Breast implants – types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Breast implants can make a woman confident and attractive. To ensure that the result matches expectations, serious training and a qualified surgeon are necessary. It will help you choose the perfect shape and size of the implants.

Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Breast implants for mammary glands: how they look, how often to change, lifespan, pros and cons. Price. Photos before and after. Reviews

Breast endoprostheses are silicone membranes filled with a gel or saline solution. They are distinguished by a variety of materials and shapes. The service life of implants is 7-13 years. Manufacturers do not limit the operating time to time frames, but replacing implants is a common occurrence.

This happens for the following reasons:

  • damage to the breast implant, followed by leakage of the gel or solution (very rare);
  • the occurrence of inflammation, which cannot be cured with medication (rarely);
  • the desire to change the size of the breast, its shape, replace old implants with modern and safe (often);
  • physiological changes: sudden jumps in body weight, pregnancy and childbirth, natural aging processes (often).

The advantages of installing endoprostheses is the ability to correct the strong asymmetry of the breast, its sagging, moral satisfaction of women.

The minuses include possible complications (rejection of the implant, infection, a long rehabilitation process). Even after a successful operation and recovery period, further diagnosis of breast diseases is complicated.

The cost of implants depends on the manufacturer and quality, as well as the pricing policy of the company. The starting price of one endoprosthesis varies between $ 600-900. If you choose a model made to order or with a specific content, the price rises to $ 1500– $ 2500 per piece.

Complications are due to the low level of professionalism of the surgeon, improper compliance with recommendations during the rehabilitation period.

Breast lift with implants

Mastopexy with endoprosthetics is a series of surgical interventions that help to create the correct breast shape. It is indicated if the classic breast augmentation does not bring the desired result.

The reasons why the surgeon prescribes combined surgery:

  1. Breast-feeding. Throughout the lactation period, the breast skin undergoes stretching. After feeding, the size of the mammary gland decreases, and the breast sags.
  2. Loss of a large mass of excess fat.
  3. The need for a change in breast implants. If you want to reduce the size of the breast and maintain its shape, the surgeon selects smaller endoprostheses. Therefore, he needs to additionally conduct mastopexy.

In most cases, a breast lift with implants is performed in two stages. Mastopexy is performed and breasts are enlarged after healing.

Much less often, magnification and tightening are combined together. For this, a highly qualified surgeon is needed. It must be taken into account that various complications are unlikely to be avoided.

The most common are:

  1. Incorrect scarring. Thin, inconspicuous seams are formed if there is no additional pressure on them. The weight of the implant exerts this very pressure, as a result of which the scars “sprawl” and become excessively rough.
  2. Asymmetry of the chest.
  3. Ptosis. Improper calculation of the surgeon can cause a displacement of the areola of one or both nipples, which looks extremely unattractive.
  4. Infection followed by necrosis of the gland tissue. Due to multiple injuries after surgery, blood and plasma accumulate in the chest, which are a favorable environment for the multiplication of pathogens.

Mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation is 4-6 hours, and the cost is $ 5000-6000. However, not always high cost is the guarantor of a highly qualified surgeon and quality.

Breast augmentation with implants

After passing the necessary tests and consulting the surgeon, the day of the operation is appointed.

Preparation for it should be carried out taking into account all the doctor’s recommendations:

  1. Elimination of bad habits a few weeks before mammoplasty.
  2. All medications taken must be reported to the doctor.
  3. In the presence of allergies, try to completely eliminate the effect on the body of allergens.

Before the operation, the doctor, together with the patient, stipulates all the nuances and possible complications.

Common negative effects include:

  • hematoma formation;
  • abnormal scarring;
  • capsular contracture.

Contraindications: infectious diseases, neoplasms, allergies, breast diseases. They also do not spend their girls under the age of majority. After the operation, strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendations will eliminate complications by 80%.

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Types, sizes, shapes of breast implants. Photo with implants

Silicone implants

Silicone endoprostheses are medical breast implants for changing the size and shape of the breast. Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Surgeons prefer silicone for a number of reasons:

  1. Filling with cohesive gels of different densities tactilely makes the breast indistinguishable from natural.
  2. Consistency and special properties of gels. If the shell is damaged, they do not leak from the implant. There is no risk of damage to the breast.
  3. Due to its high density it is possible to produce anatomical (drop-shaped) forms. When filled with water-salt solution, this is problematic.
  4. By modifying the properties of the filler gel, it is possible to achieve its most diverse characteristics.
  5. Silicone implants are lighter, which reduces additional stretching of the skin.

Round implants

Round breast implants are recommended for women with voluminous but saggy breasts.

With a flat chest, round endoprostheses, in most cases, will look artificially and unaesthetic.

The implant filler can be of several types:

  • water and salt;
  • silicone;
  • combined – water and silicone gel;
  • biogel.

Round implants can be with a high profile (highly convex) and low profile (flatter). Some models have a volume adjustment function. This is convenient because the surgeon can adjust the size and shape of the breast during the operation.

A relative disadvantage is the possibility of its displacement inside the mammary gland. Outwardly, it is practically not noticeable, but can cause some discomfort in a woman.

The advantage of round implants can be considered visually more voluminous, raised chest. When installing an anatomical form, this effect is not achieved. Round implants cost $ 200-300 less than anatomical ones.

Anatomical (teardrop) implants

Anatomical breast implants are recommended for women with asthenic physique and small breast size. They are asymmetrical in shape – the upper edge is thinner, thickens towards the bottom. Their appearance is as close as possible to the natural form of the female b
reast and resembles a drop.

Due to the asymmetry, manufacturers produce models with a wide variety of shapes, profiles, sizes. Individual production is possible.

A relative disadvantage is their denser texture (necessary to preserve the anatomical shape of the implant), which is tactile little similar to natural breasts. During installation, displacement of the endoprosthesis is also possible.

The advantage of the drop-shaped form is scientifically proven, a low percentage of capsular contracture, outwardly as natural and natural breasts as possible.

The best life-long breast implants – rating, companies. Where to buy, how much

Implants “Mentor” (“Mentor”)

Mentor breast implants are considered the safest.

The manufacturer uses developed and patented materials: Siltex shell and MemoryGel cohesive gel. Mentor anatomical implants have an improved bend line. Even if there is a breast with a minimum content of adipose and glandular tissue, they will not stand out. Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Distributors in USA are Clovermed, Implant Medical. More than half of women choose products of this company for mammoplasty ..

You can buy or order endoprostheses from authorized dealers through the Internet or by contacting them by phone. In most cases, implants are ordered directly at the clinic, one implant starts at $ 900.

Implants “Motiva Ergonomics” (“Motiva”)

The only company producing ergonomic endoprostheses. They are able to look natural in any position of the body, harmonious even in the initially small chest.

The widest selection of volumes from the smallest to the largest: 4 types of profile, several types of viscosity, 7-layer shell, smooth, textured or microtextured surface. Products are approved by the most significant commissions of FDA, ISO, EN, CE.

Implants can be purchased through the official website or through the clinic of aesthetic medicine, where breast augmentation will be performed. The cost of a pair ranges from $ 2000.

Implants “Allergan” (“Allergan”)

Allergan implants are characterized by a wide range of sizes. This facilitates the selection even in the most difficult cases – not only with mammoplasty, but also with breast reconstruction.

In addition to the standard one-component filling, endoprostheses with combined filling of different densities are produced. This allows you to achieve the necessary parameters of shapes, profiles and sizes.

It is possible to purchase implants directly through the clinic in which the plastic will be performed or from a representative of ZAO Family Health. The cost of one implant is about $ 750.

Implants “Sebbin” (“Sebbin”)

For more than 30 years, Laboratoires SEBBIN has been manufacturing high-quality, premium-grade breast implants that meet all international standards.

The endoprosthesis shell consists of 9 layers. The last layer is made in such a way that the risk of capsular contracture, statistically, does not go beyond 1%. The internal content is Naturgel gel, which comes in 3 types of density and is tactile no different from natural female breasts. The company offers the service of creating implants for individual measurements.

Each endoprosthesis is tested for possible defects. You can order implants on the official website company, or in the clinic where mammoplasty will be performed. The cost of a pair is $ 2000-2500.

Implants “Polytech” (“Polytech”)

The German company POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics, a leading provider of breast implants in Europe, has been manufacturing silicone implants for breast augmentation for 30 years. Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Their products are characterized by an 8-layer shell, which prevents the rupture and penetration of silicone into the gland tissue. The top layer is 3 types. Microtextured is considered the most popular.

The filling is a non-flowing high viscosity gel of the latest generation with shape memory. Not so long ago, the company introduced a modular system Sublime Line, which helps in the selection of the implant. It includes 4 categories, each containing 4 profiles and 18 sizes.

You can buy branded endoprostheses from the official distributor of Bonamed LLC or through a clinic where plastic surgery is planned. The cost of a pair starts from $ 2000.

Implants “Nagor”

The company “Nagor”, the leader in the sale of implants in Ireland and the UK, has been developing and improving the model range of endoprostheses for over 35 years, including more than 200 items. The gel filling the prostheses is tactile and indistinguishable from a natural breast. The quality and environmental friendliness of materials is confirmed by the European standards ISO 10993, BS EN ISO 14630, EN 12180.

The company guarantees, in case of damage or contracture, free replacement of both implants. It is possible to select another model. You can order endoprostheses through the official website, the distributor – the company Medical Test. The cost of one implant starts at $ 850.

Implants “Natrelle”

Breast implants “Natrel” – a new line from the company McGhan. It is represented by 140 models of silicone implants and 100 models with water-salt filling. Includes round and anatomical shapes. Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

BIOCELL’s textured casing is designed with such features that the inversion of a drop-shaped implant or the development of contracture is reduced to 0. They are filled with cohesive gels of different densities (round) or Soft Touch gel (anatomical), which is able to remember the original shape.

Endoprostheses can be bought at the representative office of the manufacturing company ZAO Family Health. You can also purchase them through the clinic. The cost of a pair of implants is approximately $ 1500-1800.

Implants “Arion” (“Arion”)

The French production of implants “Arion” is of high quality: a wide lineup, different types of gel densities, smooth and textured shells characterize the brand. The shell consists of 6 layers that firmly protect against tears. Breast implants - types, installation, cost and photos before and after mammoplasty

Monobloc hydrogel bioimplants are considered the safest and most reliable, do not interfere with x-ray examination of the mammary gland.

You can buy implants through the clinic or contact the company through the official website . Estimated cost of a pair of implants is $ 1600-2000.

Installation and removal of breast implants – breast plastic. Methods for installing implants

There are several options for installing breast implants:

  • Between the gland and the pectoralis major muscle. The method is suitable for breasts with a sufficient content of glandular and adipose tissue. Then the implant will not be felt and its edges will not be noticeable.

Advantages of the method:

  1. Minimal pain during the rehabilitation period. Fast recovery time.
  2. The absence of further deformation and displacement of the implant, especially when playing sports.
  3. The most pronounced form.


  1. High risk of capsular contracture.
  2. The likelihood of asymmetry, waves or stretch marks.
  3. Decrease or complete disappearance of the sensitivity of the breast, especially the nipples.
  • Partially between the gland and under the pectoralis major muscle. The most optimal and therefore popular method when conducting mammoplasty. Fits most women.

Advantages of the method:

  1. Natural bending of the chest, the absence of waves along the edge of the implant, stretch marks. Since it is supported not only by the skin, but also partially by the muscle.
  2. The risk of capsular contracture is minimized.
  3. Lack of sagging, asymmetry, deformation and displacement.

The disadvantages of the method:

  1. A long and painful rehabilitation period. It is possible to save edema for up to several months.
  2. If you do not care for the decollete, the implants may move over time. It is necessary to keep the skin in good shape.
  • Between the pectoralis major and minor. The method is characterized by the installation of an implant under the pectoralis major muscle. It was developed as an alternative to the pancreas installation method.


  1. There is practically no risk of capsular contracture.
  2. No hint of an implant – tactile or visual. It is completely hidden under muscle tissue.


  1. Long recovery period with severe pain and swelling.
  2. The presence of an implant does not give the desired volume and elongation of the chest, as it is partially “damped” by muscle density.
  3. When playing sports or muscle tension, endoprostheses are deformed and may shift.

Surgeons rarely use this installation method.

Removal of implants is carried out through the same hole as the installation.

There are 3 options:

  • through an incision in the nipple;
  • through an incision in the crease under the breast;
  • through an incision in the axillary.

Where exactly the seam will be depends on the size of the implant, the structural features of the chest and the wishes of the woman.

The consequences of inserting implants – how the breast looks after 10 years

With a well-performed operation and correctly selected implants, breast deformation over time will be minimal. Tissues are stretched due to the impact of the mass of the endoprosthesis.

An important role is played by the woman’s age – the older she is, the faster mammoplasty will lose its original appearance. That is why after 10 years, the breast can look either amazing or not very beautiful.

Can I breastfeed a baby with silicone implants

Mammoplasty does not affect breastfeeding. Even if the implant ruptures, silicone cannot in any way harm the quality of the milk or its production.

Breast implants can partially interfere with feeding if glandular ducts are injured. Then the amount of milk will decrease, but its production will not stop.

Breast Implant Video

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