Womens haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

The beginning of the year has already suggested that it is short haircuts that are in fashion, because it is this image of women’s hairstyles that is considered the most light and laid-back this year. You can choose any image for selection in the photo for your new style.

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The advantage of short hair length for choosing a haircut

Short women’s haircuts (photos of fashionable options will be further in the article) can serve as a huge plus in everyday life.

The main advantages of a short haircut are as follows:

  • Lightness and freedom for the head, which is especially good in the hot season.
  • Save time on hairstyle, do not have to twist and braid your hair for a long time.
  • Washing head. Save time and hair care products.
  • With a short haircut, accessories such as earrings are more expressive and visible.
  • It’s easier to straighten your hair. Simply smooth out the strands with your fingers.
  • With a short haircut, the oval of the face stands out more, because behind a long strand it can be hidden.
  • With short hair, you can look younger, so it is preferable to choose such a haircut for women of age.

Short hair flaws

The disadvantages of fashionable and comfortable haircuts include:

  • For those with magnificent hair, it is very difficult to choose a hairstyle to avoid the “dandelion” effect. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • The shape and style of the hairstyle should fit the contour of the face.
  • Styling should be done immediately after shampooing.
  • Laying sometimes requires the use of a huge number of gels and varnishes. Using a lot of chemistry can create a dirty head effect.
  • Shampooing should be done daily to give your hair a little rest from exposure to chemicals.

Short female haircuts (photos show various models), if the choice is wrong, visually change the face shape, stretching it or expanding inappropriately, or do not correspond to the type and structure of the hair.

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Rules for choosing a haircut for short hair according to the shape of the face

Each type of face has its own characteristics, so each of them has its own types of short haircuts. In a round face shape, both length and width have the same proportions, therefore for such a shape it is best to visually narrow and lengthen the face.

And the following types of haircuts are suitable for this:

  • Medium hair with parting and not short bangs.
  • Thick oval bangs that originates from the top of the head. The rest of the hair should be partially laid on the face.
  • Any (oblique, straight) bangs should not be magnificent, but evenly laid. And the top of the head in this case is better to raise. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

For the oval shape of the face, many types of haircuts are suitable, but the exception is only very high, which further lengthen the shape of the face.

The main suitable types of haircuts:

  • Direct or oblique bangs with a slight basal volume in the forehead.
  • Bob, Kare, Garcon, Sesson. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

All hairstyles need to be selected taking into account the width of the forehead.

The following types of haircuts are suitable for a square face shape:

  • With multi-layered bangs ending at the cheekbones level.
  • Maximum volume and asymmetric.
  • With a zigzag parting.

For a triangular shape, it is better not to use ultra-short haircuts, refuse short bangs and strands combed back.

The best types of haircuts will be the best in this area:

  • To balance the broad shape of the cheekbones and chin, a step haircut is suitable.
  • Milled oblique bangs.
  • Elongated bob or level length to the middle of the neck.

Rules for choosing a haircut for height and build

Short women’s haircuts are selected not only according to the shape of the face. The appearance and structure of the figure play an important role. In the photo you can see examples of inharmonious hairstyles and shapes.

Types of short haircuts depending on the figure:

  • For slender girls, the types of haircuts for a boy, Kare and classic Bob will look best.
  • For small miniature women, the best option would be a high hairstyle, which visually can increase growth. It is enough to make a short model haircut with a raised crown.
  • For women of large physique, it is best to choose hairstyles and styling of volumetric type. You can be satisfied with the principle “the larger the figure – the more hair.”

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Rules for choosing a haircut depending on age

For 30 years of age, it is better to abandon short bangs. It is advisable to select asymmetric haircuts, but without ultra-short bangs.

The following types of haircuts can be distinguished:

  • Under the boy – will open all the outlines of the face. Suitable for a slim figure and for those who do not have time to appear wrinkles in the neck.
    Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
    Women’s short haircuts look great for any face shape, the main thing is to choose the right hairstyle
  • Bean. The ease of styling and bangs, which can hide the first age-related changes on the face.

At the age of 40, they will go best:

  • Haircuts under the classic square. It can figuratively slow down the age and stop it for several years.
  • Bob haircuts.
  • Under the boy. Caring for such a haircut is very simple, but it always looks rejuvenating. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

Haircuts for 50 years of age are not too different from those that can be done at 40 years of age.

Among them stand out:

  • Haircut Ladder in any performance, you can try both with bangs and without.
  • Page. Perfect for women who have a slightly raised crown and bangs.
  • Four of
    a kind. Suitable for those whose hair is lacking in volume.
  • Under the boy. Simple and relevant at any age.

Short haircuts for thin hair

Owners of thin hair choose short haircuts for women (photos will help you choose the appropriate style), since it is easier to create volume and raise the crown. The best option would be a layered short hairstyle, which is easiest to make volume. You can prefer a haircut Bob or create a 3-dimensional square. In this case, only a short bang is not desirable.

Short haircuts for thick hair

With thick strands, short hairstyles look irresistible in any performance. Whether it’s a creative Pixie that looks in any blooms, or classic Bob, which is gallon a salvation for a thick hair type. This type of haircut gives a special look of pomp at the back of the head and openness in the lower part of the head. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

The square does not lag behind in this area, and especially with straight cut lines and even parting. It will be very relevant for a thick hairstyle, and precise sections will very clearly emphasize the lips and eyes. At the same time, it guarantees a minimum of installation costs. Short haircuts for women (photos are available in catalogs and the Internet) for thick hair provide many options for selection.

Volume haircuts

With short haircuts, it is easiest to give volume, do styling, hide flaws, change the image.

The main types of haircuts are the above:

  • Known to all, Pixie gives volume due to the difference in the length of hair on the crown of the head and the back of the head with temples.
  • In the Bob haircut, the volume is provided by a graduated technique, and there are many varieties of such a haircut.
  • A Bob haircut will give volume only if it is correctly laid, for example, only in the crown area.
  • In a haircut with a cap, volume is reached in the root zone.

On curly hair

Trendy asymmetrical hairstyles are great for curly hair. This style will seem original and unique.

No problem suitable for both round and oval face shapes:

  • Bob is not picky about styling and never goes out of style.
  • A Bob haircut is a salvation with such a structure of curly hair, and it always looks relevant and stylish.
  • Pixie – can be made both the most erratic and neat. There can be no restrictions.

Haircuts with bangs

The shape of the face mainly affects whether there will be a haircut with or without bangs. The bangs are suitable in the case of a high forehead and a prominent nose, then it just closes the forehead and visually reduces the nose slightly. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

The disadvantages of the bangs include its constant care, because it can be the first to produce increased oily hair. The bangs should be cut from time to time. Another inconvenience that bangs can deliver during hot weather is increased sweating in the area of the skin that it covers.

With a long bang

The long bangs that many girls dare to give them a younger look, and they always look fresh, stylish and even bold. The main thing in a hairstyle with a long bang is proper styling, and for some types of hairstyles it can be varied.

A hairstyle with short hair and a long bang looks very impressive, which corrects the oval of the face. There are many options for short haircuts with a long bang, the main thing is to choose the right one for your age and face shape. The advantage of a long bangs for a short haircut is that it covers some of the imperfections of the facial contours, and also hides the defects of the skin, wrinkles.

Of particular popularity were haircuts, the back of which is very short, while the bangs are of sufficient length. With bangs, it’s easy and simple to find a “common language” in the morning, just go through it with an iron. But now a little disheveled bangs are also gaining popularity, which may seem like a kind of “mess” hairstyle.

Haircuts without bangs

In short haircuts without bangs, the most fashionable and sought-after this year is an even cut, which gives the hair a well-groomed and chic.

A haircut without bangs makes more volume and ease of styling:

  • A wide forehead and round cheeks will help to hide the usual square, but in this case it is necessary to take into account the deep side parting.
  • Haircut Bob without bangs looks stylish thanks to torn strands. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • For a high forehead, hairstyles without bangs also exist and look no less pretty.
  • A pixie haircut without a bang also exists and implies the presence of elongated strands in the upper part of the head and shortened in the temples, as well as a variety of topics such as mohawk.

Creative haircuts

On the basis of a classic hairstyle, you can create a creative haircut in any image, supplement it with some elements of another hairstyle, and leave strands in some places.

Make a bang in an unusual format, of a different type of color:

  • Short haircuts for women (the photo will show in more detail) in the style of Bob can also make the hairstyle unusual. Hair should be cut short, evenly along the circumference, and the strands should be left along the line of the chin. If you put the hairdryer along from the back of the head to the crown, it will turn out very unusual.
  • If in the style of Garzon, cut “under the boy” very briefly, without leaving a bang, and apply the gel, then it is enough to raise the hair and you get a great unusual style.

With shaved temple

Not every girl will decide to shave a section of hair on the temporal part. With short haircut options, a shaved temple looks very bold, quite fashionable, stylish and sexy. There are many variations of shaving – style and appearance depend directly on the imagination and skill of the master. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

You can shave both one and two temples, make a pattern on the shaved area, paint it, even draw a tattoo. The main thing – that everything was in moderation, it looked neat and elegant.

Without styling

Hairstyles without styling are considered popular due to the convenience and versatile appearance.

Basically, such hairstyles are chosen by women aged and those who do not have time for everyday hair styling. The ease of wearing such haircuts directly depends on the structure of the hair.

If the hair, for example, is curly, then you need to choose a hairstyle where you do not have to straighten it and smooth it in every way. It is enough to choose a haircut that fits the structure of the hair and does not require special styling before going out.

French haircut

A French haircut is suitable for those who prefer not to focus on styling, but at the same time hav
e a voluminous hairstyle.

Characteristic features for such a haircut are:

  • Easy hair styling.
  • Not the corruption of the hairstyle in the case of overgrown strands. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • Ease in diverse modeling.
  • Suitable for any age.
  • Emphasizing daily style.

Short hair asymmetry

Women’s short haircuts often use asymmetry, which implies a variety of lengths of strands, where one side of the hair is shorter than the other, in many photographs you can find this. It is sometimes necessary to carefully care for haircuts of an asymmetric type to correctly express the structure of the strands.

Asymmetric haircuts have the following positive aspects:

  • Hide disproportionate facial features.
  • Give originality to a hairdress.
  • Increase hair volume.
  • Suitable for any age.


Haircut is a smooth and even “hat”, which is located around the face, creating the image of a headdress. The hairstyle is suitable for many, but the owners of a beveled and narrowed chin are an exception.

Its main advantages:

  • Easy hair styling. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • It is considered the most “sexy” type of hairstyle.
  • It has a variety of options and styles, as well as bang options.
  • Asymmetric “hat” creates a unique and bold image.

Stylish pixie

A type of female haircut can always be in fashion and have a variety, it seems that the style seems “boyish”, but at the same time, pixie has femininity and sophistication.

The main features of a pixie haircut are:

  • Preservation of style and fashion over a long period of time.
  • Easy to install and minimum maintenance time.
  • A bold, but at the same time cute image of this trend of hairstyles.
  • A huge variety and creativity of haircuts.


The cascade will suit many women, because the haircut has versatility and does not depend on the structure and shape of the hair.

Main advantages:

  • Suitable for any type of hair, even thin and naughty. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • Thin hair takes on airiness and volume.
  • The shape of the face is adjusted.


When choosing a square, the main thing is to choose the length and shape of the leg, which fits the physiological features of the shape of the face:

  • It remains popular for a long time, always remains in fashion.
  • It opens the neck, makes it more feminine and attractive.
  • Turns a humble woman into a vamp woman.


Bean haircut has long been at the peak of popularity, a huge variety of styling can be applied to one bean haircut option.

The main features of bob haircuts are:

  • It always looks fresh, fashionable and stylish. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • The hairstyle is easy to care for and styling.
  • Great even for curly hair.

Fashionable Italian

Haircut “Italian” means a beautifully cut strands to the chin line and volume, but the main thing for such a hairstyle to fall into the hands of a good master.

From the hairstyle “Italian” I want to highlight:

  • Style and comfort that lasts for a long time.
  • Easily controllable volume and styling.
  • Long side strands perfectly simulate the proportions of the shape of the face.


Garson is more of a masculine type of haircut, but some women boldly wear it and consider it the most comfortable among others.

The benefits of cutting a garcon can be identified:

  • It looks bold and bold, but does not lose its femininity.
  • It’s easy to turn glamorous styling into messy tousled hair.
  • Suitable for any age.


Gavrosh can be called a “bold” hairstyle. It is popular with girls who are not afraid of radical changes in appearance and want to be special, not like the others.

Gavrosh haircut is characterized by the following features:

  • Stand out from all. Makes the image expressive and not like the rest. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • It looks sexy and does not require much care.
  • A variety of styles in this type of haircut.


Due to the multi-layered texture, the short strands of the Aurora haircut look voluminous. It will not suit everyone due to the voluminous top, especially this type of haircut is chubby, as well as with a rectangular and square face shape.

It has the following characteristic features:

  • It features an original fashionable style.
  • Stretches and softens the oval of the face
  • Emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones.


The style of the hairstyle debut is a difficult option, so here only an experienced master can make the hairstyle irresistible. A haircut debut can be done with lengthening and with the same length of strands all over the head.

Its special features are as follows:

  • Will go on both straight and wavy hair.
  • Thin hair will not become an obstacle to such a hairstyle.
  • Volume is created thanks to stepped strands.


The main indispensable feature of a caprice hairstyle is the multilayer profiling strands having different lengths.

A haircut feature is as follows:

  • There is a variety of bangs for this type of haircut. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • A different type of curls is suitable for such a haircut.
  • An open neck remains, which gives femininity.


In a rhapsody haircut, you can choose one of two directions – to be strict or bold. The minimum for such a hairstyle is that the length of the hair should reach the neck.

Many liked the rhapsody based on the following characteristics:

  • It does not require daily styling.
  • Makes voluminous hair.
  • Creates a beautiful and elegant outline.
  • Able to quickly change the image.


There are a lot of variations of haircuts, you can choose any style and create an irresistible effect.

The following positive aspects can be attributed to the session:

  • Easy to comb and style. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • An unusual style that looks irresistible and exclusive.
  • Addition in volume.

Short straight

The hairstyle of a straight short square always looks stylish.

The square has a straight cut, which is indicated by a clear cut line, suitable for many face shapes, in addition:

  • It has simplicity in shape and ease of combing.
  • No styling difficulties.
  • The hairstyle is easy to “refresh”.

Very short military style haircuts

Haircuts in the “military” style are popular among athletes, the military, and indeed among men, leading an active image.

However, often women choose a haircut, because it has enough advantages:

  • Hairstyle takes little time to care, and too short hair does not even need to be combed.
  • Gives neatness, rigor and convenience.
  • Lightness is created for the head.


A page haircut implies straight, straight hair with a straight bang, having a strict stylistic pattern.

Its characteristics include:

  • Spectacular simplicity. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative
  • The contour creates a feminine frame on the face.
  • Makes the image elegant and rejuvenates.

With cascade

The technique of cutting with a cascade is to ensure that the next level of strands is longer than the previous one.

The positive features of such a haircut include:

  • Changes the oval of the face with uneven contour levels.
  • The cascade requires basically only combing, and not careful styling.
  • Gives thickening to hair.

Ragged haircuts

The torn haircut is distinguished by milled, uneven, torn strands of different lengths, which can be laid in any direction.

Features of a ragged haircut is:

  • Torn strands are young and create their own irresistible special image.
  • Stacking can be carried out in different directions.
  • Corrects the shape of the face.
  • It turns out creative “chaos” on the head, which is unique, unlike others. Women's haircuts for short hair. Novelties 2021, photo with names, fashionable and creative

A haircut with a ladder still needs styling, but it looks simply amazing at any age.

It has a clear, even cut of the lock, and the advantages include:

  • Giving a considerable volume.
  • An excellent combination of different types of bangs.
  • Accepts various types of styling.

Shaved haircuts with a pattern and shaving at the temples

A hairstyle with a shaving of a certain area in the temple area is typical for brave and daring girls who are not afraid of unnecessary looks.

The hairstyle has the following characteristics:

  • The image of shaved temples attracts attention and stands out from the crowd.
  • At the temples you can create a picture or pattern.
  • At any time, whiskey can be covered with a strand of hair.

As you can see in the photo, there are many variations of fashionable short haircuts for girls and women. Choosing the right haircut that will be in harmony with the lifestyle and lifestyle will be fashionable and convenient, you need to use the advice of hairdressers, depending on the shape of the face, age and color type of appearance.

Short Hair Video

Short haircuts with long bangs:

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