Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

Manicure is one of every woman’s favorite treatments. You can visit a beauty salon or learn how to make patterns yourself. A simple drawing on the nails is done using ordinary varnish. The work is delicate and meticulous, so special tools and devices will be needed.

What can be painted on nails

It’s easy enough to create a simple drawing on nails with gel polish.

You can apply patterns using:

  • gel polish;
  • acrylic paint;
  • watercolor paint;
  • acrylic powder;
  • shellac.

The most popular tool for nail art is regular varnish . 2 contrasting colors are selected, one as a base, and the second for drawing. The minus of the option is that varnishes have a dense texture, and it is difficult for a beginner to create thin lines. This method is more suitable for large and voluminous figures.

Acrylic paints are easy to use, wide color gamut. They do not have to be mixed with water, after drying, they do not crack, so applying one color to another is permissible. To give the image romance and tenderness, crystals, rhinestones or sparkles are added. The resulting pattern is necessarily covered with a fixative, as acrylic paints are easily washed off.

Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
Acrylic paints are an excellent choice for creating simple patterns on nails.

Watercolors are diluted with water, they are inferior to acrylic in drying speed. A large selection of colors allows you to draw whole pictures on your nails, but the technique is not easy to master.

Shellac is characterized by a safe composition, since it does not contain formaldehyde. It is easy to apply, looks beautiful, and is worn for a long time without cracks and chips. Drawing a hybrid of varnish and gel is not difficult. Shellac is thick, so there are difficulties with applying elegant small patterns. Small details cannot be drawn with it, but it is perfect for creating gradients and contrasting patterns.

Acrylic powder is of different consistencies and colors, it gives the nails a well-groomed and stylish look. The effect lasts for a long time, and the nails grow and strengthen perfectly. They use white powder for wedding events, and neon for a disco.

Acrylic powder will correct defects in the nail plate and smooth its surface.

Gel polish is suitable for nail art. Patterns are applied to a dried base. It can be butterflies, geometric patterns or flowers. The gel polish drawing lasts a long time.

Essential Nail Art Supplies

A simple drawing on the nails with varnish, acrylic powder or shellac is applied using additional devices.

Tool List:

  • brush – a necessary element in the work . It is worth choosing brushes with natural pile and buying several pieces for different methods of applying patterns. Flat brushes are needed for applying glitter and oriental painting, beveled ones draw small details, fan align transitions and create veil effects, there are special brushes for writing letters, hieroglyphs;
  • sponge or sponge – to create unusual patterns, the result depends on its texture;
  • dots – resembles a standard pen with a ball on the tip. Designed for drawing curls and dots; Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
  • a toothpick or wooden stick – does not damage the nail plate, it is easy to apply patterns to it, but it will not be possible to get clear patterns;
  • sewing needle – it is often used by masters, but it can scratch the nail when pressed.

Master class: drawing a heart with a toothpick

A simple drawing on the nails in the form of a heart is obtained using any varnish. The nail is covered with a base layer. Selects a color, such as red. Toothpick dunk, put 2 points next to each other on the same level. It drops from each point along the line to get an angle. The varnish is distributed, and a beautiful heart comes out.

How to draw a strawberry with a needle

To make the berry realistic, we need varnishes:

  • red;
  • green;
  • and black;
  • yellow.

Nails are prepared, covered with a red base. To create the leaves, an adhesive tape is taken, on which the teeth are cut. Adhesive tape covers the entire surface of the nail except the base. Green varnish is applied to the free space of the nail plate, and the leaves are obtained. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

Scotch tape is removed, small dots imitating strawberry seeds are applied with a needle. Acrylic paints are suitable for this design. Sheets of strawberries can simply be drawn with a needle using emerald paint. For originality, the pattern is sprinkled with glitter.

An interesting option is voluminous nail art. Nails go through the preparation phase, covering with the basic base color. Without waiting for it to dry, a transparent varnish is applied with a thick layer. After a few seconds, grooves are made into the grooves with a needle. When the coating dries, fringe is drawn in the form of thin leaves.

Nail Art

A manicure with a mesh is perfect for long and well-groomed nails. First, a base coat is applied, then silver lacquer. It is important that it is completely dry.

For such a nail design, a special stencil in the form of a mesh is used. It is superimposed on the nails, the sponge is dipped in black polish and with a patting motion it colors the decor. After the procedure is completed, the mesh comes off. The final stage will be covering the nails with a fixative.

Dots Drawings

Dots is a special patterning tool that looks like a crochet hook with a steel ball at the tip. Using dots, it’s easy to draw flowers. They will look beautiful on both short and long square-shaped nails.

Nails are prepared, the base is applied. The background color is selected. Now 5 points are placed on the nail, arranging them in a circle. These will be the petals. In the center, a point of a different color is fixed. The tip of the dots must be constantly cleaned with a napkin so that the dyes do not mix. The final stage is the application of a transparent topical agent. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

One of the famous dots decor options is two-color polka dots. Typically, the combinations are: red-white, black and white, but other colors can be combined.

There are tons of other decor

  • bows;
  • ladybugs;
  • geometric figures;
  • curlicues;
  • French.

Scotch & Foil Drawings

A simple pattern on the nails is created not only using ordinary varnish, but also using decorative tape or foil. To imitate beautiful ornaments, a narrow adhesive tape is suitable. Experts advise not choosing double-sided tape, but if the tape leaves a mark, then the manicure may not be accurate. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

Nail art with adhesive tape is performed according to the same pattern, only the pattern or the number of straight lines differs.

To make a manicure, you need to purchase:

  • several colored varnishes;
  • base;
  • top cover.

The nails are processed, a transparent base is applied, then any colored varnish. After drying, the tapes are fixed diagonally on half of the nail plate. The part uncovered with adhesive tape is painted in a different tone. It remains to wait for drying, and carefully remove the tape.

Foil is an unusual material that can attract attention. To work with it, you need not only standard accessories, but also:

  • sharpened scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • orange sticks.

Foil can be of different types:

  • holographic;
  • embossed;
  • engraved;
  • covered with a protective film.

After standard preparation of the nails, a basic coating is applied, the main varnish is applied, and foil is applied on top with glue or a colorless varnish. It is glued both fully and partially.

If it is necessary to cover the entire nail, only special glue will do. The foil is quite fragile, so work with it should be done using tweezers or tweezers. An adhesive composition is applied to the surface of the nail or varnish. The foil is applied and neatly aligned with an orange stick. The film is removed, the manicure is fixed with a top-notch tool.

Partial decoration of the nail plate with foil involves the free arrangement of pieces of material or decoration of the hole.

Brush Nail Art

A simple drawing on the nails (varnish, acrylic powder or shellac) is done with nail art brushes.

They come in different types:

  • fan shaped brush – for applying sequins, aluminum film and creating a smooth transition;
  • a hair like brush – for drawing the smallest details. With its help it is easy to get a straight line or a beautiful curl; Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
  • thin brush – a universal tool for miniature and light design elements;
  • flat brush – to create large, wide patterns;
  • petal brush – has a beveled edge, often used in Chinese nail art. Petals with such a device are beautiful, deep and neat.

Monogram Step-by-Step Guide

  1. The preparatory stage involves the removal of the cuticle, smoothing the surface and shape of the nails, dehydration.
  2. Apply a base or a uniform coat of varnish.
  3. Selected tools.
  4. Before applying the decor, you should practice on paper, since monograms require perseverance, accuracy and smooth, clear strokes.
  5. The drawing is created carefully, from the side of the nail.
  6. When displaying monograms, symmetry is important, it is better to make patterns 3-dimensional, doubling the lines. A large drop is collected at the tip of the brush, which is then driven in the right direction.
  7. Decor elements are dried under ultraviolet light, if the patterns are applied with gel polish or acrylic paint. The latter is ideal for monograms.
  8. Spangles, rhinestones are added.
  9. The result obtained is fixed by the top tool.

How and how to draw a smile on nails

To get the perfect French french, you need to know the rules and nuances. The smile line divides the nail into 2 zones – the main and overgrown part.

There are several ways to create a jacket, depending on the tools used and the length of the nails:

  • 1 method – for short or medium length nails . You will need a thin brush with long villi. A smile is drawn in the standard way – right to the center and left to the center, drawing a common line. Creating a French gel-varnish, it is easy to correct irregularities until the coating has passed drying under ultraviolet light; Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
  • Method 2 – for owners of long nails . A flat brush is used, after dipping into the gel paint, the villi are pressed from 2 sides to get a clear line. A smile is drawn from one side of the nail to the other, applying the flat side to the grown part. It is important to change the angle during the transition in time to get a beautiful French manicure;
  • Method 3 – use a beveled brush. It is universal, as it is suitable for short and long nails. The brush is applied perpendicular to the nail, then 2 lines are drawn to the center.

Watermelon Acrylic Drawing

Such nail art reminds of summer. To make a manicure with an imitation of watermelon, you will need:

  • brush;
  • several colors of varnish;
  • stencils (if necessary);
  • fixer;
  • basic foundation.

A preparatory coating is applied to the nails, then red varnish, which will create the flesh of the berry. On the upper part of the nail, 2 parallel lines are drawn, 1 – light green, 2 – dark green. When everything dries, it remains to make the seeds black varnish and fix the result with a top, which will increase the durability of the manicure.

How to draw a bow with gel polish

To create such a nail art, a dots or brush is suitable.

Stages of drawing a bow:

  1. Decor is best done on the edge of a smile or on the diagonal of a nail.
  2. Dots takes the desired dye, translates to paper, takes a drop of varnish.
  3. Put a point. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
  4. From it are triangles in 2 directions.
  5. The corners of the resulting figures are rounded.
  6. From the triangles 2 stripes are drawn down.
  7. The bow is fixed with a top tool.

Drawing flowers with ordinary varnish

On the nails they draw poppies, daisies, sakura, roses. 2 colo
rs of varnish are prepared: white and red. On the finished surface with the help of a needle, 6 points of white and red colors are placed so that they have a small area of contact. Colors mix in a chaotic manner, the goal is to get a rose. At the end, leaves are painted with green varnish.

Decorations for beginners

Rhinestones for manicure are better to acquire glass, they look more spectacular and shine beautifully. To apply them, use an orange stick, previously moistened in a top-end agent. Beautifully and simply decorate the smile of the nail, laying rhinestones on it. They are applied, gently pressed against the surface of the nail. The result is fixed. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

If you want to get a 3D effect, you should pay attention to the broths. Manicure with their use is often called “caviar”. The registration process is similar to the previous ones. Buns are distributed on the nail plate, the excess is removed with a fan brush. A fixing layer is applied, the emphasis is on the edges of the nail, where the broths fall most quickly.

Acrylic powder is a loose powder, has a porous texture and allows nails to breathe. It dries quickly, so you need a neat and fast work. Thanks to acrylic powder, volumetric patterns are obtained that resemble a knitted sweater.

2 layers of gel polish are applied, dried under ultraviolet. After degreasing, patterns are created that fall under the lamp. In order not to spoil the velvet effect, you have to choose a matte finish.

Ideas for simple and beautiful patterns for short and long nails

On short nails, metal stripes look great. They are purchased at a specialty store. Apply to the finished coating, excess edges are trimmed. Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home

Lunar manicure looks beautiful. He needs cliches for a french. Only they do not overlap on the tip of the nail, but on its base. The surface is painted in 1 color, stencils are glued, painted in a different tone. It remains to remove the stickers, and consolidate the effect.

To cover long nails, acrylic will do. Among the common options for nail art are diagonal stripes, applying a rhinestone in the form of a semicircle in the height of the nail, creating patterns, monograms.

Tips from the masters: what you should not do when creating a manicure

Common mistakes that should not be made:

  • the cuticle is not trimmed, pushed back by an orange stick, and then removed with a remover;
  • the nail plate is filed in one direction to avoid cracks and brittleness; Simple drawings on nails with varnish, gel polish, needle, acrylic paints, powder. Fashionable manicure step by step at home
  • before using the varnish, do not shake it, otherwise bubbles will appear, which will become an obstacle to creating an even coating;
  • You can not apply varnish with a thick layer, preferably 2 thin;
  • the edges of the nail are captured when staining, otherwise chips cannot be avoided;
  • Do not underestimate the benefits of fixative, it increases the life of the manicure;
  • coatings are dried in the open air or under a lamp, do not try to do this in ice water;
  • To remove excess varnish on the skin, use a nail art brush;
  • You can’t remove gel polish with a nail file, there are professional tools for this.

There are many techniques, decor options, so every woman will choose the option to her taste. Salon procedures are expensive, but you can learn the basics of nail art on your own.

It is easy for a novice manicurist to learn how to make simple drawings on nails. They are created using varnishes, broths, rhinestones, foil, acrylic powder or watercolors.

Video about creating drawings on the nails

How to draw thin lines on the nails:

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