Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

Regular physical activity is required to maintain normal body tone and body health. Compliance with the rules and norms of steps per day for women and jogging will improve health and gain stamina.

The Importance of Exercise for Women’s Health

Physical activity is important for the following reasons:

  1. Maintain a normal weight .
  2. Metabolism improves . This is due to an increase in muscle mass. Muscle tissue is constantly spending energy.
  3. The musculoskeletal system is being strengthened . Since metabolism in bones and muscles is normalized, this makes them stronger. Therefore, physical activity will serve as a prophylaxis of osteoporosis.
  4. The cardiovascular system is strengthened . The stroke volume of the heart gradually increases, blood circulation is restored, endurance increases.
  5. Obesity is being prevented . During training, fat stores go into energy.
  6. Mental condition improves . If classes are performed regularly, then people become energetic and sociable. Training relieves stress and tension.
  7. Positive effects on women’s health . With the help of classes there will be no stagnant processes in the genitals. The state of reproductive organs is also being restored.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

For 1 hour of walking 200 kcal and more are spent. Therefore, to strengthen the body, it is important to arrange simple walks more often. If the weight is 132 -176 pounds, then for an hour of climbing the stairs you can burn 400-500 kcal, and during the descent – 100. Residents of high floors should not take the elevator.

When running, it consumes 12.2 kcal per minute, while running on the spot – 100 calories in 20-25 minutes.

If you train on a stationary bike, then 700 kcal is burned per hour.

The norm of steps per day for women. WHO recommendations

The norm of steps per day for women is 10000. This is a generally accepted indicator, but is not considered universal. The norm is determined by health, age.

The following table will help determine the optimal indicator:

Age Number of steps
18-35 Up to 20000
35-50 Up to 15000
Over 50 Not less than 8000

These indicators are suitable for healthy people. Moreover, the number of steps may vary depending on the state of health. For example, with some ailments, the doctor recommends a slight decrease in physical activity, but at the same time it should still be.

The benefits of walking during pregnancy

At this time, the body undergoes serious changes, which can cause disruptions in the activity of any organ or system. But daily walking is needed to strengthen all systems, improve overall well-being.

Due to moderate physical activity provides:

  1. Strengthening the muscles of the legs, back, buttocks, improving blood supply to bone tissue. The leaching of calcium from the bones is less active, which is necessary to preserve your hair, nails, teeth.
  2. Intense calorie burning.
    Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results
  3. Beneficial effect on the respiratory system. The lungs function actively, there is an improvement in blood circulation in the utero-placental blood flow, and this positively affects the development of the child.
  4. Improving bowel function. Walking will help relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.
  5. Strengthening immunity, improving the state of the nervous system. Pregnant gets positive energy.
  6. Breathing training. This greatly reduces pain during childbirth and protects the baby from oxygen starvation.

At the 2nd and 3rd trimester, many pregnant women develop varicose veins. After walking, you need to lie down with your legs raised for about 10-15 minutes, after which perform special exercises. This allows you to get rid of edema and reduce the burden on the veins.

If the pregnant woman is in good health, then it is advisable to walk for 1.5-2 hours a day.

The norm can be divided several times. An indicator of a suitable load is the absence of shortness of breath. It is important that the breath is even, calm. There should also be no discomfort in the lower abdomen.

When is it better to walk and run

The norm of steps per day for women will provide optimal calorie burning, so the figure will be in perfect order. Classes should be chosen taking into account the personal schedule and biorhythm. If it is more comfortable to train in the evening, you should not get up early in the morning. But, according to many experts, morning jogging is the most suitable for losing weight.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

In this case, breakfast will not affect the waist and will be quickly absorbed. To get out of bed in the morning easier, you need your favorite music. Tracksuit should be prepared in advance. An empty stomach drinks a glass of mineral water. In the evening, it is better to devote time to running 2-3 hours before bedtime. With such training, carbohydrates are burned, not fats. After losing weight, running helps you keep fit.

How to count steps

There should not be any difficulties with this.

The following tools can be used for this:

  1. Pedometers that are mechanical and electronic . Modern models have many functions, but not all of them are needed. The main purpose is to identify the number of steps. If you buy a multifunctional device, you can identify lost calories.
  2. Applications . Many people use distance tracking on Google maps. You need to turn on the GPS and set the location. Then the route of movement is set, the place of finish on the map is indicated. You should choose a walking method. Service determines walking time and distance.

Walking for health and weight loss. How much to walk and run to lose weight

The norm of steps per day for women is needed for well-being and good health. Walking and running provide approximately the same results. But all the same, walking gives a faster result
. You must do this regularly and correctly.

The advantage of walking is that even with a little physical preparation, 12 mile can be covered. Not everyone can run this much. Walking compared to running is not contraindicated to anyone. According to doctors, such an activity is absolutely safe for health.

Walking with a load is prohibited when:

  • heart disease
  • respiratory failure;

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

  • kidney disease
  • diabetes mellitus.

You should walk 10000 steps, which is 3 – 4 mile. Less is possible, but fat burning requires continuous walking for an hour. Keep in mind that a one-time walk does not provide a result. For weight loss, you should walk regularly, best of all every day.

If running is chosen, then it takes more than 40 minutes to do it. First, the body functions on carbohydrates. Only after 40 minutes will fats be burned. It turns out that in order to lose excess weight, you need to run for at least 50 minutes at an average pace. Beginners can alternate between slow running and fast walking. And for trained people, cross is suitable for at least an hour.

How much do you need to walk per day for weight loss

Compliance with the norms of steps per day for women will quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Walking should be carried out according to the following rules:

  1. It is important to comply with the 10000 step norm. At first, there may be short walks, and over time, you need to increase the pace and duration of the distance.
  2. When the rhythm has become familiar, you should walk fast 1 mile in 10 minutes. In order to lose weight, the norm should be up to 7 mile per day.
  3. If the weight is large, then during the movement a lot of calories are spent. At 176 pounds, brisk walking consumes 450 Kcal / h.
  4. As an additional load, weights are used. For this, choose heavy shoes, leg weights
    Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results
  5. An effective method of reducing the eyelid is considered to be upward movement – uphill or stairs.

It is necessary to monitor proper breathing. There is a special technique with a delay: 3 steps take a deep breath, a delay 3 steps, and then exhale. This is necessary to enhance metabolism and burn excess fat.

Useful Walking Principles

Hiking should take place correctly so as not to harm the body.

Therefore, you must follow the basic principles:

  1. Moderation . Exercise should not cause discomfort. Therefore, you must comply with the measure. You should not overload yourself with training, even if you want to lose weight quickly.
  2. Gradualness . First you need to walk small distances, and eventually increase them. If you have problems with well-being, you need to reduce the frequency and time of walks. In spring, as well as during very stressful business activities or when there is a lack of sleep, it is desirable to reduce the duration and speed of walking.
  3. Regularity . A positive effect from classes will be only if they are carried out systematically. It is advisable to do this at the same time.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

It is necessary to control your breathing. You need to breathe through the nose. If the pace increases, then you can do this with your nose and mouth. The norm is the lack of shortness of breath.

How to walk: fast or slow

The norm of steps per day for women allows you to get the result of losing weight very quickly. However, the style of walking may vary. Quick walks improve the respiratory and circulatory systems. If your health is valuable, then it is advisable to choose this option. The disadvantage is quick fatigue.

Slow walking is also good for health. Fatigue does not occur quickly, so it will be more to go this way. Almost all muscles work during walking, so gradual weight loss is ensured. Which option to choose depends on personal preference. Alternating methods is also allowed.

The main types of walking

To make classes fun, you can choose the appropriate training option. Each type provides the effect of losing weight, if all the principles are followed. Walking can be of the following types.


It has high speed and installed equipment. And if the latter are violated, the athlete is removed from the race. The shoulders should be motionless.

It is important that the push leg is fully straightened when passing the vertical.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

When moving the feet should touch the surface of the earth with the entire plane. Such activities are useful for women of any age. The advantage is reduced shock load on the joints. Classes improve your condition.

Walking on the spot

Women who are not accustomed to heavy loads, walking on the spot is perfect. It has a healing effect, involves almost all the muscles. Weak muscles become strong, the body – tightened. An important rule is the level of raising the legs. Knees should be raised higher, but without pain. Such walking is not long, after it there is no severe fatigue.

Weight Loss Hiking

Even ordinary walking has a positive effect on the body:

  1. A large load falls on the muscle fibers of the legs, due to which the hips, buttocks, and calves lose weight.
  2. Cells get the right amount of oxygen, burn calories.
  3. While walking, heat and energy are released, which regulates the metabolism and accelerates the breakdown of body fat.
  4. Digestion is normalized.

Walking up the stairs

The duration and frequency of classes depends on age, weight, training, health. If you are overweight, it is advisable to train from 2 approaches “up and down” on 2-3 floors. The duration of the entire lesson is 10-25 minutes.

Walkingand running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results
The rate of steps per day for women depends on the level of physical fitness.

Gradually, an increase in load is allowed up to 6-8 approaches. If there is shortness of breath, you need to stop the lesson and relax. Then you should consult a specialist if it does not disappear for a long time.

Winter skiing

The benefit of such an activity is associated with the acceleration of metabolism, and this breaks down fat. Therefore, for weight loss you need to do an hour 3-4 times a week. For 1 hour of walking 600 kcal is spent. This activity is also suitable for diabetics. This will allow you to lose weight without endangering the body.

Treadmill walking

The calorie expenditure during this exercise is quite large – in 1 hour at moderate intensity, about 250-300 calories are compressed . This is similar to 150 grams of lean boiled beef. With constant training, the metabolic rate increases, which will help to quickly eliminate excess fat, gain muscle mass. Stamina also increases.

Nordic Walking

If you are overweight, heavy loads are prohibited due to the heavy load on the joints. Scandinavian walking allows you to find harmony.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

For 1 hour, 30% more calories are consumed compared to a regular walk.

On a bumpy terrain

When choosing this walk you need to consider health and age. Young and healthy people can focus on speed, and older people on duration. Training helps to lose weight, improve the body. They also significantly improve well-being and increase the quality of life.

With weights

Such exercises improve stamina, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. The muscles of the legs after training will be strong and elastic. The main advantage is fat burning. Workouts pump up muscles, clean the stomach. There is still pulling up the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle, lifting and reducing the volume of the buttocks.

How much do you need to run a day for weight loss

If you run regularly, the effect of losing weight will be noticeable very quickly.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

It is important to consider the variety of classes:

  1. Jogging . This technique is ideal for enhancing stamina. There are no special rules to follow. It is necessary to run monotonously. Duration of classes depends on desire. If you practice 3 times a week, it will be enough to run about 1 hour.
  2. Interval . Training consists in alternating periods: acceleration is replaced by moderate running, and then walking. Engaged in up to 2 hours a day.
  3. Tempo . Training involves fast running and long distances. It trains endurance and provides quick weight loss. If the state of health allows, you can do it for 1 hour 3 times a week.
  4. Repeated . The technique is to use a medium or long distance to feel completely tired. You can engage in up to 1 hour.

Where to start a beginner

To start running, you must have a great desire to do this. Equally important is the selection of comfortable shoes. If the sneakers are not matched correctly, training can be harmful. It is desirable that they be free, 1 size larger. Best to buy special sneakers. When trying on shoes, you need to move in it, jump, appreciating convenience.

From summer clothes choose a T-shirt or a hare, trousers or shorts. Socks and a cap are also needed. It is important that things are made of natural fabric. In winter they dress in 3 layers: a tank top, turtleneck and windbreaker. Things should not restrict movement and be very warm. Women also need special underwear. It is desirable to run on special sports grounds.

Parks are also suitable for this. You should not run along the roads, because the polluted air affects the quality of training. Even before a light run, a warm-up is necessary. It is necessary to perform swing movements of the arms, legs, lunges, half-squats, bends, rotations with the body and head. With the help of these simple exercises, the muscles warm up, they are given elasticity.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

The hitch after running allows you to return to normal. The load on the heart is reduced, blood stasis is not allowed. Normal heart rate, pressure, temperature are also restored. With the help of simple exercises, the intensity of pain is reduced. For this, jogging, walking on toes, bending to the ground, exercises for flexibility are used.

Weekly Running Program for Beginners

Beginners should not immediately begin intensive workloads, since this can greatly harm the body.

A simple plan should be followed:

Day Easy walking Jogging Walking All time
1 10 minutes 1 min run, 1 min walk (5 times) 10 minutes 30 minutes
2 10 1, 1 (7 times) 5 29th
3 10 2 min run, 1 min walk (5 times) 5 30
4 5 2.2 (7 times) 4 30

This workout is great for beginners. The rest 3 days – rest. You can do it every other day. Gradually, loads can be stronger.

Load increase. How to increase the number of steps

It is useful to use the 10% rule. The intensity of classes should be increased by this figure every week. If every day you manage to go about 10000 steps, then next week this figure will be 11000.

You can also calculate in mile or minutes. Thanks to this technique, addiction to intense loads will f
orm. And this means that it will turn out to find the desired harmony and maintain it.

What should be the heart rate when walking. How to measure it

Quick walks are a gentle sport. They are especially useful for women, because the heart and blood vessels are not exposed to dangerous loads. The heart rate during walking is 100-120 beats per minute. It is important to monitor your heart rate.

Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results

Do not overload yourself if the pulse is very fast, because it is dangerous to health . In this case, it is necessary to reduce the time and pace of movement. On the human body there are several areas that help to detect the pulse.

Change it with:

  • areas of the wrist;
  • bend of the elbow;
  • armpit;
  • temples;
  • neck and groin;
  • feet.

Typically, heart rate is detected through the neck or wrist. These are the most accessible places.


Strong physical activity is prohibited for:

  1. Myopia, glaucoma . Intensive running can lead to retinal detachment.
  2. Chronic ailments during exacerbation . Regarding jogging, it is better to consult a doctor, since active training worsens the condition.
  3. A cold . You should wait for recovery, and then resume training, otherwise complications may appear.
  4. Joint diseases . Running heavily loads the back, knees, so classes exacerbate problems.
  5. Respiratory diseases . When running, the lungs and bronchi work intensively, so there may be an exacerbation of asthma, pulmonary failure.
  6. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels . Cardio training is good for healthy people. If there are heart problems, then constant jogging can hurt.
    Walking and running for weight loss. The norm of steps per day for women, types, techniques and results
  7. Old age . After 50 years, it is difficult to endure heavy loads. But Scandinavian walking, yoga, Pilates, stretching is suitable.

If there are contraindications to running, you can choose another sport. There are many other stresses that have a positive effect on well-being.

Doctors Recommendations

In order for the training effect to be excellent, you need to follow a few simple tips:

  1. You have to run on an empty stomach . The load after eating is very complex, makes the body work harder, disrupts food processing. Therefore, it is better to run before breakfast. There should be a protein breakfast on training day. In the diet of the athlete should not be fatty and fried foods. After sports, cereals in milk and potatoes with meat are suitable.
  2. A full sleep is needed. An adult needs about 8-9 hours per day. If less time is spent on sleep, then negative changes are observed in the body.
  3. It is advisable to get rid of bad habits . Alcohol and smoking can make a person worse. With such habits, it is more difficult for a person to move, to tune in to constant training.

Hiking and running have almost only one advantage. Compliance with the norm of steps per day for women allows you to quickly find a slim figure and save it.

Video about proper weight loss while running or walking

Run or walk to lose weight: 

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