Lightening hair with folk remedies at home

Lightening hair can transform, decorate, change the image of a woman, help her hide gray hair or hide black hairs on her hands. An excellent result can be achieved at home with folk remedies. How to lighten dyed and natural hair at home – we will consider further.

Lightening and bleaching hair

There are many ways to lighten hair. Even before the appearance of professional masters, girls could get the desired blond curls. However, a feature of folk methods and their main difference from salon staining will be that clarification does not occur immediately, but in stages.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeSometimes the process takes a week or more .

It’s easier to lighten natural hair at home with folk remedies than dark-colored curls. Having entered into the reaction, some natural brighteners can provoke the appearance of an undesirable red color. Natural products that are suitable for previously dyed hair will be kefir and vinegar.

Facial hair above the upper lip

Experts do not recommend removing hair above the upper lip with tweezers or other mechanical methods. From this, they can begin to grow even more intensively.

Therefore, you can try to discolor them using the most common hydrogen peroxide. It is sold in all pharmacies and costs a penny.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeInstruction:

  1. The solution should be applied using a cosmetic disk for hair growth;
  2. Repeat the procedure for several days in a row;
  3. Take a break, after a while the effect will pass and you will need to repeat the manipulations.

Body hair, arms, legs

The presence of a dark hairline on a woman’s body may indicate hormonal changes in the body. First of all, she should consult a doctor. But many women have dark hairs on their arms and legs from birth.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeIn this case, a proven hydrogen peroxide will help, it will lighten them in the same way as the hair above the upper lip. A beautiful bleach will be chamomile, which is suitable for girls with sensitive skin.

The hair on the head is the ends, the roots. Dark, black, red, blond, gray hair

To create lightening of hair on the head with folk remedies at home is also real. To do this, it is important to clearly understand the state of curls and what result you need to achieve.

Owners of dark and black hair will have to lighten in several stages, they will have to get rid of the yellow shade. Most often, girls resort to the use of hydrogen peroxide, as the simplest and most reliable way. You can also use dry chamomile or cinnamon. These products will help to achieve the desired result after several applications.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeGirls whose hair is blond can use the same methods. The difference will be that they will achieve the effect faster.

Ginger to lighten curls is difficult. You can prepare the paint at home, the basis of which will be rhubarb, or use a safe camomile. In any case, it is important to observe safety precautions and not wait for the hair to change immediately and dramatically.

As for the gray curls, changing their color is also very difficult. Hydrogen peroxide is not applicable to gray hair. An excellent substitute for it will be honey or homemade tinctures based on chamomile or rhubarb.

Than you can lighten your hair on your own – professional hair lightening products. Price

Lightening hair with folk remedies may not always be the only way to get the desired blonde shade. Many professional tools help to achieve results much faster than home ones.

Brightening hair dye without yellowness – “Loreal: Colorista”, “Estelle”, “Garnier”

Hair dyes give an excellent result quickly and without much difficulty. Industry leaders are Loreal: Colorista, Estelle, and Garnier.

Loreal: Colorista is a good cream paint. It does not contain ammonia, which means it does not spoil the hair. The kit includes a balm against yellowness, thanks to which the curls will not acquire an ugly yellow hue. The cost is about $ 6,12.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeUsing balm is simple:

  1. First you need to apply a brightener and stand for 35 minutes;
  2. Rinse to clear water;
  3. Apply yellowness balm for 20 minutes;
  4. Rinse off.

Estelle is a domestic manufacturer of hair products. He encloses a wide range of diverse cosmetics. For example, “SOS”, which stands for: a special brightening series. The desired shade should be applied to the hair and wait half an hour. The cost of paint is low, about $ 2 – $ 3.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home“Garnier” offers inexpensive means to lighten hair. The process is no different than the use of paints from Estelle. The result is similar. However, she copes with yellowness worse than other paints.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeThe cost is $ 2 – $ 3.

Clarifying shampoo

Such a shampoo contains components that wash away the natural pigment from the hair. This is a mild but effective tool that can be easily applied at home.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeThey just need to wash their hair twice, like a normal cleansing shampoo. A significant disadvantage of the tool is that it is not able to lighten hair more than 1.5-2 tones. Prices for it depend on the manufacturer and range from $ 3 – $ 11.

Brightening gel

This product is a popular novelty and is on the American market relatively recently. Its features are that you can apply the gel without gloves and not wash it off. The goal will be achieved after the third application. After the fifth use, the hair color will already change by 3-4 tones.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeThe main disadvantage of the gel is that it cannot cope with dark hair . It is suitable for owners of light brown hair who want to get a slightly more blond shade. Its cost is $ 7 – $ 12.

Lightening cream

The cream is a gentle folk remedy for lightening hair at home,  because the ammonia content in it is minimal, and the result can be achieved mainly due to the natural components in the composition.

However, the cream is not a strong brightener, the hair will change by 2 tones, no more. Such a tool is suitable for those who just want to refresh their hair.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
Kapous Lightening Hair Cream

A more serious result can be achieved only thanks to the oxidizing agent. But in this case, the tool will no longer be gentle. The cost varies from $ 4 – $ 20 and depends on the brand.

Brightening spray

This tool is suitable by nature for blonde beauties or those girls who previously dyed their hair. The spray will not lighten the curls by more than 2 tones, but will give them shine and radiance.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
Schwarzkopf and John Frieda Brightening Hair Spray

In addition, the product is safe for hair and will not harm them. The cost will be $ 5 – $ 11.

Brightening powder

Such a product has become very popular among girls. Powder is safe and highly effective. Usually it is mixed with an oxidizing agent in proportions of 1: 2, which allows you to dye your hair for 4 or 5 tones. After using the product, the hair becomes more vibrant and radiant.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
Lightening powder “Absolute”

However, some types of powder do not respond well to paint . Therefore, if the curls were recently stained, it is better to refrain from using it. Prices for powder are very different and range from $ 4 – $ 41.

Clarifying oil

Hairdressers recommend oil as one of the most gentle folk remedies for lightening hair at home.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
The clarifying oil clarifying to 4 tones Linfa Schiarente

It gently brightens the hair, and using it together with an oxidizing agent can achieve an excellent result. Curls will become lighter by 4-6 tones. However, the oil can not cope with gray hair, which is a significant minus. Manufacturers put different price tags on their products, so the cost can be $ 2,72 or 1000.

Brightening tonic

Tonic is a great and almost harmless alternative to paint. He is able to lighten hair for 5-6 tones and is suitable even for dark-haired girls. But the effect does not last long. After a few weeks, the product will be washed off the hair.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
Lightening hair at home, a popular tool – tonic balm “Tonic”, which has long become a folk

The advantage is that the tonic can be used often and without harm to the hair. Its cost will be only $ 2 – $ 4.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home – how to lighten hair without harm. Before and after photos

The dyeing procedure carries risks, so even if the girl uses natural means, she must definitely stock up on gloves, hairpins, shampoo and a mask that will soften her hair after the procedure.

Hydrogen Peroxide Clarification

Hydrogen peroxide is a folk remedy that can perfectly lighten hair at home.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeTo achieve the best possible result, you should adhere to the instructions:

  1. 3% peroxide solution should be mixed with warm water in equal proportions;
  2. pin hair on the back of the head, move from bottom to top, trying to process all the hair;
  3. for complete discoloration, you can use a spray bottle, and if you need to make light just a few strands, it is better to use a cotton swab; Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
  4. the average duration of clarification is from 40 minutes to 1 hour and depends on the own shade of hair;
  5. at the end of the procedure, you should wash your hair well with any shampoo and apply a balm or mask, which must be kept on your hair for about 15 minutes.

Lemon Lightening

Lemon juice dries curls, so it is advisable to use it in a duet with air conditioning. You can dilute it with water, but this method will not work for owners of dry hair.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeStages of clarification:

  1. Squeeze lemon juice (4 lemons on medium hair length) and mix it with glasses of air conditioning or water;
  2. Devide into two parts;
  3. To apply the composition with water, you can use a spray gun, the second option is better to apply with a special brush;
  4. Then you should go outside and stay under the sun for at least an hour and a half; Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
  5. You should return home and apply the second half of the funds;
  6. Go out and stay there for half an hour;
  7. Wash your hair as usual, use a hair mask.

Chamomile Lightening

The method is suitable for owners of thin curls and sensitive skin.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeThe procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Dry chamomile should be filled with a glass of boiled water; Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
  2. The mixture must be put in a water bath and wait a couple of minutes;
  3. < li>Then insist for half an hour until gruel forms;

  4. The resulting product must be applied to body parts that need to be lightened, wrapped with polyethylene, and covered with a towel on top;
  5. You need to keep for about two hours, then rinse.

Cinnamon Lightening

To wash off previously painted strands, a mask with cinnamon, lemon and olive oil is suitable. This simple recipe will help get rid of dark hair color. For the mask you will need: 5 g of cinnamon, 10 g of lemon juice, 2 tablespoon. tablespoons of hair balm and the same amount of olive oil. Lightening hair with folk remedies at home


  1. The ingredients should be mixed thoroughly;
  2. Apply to curls and leave for 3 hours;
  3. Wash your hair.

Kefir clarification

Kefir perfectly washes chemical hair dye. The method is gradual , that is, it does not give a result immediately, only after several applications.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeInstructions for use:

  1. With low-fat or fat-free kefir, first massage the head, and then apply to the entire hair;
  2. Wrap in a towel and leave for an hour;
  3. Wash your hair as usual.

Honey lightening

The method will lighten the hair slightly, but it will add shine and will not spoil it. Honey brightens hair due to the natural hydrogen peroxide that it contains.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeMask to do this:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo;
  2. Melt the honey in a water bath, you can add a little liquid to the product itself;
  3. Apply along the entire length of the curls, put a plastic hat on your head and leave it overnight;
  4. Wash your hair in the morning.

Citric acid clarification

Despite its chemical composition, the acid is practically harmless to the hair . The solution of Art. tablespoons of citric acid to 2 tablespoon. tablespoons of water to put on the hair and sit in the sun for about 40 minutes, then rinse with water.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeA small result will be visible immediately, but for a larger effect, you need to apply it several times immediately after cleansing the head. Having achieved the desired result, the use of citric acid should be stopped immediately. It has the ability to dry hair with frequent use.

Henna lightening

Lightening hair at home with such a folk remedy as white henna is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give curls a blond hue. However, this is not the safest way to lighten hair, it can cause an allergic reaction. But he is the cheapest.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeIf a girl decided on this method of staining, she should adhere to the instructions that are in the package. After applying the product, you need to wash your hair and use a good nourishing mask.

Henna is not recommended after using regular paint.

Soda lightening

Using soda solo, it will not work to lighten the hair, but it works great together with the active ingredients. It can be mixed with lemon juice or honey.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeFor example, if you wash your hair with soda, and then make a honey mask, as described above, you can achieve an excellent result.

Vinegar Lightening

Vinegar is an excellent remedy that strengthens hair and makes it healthier. But, like soda, he will not be able to lighten his hair on his own.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeBut a simple recipe with chamomile will allow your hair to shine and become lighter by 1 tone:

  1. Pour 1 tablespoon. a spoon of chamomile 6,76 fluid ounce of boiling water, let the broth infuse for an hour;
  2. Add 18 g of vinegar and a gallon of water;
  3. Rinse hair with solution immediately after shampooing.

Mayonnaise Lightening

To achieve the best effect, it is advisable to use mayonnaise made at home, but the product from the store is also suitable. It moisturizes hair, makes it stronger and stronger, although it does not lighten more than a tone.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeUsing it is very simple:

  1. It is necessary to distribute mayonnaise along the entire length of the hair, put on a plastic cap and cover with a towel;
  2. After 3 hours, rinse off the mask;
  3. You can fix the result by rinsing your head with water and vinegar (1 tablespoon.spoon per gallon of water).

Glycerol clarification

Glycerin cannot lighten hair on its own. Moreover, it is best used only by fair-haired girls to even out tone and get rid of yellowness. On dark or dyed hair, the product can behave extremely unpredictably.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeTo lighten hair, you can use the following recipe:

  1. You need to beat 2 egg yolks, then add 3 drops of lemon essential oil and mix, put 1 tablespoon. spoon of glycerin and mix again;
  2. The resulting slurry should be applied to the hair and left for half an hour;
  3. Wash off the composition without shampoo.

Chlorhexidine clarification

Chlorhexidine is an excellent healing agent.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeOn the hair, the result of his work will be similar to what hydrogen peroxide does. However, hairdressers still recommend stopping at the usual option, and not using chlorhexidine to discolor hair.

Care for bleached hair. How often can you lighten your hair. How to restore bleached hair

Any, even the most natural means should not be abused. If a girl uses folk remedies, then after several cycles of clarification, she must definitely take a break for at least 4 weeks.

This period must also pass when using professional paints, although, in this case, it is better to wait 6 weeks for the hair to completely recover. In addition, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • clarification of hair at home with folk
    remedies does not dry out the curls, if you use nutritious masks once a week;
  • eating healthy foods will help strengthen your hair;
  • thermal protective agents should not be neglected, bleached hair is weak and more easily affected by the harmful effects of sunlight.

Restoring mask for bleached hair

A good mask can be purchased at the store. There are many proven remedies that will help your hair recover after lightening. But there are recipes that you can use at home.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeFor example, an oil-based mask will be a great helper for any girl:

  1. Base castor and olive oils must be mixed in equal proportions;
  2. The composition should be heated in a water bath and add 3 or 4 drops of any essential oil to it;
  3. The mask can remain on the hair from 15 minutes to 1 hour; Lightening hair with folk remedies at home
  4. Then you need to thoroughly wash the hair.

Clarified hair balm

A similar tool can protect the hair from the appearance of yellowness and will help maintain an even light shade on the curls. Use balms for bleached hair should be no more than 1-2 times a month. This will help preserve the color and not harm the hair. Do not confuse it with air conditioning. The balm, as a rule, contains clarifying particles.

Conditioner for bleached hair

This product is more gentle, they are allowed to use after each cleansing of the head. However, do not leave the conditioner on your hair for longer than one minute, it is not intended for this.

With proper use, the product will help to maintain a light shade on the hair longer, without a hint of yellowness, nourishes and improves the hair. If not, it will dry out the curls and damage the scalp.

Highlighting, toning, ombre, balayazh on bleached hair

Thanks to a variety of salon techniques, you can achieve a different effect on bleached hair. They can be like burnt out, overflow with different colors. Thanks to the ombre technique, you can achieve a smooth transition from dark to light color.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at homeSuch methods of dyeing do less harm to the hair than complete discoloration, however, it is also impossible to consider them completely harmless. After highlighting or tinting, hair care should be done in the same way as after dyeing: use masks and nourishing conditioners for curls.

Lightening hair with folk remedies at home: video

Recipes for lightening hair with folk remedies at home:

Lightening colored hair with various folk remedies at home:

Lightening hair with folk remedies is rarely effective after the first and even second use. But the natural components used at home are able to keep the hair healthy and strong, not cause them as much harm as a paint with chemical components can do.

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