Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

A popular area of sports training is Zumba fitness, combining the ability to lose weight and spend exciting time. Due to incendiary music and dance movements, training turns not into a test, but into a kind of fitness party.

Due to its relevance, in order to engage in the program, it is not necessary to go to the gym. Video lessons for losing weight are available on the Internet and make training convenient for even the most busy and lazy.

Zumba definition

Initially, it was a dance program with elements of Latin rhythms. Since its inception, the training program has improved and changed. The creator of the training technique introduced zumba fitness in the USA After a while and significant investment in advertising, such activities have spread throughout the world.

Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
Zumba fitness is a fascinating dance workout that is successfully used for weight loss. Video lessons of all directions of zumba fitness are widely represented on the Internet.

Zumba Fitness has several variations and training programs, which can be found in the video tutorials for weight loss. The lesson is based on multiple repetitions of simple dance movements to the music of salsa, mamba, flamenco and other Latin compositions.

The algorithm for constructing a workout depends on the specifics of the recruited group:

  • desired result;
  • age of participants;
  • physical fitness and stamina.

Also from the qualifications of the trainer and from the country of teaching. The advantage of fitness zumba is the lack of special equipment. Classes are suitable for people with minimal physical training, lovers of fun and active leisure.

Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

Zumba fitness (video lessons for weight loss make exercise easier) – the ability to get rid of extra pounds of weight in a short time and enjoy it.

The training technique keeps up with the times, gaining new pa and direction. Thanks to this, you can not only successfully bring the body into shape, but also learn how to dance. There are several difficulty levels in zumba fitness. They are divided based on the music used for training. But often in the class you can observe a mixture of several levels and tracks.

How many calories are burned

Information on calories burned when doing zumba fitness varies from source to source. On average, it turns out to burn from 500 to 800 calories in 1 hour of classes. The final result depends on the physical fitness of the person, his weight and other parameters.

Also, calorie burning is affected by the intensity and duration of the session. On the Internet you can find an online calculator for an approximate calculation of individual indicators. With the help of short calculations, we get the following forecast for calorie loss for 1 hour of classes:

Weight Training intensity
Low Average High
55 375 433 491
56 382 441 500
59 403 465 527
60 410 473 536
64 437 504 571
65 444 512 580
67 457 528 598
70 478 551 625
72 491 567 643
74 505 583 660
76 519 599 678
78 532 614 696
81 553 638 723
83 566 654 741

The table shows the weight,
talking about obesity in people of different heights.

Training intensity is defined as follows:

  • Low – during training it turns out to sing without panting.
  • Medium – during training it turns out to talk at ease.
  • High – breathing during training is difficult, it is difficult to be distracted by conversations.

Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

For clarity, 375 calories are contained in a large portion of milk oatmeal and burned in about 1 hour of active play with a child. 740 calories are contained in Pepperoni pizza and burned for 1 hour of rowing or active games in a snowy town with a snowman sculpting.

Benefits of Dance Training

  • Exercising zumba will help to quickly and efficiently bring the body back to normal. Zumba burns calories, excess fat and leads to muscle tone.
  • Suitable for lovers of fun and interesting time.
  • Regular classes contribute to the development of grace and plastics.
  • Classes improve coordination, agility and flexibility, increase endurance. In addition, they contribute to the improvement of the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • The initial physical and choreographic training affects only the intensity of the load. To master the movements of special skills and knowledge is not necessary.
  • There are no restrictions on the age and complexion of the student.
  • Zumba fitness is suitable for beginners, those who can not find their place in sports, for girls after childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Training takes place under rhythmic and cheerful music, which gives a positive mood.
  • The training is based on exercises for working out problem areas for women: hips, stomach and buttocks. Deep muscles are also involved.
  • Zumba fitness workouts are popular. This makes it possible to find a hall and team to your taste.
  • Those who like to study at home and who are embarrassed to go to group classes can choose for themselves suitable video lessons for losing weight and study in a comfortable home environment.


In addition to the large number of positive aspects of zumba fitness, you can find negative points and contraindications.

Cons of Zumba Fitness:

  • Training based on gyms is expensive.
  • It takes time and regular attendance to master the movements.
  • Zumba is not suitable for a comprehensive study of all muscle groups. Muscle tissue will tone up, tighten, but not achieve relief.
  • Despite its effectiveness and intensity, the zumba is not an intensive cardioprogram. For those who want to get the load more seriously, it is better to choose a different type of fitness.
  • There are contraindications for health.


  • Do not engage in zumba fitness for people suffering from severe forms of cardiovascular disease.
  • Due to the load on the respiratory apparatus, zumba is contraindicated in patients with bronchial asthma. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • Intensive classes are not recommended for people with musculoskeletal problems.
  • Training is contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Serious surgical interventions and injuries will not allow you to actively move in the classroom and can lead to negative consequences.

The choice of clothes and shoes for training

Clothes and shoes for zumba are as varied as variations of movements. The main thing is that she does not constrain movement and is to the liking.

Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

From clothes suitable t-shirts, shirts, tops, shorts, trousers, breeches. It can be suits for aerobics, fitness, or it can just be a combination of your favorite things.

The main requirement is that the fabric must be natural. Such clothes are chosen to absorb sweat and prevent possible irritation.

Given the activity of the workout, clothing should be as comfortable as possible and not interfere with movement . As accessories, the costume can be varied with a variety of bracelets made of rustling or ringing material.

Such a highlight will add its own notes to the musical accompaniment. But, if you feel uncomfortable with jewelry during training, then their presence is optional.

As for shoes, for training, either dance sneakers or shoes for dance aerobics are suitable. The peculiarity of such models is that they do not allow sliding on the parquet and are easily bent over the entire plane of the sole. When doing zumba fitness in ballet shoes, Czech shoes, moccasins, there is a risk of sliding on the surface, getting serious injuries or not fully performing pa.

Choosing music for the dance

Although zumba fitness originates from Latin American dances, and it would be logical to associate it with Latin American motives, the main criterion for music is rhythm and incendiary.

A playlist can be made to your liking from tracks for cardio training. You can make a selection of the works in which the word Zumba is found. And there is also the opportunity to buy or download ready-made collections. The main thing is that the structure of the musical selection coincides with the structure of classes. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

The playlist should consist of 3 parts:

  1. Music to warm up.
  2. The main part for training, depending on its intensity. Or the main part can go from less intense to more active music and, conversely, to decline.
  3. The third block is relaxation. This is music for relaxation, breathing and stretching. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

Zumba fitness (video tutorials for weight loss) in the finished recording will provide an opportunity not to choose music separately for classes, but to practice under the tracks presented in the video.

Zumba directions

Due to its versatility, zumba
is suitable for almost everyone. In order to find your niche, you need to get acquainted with the varieties of this fitness party.

Depending on the specifics of the movements, zumba fitness classes can be:

  • Classical – A training program based on Latin American dances.
  • Continental – training combines the movements of Latin, hip-hop, contemporary and other dance styles. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

By other characteristics, the following varieties are distinguished:

  • Zumba Basic is a basic training program that uses palsa, reggaeton, merengue and cumbia.
  • “Zumba Basic 2” classes covering, in addition to Latin American dances, belly dance, samba, tango and flamenco.
  • “Zumba Gold” workouts are adapted for people with 0 physical fitness, older age, or recovering from injuries.
  • “Zumba Toning” classes are held with a small weight load. Weights are small maracas dumbbells.
  • “Aqua Zumba” training takes place in the pool. Such classes require special clothing in the form of sports swimsuits. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • Zumba Kids is a lightweight program for children over 7 years old.
  • “Zumba Kids Junior” similar training for children under 7 years.
  • “Zumba Sentao” classes are held using a chair or stool.
  • Zumba Step is a mixture of zumba and step aerobics. In training, a step platform is used. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • The Zumba In The Circuit is the program with the highest degree of intensity. Classes are held with interval training and do not exceed 30 minutes.

Zumba Fitness Exercise Program

Zumba fitness (video tutorials for weight loss, representing specially designed programs) can be divided into 4 blocks. Each block is gradually becoming more complicated and goes to a new level. This happens so that the muscles not only come in tone, but also develop.

Description of blocks:

  1. 1 block standard for any sport – muscle warming . Usually, it takes up to 5-10 minutes. Consists of stretching exercises and a small workout.
  2. Block 2 – the development of new movements and pa . Under the supervision of the trainer, learning new movements, as well as repeating the material passed, takes place.
  3. Block 3 – the main dance part . It takes at least 50% of the entire workout. Here, the studied pa is combined into incendiary ligaments and a whole dance. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  4. 4 block – relax. Most often consists of exercises to restore breathing and stretching. After intensive training, the body returns to the usual rhythm of life.

Children’s zumba

For young athletes and dancers, there are 2 areas of zumba – Kids and Kids Junior. They differ in the age orientation of the guys and the complexity of the exercises. For older children, the training program is made up of slightly more complex and intense exercises.

In general, children’s zumba is not only a sports training. It helps kids relax, feel more confident in their movements. Children learn to maintain proper posture. Classes develop coordination of movements and tone the muscles, forcing them to strengthen and improve.

Training for kids is like small parties. During incendiary dances, little dancers do not notice how time passes. Classes are filled with positive and positive emotions. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video

The main task of trainers and instructors of a child’s zumba is to build a training program on the specifics of children’s psychology. Little dancers are not able to concentrate and memorize complex ligaments for a long time. Therefore, the training time is distributed taking into account these features.

Music for zumba kids is selected specifically. To make children interested, melodies are chosen popular or with children’s motifs.

There are no special clothing requirements. The main thing is comfort and safety.

Children’s zumba:

Basic movements for beginners

The main movements of this direction in fitness are divided into 3 categories:

  • steps with turning the body on toes and heels;
  • steps with turning the body and lunges;
  • steps with claps.

Steps with turning the body on toes and heels:

  • Starting position – hands are freely lowered along the body, legs are slightly apart.
  • At first, the hands are bent at the elbows, turning the body to the right with support on the heels.
  • On the second account, the movement is repeated to the left.
  • At the count of “3” and “4”, the movement is repeated alternately to the right and left.

Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. VideoThe overall picture is like a twist.

Steps with turning the body and lunges:

  • The starting position is similar to the previous pa.
  • On the count of “times”: the arms are bent at the elbows. At the same time, the left foot turns on the heel, and the right foot lunges, stopping it on the heel.
  • On the second account, the left leg is placed on the right. They stand on socks and the body turns left.
  • At the expense of “3” and “4” movements are repeated similarly in the opposite direction.

Steps with claps:

  • In the initial position, the legs stand together, the arms hang freely along the body.
  • “One – two” – a step to the right and clapping.
  • “Three – 4” – the movement is repeated in the opposite direction.

Zumba on the press and for weight loss

Zumba exercises were originally aimed at working out problem areas – the press, waist and legs. Due to the dance steps involving the hips, their rotational and translational movements, the abs muscles are effectively worked out and toned.

Press reliefs should not be expected. The fat layer in this zone will decrease, but the cubes from one zumba will not appear. They need additional study.

Exercises for weight loss in zumba fitness are taken from the basic movements of classical fitness:

  • Marching or dancing in one place to rhythmic music. Exercises begin only by march, then hips, waist, arms go into the course.
  • Atta
    ched steps in different directions (forward, backward, left, right). Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • Movements similar to the movements of skaters. Hands are clasped behind the back, sliding movements are performed.

It is important to remember that the training takes place in a musical rhythm and consists not only in performing exercises, but in performing them, falling in time with the music.

Dances for working out the gluteal muscles

Zumba fitness (video lessons for weight loss buttocks), in addition to the inclusion of hip movements during other exercises, includes:

  • Eight hips and circular rotational movements.
  • The gluteal muscles are studied in conjunction with the study of the muscles of the legs during: extra steps; skater steps; dance plie with squat. Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. Video
  • The main criterion for pumping the gluteal muscles is the minimum amplitude of body movements with maximum mobility from the waist down .

Active calorie burning in dance

The effective burning of calories in dance is due to the fact that fitness includes in its program 5 main areas in zumba, the comprehensive study of which makes training as effective as possible.


  • Fitness basics. This principle is aimed at pacing with the development of breathing. Thus, the muscles are saturated with oxygen and recharge with energy. Due to this, the load is not so noticeable and allows you to engage for quite a long time at the maximum allowable heart rate.

  • Zumba fitness. Dance lessons for weight loss, aerobics program: Strong, Aqua, Step. VideoThe power base.
    Exercise is aimed at pumping muscles and increasing muscle endurance. Work in this mode is carried out with maximum intensity in a small time interval until a feeling of complete fatigue. This helps the muscles grow faster.
  • Interval training helps to alternate the first and second principles. There is a kind of change of activity. Cardio training is replaced by strength exercises.
  • Exercises to develop flexibility. This principle is taken from stretching and Pilates. It increases joint mobility and muscle tensile ability.
  • The principle of “Soul and body.” It is well traced in the last block of training, during relaxation. Not only breathing exercises are involved here. It is based on exercises from different areas of yoga.

Thus, a reasonable alternation of exercises aimed at working out the body with various techniques and approaches, as well as the parallel “rest-work” helps to achieve maximum results in burning excess calories.


Each of the above principles of building exercises is aimed at obtaining certain results of training. Some results are also characteristic of each of the principles.

Fitness direction:

  • helps to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system;
  • trains the heart muscle;
  • at rest, reduces the number of heart contractions;
  • prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels;
  • improves the circulatory system;
  • makes the body switch to the mode of energy consumption from burned fat;
  • speeds up the metabolism;
  • lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Power stage:

  • strengthens the spine and improves posture;
  • muscle mass increases;
  • metabolism becomes more intense;
  • the density of muscle tissue increases and the bones are strengthened;
  • as a result, the risk of muscle and bone injuries in everyday life is reduced.

Interval principle:

  • due to the alternation of intensity levels, there is an effective burning of calories;
  • the cardiovascular system is strengthened;
  • due to the production of lactic acid in the muscles, the lactate threshold rises, which allows high-intensity classes to be carried out in the future;
  • contributes to the effective distribution of forces throughout all classes;
  • make training more diverse, causing positive emotions and interest in classes;
  • suitable for people with any physical fitness, as it allows you to choose your level of intensity.

In addition to the physiological basis of the training program, the main motivating element is the psychological characteristics of zumba. Without psychological motivation, the effectiveness of classes falls.

The benefit of doing zumba fitness exercises with video lessons or in the gym with a trainer is not only to lose weight, but also to increase self-confidence. A person has a desire and motivation to leave the 4 walls of his apartment and not be shy about his movements and body.

Video on the topic: Zumba fitness, video tutorials for weight loss

Zumba Fitness Slimming Video Tutorial:

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