Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

Epilation is used to eliminate unwanted hair from the skin by destroying the bulb or together with it. The most effective and safest is the laser method. It allows you to ensure smooth skin for a long time (6-12 months) after 4-6 sessions. This procedure is used to remove vegetation in a deep bikini area.

What is a deep bikini laser hair removal

In the bikini area, the skin is more delicate and sensitive, so not every hair removal method is suitable for hair removal. The laser procedure allows you to remove them without causing severe irritation and inflammation. Cleanliness of the skin after 1 procedure lasts from 6 months. After completing the full course – up to 7 years.

When epilating with this method, a laser is applied to the root of the hair. The specialist selects the desired beam length according to the color and thickness of the hair. The flash produced by the device affects melanin (a color pigment), which absorbs light and releases thermal energy, which leads to the destruction of the bulb and damage to the vessels of the nourishing hair.

The surrounding tissue remains intact.

After root destruction, the hair dies and falls out (the process may take 3-5 days). The place of the follicle is gradually overgrown, without the possibility of the formation of a new hair in it.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

The device can only destroy active bulbs (when the hair is in the growth stage), the laser does not act on dormant or dying stage. Depending on the type of laser, the color of the hair and the tone of the skin can affect the quality of the procedure. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the more effective the hair removal.

Advantages and disadvantages of deep bikini laser hair removal

Laser hair removal (including a deep bikini) has both pros and cons.

Laser benefits Disadvantages of the procedure
There is no damage to the integrity of the skin, therefore there is no risk of infection. The quality of the procedure depends on the skill of the master and the novelty of the equipment.
You can immediately process the required area, without dividing into several procedures. If the laser beam length and exposure time are incorrectly selected, a burn of the skin and increased pigmentation are possible.
The hair removal process takes from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated and the hair structure. Complete hair removal is not possible after 1 procedure, since the laser does not destroy the bulbs in the “sleeping” state and at the stage of dying.
Pain is minimal. Gray, blond and red hair is difficult to eliminate.
The smoothness of the skin after the procedure from 6 months for 1 session, and up to 7 years when completing the full course. High cost of the procedure.
Ability to treat delicate and sensitive skin. Hair that has not been removed during hair removal should not be removed by other hair removal methods for up to 1 month (you can cut or shave).
After epilation, there are no ingrown hairs. Before and after the procedure, it is forbidden to visit the solarium and saunas for up to 7 days.

Before hair removal in the bikini area, you need to undergo an examination with a gynecologist, dermatologist and therapist to exclude infectious diseases and other contraindications.

Types of Lasers

Depending on the type of laser selected, the area of the treated area (per flash) and the requirements for hair color and skin cover change.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

Types of lasers with a brief description of the action:

  • alexandrite. The procedure is effective for light tone of the epidermis and dark hair. The beam destroys the bulbs located at a depth of not more than 5/32 inch. The procedure takes place in a short period of time due to the larger diameter of the treated area with a laser during a flash. More gentle on the skin;
  • diode. The laser destroys the bulbs (to a depth of 10/32 inch) in hair of any shade, except for very light tones. The color of the skin does not affect the quality of the procedure. To completely eliminate vegetation, fewer sessions are required. Due to the aggressiveness of the beam, a strong reddening of the epidermis is possible after the procedure;
  • neodymium. The penetration depth of the beam is 8/32 inch. For laser hair removal, this laser has low efficiency (it is more often used for tattoo removal and in the treatment of skin pigmentation). When choosing a neodymium laser, the number of sessions increases by 2-3 times when compared with an alexandrite laser. It is rarely used to remove hair in the bikini area due to the need for additional manipulations irritating the delicate skin. The laser is able to remove gray hair, as it additionally acts on the blood vessels, interrupting the hair supply with its subsequent death;
  • ruby. It is not used to remove light and red hair and with a dark tone of the skin. The procedure takes a longer period of time and may be accompanied by tangible discomfort. The beam can destroy bulbs to a depth of 4/32 inch, with a deeper location, the laser is not effective. Epilation with a ruby laser has a low cost.

The choice of a laser is made by a cosmetologist after assessing the condition of the skin, determining the depth of the location of the bulbs, and also after determining the skin tone and hair color.

Types of Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Laser hair removal (deep, medium and total bikinis have a lot in common) according to the type and depth of processing is chosen at the request of the client.


In the classic (medium) version, it involves the removal of hair along the edge line of underwear. On average, vegetation is removed 1’2 inch deep into the pubis and 0’8 inch on the inner side of the thighs. It is possible to adjust the zone according to individual wishes (according to a swimsuit or the desired style of panties). The procedure takes 20-30 minutes.


With deep processing, hair is removed from the entire inner surface of the thigh, on the pubis and labia (outside). Vegetation is also eliminated in the buttocks and in the crease between them. If the client wishes, the master can leave a small strip of hair in the pubic area and on the labia.

The procedure to remove vegetation in the required areas takes at least 40 minutes. If desired, hair removal can be done in several sessions. It is recommended to use anesthetics, as the procedure is accompanied by painful sensations.


With total hair removal, complete hair removal is performed in the intimate area, including vegetati
on on the inner side of the labia and near the anus. The procedure is accompanied by pain, anesthesia is required. Duration of hair removal – at least 1 hour.

How many sessions will be required to achieve smooth skin

Laser hair removal does not allow to destroy all hair follicles in 1 session, as it affects only active follicles. After the procedure, hair (with a destroyed root) falls out for 3-5 days. Awakening of “sleeping” bulbs is possible in 1-6 months. The process is individual for each client, including in the deep bikini zone.

When reprocessing, inactive follicles may also remain, which can also “wake up” after 6 months.

To achieve smoothness of the skin, on average, 5-6 sessions are required (depending on the type of laser selected and the quality of the hair). Since between the procedures it is required to maintain an interval of at least 30 days, the duration of the full course takes up to 6 months. It is not recommended to do more than 12 epilations during the year.

Contraindications to the procedure

Laser hair removal in the intimate area is performed in the absence of contraindications.

List of prohibitions for the procedure Description of the effect of the cause on hair removal
Diabetes In the presence of these pathologies, a strong decrease in immunity occurs, as a result, the procedure may be accompanied by the development of complications.
Oncological formations
Colds and other infectious diseases (flu, dysentery, tonsillitis) In the presence of infection, the risk of infection of others is great, and also due to a decrease in the activity of the immune system, a negative reaction may develop.
Sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia) Infection in the intimate area can disrupt the effect of the laser beam on the hair, and its action can aggravate the course of the disease.
Abnormalities in the immune system (AIDS, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis) Epilation with these pathologies can cause the development of side effects.
Dermatological pathologies of an infectious nature (herpes, pustular formations, eczema) The laser can provoke an aggravation of the course of the disease.
The period of gestation and breastfeeding The effect of the beam on the fetus has not been studied, and during the procedure it is recommended to use painkillers that can penetrate into breast milk.
During surgical procedures in the treated area (3 months before the procedures and 3 months after them) Operations affect metabolic processes and cause stress in the body, during epilation, during this period, complications from both procedures may develop.
With menstrual flow Depending on the qualifications of the specialist and the health of the client, the procedure is allowed to be carried out conditionally. It is important that the uterus is sensitive to infection during this period. Strict sterility is important.
Very dark skin If you have dark skin, a diode laser is required. The master must be highly qualified.
Over 70% of the hair is gray. To remove this type of hair requires the use of a neodymium laser. It has low efficiency, the procedure is accompanied by pain and requires additional preparation, possibly irritating the mucous membranes.
Violation of the integrity of the skin (scratches, abrasions, hematomas) These deviations disrupt the laser. It is also forbidden to use external painkillers. For hair removal, anesthetic ointments are mainly used.
Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system With a violation of the activity of blood vessels and the heart, there is a high risk of worsening the course of the disease.
Long-term use of antibiotics in recent times (not a month before hair removal) Antibiotics reduce the functioning of the immune system, which can provoke the development of complications.
The presence of hairy moles or a large number of warts The elimination of vegetation in moles and near warts can provoke the development of a benign or malignant tumor.
Violation of the composition of the blood, including with disorders of its coagulation The ban is conditional, as it can provoke the development of a negative reaction and a deterioration in well-being.
The use of potent hormones Drugs cause hormonal failure, it can also trigger the development of side effects.
Increased photosensitivity of the skin The laser can provoke the development of hyperpigmentation of the skin and a strong allergic reaction.
Children and adolescents under 18 years At this age, the body’s reaction to the procedure is unpredictable. Contraindication is conditional.
Epilepsy and diseases accompanied by voluntary muscle contraction With these pathologies, jerking and involuntary muscle twitching in the treated area are possible, which will not allow to achieve the desired result.

Depending on the type of apparatus and the specialist’s qualifications, some contraindications are conditional (the presence of menstruation, the color of the skin and hair).

Possible negative consequences

If you ignore contraindications or inexperience of the master, it is possible to develop a negative reaction after the procedure:

  • burn of the treated area (due to insufficient cooling of the skin or improper adjustment of the device);
  • increased pigmentation at the treatment site;
  • inflammation of the hair follicles;
  • exacerbation of existing diseases;
  • allergic rash, itching and swelling on the used painkillers.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

If you neglect the use of goggles, a violation of the quality of vision is possible. Subject to the conditions of preparation, as well as skin care after hair removal, during the passage of specialists before the procedure (to avoid contraindications) and with the right choice of salon, side effects are extremely rare.

Preparation for laser hair removal deep bikini

Laser hair removal (a deep bikini has more contraindications than hair removal in other parts of the body) is more effective and the likelihood of developing complications decreases after proper preparation for the procedure:

  • Eliminate the presence of contraindications. This requires examination by a dermatologist, therapist and gynecologist.
  • When taking potent hormonal or antibiotics, they should be canceled 30 days before hair removal.
  • For 10-14 days, sunbathing, visiting the solarium and saunas are prohibited.
  • A month before the procedure, do not use other methods of hair removal. Hair removal using a razor.
  • The length of hair on the treated area should be optimal for a quality procedure (negotiated with the master and depends on the type of laser).
  • With a tendency to develop herpes or thrush, put candles before hair removal for preventive purposes.
  • Do not use aggressive ointments and detergents 3 days before hair removal, as they can enter into a chemical reaction with an anesthetic.
  • To exclude the presence of menstruation during the procedure, since during this period the intimate zone becomes more sensitive to pain, and overall health worsens.
  • Applying an anesthetic external agent before the procedure. Before choosing, you should consider contraindications to the drug, the time of application before the procedure and the duration of the composition.
  • Washing of intimate places before the procedure using baby or antibacterial soap.
Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure
The diagram shows how the device for laser hair removal acts on the hair in the deep bikini area.

If a negative reaction is likely to develop, it is recommended that you initially choose the classic version of hair removal. In the absence of side effects, you can deepen the treatment area.

Do I need pain relief

In the classic version, anesthesia is required with increased sensitivity of the skin. For deep and total hair removal, the use of anesthetics for external use is recommended.

Before using these drugs, it is necessary to conduct a reaction to sensitivity to the components in order to avoid the development of an allergic reaction during and after the procedure.

Recommended ointments for hair removal:

  • Emla
  • AneStop;
  • Sustainin;
  • Depilflax;
  • Super Numb.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

These drugs eliminate the pain symptom for a long time, additionally eliminate the likelihood of inflammation, swelling and have a disinfecting effect.

Optimal hair length

The length of hair on the treated area depends on the type of laser selected. If the hair is too long, the power of the beam will be absorbed by the hair itself, the destruction of the bulb will not occur. But the likelihood of getting a burn will increase. If the hair is too short, the beam may not see the hair.

Hair parameters by laser type:

  • diode and neodymium. Hair must be removed using a razor before the procedure;
  • alexandrite and ruby. The hair length should be 4/32 – 6/32 inch.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

A more accurate length of the vegetation must be clarified by a specialist in the salon. Since the parameters may vary from the novelty of the equipment.

How is the procedure carried out, does it hurt

Laser hair removal sequence:

  1. If classic hair removal is selected, then underwear should outline the desired treatment area. For deep or total hair removal, underwear must be removed.
  2. The client is laid on a specialized chair.
  3. When choosing an anesthetic immediate action specialist puts the composition on the treatment area;
  4. Safety glasses must be worn to prevent damage to the retina.
  5. The master adjusts the device to the desired length and processes the skin.
  6. To improve the passage of the laser beam, a special gel is used, which is evenly distributed over the treated area.
  7. The duration of the session is from 20 to 90 minutes. Depends on the depth of processing.
  8. The specialist removes the remaining gel.
  9. A special composition is applied to the skin to protect against irritation.

When choosing a course of hair removal specialist appoints the date of the next procedure.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

The nuances of skin care are also discussed. The soreness of the procedure depends on the pain sensitivity of the client and the choice of pain medication. On average, a session may be accompanied by a little discomfort.

Safety measures and rules for skin care after the procedure

Laser hair removal (deep, total or classic bikini is carried out after preparation in the absence of contraindications) requires special care for the skin after the procedure.

Skin Care Nuances:

  • within 5-7 days it is required to use protective equipment with anti-burn action (Sulfargin, Radevit, Bepanten);
  • cosmetics can be used after 14-20 days;
  • a visit to the bath or sauna is allowed after 3 days. Wash in the bath or shower after 24 hours;
  • when washing the hair removal zone, do not use aggressive agents and a rough sponge;
  • visiting the solarium and sunbathing is allowed after 10-14 days;
  • the remaining hairs can only be removed using a razor. Tweezing with tweezers is prohibited;
  • when choosing a different method of hair removal, the procedure is allowed after 14 days;
  • underwear should be their natural material.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

After 1 or 3 treatments, enhanced hair growth can be noted. This is a response of the body to a lack of vegetation in this area. This provokes the awakening of sleeping bulbs. Subsequent procedures will make the skin smooth for a long time.

How much effect is enough

The smoothne
ss of the skin after 1 procedure can be observed from 6 months.
This indicator depends on the speed of hair growth and the individual characteristics of the body. After a full course (5-6 sessions), vegetation may be absent up to 7 years. Further, hairs can appear only in places, corrective hair removal will be required.

The cost of laser hair removal deep bikini in New York, Los Angeles,

The cost of the procedure depends on the laser used, the type of treatment (classic, deep, total) and the in which the hair removal salon is located.

City Types of laser (average cost of the procedure in usd)
Diode Alexandrite
New York 4500 5500 8000 3500 5000 6500
Atlanta 4700 5800 8200 3750 5100 6600
Los Angeles 4500 5400 8100 3500 5100 6500
San Francisco 4400 5300 7900 3450 4900 6450
Houston 4000 5200 7700 3300 4800 6300
Chicago 4300 5400 8000 3450 5000 6450
Seattle 4300 5400 7900 3500 4800 6500
City Types of laser (average cost of the procedure in usd)
Ruby Neodymium
New York 1500 2500 4000 4000 5000 7500
Atlanta 1550 2700 4300 4200 5100 7700
Los Angeles 1550 2500 4000 4100 5000 7600
San Francisco 1500 2400 3900 4000 4900 7400
Houston 1400 2350 3800 3700 4800 7300
Chicago 1500 2400 3900 4000 4900 7400
Seattle 1500 2400 3800 4000 4800 7400

K- classic processing; G – deep; T is total.

Laser hair removal zone deep bikini. Contraindications, photos, price of the procedure

Laser hair removal at a cost also depends on the skill of the master, if the price for the procedure is greatly underestimated, visiting this salon is not recommended. Before starting the sessions, you need to undergo a full examination to exclude contraindications.

If hair removal in the bikini area is done for the first time, it is recommended to choose the classic option. In the absence of side effects, in the subsequent procedure, you can choose a deep treatment.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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