Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise

To draw up a training program in the gym, it is important for girls to remember that attractiveness and health are capital that is difficult to acquire and easy to lose. Maintain a beautiful figure, correct the flaws of the physique, will help classes in the gym.

Features of the female body

  • The main feature of the anatomy of a woman is associated with a minimum content of male hormone in the body – testosterone, which is responsible for the growth of muscle mass, the masculinity of the body.
    Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
    Training program for girls in the gym
  • Female muscle fibers are weaker and better cope with prolonged stress; women are more hardy.
  • Women need fewer calories, their excess is easily deposited in the lower body – waist, hips, buttocks. Overcoming imbalances is a serious problem for those women who want to achieve harmonious physical development.

The nuances of programs for different training goals

The program for the gym for girls is compiled according to the goals that it pursues. Women, unlike men, approach the issue from several angles: from building muscle mass to losing weight and raising self-esteem.

Muscle Gain Exercise

Girls for whom training programs for the gym are compiled should remember: the ideal body is proportional. Of course, we are talking about those who do not set out to participate in bodybuilding competitions.

A set of muscle mass is achieved by systematic work on basic simulators. It is important to consider the combination of approaches and intensity. Starting with small weights and a large number of repetitions, a girl can gradually go on to increase the load by reducing repetitions.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Muscle Gain Exercises

Progress can be considered the maximum weight with minimal approaches (3 – 4) and the number of repetitions (6 – 8).

Keeping fit

The best option for a girl who wants to look slim and attractive is a uniform study of all muscle groups. A similar approach to organizing the training process is optimal and safe.

It takes into account the anatomical features of the figure, the degree of fitness, age, the ability of the muscles to “remember” the load. Complexes for maintaining the silhouette have the goal of tightening, strengthening the “problem areas”, tone the muscle, cardiovascular system, burn the “extra” calories.

An experienced instructor knows how to achieve the visual effect of a beautiful figure.

The hips will become smaller if the shoulder girdle is enlarged, the legs are slimmer when the calf muscles are strengthened, and the chest will visually increase due to the broadest back muscles.

In the program for the gym, food is of great importance for girls. Proper nutrition will help consolidate the result acquired in the gym. You should adhere to a proportional intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. It is necessary to ensure that the number of calories consumed does not exceed the amount consumed.


The goal of losing weight is considered the most common and difficult to achieve results. Overweight is a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition with a high content of carbohydrates, heavy fats.

A woman with similar problems has to restructure not only the daily routine, but also to change taste preferences, to abandon her usual lifestyle. A feature of strength exercises for weight loss is to work with small weights with a large number of repetitions.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Weight Loss Workout

The main place in the diet for all types should be occupied by proteins. Fats should make up a third of the diet of a losing woman. Polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish contribute to the burning of subcutaneous fat.

Subtleties of the first training

The first training sessions are orientation. Do not expect short-term victories from them. First of all, you should decide on the ultimate goals: building mass, maintaining harmony or losing weight.

The first lesson can be devoted to “excursions” around the hall.

An abundance of exercise equipment can create a false desire to embrace everyone. To avoid this common mistake, it’s useful to understand for what purpose the simulator or sports equipment serves, what muscle group it acts on.

Correct Dosing

Be sure to follow the rule: warm up – lesson – hitch. Warm up should not exceed 10 minutes; the main part is 40 minutes, the hitch is 10 minutes. At the initial stage, it is useful to try all categories of simulators in order to identify the most weak spots.

To maintain shape, it is recommended to do several basic exercises on the shoulder girdle (bench press, wiring dumbbells), hips (lunges, squats), back (pull-up, hyperextension). Instructors advise starting a training session with the least developed places.

The pace of exercise is moderate, the rest between sets is 1 – 1.5 minutes.

In each program for the gym for girls there are no strict recommendations on the number of approaches, weight, repetitions. Vigorous health the next day, good sleep at night – evidence that the loads of the first workouts were chosen reasonably.

Do not be afraid of post-workout pain: they are natural. Muscles are not used to a new type of activity for them and react with the release of lactic acid. Mild muscle pain is a signal of necessary hypertrophy in the muscles. Do not give up classes.

The subsequent load makes the discomfort less, and when the body adapts, these pains will pass.

It is strictly forbidden to start acquaintance with maximum load simulators. Beginners tend to overestimate the capabilities of their body. Incorrect load, the desire to get a momentary effect lead to muscle fatigue, rapid overwork of the whole body.

The lack of visible results leads to psychoemotional stress, disappointment and a complete cessation of classes.

Fear of swapping: myths and reality

One of the myths that guides those who are looking for reasons to stop exercising in the gym – muscles will build up, harmony will disappear, the figure will become masculine. Such a judgment has no physiological basis.

The male and female body initially have fundamental differences in the structure of the systems: musculoskeletal, hormonal, hematopoietic, psychoemotional sphere.

  • The minimum amount of testosterone in women is the main reason for the inability to pump. The male
    sex hormone is responsible for secondary male sexual characteristics. If a girl can acquire muscles, a figure of a man, then she would have to have a mustache and a beard in addition. Common exercises in the gym pumping is impossible to achieve if you do not get carried away with anabolic pharmaceuticals.
  • Anatomically, women have less bone mass, smaller muscle tissue in volume. Their muscle fibers are long, able to withstand the long-term load of light weight. Short tendons will not allow the muscles to become voluminous, as in men.
  • Even in a broad-shouldered woman, the pelvis is always wider than the shoulder girdle. Inflated shoulders will only create additional piquancy to the silhouette, but there will be no pumping effect.
  • The presence of female sex hormones predetermine the psyche and priorities of a woman, her aesthetic inclinations – a tendency to smooth lines, softness, comfort. To change the hormonal background to achieve “male results” requires the artificial introduction of hormonal drugs.

How to track the dynamics and changes

To control the dynamics, it is recommended to use a class diary. Starting from the first visit, anthropometric measurements should be made: weight, waist circumference, hips, chest.

In addition to the date and measurements, a set of exercises with details of approaches, repetitions, and loads are included in the diary. Monthly control measurements are made.

The effectiveness of the simulator program is determined by the dynamics of the load in relation to the change in volumes.

If there is an increase in muscle mass with an increase in load, then the dynamics of classes is positive.

When losing weight, the ratio “weight – intensity” should change: if the weight decreases with an increase in the number of repetitions, then the strategy is chosen correctly. Having identified the most weak spots for yourself, you should make a training plan so that maximum attention is paid to the lagging muscle group.

Gym Nutrition

Proper nutrition and drinking regimen are a prerequisite in the training program for girls.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Gym Nutrition

Depending on the objectives, a menu is developed. In a muscle-building program, food should have an increased amount of carbohydrates and the least amount of fat.

Food should be fractional, with a predominance of simple carbohydrates and proteins.

Drinking regimen will help make up for fluid loss during exercise. Water should be drunk in small sips every 20 to 25 minutes. In general, on the day of class, it should be consumed 1.5 times more.

Does the girl need proteins

With intensive training, there is a need to increase the building material for muscle fibers – proteins. Their deficiency is compensated for by products containing a high content of proteins – cereals, eggs, fish, lean meat, vegetables (green peas, wheat seedlings).

However, their number may not be enough. In the sports nutrition industry, nutritional supplements are widely used – proteins, protein shakes, whey proteins, amino acids. These drugs help in building muscle mass.

They belong to the category of nutritional supplements, are not hormonal, but only help the body to replenish the essential proteins and amino acids. They should not be confused with steroid drugs, which are unacceptable in amateur sports.

In general, for playing sports, a healthy balanced diet with a lot of proteins is quite suitable.

What should be the workout

For any type of training, it is mandatory to perform a warm-up, the main program and the end (hitch). Since the muscles are not ready for a sharp active load, they should be “warmed up” by increasing blood flow to the muscles.

The warm-up includes exercises to create a general tone – light stretching, turns, inclinations.

It is useful to use a cardiovascular machine (treadmill, bicycle, ellipsoid) as an addition to the start of the lesson. Prolonged warm-ups can lead to premature fatigue and should not exceed 7-10 minutes.

Training program for girls who want to keep fit

The task of the training for girls who want to keep fit is to systematically work on the main muscle groups: shoulder girdle, abs, legs, back. Do not pay attention to one group to the detriment of another. All training should take no more than 1 hour.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Training program

It includes: warm-up (7 – 10 minutes), the main lesson (30 – 40 minutes). Finish your workout gradually. Hitch, or ending – is necessary to bring the heart rate back to normal. It is useful to include stretching in the hitch. It allows the muscles to calm down, relax.

The task of a girl who wants to have seductive forms should be reduced to maintaining muscle tone, healing the whole body. The main source of almost all girlish problems is the lower limbs, the pelvis.

Therefore, the emphasis should be placed on work on the muscles of the hips, buttocks, and the press. However, do not forget about the back, chest, arms. Each exercise has its own secrets, features. Everything is important here: setting arms, legs, squat angle, breathing.

Repetitions in exercises should be done 10 – 15; approaches – 4 at a moderate pace. Having fallen in love with one type of exercise, you should not dwell only on it. Muscles are moody, and after some time they will get used to the load. Useful every 2 to 3 months. change exercises to similar ones.


In the squat, various muscle groups of the lower belt are involved: a wide front thigh, hind, buttock, calf, and spinal muscles. Exercise is quite complicated when done correctly. It is important to maintain a right angle between the thigh and lower leg, transferring pressure to the pelvic muscles.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise

From the side it should look like a person sits on a bench. The back should not fall through. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 squats.

Lunges with dumbbells in hands

The basic exercise, which will maintain a good shape of the legs, removes the “breeches”, tightens the buttock, back muscle of the thigh. Depending on the fitness, you should choose the weight of the dumbbell. It should be such that the girl did 4 sets at a moderate pace 10 to 12 times.

Exercise requires good coordination, so it is worth taking strength.

The angle between the thigh and lower leg must be observed. An angle of less than 90 degrees will reduce the load on the anterior and gluteal muscle, and the effect will not be achieved. The complication of the exercise is stepping forwar
d (wide step). Alternating 10 to 15 steps on each leg is recommended.

One-handed dumbbell pull

This exercise is considered basic and works out the muscles of the shoulder girdle and chest. The right leg is bent at the knee, the left is stretched back (high start pose); the left arm rises from the floor to the chest with dumbbells.

The pull should not come from the forearm, but from the elbow, observing the right angle between the shoulder and forearm. Approaches – 4, with 10 repetitions.


Girls undeservedly pay little attention to their arms and chest. Strong biceps, triceps create a beautiful relief. Developed pectoral muscles not only visually make the waist thinner, but also tighten the chest. Recommended 3-4 approaches with a maximum number of repetitions.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise

Head block pull

In the pull of the upper block behind the head, the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back, and deltoid muscles are worked out. Exercise should be carried out at a moderate pace. It is important not to throw your hand up sharply, slightly hold it at the top and bottom point. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Incline bench press

Although the bench press exercise on an inclined bench is performed with a barbell, this should not be intimidating. The chest muscles are large, require a greater load, so the bar of the bar, without disks, will not harm the figure.

In the tilt position, the muscles of the upper chest are actively working.

It is important to monitor the pace, withstand pauses at the upper and lower points; Do not straighten your elbows, do not drop the barbell on your chest. Approaches – 3, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Belt pull

The rod pull to the belt is a basic exercise for the development of back muscles. This area is no less important for graceful forms and health than the buttocks and thighs. Strong corset allows you to keep your back straight; it affects the tightness of the upper and lower walls of the press. It is important to fix the back in the lower back.

Squat should be deep enough. Movement up and down should be performed without jerking, gradually. Failure to comply with the technique is dangerous spinal injury. Approaches 3, with 10 to 12 repetitions.

Narrow Grip Block Pull

Exercise “block pull narrow grip” allows you to pump up the deltoid muscles, biceps, latissimus dorsi. The correct setting of the elbows, which should be directed strictly back, and not to the side, should be monitored.

It is important to monitor the position of the back. If the starting position is sitting, you can’t take your buttocks off the bench. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Plie squat with dumbbell

A purely “female” exercise “plie”, which is aimed at a comprehensive study of the muscles of the hips. The inner thigh muscle is especially active. This “ballet” movement not only gives elasticity to a given part of the body, but is also very useful for the pelvic organs of a woman.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Plie squat with dumbbell

It is important to stand on a full foot, not to bend your back in the lower back. The squat should be flat on the floor. Failure to comply can result in injury to the knees and feet. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 15 repetitions.

Squats on one leg in the “scissors” with a barbell

Squatting on one leg requires good coordination of movement. To maintain balance, it is important to perform it with a fixed back without deflection of the spine. Any squat on one leg gives a load on the quadriceps, subject to the technique.


Deadlift – a basic exercise that covers all muscle groups of the lower extremities, buttocks, adding to the study of the press, trapeze. Women use more often the “Romanian deadlift”.

Unlike the classic, it does not have a deep squat. For proper performance, it is necessary to fix the back, bending it in the lower back. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise

One-leg squats on the bench

Exercise requires good coordination. It allows you to tone the muscles of the thighs (inner, outer, lateral), buttocks. The leg to be worked on should be moved away from the bench so that the angle between the thigh and lower leg is 90 degrees or more.

At the bottom, a short pause is necessary. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 15 repetitions. To complicate the task, you can take dumbbells in your hands.

The pull of the lower block to the belt sitting with a narrow grip

Exercise “traction of the lower block” develops the pectoral muscles, additionally working out the biceps, the broad muscles of the back. It is important to keep your elbows parallel to the floor, strictly fix your back. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Dumbbell Bench Press

The basic exercise “bench press dumbbell” is indispensable for strengthening the pectoral muscles. The different position of the body allows you to accentuate individual muscles. For example, the horizontal position of the bench strengthens the external muscles; tilt bench – upper.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Dumbbell Bench Press

In any position, it is important not to throw your hands sharply down, not to straighten them at your elbows, to fix the upper and lower points. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

Dumbbell Wiring

During the extension of the arms on a horizontal or inclined bench, hypertrophy of the external, internal muscles of the thoracic occurs. It is important to keep your hands in your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.

Exercise should be performed at a moderate pace, without sudden movements.

The humeral and lumbar spine should rest tightly on the bench. Approaches – 4, with 10 – 12 repetitions.

In the program for the gym for the girl, the main type of sports equipment should be dumbbells and a barbell. Universal simulators, widely offered by manufacturers of the sports industry, are useful, but should be used as an aid.

Slimming exercises

The complex, aimed at weight loss, consists of cardio and strength training. A feature of weight loss exercises is high intensity in combination with small weights.

Do not give up basic exercises, the task of which is to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, arms. They are quite suitable for those who want to build weight, and those who want to burn excess fat.

For belly

Tighten the abdominal muscles, make the stomach tighter, exercises with lifting the legs, or torso will help. They can be done on the floor, on a horizontal or inclined bench. From a prone position, legs should be raised perpendicular to the floor.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Exercises for the abdomen

It is important to keep your back firmly pressed to the surface without bending your lower back. The breathing should be uniform, deep: inhale – legs below, exhale – legs on the rise. Exercise must be performed at a moderate pace, focusing on the tense press at the top point.

To complicate the proposed option of lifting legs on the uneven bars.

The body in this case is vertically pressed to the back of the machine, legs rise parallel to the floor. As in the previous case, it is important to keep the spine tightly pressed. Exercises for the abdomen are done 3 to 4 approaches, repetitions – until the sensation of burning muscles.

For sides

Exercises for the sides, or oblique muscles, are part of the block of exercises for the abdominal muscles. Twisting trains obliques. When doing exercises for the press, trainers advise to include twisting in them.

For example, lifting the legs forward, replace the half reps with lifting the legs to the left (and right). Raising the torso on the floor, or on the “Roman chair”, part of the lift must be replaced by twisting.

Torso with arms raised helps to get rid of excess fat on the sides. It is important to tilt strictly vertically, to keep your hands parallel to the body, not leaning forward. To complicate the task, you can pick up a small burden. Approaches 4 – 5, with 15 – 20 repetitions.

For buttocks

The area that is important for girls when performing a program for the gym is the buttocks. These large muscles are responsive and easy to correct. To study this area, you should pay attention to lunges, squats.

One of the options for lunges can be a “curtsy” lunges: the right leg is advanced forward, to the position of an obtuse angle with the lower leg; the left is set back to the right with a wide step. Squats should be done with a strictly straightened spine, feeling the center of gravity exactly in the pelvic area.

At the bottom, you can make 3 small jerky movements. A change of legs occurs after 15 to 20 repetitions. To complicate the task, you can take dumbbells.

For legs

Leg exercises are related to buttock exercises. As a rule, when working on them, the thigh muscles are also included.

The leg press, lying on the platform, is actively working on problem areas.

It is advisable to do it as an additional exercise to lunges. It is important to observe the technique: put your feet closer to the upper edge of the platform, parallel to the hips.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Leg exercises

The pelvis should be pressed firmly against the bench; at the lower point, you should delay the movement for a second. Do not take a lot of weight. The emphasis should be on speed and number of repetitions.

The classic exercise for the legs (hips) is deadlift. For weight loss, dumbbells are taken instead of the barbell. Their weight depends on the degree of preparation. The back should be slightly bent in the lower back. It is necessary to pull the dumbbells down to the point of highest tension of the gluteal and posterior thigh muscles.

Part of the training can be devoted to exercises lying on the floor. Among them are leg raises, lying on one side, standing on elbows, standing against a wall.

For hands

Hand exercises are the least popular with women. However, it is the lush shoulders that make the figure massive.

Dumbbell thrust for biceps is great for training your arms. It is not worth taking tangible weight, it is enough to take a small dumbbell ( 4 -7 pounds), but you need to do repetitions at an accelerated pace.

The technique of execution involves a fixed spine, relaxed knees . At the top of the lift, make a second stop as you exhale.

The simulator – “butterfly” is able to tone the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle. It is important to give the body a stable position, to fix the forearms tightly on the rollers. Since the girl does not have the task of increasing the mass, the exercise must be done with minimal weights with a maximum number of repetitions.

Weight training program for girls

The mass gain program for girls involves working with weights. The task of the program is to gradually increase the load for the constant growth of muscle mass.

The program for the gym for the girl provides for basic exercises, which are considered basic.

Exercise machines presented in weightlifting halls are desirable, but not obligatory. Three are enough for weight gain – squats, traction, bench presses. Experienced instructors advise starting a lesson with working on large muscles.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Muscle Gain Program

This approach allows you to prevent fatigue of the most problematic areas. Exercises for weight gain, as well as exercises for keeping fit, are similar (see Training program for girls who want to keep fit).

A distinctive feature of training for mass gain is that the training process should be progressive. An increase in weight is accompanied by a decrease in the number of repetitions. So, at the initial stage, with a weight of 44 pounds, the girl does 3 sets of 10 – 15 times; over time, with a weight of 110 pounds, she will do 3 sets of 6 – 8 times.

In the future, with a constant number of approaches and repetitions, the weight of weights increases. In addition to classes, attention should be paid to food enriched with proteins, water regime.

Lightweight workout option for girls

The main set of exercises is de
veloped taking into account individual characteristics: age, degree of preparation, chronic diseases. For these purposes, special programs have been developed.

They help not only lose weight, strengthen the muscle groups responsible for a beautiful figure, good posture. Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, increase endurance, and overall tone.

The lightweight version of the training includes aerobic (to a greater extent) and power load.

Cardio training

The task of cardio training, like any kind of aerobics, is to burn calories. At the same time, tasks of a general strengthening character are being solved: strengthening the heart, respiratory system, enriching the muscles with oxygen, and increasing endurance.

Training will be optimal if you alternate cardio and power loads. In this case, the process of burning fat will go more actively. You should not turn training into exhausting work.

Their duration should be no more than 1 hour, 3 times a week. Overloading not only does not help, but also “clogs” the muscles, the opposite effect occurs.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Cardio training

High-intensity cardio workout not only burns calories, but also increases muscle mass. A slower pace or static exercise develops stamina.

The benefits of cardio training are in their diversity.

You can use stationary cardiovascular machines, aerobic programs, apply sports equipment – balls, ribbons, step platforms. Group lessons to music, active movements are distinctive features of aerobics.

Split training

Split training – the load of individual muscle groups in different periods of time. This technique is intended for the most trained athletes. Approximate weekly program with a break for rest days:

  • 1 day – legs, buttocks;
  • 2 day – chest, arms;
  • 3 day – back, press.

Systematic work on individual groups with a gradual increase in load is considered the best method for building muscle mass. To maintain a figure and lose weight, it is more advisable to use a simplified split-training scheme – a high-intensity interval training.

It is a combination of aerobics and strength training. This technique is relatively new, but successful in the world of fitness. Its principle is the dynamic alternation of exercises in a short interval of time.

Training program for girls in the gym. Weight Loss and Muscle Exercise
Split training

For 1 hour of such a training, all muscle groups manage to work out, they are forced to respond more quickly to changes. In addition, the constant change of load does not allow you to get used to the uniformity of movements, and trainings are psychologically faster.

How do menstruation affect the load

Although menstruation is a natural condition for a woman, significant changes occur in her condition at this point. The hormonal background changes, the production of female sex hormones is reduced to a minimum.

After the end of critical days, performance improves, and before the time of ovulation, physical strength rises. In the middle of the cycle, a decrease occurs, which continues until bleeding occurs. It negatively affects not only the physical properties of the body, but also on general well-being.

During menstruation, working capacity decreases, mood changes, and endurance decreases. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by pain in the abdomen.

With pronounced signs of menstrual syndrome, you should refrain from playing sports. If bleeding does not affect physical activity and mood, do not abandon classes in a sparing mode.

The main thing is to exclude exercises that enhance blood circulation of the pelvic organs: jumping, squats, leg presses, leg lifts.

They should be replaced by study of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. It is necessary to reduce the overall load, the number of approaches and repetitions.

Expert Advice

In the programs for gyms for girls, many factors must be taken into account: age, physical ability, weight, the presence of contraindications. However, the fundamental principles should be:

  • Regularity. No workout will have an effect if it does not become a habit. Going to the gym dedicated to the upcoming trip to the sea will bring only disappointment.
  • Perseverance. Do not wait for an instant result in such a complex matter as working on your own body. The body is a complex system that is able to resist changes in its structure. It is much easier to build fat than to drive. However, overtraining is just as dangerous as lack of exercise. Classes in the gym should be combined with relaxation, good rest, sleep, nutrition. Perseverance in achieving the goal, systematic work in alliance with the coach, will certainly lead to positive results.
  • The pleasure of training. It is necessary to change the lifestyle, eating style, submission to the new daily routine, which will be given a lot of space to the gym. The desire to eat green peas instead of a cake should become natural, and going to the gym is preferable to going to the cafe.
  • A positive attitude, the pleasure of the load, pride in their own strength – the key to successful results in the gym.

Video about the training program for beginners:

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