he has made any contribution to the development of this industry (information, although not mandatory, but no less important).

The instructor ensures that the person does not lose interest in the classes. Therefore, training should be fun and uplifting. A professional is required to control the athlete’s workload. It cannot be too large to avoid exhaustion.

Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it

A good specialist will always set the ward in a positive way, because during stress and trouble at work, many lose their desire to do it. The task of an experienced trainer is to feel the person’s inner state and direct his thoughts to sports.

A personal fitness trainer will never give advice in areas outside his competence. Before starting classes, it is recommended to go through narrow specialists. A true professional must adhere to the recommendations of doctors and draw up a training program based on them.

List of sought after fitness instructor services

Experienced professionals provide services in the sports field in the following areas:

Destination Name a brief description of
Gym With the help of exercises, effective weight loss is combined with training for different muscle groups and proper nutrition.
Functional training Classes are aimed at strengthening muscles and relieving stress from the spine. They can be visited by people of any age. Training does not cause discomfort and does not take much effort.
Strength training Exercises are performed non-stop on different muscles in turn. They develop muscles, make the figure slimmer, develop stamina, dexterity and strength.
Yoga, Pilates, stretching, fitball lessons, acrobatics Exercises for body flexibility. Many women visit fitness clubs to find a fit figure with a good stretch. During training, clients are taught to listen to their own feelings, manage the body, correct posture, work out all muscle groups.
Body-building Classes are aimed at gaining an attractive muscle relief and gaining muscle mass.
Weight Loss The program signs, based on the characteristics of the athlete’s body. Consists of several varieties of exercise and proper nutrition.
Martial arts, which includes boxing, judo, karate, capoeira, taekwondo, kickboxing These sports combine oriental and international martial arts. Very popular among children. Form discipline, internal and external strength, coordination of movements.
Fitness trainer at home Training can significantly save time on the road to the gym, eliminate the need to purchase a subscription, and reduce the cost of travel to the fitness club. Classes are ideal for maternity mothers, shy people, overly busy customers, and those who don’t like stuffy rooms.
EMC training (electrical stimulation) During classes, electrical impulses enter the muscles through electrodes that are connected to the human body. Such impulses contribute to muscle contraction. The emphasis is not so much on physical activity, but on the frequency of the simulator pulses.
Personal fitness trainer in the gym. How much, how to choose, why you need it
A personal fitness trainer can help with strength training, bodybuilding or yoga.

Demanded services also include dance aerobics, rehabilitation fitness, a swimming pool, fitness for pregnant women, crossfit (circle training) and some others.

The cost of a personal trainer in New York, Los Angeles

Personal fitness is always expensive. In the capital, one training session with an instructor costs from $ 20 – $ 82. Sometimes it reaches $ 163 – $ 204. In Los Angeles, the price category ranges from $ 8 – $ 41.

A personal instructor will be the right choice if a person does not have much time for self-mastery of exercises. Training under the guidance of a mentor eliminates many mistakes. A fitness specialist is an important component of a fit body and good health.

Personal Fitness Trainer Video

9 rules for a successful fitness trainer:

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