The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

In order for hair to grow beautiful and thick, it is important not only to use caring cosmetics, wash regularly, but also use special massage brushes for the scalp. Such items massage the skin and promote hair growth.

Massage combs have a lot of types and functions, but not all of them are good enough and of high quality, especially when it comes to caring for problematic hair – excessively dry, brittle and rare.

The benefits of scalp massage for hair growth and strengthening

The main advantage of this procedure is improved blood flow. Bulbs receive more nutrients, so they become stronger. Regular head massage is good for girls who want to grow long hair. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

After all, this ritual directly affects the speed of hair growth and its density. Another plus of head massage with a comb is the ability to relax. This will help recover from a nervous strain. The procedure will relieve headaches.

Types of massage combs

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of massage brushes. Many of them have additional features. A great option for women who pay special attention to head massage is a brush with round balls on the back.

With their help, you can additionally affect the basal part of the hair, stimulating blood circulation. This model is more suitable for girls with a short haircut.

Another novelty is the magnetic massage brush. It is equipped with both conventional and metal teeth. Through them, a magnet mounted inside the comb creates a field. The model helps to strengthen the bulbs, relieve headaches and normalize the production of sebum.

Do not forget about professional massage brushes. They have a special structure of cloves. With this, they untangle hair without damage. Such brushes are produced in small versions that are convenient to carry in a handbag.

Base material and teeth

Manufacturers produce brushes with a wide variety of teeth and bases. The health of the hair, its growth rate and density depends on the correct choice of the material from which they are made.

With natural bristles

The safest and most ecological combs. They are not suitable for massage. The functionality of such brushes is more aimed at gently untangling hair and polishing it. Suitable for daily use. For the production of such brushes, different materials are used, all of which are listed in the table. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

Material Features
Boar Bristle High level of rigidity. The most common model among instruments with natural bristles.
Whalebone Easy to untangle hair. Ideal for combing curls.
Mixed bristles Includes artificial and natural pile.
Horsehair Smoothes small scales. Gives shine and shine.

Massage hair brushes with natural bristles have the following advantages:

  • easily deal with tangled hair;
  • natural bristles are very elastic and do not scratch the scalp;
  • prevent the appearance of statistical electricity;
  • polish hair;
  • can be used immediately after shampooing.

Among the disadvantages of combs with natural bristles should be noted:

  • not suitable for oily hair care;
  • comb the curls hard;
  • wash the bristles weekly;
  • an allergic reaction is possible; The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews
  • after the base becomes unusable, you must immediately discard the tool.

It is important to note that it is with the help of massage brushes with natural bristles that a useful aromatic procedure can be carried out. Depending on your preference, a few drops of essential oil should be applied to the pile. After you need to comb your hair.

Thus, you can not only give the curls the desired flavor, but also get rid of any problems. For example, in the presence of dandruff, it is better to use lavender. If hair grows slowly, then Bay oil should be used.

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With metal teeth professional

The highest quality material for combs made of metal is stainless steel. The teeth made of aluminum can quickly lose their shape. It is not advisable to use titanium for production, because the price of such a brush will be too high.

The main advantages of professional combs with metal teeth are:

  • Durability. Steel has good strength, therefore, compared with wood and plastic, it can last longer.
  • Does not provoke the appearance of statistical electricity. Metal conducts current well, so when electricity occurs, such a brush evenly distributes it along its entire length.
  • Hygiene The comb with metal teeth is easy to clean. At the same time, the material itself does not absorb dirt and sweat.

But, despite such a large number of advantages, many girls prefer wood and plastic. The reason for this choice is that notches form on the metal teeth over time. They are hard to notice with the naked eye, but it is they who injure the curls.

The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews
Metal massage combs for hair are traumatic

Damage resulting from chipping disrupts the flow of nutrients through the hair shaft. After that, dryness and section appear, which eventually leads to the need for a haircut.

Such combs have another drawback. Metal easily interacts with dyes. Therefore, it is not recommended to use brushes with steel teeth during such a hairdressing procedure. Otherwise, the shade may change.

Made of ceramic

Ceramic massage hair brushes are the most reliable model. That is why professionals prefer it. Ceramic brushes are made both from synthetic pile and from natural. Individual models can combine bristles and plastic or wooden teeth. However, this option should be chosen only for girls with thick and curly hair.

Such combs are often used in the process of drying hair with a hairdryer. The material from which the brush is made does not deteriorate when exposed to high temperature. In addition, ceramics protect hair from exposure to statistical electricity.

A great option for a ceramic comb is the tourmaline-added model. They are more durable. In
addition, this material promotes uniform heating of the strands and their rapid cooling. Therefore, hair is less susceptible to trauma if, with a hairdryer, a brush with tourmaline is used.

Made of wood

The following types of wooden combs are made:

  • with natural bristles;
  • with artificial pile;
  • with wooden teeth. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

Such brushes are suitable for combing wet hair. They are often used to massage the head. In addition, they can be used to apply oil or nourishing masks to curls. However, combs have several drawbacks. Firstly, the tree is easily damaged.

Secondly, the material absorbs grease and dirt well. Therefore, when choosing a brush, you must pay attention to the fact that the base is varnished. Another criterion that should be considered when buying a comb is the type of tree. More detailed information is given in the table.

Material Functional
Ash It provokes hair growth, promotes cell regeneration.
Birch tree Accelerates the absorption of nutrients.
Pine Differs in the increased durability. Soothes the nervous system. Prevents active reproduction of microbes and bacteria.
Sandalwood Helps relieve nervous tension. Helps set the body to sleep.
Peach Eliminates dandruff. Prevents cross section of ends.
Beech Promotes accelerated hair growth. Normalizes sleep. Prevents dandruff.
Bamboo Relieves nervous strain. Promotes the rapid healing of minor injuries.
Juniper Stabilizes the nervous system.

Made of plastic

Massage combs for hair of this segment are the most budget option. These brushes are easy to keep clean. It is enough to wash it weekly with soapy water. After drying, put the comb with the teeth down. A brush made of plastic is perfect for head massage. Especially if there are balls at the ends of the teeth. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

Among the shortcomings of such combs should be noted:

  • The formation of statistical electricity.
  • The teeth are easily damaged. This leads to chipping. They are not as hard and sharp as metal. However, they also injure hair.
  • Not suitable for drying with a hairdryer. Under the influence of hot air, the plastic melts and releases toxic substances.

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Additional combs functionality

Among the new products should be noted brush, which is equipped with heating. This allows you to simultaneously give the hair the desired shape when combing. In this case, heating is carried out evenly, so the curls are not damaged in the same way as when laying with a styler.

More often, these combs are used to straighten or give extra volume to the hair. Another additional function is ionization, its main task is to prevent the appearance of statistical electricity. This not only allows you to get a well-groomed look, but also prevents hair damage.

Can a massage brush harm hair

A comb just bought in a store cannot harm your hair. This problem becomes relevant when the brush is not properly used, or is used for too long. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews

One example that clearly illustrates mistakes in use is combing wet hair . In this case, even a completely new tooth brush without chipping can harm your hair.

What is the principle of choosing a massage comb

Before purchasing a brush, you must determine the purpose for which the purchase is made. If the main task of the comb is a head massage, then it is better to pay attention to the model with wooden teeth. For polishing and gentle unraveling of hair, brushes made of natural bristles are suitable.

In cases where the comb is needed for styling, it is better to choose a flat model with combined teeth. It is also important to consider the type of hair. The thicker the hair, the stiffer the bristles should be.

It is necessary to pay attention to the base of the comb. It should be strong and fit. If a girl likes voluminous styling, then she should purchase a slightly rounded model. For hair straightening, it is better to prefer a flat brush. In addition, it must be taken into account that the handle is comfortable and does not slip during operation.

Review of the best brands

Massage hair combs should be purchased, not only considering the above tips. It is important to pay attention to the brand. After all, manufacturers who have already taken their place in the market protect their reputation. Therefore, they monitor the quality of the material and workmanship.

Among the most popular brands, the following should be noted:

  • Dessange . The French brand, which placed its production in South Korea. The brand, in addition to popularity, has a great history. For example, the founder of this brand personally performed various hair manipulations with Bridget Bordeaux. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews Now the company provides hairdressing services in 40 countries. In the production of massage brushes, the main emphasis is on models with natural bristles. The cost of such tools is very high, as the brand relates its products to the luxury segment.
  • l love my hear. A brand with a talking name, because the manufacturer focuses on the health of the hair. For example, one of the most popular combs of the brand is
    a model with teeth of different lengths. This development allows you to carefully untangle even wet hair. The brand constantly releases new products using new technologies. For example, bristles can be enriched with oils. In addition to standard materials for teeth, the brand offers new materials. Among them, it is worth highlighting nylon, which is characterized by strength and flexibility.
  • Olivia Garden. Belgian manufacturer. They release tools for professionals and ordinary users. The brand offers a wide range of massage brushes. Among them there are models with both artificial and natural bristles. In addition to the cloves, the manufacturer pays great attention to the basis of the comb. It is made from various materials, including bamboo and carbon fiber. All handles are designed to be comfortable to hold. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews
  • Chicco. The brand specializes in the production of massage brushes for young children. The main age category that the company focuses on is from 0 to 3 years. All combs have an anatomical shape. The bases are rubberized so that the tool is easy to keep clean. The bristles are soft, it will not scratch the baby, but will help get rid of crusts. Chicco brushes have a minimum weight, so your child will eventually learn how to handle himself.
  • Janeke. The brand belongs to an Italian company that produces a wide range of massage brushes. The most popular model is a lightweight rubber comb made of quality material. It does not damage hair; even wet curls can be untangled to it. This brush is easy to keep clean and carry in your handbag.
  • Dessata. The brand produces massage brushes with a special arrangement of teeth of different lengths. This structure of the model prevents the possibility of damage to the hair. The production uses high quality materials. A special cover-cover is sold with the brush. In addition to protection against possible contamination, it prevents a violation in the structure of the teeth. There is a small version of such a comb that is easier to carry.
  • Kapous. A well-known European manufacturer who produces a wide range of tools and hair care products. The brand also specializes in the production of natural bristle massage brushes. Among the models developed by them, a comb with 3 levels of bristles should be noted. It allows you to simultaneously untangle both long and short hair.
  • Lady Pink. The manufacturer relies not only on the respect for hair, but also on the stylish design of the accessories themselves. Among the variety of combs produced by this brand, there are various options for silver, gold and pink combs. The brand is famous not only for its unusual forms of brush bases, but also for teeth. Moreover, the tool does not harm the hair. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews
  • Tony Guy. The brand belongs to the English manufacturer. Unlike the previous brand, all tools have a strict design. Accessories are suitable for both professionals and home use. Among the wide range of products you can find a large number of tools made of carbon fiber. You can buy massage brushes from this manufacturer only in special stores.

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Comb Massage Technique

Before proceeding directly to the procedure, it is necessary to choose the right accessory. For massage, it is better to choose a tool with a wooden backing. This material is lightweight, so the hand will get tired longer. In addition, this will help prevent the occurrence of statistical electricity. The teeth themselves should not be elastic, it is better that small balls are at their ends.

The head massage technique is the following algorithm:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. To make circular movements with a brush, moving from the temples to the crown. In the same direction, perform this manipulation from the forehead and neck.
  3. Holding the comb to the head a little, hold it on the skin, moving from the periphery of the head to the center.
  4. Finish the massage by making light circular movements with your fingers.

Accessory Care

Massage combs require some care. Otherwise, they quickly become worthless and can cause damage to the hair.

Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Wash the brush weekly. To do this, use warm water and a drop of shampoo. If the dirt is strong, then you can wipe the pile or teeth with a soft sponge. The best massage hair combs. How to choose a professional, prices and reviews
  • Do not store in places with high humidity.
  • Prevent damage to the handle and teeth. To do this, avoid dropping the tool and use it carefully. It is better to purchase a special case.

Where to buy, hairbrush prices

You can buy high-quality accessories in specialized or online stores. The price of such a product will depend on the brand and the material from which the massage brush is made.

For example, plastic models are the most budget option. Their price starts from $ 2,72. The cost of wooden combs ranges from $ 4 – $ 7. The most expensive are tools made of natural pile, for such a model you can pay from $ 11 – $ 68.

The choice of massage combs is diverse. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you need to determine in advance the functions that the comb should perform. In order to maintain healthy hair, you should not save on the tool and follow the recommendations described above.

Video about massage combs

How to choose a comb:

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