How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

Eyebrow makeup: how to color (shape) eyebrows, use a pencil

Not every girl knows how to dye eyebrows correctly with a pencil. Moreover, not everyone has their perfect form from nature. Some ladies generally pay little attention to eyebrows. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

However, do not forget that eyebrows even without a special make-up allow you to make eyes expressive, look more open, slightly change the shape of the face and generally transform the look. However, the correct “draw” eyebrows must be studied as diligently as, for example, to draw perfect arrows. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

Those who are faced with eyebrow correction for the first time with cosmetics should first of all choose their shape that is optimal for a particular type of face.

To do this, you can use the services of a stylist or follow the general advice of beauty experts:

    • For a classic oval face, the ideal shape of the eyebrow is horizontal, you can also add a small rounded bend, adding a flair of mystery to the face.
    • The elongated shape of the face involves straight rather wide eyebrows, so the sharpness and a certain stiffness of the features disappear from the exterior.
    • Girls with round faces should make eyebrows with a noticeable kink and a pointed tip. This form allows you to visually sharpen the face, bringing it closer to the oval.
    • Owners of sharp cheekbones and a heavy jaw should better soften their facial features with the help of rounded eyebrows.
    • For a triangular face, eyebrows are considered optimal, the tips of which are directed to the temples, with a slight soft bend. Exactly for this shape of the face, eyebrows “fit”.
    • The rectangular shape of the face requires softening, which is acquired due to the rounded elongated eyebrows.
    • The diamond-shaped type of face is quite capricious in choosing the shape of the eyebrows – the optimal, according to makeup artists, is considered to be rounded with a noticeable, but not sharp bend. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos
      How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos


However, the shape of the face is often quite blurry, so only experiments will allow you to choose the best option.

How to draw perfect, beautiful eyebrows: step by step instructions. Photo in stages

Having decided on the shape of the eyebrows, you should carefully get rid of excess hair with tweezers, tweezers or a blade, and you can begin to worship. Today there are a lot of tools for eyebrow shaping – gels, shadows, mascara. However, for beginners, the best option is a pencil.

The main advantage of pencils in front of other means is convenience and practicality:

  • Ability to apply lines of any thickness.
  • The ability to adjust the color intensity.
  • Ease of use.
  • Mobility.

There are two types of eyebrow pencils – twisting and sharpening. Each of them has its own advantages. For example, a mechanical pencil can be extended as it is used, and with proper dexterity, it will be possible to tint the edges of it everywhere.

However, such a pencil quickly ceases to be as sharp as after a purchase. Therefore, a regular pencil is used more often – longer service life, the ability to achieve perfect sharpness of the tip.

How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos
How to color eyebrows with a pencil through a stencil

To properly make up eyebrows with a pencil, it is first of all important to comb them properly. To do this, you can use a special comb for eyebrows or use a clean brush from the finished mascara. Comb the hairs in the direction of their growth, giving the desired shape.

To facilitate the task, you can moisten the brush a little or apply light cosmetic oil on it. In this case, it will be easier to form eyebrows. Often at such a moment it is discovered that a pair of treacherous hairs nevertheless eluded attention and would have to be plucked. After the eyebrows are laid, coloring should begin.

Two types of eyebrow modeling are most commonly used:

  1. It would be correct to call this method “make up eyebrows” – a pigment is applied to the hair with a pencil, it looks like when dyeing eyebrows; How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos
  2. The coloring of voids between the hairs, allowing you to create a natural fullness effect.

The first option is suitable only for thick eyebrows, so they are given a rich color and shape is adjusted. Owners of rare vegetation should resort to the second method – neat lines will create the illusion of luxurious “sable” eyebrows. Most often, both methods are used simultaneously, which allows you to create the perfect shape.

To make the brow look natural and well-groomed, it is necessary to draw thin long (approximately equal to the length of the hairs) lines. This is especially true for the area near the nose and in the temporal part.

In this way, you can lengthen and expand your eyebrow. In the middle, it is better to finely shade with a sharp hard pencil to achieve the effect of natural density. It can also be used for thicker lines with a lighter pencil – this will create the appearance of lightness.

After the eyebrows have acquired the desired shape, you can fix them with a gel-fixer or use regular nail polish for styling. When using hairspray, it is necessary to apply it on the eyebrow brush and gently run through the hairs without pressing too much. Such makeup will last an average of 6 hours without additional tinting.

To make the look more open, you can apply a light concealer above and below the eyebrows – the eyes will appear larger and more expressive even with everyday makeup.

How to accurately, evenly summarize (underline) eyebrows with a pencil

Perfect eyebrows are far from the first time. To do this, it’s worth
getting your hand in it. However, there are a few simple rules that make this procedure easier. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

First of all, it is important to get the right pencil . This is the main tool, not counting, of course, eyebrow brushes and tweezers. The pencil should be properly tough – it does not melt when in contact with the skin, leaving sloppy wide stripes and at the same time not scratching delicate skin.

That is why it is not recommended to use eyeliner pencils – they are too soft. When using a sharpened pencil, it is important to sharpen it in time. To do this, a good sharpener is useful, which will sharpen the pencil evenly without leaving wood chipping.

To emphasize the eyebrows evenly, you should not immediately completely tint them. It is enough to draw a few fine lines with a pencil. Perhaps this will be enough to start.

If the eyebrows are still too rare or short, the work will be more serious. It is necessary to fill in the greatest voids with neat dashed lines in pencil, simulating the hairs. Short eyebrows can be lengthened with thin long lines. The eyebrows set in this way will look neat and well-groomed.

How to choose the right color for an eyebrow pencil – optimal shades

Speaking about how to color the eyebrows with a pencil, do not forget about choosing the color of the product. Even brunettes rarely boast blue-black eyebrows. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

In addition to hair color, it is important to focus on the skin tone, which often plays a decisive role. Having chosen the optimal shade of the pencil, you can make the face more fresh and radiant. For each color type there are certain nuances of choice.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for brunettes

To brunettes with fair skin black pencils most often do not go. Optimal, according to experts, are dark brown and gray shades. For example, a light-eyed brunette with “porcelain” skin and a pale pink blush most often should choose a dark gray pencil.

For the owner of resinous curls and yellowish skin, a brown pencil is more suitable. For burning brunettes with dark skin, dark eyes and crimson lips, a black pencil can be used.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for dark blond hair

Owners of dark brown hair should use brown pencils. Depending on the color of the hair, you should choose how dark the color of the pencil will be. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

For reddish girls with a warm skin color, terracotta shades are suitable. And for cold fair-haired it is better to choose a pencil of calm brown color. It is also worth paying attention to the color type – the warmer the skin color, the warmer the eyebrow pencil should be.

How to choose the color of the eyebrow pencil for blondes: the best shade for blondes

Girls with blond curls will effectively emphasize their femininity with light brown or gray pencils. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

Blondes with golden skin and brown eyes can also use a brown eyebrow pencil. And if the skin is rather peachy, and the eyes are blue, a gray shade will be preferable.

Which eyebrow pencil is better to buy

When buying a pencil should be guided by a considerable number of characteristics:

  • Hardness.
  • Type (mechanical or conventional).
  • Ease of use.
  • Durability.
  • The thickness of the rod.
  • Colour. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

Modern industry offers a few more items that will allow any girl to buy the perfect pencil. You can choose from 3 categories: waterproof, wax and powder pencils.

Waterproof eyebrow pencil

A waterproof eyebrow pencil is useful to any girl leading an active lifestyle. As well as those who live in areas with high humidity. The main advantage of such a pencil is its amazing stability. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

If you properly make up eyebrows with such a pencil – no natural disasters are terrible. The only caveat – you need to carefully monitor the oily skin – as the pigment is fat-soluble. Therefore, do not forget to walk with a matting napkin or just a dry clean handkerchief on your skin in order to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Eyebrow Wax Pen

Wax pencil is useful to owners of hard hair. Such a tool smoothes naughty hairs as naturally as possible and allows you to create the perfect shape even if they are short. When using a wax product, there is no need to fix the eyebrows after makeup. Often wax pencils are also water resistant.

Powder eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is the best option for cool weather. This tool is suitable for any type of skin, including oily. Powder pencil looks the most natural. Among its advantages are easy application and maximum staining. How to make up eyebrows with a pencil. Instructions with photos and videos

For evening makeup, you can moisturize it a little and then the shade will be more intense. If the pencil is used improperly, its service life is short. Eyebrows should be painted as carefully as possible – the stylus is not too resistant to damage. Another disadvantage of the product is its instability: after a few hours, makeup will need to be corrected.

When choosing an eyebrow pencil, it is important to focus not only on the price, manufacturer, type and color of the pencil. Make a pencil purchase only in daylight, be sure to use the tester to see how natural the pencil will look on your skin, and then the result will delight you and others.

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