Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

Not many people know that fitness classes will become more successful if back exercises take a permanent place in training schedules in the gym.

What back muscles need to be trained regularly

The back consists of 3 muscle groups: 

  • the broadest superficial muscle of the upper section;
  • the broadest superficial muscle of the middle and lower sections;
  • deep muscle corset. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

Exercises on the back in the gym should begin with a mandatory warm-up for all muscle groups of the body, which helps to restore the working regime of the whole body. When working out the muscles of the superficial groups, involuntarily the muscles of the deep part begin to take part in the training.

The Importance of Warm Up and Hitch

With perfect health, the back muscles after warming up quickly come to a working rhythm and begin to perceive the workload without any problems. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

After completing the entire set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, you can’t leave the gym without performing simple stretching exercises on the simulators or on the rug to bring the muscles to a state of stability and rest. This is the so-called hitch. Only after that, you can take a shower and go home.

Number of sets and reps in back exercises

When training in the gym, it is important to figure out how many approaches and repetitions of a particular exercise on the back should be performed.

Individually, the trainer in the gym is required to establish a list of exercises.

After studying the basic and isolated sets of exercises for the back, which will be performed by a beginner in the gym, the trainer should draw up a plan from this arsenal that corresponds to his ward.

Take into account body type:

  1. Skinny.
  2. Muscular
  3. Complete.

Each type has its own recommendations on the number of approaches and repetitions. So with a lean body type, the number of repetitions is not more than 6. When a muscular man does 6-8 repetitions, and with a full body constitution, the number of repetitions is from 12 to 20. It is important to take into account the purpose of visiting the gym. If you need to increase strength, you need to pump muscles. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

This can easily be dealt with by applying 2-3 approaches with 1-6 repetitions. To pump muscle to mass, you need to increase the number of approaches from 3 to 5 and repetitions from 6 to 12. Pumping muscle for endurance requires a different approach. Exercises are performed with less weight and the number of approaches, but with a large number of repetitions – 12-20.

To work in the gym to maintain excellent shape, it is enough to train 3 times a week when performing 2-3 basic and 1 isolating exercises, while doing 2-3 approaches of 10-15 repetitions.

The basic complex for the gym

The basic is a set of exercises on the back, in which the load falls on several muscles or joints at the same time. Thanks to this, several muscles are pumped in the gym, although not with the same effort.

If the task is to pump back muscles, then you can not do without heavy basic training exercises. These exercises are suitable for both men and women. But when performing basic exercises with weights, you need an individual weight selection for each category of performer. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

Pumping the back includes the work of the large spinal muscles :

  • latissimus dorsi;
  • trapezius muscle;
  • back straighteners.

The remaining muscles also take part in basic exercises, but to a lesser extent.

Basic basic exercises for the back:

  1. Pulling up.
  2. Deadlift.
  3. The draft of the rod in the slope.

There are additional exercises for the back, which create the conditions for the involvement of all muscles in the work with various options. Each training day should include two basic exercises and one isolating exercise.

With dumbbells

To perform exercises on the back, a universal projectile are dumbbells.

Effective exercises include:

  1. Shrugs . When performing exercises with dumbbells, the minimum weight is selected, which is gradually increased. Hands along the body are down. Raising the shoulders, you need to hold them in the upper position for 5 seconds. This exercise shapes and develops the trapezius muscles. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  2. Reverse grip draft . It is performed when the body is tilted forward at an angle of 45 degrees with dumbbells in the hands, lowered down. Hands are spread out through the sides and, lifting them to the sides, they are held for 5 seconds. Weight weights – 4 -7 pounds.
  3. Alternate traction on a slope. Become sideways near the bench. One leg, bent at the knee, is placed on the bench, the second is laid back, bending over, resting with one hand on the bench. In the other hand is a dumbbell, which is lifted by inspiration to the stomach, lingering for 5 seconds. On exhalation, lower to the floor. These exercises work out the broadest spinal muscles.
  4. Deadlift . Standing on the floor, they take dumbbells in their hands and, as they exhale, lower them to the floor, crouching. When inhaling, they return to their original position.
  5. Deadlift . Holding dumbbells in their hands, they bend forward, slightly bending their knees, then straighten up, taking their original position. Hands should be straight at the elbows. The back should always be perfectly flat and parallel to the floor. The muscles of the back and buttocks work. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  6. Deadlift with one hand . Starting position in front of the bench. Dumbbell on the floor. When tilted, the legs remain flat, as does the back. Raising the dumbbell with one hand, the other focuses on the bench. Weight lifting goes up to raising the shoulder at the level of the body. Then a pause, and again lowering the projectile. At the end of the exercise, repeat with the other hand.
  7. Dumbbell thrust at the waist when tilted . Lean so that the back is parallel to the floor. When inhaling, pull the shell to the belt. When exhaling – lower down.
  8. Tilt with one dumbbell . The shell is held in the left hand, leaning forward, lower it to the right leg. Legs are slightly bent. On inhalation, they straighten and pause. Having finished the set, they take the dumbbell with the right hand and continue.

When doing all the back exercises in the gym, you need to increase the weight of the dumbbells gradually, starting from 4 pounds. Attention should be paid to the number of sets and re
ps. When working out the back, 2-3 approaches of 12 repetitions are enough.

On the back and triceps

The purpose of triceps is flexion and extension of the elbow joint of the arm. This movement is the basis of the exercise for pumping muscle. Triceps exercises are included in the category of isolating ones and are performed with special attention so as not to injure the triceps of the shoulder muscle.

When performing these exercises, the girl has to make a lot of effort on her hands, despite the fact that women work with less weight than men. The biceps muscle of the shoulder, biceps, mainly works and sways. But the beauty of the female hand is slightly spoiled by the view from the back. This is the triceps muscle of the shoulder – triceps.


  1. Dumbbell behind the head . The exercise is performed with a dumbbell, which is taken with your hands above your head and, pressing your elbows, take your hands, bending at the elbows, behind the head. But at the same time they do not completely lower their hands behind their heads, hold the projectile for 5 seconds and again straighten their arms up. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  2. Dumbbell in the hand . Exercise is performed standing near the bench. Leaning toward the bench, they focus with one hand, and the second hand with the shell is retracted, where it is held in a pause for 5 seconds. It is necessary to monitor the hand – the elbow should be firmly pressed to the body.
  3. Block simulator . The essence of the exercise is that, working with your hands to the elbows, you need to lower the handle of the simulator to the hips and, bending your arms again, return to the starting position. Carefully monitor your elbows. Exercise is performed only by the efforts of triceps.
  4. Back push ups . Exercise is performed while standing with your back to the bench, from the position of emphasis on the bench with your hands. The legs are stretched forward, and the weight of the body is transferred to the hands. When lowering, bending your arms, take a breath, while straightening your hands – exhale. They are lowered so that the shoulder joint is parallel to the floor.
  5. Push-ups with narrow arms . These are ordinary push-ups from the floor, but you need to monitor the position of the elbows (they must be pressed closer to the body) and the setting of the hands in the initial position. Hands – in a position already shoulder width apart. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  6. Bench press bench . When performing the exercise, you must lie on a bench under the barbell and take a position with a narrow grip. On inspiration, remove the bar from the support and lower it to the lower part of the chest, straight elbows lower. When exhaling, the bar is returned to its place, making the bar press up.

To strengthen the lower back

The muscular group of the back includes the latissimus and trapezius muscles. These are the main muscles of the back. In addition to this group, there are auxiliary muscles, which are also important in human life, but have narrower functions. Weak back muscles cannot hold the spine well; it shrinks (it contracts).

In this case, the intervertebral discs are deformed, which means that their elasticity decreases. All this leads to a loss of lubrication of the intervertebral spaces and the occurrence of pain in the lumbar spine. The only right decision in this case is to strengthen the muscles of the back.

There are several exercises for this, which are suggested below:

  1. Reverse deflection (boat) . Stacked on the stomach. Hands stretch forward, legs stretched back. Raising both arms and legs, stretch forward with arching back. Hold the position. Then – to the starting position on the exhale. Exercise stretches the muscles of the hips well, restores the tone of the vertebral muscles. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

  2. Coordination
    exercise . Starting position – on all fours. When raising your arms at shoulder level, stretch forward. At the same time, they lift in parallel the opposite leg at shoulder level and stretch back. When performing exercises in a set of exercises for the gym, the back muscles are stabilized.
  3. Side plank . When performing the exercise, you need to lie on your side, bending your arm at the elbow at shoulder level. The head is held in line with the spine. The muscles are strained and in this position is 10 seconds – beginners and 20-35 seconds – experienced. There are several options for the complexity of execution. The muscles of the lower back are strengthened, endurance increases, the muscles that hold the spine come in tone. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  4. Pulling on the bar . After performing 2-3 approaches of 10-12 reps, you can just hang, stretching the spine under the weight of your body.
  5. Scissors . Starting position – lie on the floor face down, hands in front. Raising the legs at shoulder level, make the movement of “scissors” in the horizontal plane. Enough 2-3 approaches for 8-12 repetitions.
  6. Snake pose . In a lying position, straighten your arms and bend back as much as possible, throwing your head back. In this position are a few seconds.
  7. Hyperextension . On a special bench they lay on their stomach, hands behind their heads. During the exercise, they bend up and down, without lifting their legs and hips from the bench. Deflection is not maximized in order to avoid injury. It is possible to use additional weight behind the head. This is the best and most effective exercise to strengthen the lower back.

Performing exercises regularly, strengthen the muscle corset of the lumbar.

After some time, back pain disappears.

On the latissimus dorsi


  1. Pulling up . This exercise can be performed on a simple bar and in the Gravitron. The type of grip plays a role. Only medium and wide grip is suitable for working out the latissimus dorsi. It is very important to monitor the position of the back.
  2. Thrust of the upper block . Perform cravings for the head. It is necessary to monitor the position of the forearm relative to the body (angle 90 degrees). Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  3. Traction of the lower block . It is necessary to monitor the position of the blades when pulling on themselves (they must converge) and a flat back. This is what makes it possible to pump the broadest muscles.
  4. Hyperastasia . Pay attention to the correct implementation of the exercise. When lowering the body down, reaching the point where the body bend is 90 degrees, you must return to its original position. Starting position – with the formation of a straight line from the heels to the head. Exercise is performed at a slow pace.
  5. Dumbbell pull to the belt . The back muscles are worked out with a dumbbell and bench. The leg is bent and put on the bench with the knee, the hand rests on the bench, and with the opposite hand they lift the projectile to the belt, hold for 5 seconds and take the starting position.

To straighten the spine

If we consider all types of exercises that are included in the complexes of basic and isolating complexes on the back, then they all somehow participate in pumping the muscle corset of the spine.

Neck exercises


  1. Starting position: sitting, bend the legs at the knee joints and clasp hands. Inhaling, they throw their head back and stretch, stretching their backs well and bringing their shoulder blades down. Breathing out, take the initial position. The muscles of the neck and vertebrae of the cervical spine work. Perform 10 repetitions. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  2. Starting position: sitting in Turkish, grab the legs, at the expense of 1 turn their head to the left side. At the expense of 2, 3 make sharp jerks with his head, increasing the turn. At 4 they return to their original position. Change the direction of rotation and continue. Repeat 6-8 times to the left and the same to the right.
  3. Starting position: kneel down. Hands rely on horizontal failure. Legs and arms set shoulder width apart. Do circular rotations of the head alternately in different directions. Muscles are well strengthened. Repeat 6-8 times.

Spine Alignment Exercises


  1. Starting position: lying on the stomach face down. Hands in front of themselves are bent at the elbows, hands are looking at each other. The head is lowered onto the hands. Legs are straight: heels together, socks apart. On inspiration, the body is raised to the waist above the floor, the head is kept on the back line, the arms are spread apart. Repeat 6-10 times. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  2. Starting position: lie on your back, legs are bent at the knees, heels are pressed as much as possible to the hips. Hands spread apart, turning the palms up.
    When performed on inhalation, do not raise the lower body. They bend the chest as much as possible, while resting on the hands and head.
    Repeat 5-8 times.
  3. Starting position: kneel down and rest your hands on the floor.
    When performing, the right arm is pulled forward, and the left leg is pulled back. Stretch the body well. When repeated, change the arm and leg.
    Repeat 6-8 times for each arm and leg.

Muscle tone exercises


  1. Starting position: stand straight, hands at the seams. Raise your hands up, slightly arching your back back. As you exhale, lean forward, round your back and lower your head and shoulders. Hands are lowered to their original position. Repeat 8-10 times.
    Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
    Exercises on the back in the gym work with 3 muscle groups.
  2. Kneel, and hands rest on the floor. Keep your head straight. When inhaling, they bend their back and hold for how many seconds. On exhalation – to the starting position. Repeat 5-7 times.
  3. Stacked on the stomach, arms extended along the torso. When inhaling, they raise their heads and legs without taking their torso and arms off the floor. Repeat 5-8 times.

These exercises will increase the tone of the back muscles, as well as improve the mobility of the thoracic spine.

On the muscles of the upper dorsal

Starting from the neck and shoulders, ending in the area of the shoulder blades is one of the large and important muscles of the back – this is the trapezius muscle.

The following exercises are suitable for pumping this muscle:

  1. Shrugs with a barbell . This exercise is performed in one breath.
    The bar is taken with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders and the inspiration pulls upwards, x while the shoulders go up, and the head hides in the shoulders. Gradually lower the shoulders and exhale. The entire top of the trapezius muscle is well pumped: the occipital – clavicular bundles and the scapular part.
  2. Shrugs with dumbbells . Exercise is performed on inspiration. Dumbbells in hands, raising shoulders, are taken back, you can close the shoulder blades. With smooth lowering of the shoulders, exhale. The clavicular trapezium, scapular muscle, the middle of the main trapezoid and the rhombic muscle are pumped (precisely when the scapulae are closed). Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  3. Shrugs on the simulator . Standing in front of the simulator, they grasp the handle with a grip a little wider than the shoulders and raise the shoulders while inhaling, the head remains between the shoulders. Slowly lower your shoulders. The upper part of the trapezium and scapular muscles develops.

To the middle section


  1. Pulling up . When doing pull-ups, a grip is performed at shoulder width. Having extended a breast, they are pulled by a chin to a crossbeam. Then they fall to their original position on the exhale. The latissimus muscle is well pumped and the big round muscle works with it. The middle and bottom of the trapezium, the rhomboid and pectoral muscles are perfectly pumped.
  2. Traction of the upper block with a narrow grip . Exercise is
    similar to pulling up, but easier to perform. Grasp the handle of the block with a narrow grip and pull down to the chest. Returning to the starting position. The pumping of the broadest muscle and the big round is performed. With the approach of the shoulder blades, the trapezoid, rhomboid and part of the deltoid muscle are pumped.
  3. Drafts of the upper block with straight arms . Legs apart. Thrust is carried out by the handle to the hips. Hands are straight, back is straight. The widest, round and long triceps heads are pumped. Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective
  4. Traction of the lower block . Hands grab the handle in a sitting position, resting his feet against the stops. Pull the block on itself until the handle touches the chest. Returning to the starting position. Almost all the muscles of the middle back and extensors of the spine work.

To the lower section


  1. Lumbar deflection . When performing this exercise, a simulator is used. It is necessary to lie on a special bench on the stomach, legs at the ankles are held by rollers. The edge of the bench falls below the waist. The body is down, arms crossed in front of the chest. With inspiration, the front of the torso begins to rise until the body forms a straight line from the heels to the head. They monitor the position of the back. At the top of the exercise, a delay of 5 seconds is possible. When you exhale, they take their initial position. When performing this exercise, almost all the main and auxiliary muscles of the lower back are included in the work. Several muscles of the hip and lumbar are pumped. Among them, the ileo-rib muscles, the longest and spinous muscles of the back, the square muscle of the lower back, and also the sacro-lumbar muscles lend themselves to pumping for flexibility.
    Exercises on the back in the gym for girls: basic, best, most effective

  2. Extension of the body on the simulator .
    On the simulator you can work both standing and sitting. In this case, the roller creates a load on the back and lower back. When raising and straightening the back, the efforts of the roller are directed to the work of the muscles to align the spine.


When practicing power sports, one of the most important requirements is to undergo a medical examination. If the candidate has any illnesses or injuries received earlier, it is necessary to inform the doctor and trainer about them.

Only after that, decisions are made on the admission of a person to classes in the gym.

The diseases in which exercises in the gym can be contraindicated include:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • eye diseases;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis.

If patients with osteochondrosis go to sports halls to attend training, then after consulting with doctors and trainers they are offered different options for exercise complexes, which can eventually return people with a mild illness to sports.

If you want to work with simulators and under the supervision of experienced trainers, classes in the gym are possible for those who have suffered osteochondrosis and want to gradually correct defects on the spine using exercises on the back with light loads, due to the strengthening of the back muscles and return to normal life.

Exercises on the back performed in the gym are aimed not only at muscle building. These are therapeutic exercises that will help get rid of back pain, scoliosis, increase the general endurance of the body.

Video: back exercises in the gym

Exercises for back muscles for girls in the video clip:

How to girls pump their backs in the gym, see the video clip:

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