Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

Previously, juices of burning plants were used to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, which was harmful to health, but made the skin smooth and beautiful. Today, funds are presented that help at home to achieve a lasting result. Effective for depilation is considered wax.

Types and composition of wax for depilation

Waxing involves the mechanical removal of regrown hair from the skin. So that waxing is not a complicated procedure, it is important to be able to choose wax. A high-quality tool will allow you to do self-depilation quickly and almost painlessly.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home
Wax for depilation at home and salon

It is important to know the type of skin, which can be:

  1. Normal. It is best to work with this type, most of the tools are suitable for it.
  2. Greasy. Before the procedure, the skin should be wiped with a degreasing composition.
  3. Sensitive and dry. For her, a substance with certain properties is selected.

After hair removal, it is necessary to treat the skin with cream or lotion with soothing and nourishing components. Based on these characteristics and properties, you can select the appropriate tool.

For the selection of wax, it is important to determine the type of hair on the body: hard has dark pigmentation, grows densely and pricks, soft – light and thin, with a touch of silky.

Currently available in the following types:

Kind of wax Description
Hot This initially solid material is melted in hot water and applied to the skin.
Warm It is sold in cartridges, when applied it is brought to body temperature
Cold Available in the form of strips that, without heating, are glued to the body and after a while break off with the hair

Wax for depilation at home does not always include wax, even if it is mentioned in the name.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

More often it includes the following components:

  1. The melting element. These can be natural plant resins or artificial polymers.
  2. Special additives , such as beeswax or paraffin.
  3. Nourishing oils to reduce skin injuries during the procedure.
  4. Extracts of medicinal plants soothing plan (chamomile, tea or aloe).

Choosing a waxing to combat hair growth, you need to make sure it is safe for the skin and body.

Depilatory wax action

Each type of depilation has its own advantages and disadvantages and is designed for different types of hair and zones. The techniques for applying them also differ. Wax, which is called hot, after heating, covers the skin with a film. It is produced in granules or in the form of disks. This allows you to use only the right amount of material, dividing the packaging several times.

The frozen film is removed along with the hair, prying it off with your hand and making a sharp upward movement. The skin remains clean. The film is removed completely and leaves no sticky residue. Specialists advise treating sensitive areas and face with this tool. It is difficult to do hot hair removal without experience, therefore it is better to turn to specialists.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

Wax for depilation at home is better to buy warm. It is sold in sealed cans or roller cartridges. The first option is preferred by professionals, the second is easier to apply without special conditions and experience. Canned wax should be applied evenly with a spatula. It’s not easy to do and shooting is difficult.

The wax in the cartridge has a roller that evenly distributes the composition throughout the body. The procedure with this wax is used to remove hair from the arms and legs. In delicate places, it is inconvenient to apply and remove, because it is not easy to firmly attach paper to thin and vulnerable skin.

Beginners are better off choosing cold wax. It is applied to paper strips and, to attach them to the desired area, you just need to hold the product in your hands to heat. Then the protective film is removed, and the strip is applied to the epidermis. It is well smoothed and after a while torn off with adherent hairs.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

According to the classification, the produced wax can be:

  1. Universal. It is used on any skin area.
  2. For the main areas of the legs, arms, chest and back. Usually it is a warm wax that is effective in working with coarse hair.
  3. For the face area. A soft warm wax with a narrow roller is recommended.
  4. For the bikini zone. Apply hot wax.

Before use, it is necessary to study the instructions that must be followed so that the procedure is effective and less painful.

Depilation wax rating

Experts believe that waxing guarantees removal of unwanted hairs from the body and the duration of the effect of the procedure.

Depilflax ivory

Spanish product recommended by specialists for intimate and sensitive areas. It has emollient properties and belongs to the category of hot waxes. The composition does not cause irritation and softens the skin thanks to coconut oil. The product used is suitable for all skin types. It is sold in the form of squares, unpacked in 2 pounds and 500 g.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

After processing hair of any hardness on delicate skin, the surface remains smooth for up to a month. The product is applicable both in the salon and at home. The advantage of the product is high quality, ease of use in any area of the skin and economy.


Elite Italian product of the film type of a new generation. Available in granules that melt easily. Wax is highly effective. Granules begin to melt at temperatures above 39,2 – 35,6°F, which eliminates the possibility of burns.

Suitable for sensitive skin and hard to reach places. It p
erfectly stretches on the skin and slowly hardens, which allows you to distribute it with a spatula, without having great skills. Such wax is sold in packages of 1 pounds.


Natural composition from Spain related to hot waxes. It is sold in banks of various weights. The high cost is due to the excellent properties of the product, due to which it can be used in areas with sensitive skin.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

To perform the procedure, you will need special paper for fixing and removing wax. Beauty Image softens and moisturizes the skin. This natural remedy is in demand in the salons. To clean the skin, it is recommended to apply branded oil.


Wax for depilation at home by an Italian manufacturer. It is in constant demand among consumers and is produced in the form of granules. The substance is plastic and can be applied to hard to reach places. It softens the skin and reduces pain when removed.

It contains no preservatives or harmful substances; it is completely natural. The granules melt quickly and cool for a long time. Suitable for sensitive skin, easy to use. Packages of 2 pounds may last for several months.


Wax is suitable for the intimate area. It melts at minimum temperatures and can remove hairs of any stiffness. The product does not cause irritation and overdrying of the skin.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

Wax is produced in Italy in metal packaging of 400 and 800 g. When removed from the skin, extraordinary smoothness and renewal is ensured, because with it dead particles go away. The result is saved for a month.


Budget domestic version of the wax has good qualities. It is sold in cartridges, enriched with natural ingredients. It can be used on all parts of the body and hair of any stiffness. Suitable for home application and salon treatments. The set is enough for several times.


A unique French product consisting of wax and oils. Sold in jars of 8,45 fluid ounce, which is enough for several applications. The kit includes a convenient spatula with indicator and 12 reusable strips. The tool quickly acts and is well washed off the skin.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

Suitable for any zone and type of hair, can be used at home. The uniqueness of the composition and efficiency make it popular among most women.


Simple application and inexpensive Ukrainian product is available in plates. The set includes 2 plates and napkins for cleaning the skin, as well as 16 strips for single use. Wax is simply heated by the heat of the hands and applied to the skin. It is removed by a sharp movement of the hands against hair growth. The skin cannot be soaked for up to 10 hours. The result can last up to 3 weeks.

DIY waxing

Wax for depilation at home can be purchased at the store or made with your own hands. This option is chosen by people who want to use natural materials.

This is easy to do if you buy the right ingredients. The procedure should be repeated from time to time. There are several options for making wax at home.

The first recipe consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare beeswax (100 g), rosin (200 g), paraffin (50 g).
  2. Mix the components thoroughly in a suitable container and melt to a homogeneous consistency in a water bath.
  3. Before use, cool the composition to a comfortable temperature ( 104 – 107,6°F).

The second recipe is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin:

  1. Prepare a special carnauba wax (360 g), white beeswax (130 g), glycerin ( 0,24 fluid ounce) and 2 drops of any essential oil.
  2. The remaining ingredients are added to the straightened and slightly adhering wax.
  3. After cooling to a comfortable temperature, the product is applied to the skin.

All self-made formulations can be stored in the refrigerator and used as needed. Before use, you need to heat to operating temperature. Previously, it is better to shave the area a few days before. Special strips of paper are placed on top so that you can remove the composition.

The material is applied to a dry surface along the hair growth path. A paper is applied on top, which is tightly smoothed and after a few minutes is removed with the hair. Before the procedure, you should clean and wipe the skin. On its surface should not be a layer of cream or other cosmetic products. This reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

Home-made wax is applied with a wooden spatula. The product remaining on the skin is removed with a cotton pad moistened with oil. Then you need to apply a cream or lotion on the skin from irritation and nutrition. In the future, you can use tools that slow down hair growth and prevent them from growing into the skin.

After depilation, at least a day is prohibited from visiting the bathhouse, sauna and use of cosmetics. It is not recommended to sunbathe for several days.

Instructions for using wax for depilation

Specialists recommend home waxing with cold wax. Despite the detailed instructions on each drug produced, it is necessary to have the skills to work with complex compounds. Cold wax has features that should be considered when applying strips. In this case, the procedure will be carried out effectively and comfortably for the skin.

Cold depilation is the most painless, but the removed hairs must be at least 5/32 inch long, otherwise they cannot be removed. You need to wait until they grow up or cut off too long sections. A few hours before the planned procedure, you need to take a hot bath and wipe the skin with a scrub that removes dead skin cells.

Immediately before work, body parts are treated with an alcohol-free antiseptic. The substance remaining on the skin can be cleaned with ordinary vegetable oil. However, it should be borne in mind that cold wax acts slowly and it will take several procedures at some time intervals to make the skin smooth.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

When working with hot wax, the product is heated using a water bath or microwave. The composition is neatly and quickly distributed over the skin with a wooden spatula and left to cool for several minutes. The remaining hairs can be removed with a razor or tweezers. Then a soothing cream is applied to the tr
eated areas.

Waxing for waxing

Any cosmetic procedure, in addition to speed and convenience, has its contraindications, this also applies to waxing. For complex health problems and existing chronic diseases, you should first consult your doctor.

It is better to conduct it with caution in the following situations:

  1. Pregnancy, taking medications (hormones and antibiotics). The skin at this time has an increased sensitivity and soreness. To do this, testing for the drug is carried out by applying a small amount of the product on a small area of the skin.
  2. Diabetes mellitus or thrombophlebitis . With these diseases, blood thinners are prescribed, so you can not do this depilation without the permission of a doctor.
  3. Oncology and treatment with its special therapy (chemical and radiation). Perhaps only after consultation with a doctor.
  4. The problem of rosacea . In this case, the procedure can provoke an even greater expansion of the capillaries.
    Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home
  5. Drinking alcohol before the procedure. It provokes an increased sensitivity of the skin and increases the possibility of irritation.
  6. Autoimmune diseases , such as lupus.
  7. The presence of acne followed by treatment.
  8. Skin and fungal diseases.
  9. Hypersensitivity to individual components.

If, during depilation, the skin turns red and becomes covered with ulcers, you need to immediately cleanse it and consult a doctor.

Side effects of wax for depilation

At home, you need to carry out wax depilation with extreme caution. If an unpredictable reaction of the body occurs, take emergency measures.

The most common troubles are:

  1. Redness on the skin. It manifests itself with its high sensitivity.
  2. The appearance of wounds and tears on the skin after removal of the strip. This suggests that the wax is applied unevenly or there are no strip removal skills. If you wish, you can learn everything at special courses. This is important because the consequences of injuries can be serious. Such wounds fester and poorly heal.
  3. Ingrown hairs. This side effect appears on complex and sensitive areas of the skin, such as a bikini area or armpits. This is due to incorrect technique and deformation of the bulbs. Ingrown hairs can provoke folliculitis, which in fluent cases can only be treated surgically.

Wax for depilation. The recipe for how to use at home

The worst side effect of an unprofessional procedure can be associated with an allergy to certain components, most often of poor quality. It is better to do waxing in salons where professional craftsmen work.

Terms and conditions of storage of wax for depilation

Wax has its own shelf life, each type of material has its own. According to existing standards, the shelf life of the product is 3 years from the date of issue. In Europe, it is believed that unopened packaging can be stored for as long as you like, and after opening it, you can use it for 12 months.

With proper storage, wax for depilation cannot deteriorate: it does not have water in which microbes can multiply. Even if the color of the material changes during storage, its properties are not lost.

Violation of the storage rules lead to loss of working qualities under the influence of too low or high temperature. In the storage place should be a temperature of about 35,6 – 32°F.

Depilation is one of the most popular procedures for maintaining the beauty and smoothness of the body. When it is used, film, warm or cold wax. It can be produced in cartridges, granules and plates. Compositions offered in stores differ in composition, method of application, impact effectiveness and cost.

The procedure involves removing the substance applied to the skin along with the hair. Different products are used depending on the area being treated. You can do the procedure in salons or at home.

Video about waxing errors

What mistakes should be avoided in the process of home depilation:

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