The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

There is an opinion that the norm of calories per day for a woman should be equal to the value of 2000. This statement is initially incorrect, since each woman has individual parameters of weight and height (and hence the entire area of the body) to maintain functionality that require a certain amount of calories.

The norm of calories is the minimum that the body needs to maintain its vital activity, and not to put off body fat in unwanted places in reserve. There are many methods for calculating the required calories. All of them are based on the collection of maximum information and the individual characteristics of women.

How many calories does a woman need per day to lose weight

It is impossible to lose weight without reducing the number of calories consumed. Experts advise to reduce the calorie intake, strictly monitoring their well-being. A vital milestone is 1200-1300 calories, and it is strictly individual, since the same amount cannot fit obese women and fragile ladies with a few extra pounds.

Before reducing calories, the average amount of daily calories consumed is calculated, and then they smoothly move to decrease and simultaneously increase physical activity. There is a method developed by John Forest 100/100. According to his technology, reducing calories by 100 units, it is necessary to increase the load by 100 calories. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

Thus, you can lose up to 2 pounds per month. It is worth revising the attitude to the imperfection of your figure and love yourself. Many suffer from obesity, appearing on an emotional background. They give up and take pleasure not from life, but from “communication” with a piece of cake or chocolate bar.

The minimum number of calories per day for weight loss

1200 K. feces is the minimum, for the norm of calories per day that a woman should consume, so as not to cause unique harm to her health. It should be noted that the body will respond to an artificial decrease in calorie intake by lowering energy and lack of strength for physical activity.

If in such a situation, through force, you continue to load yourself with intensified physical exercises, the effect will be the opposite of the expected result.

Together with a small amount of fat, most of the muscle mass will go away. Diets based on the minimum border of calorie intake and products selected according to this scheme for a day do not lead to the desired results. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

During such a diet, the body is exhausted, all organs are working for wear. As soon as the amount of calories consumed increases in the first place, the fat mass begins to be deposited.

Lose weight in two ways:

  1. Reduce the amount of calories that are ingested with food.
  2. Increase calorie consumption for daily training, walking, working in the country and other physical activities.

The most optimal is the balance of these two options.

It should be remembered that of all the energy received by the body:

  • 27% goes to support the tone of the muscle skeleton.
  • 19% for the work of the nervous system.
  • 9% minimum necessary for the work of the heart.
  • 7% for full kidney function.

Up to 20% is necessary for other vital systems of the body. The simplest way that does not cause significant harm to the body is the method by which 20-30% or just 500 calories are subtracted from the total number of normal calories.

By calculating your daily diet in this way, while increasing physical activity (even by 1 level), you can direct your body towards the consumption of stored body fat.

WHO formula for calculating calorie intake

For calculation according to the WHO formula, the main evaluation criteria are also 3 parameters of the coefficient of physical activity:

  • 1 low
  • 1.3 average
  • 1.5 high
    The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs
    The norm of calories per day for a woman is calculated according to this formula, taking into account height, weight, age and level of physical activity.

The daily requirement of the necessary calories for a full life is calculated by the formula for each age separately:

  • For young women from 18 to 30 years: (0062 x body weight + 2036) x 240 x CFA.
  • For middle-aged women from 31 to 60 years: (o, 34x body weight +3538) x 240+ CFA.
  • For the elderly, from 60 years: (0038 x body weight +2755) x 240 x CFA.

Lyle MacDonald formula for calculating daily calories

According to the Lyle MacDonald formula, those women who are well aware of the behavior of their body in response to a dietary restriction or increased exercise can calculate the calorie rate per day. The formula is based on the metabolic rate (losing weight quickly or slowly), the thermal effect of food consumed and physical activity.

For women with a slower metabolic rate – 31 kcal. For owners of rapid metabolism – 33 kcal.

K kcal x Weight in pounds. = rate of calories needed per day. In this formula, a fixed amount of required calories is consumed per 2 pounds of a person’s body weight.

Harris-Benedict formula for calculating calorie diet for weight loss

The calculation formula for the norm of calories required by women per day according to the Harris-Benedict method is based on the Level of Basic Exchange (UO).

(655 + 9.56 x body weight) + (1.85 x height in inch) – (4.68 x age)

Muffin-Geor formula for calculating calorie diet for weight loss

In 2005, a nutritionist Muffin-Geor, based on many years of research, derived a formula that is still considered the most optimal. With its help, it is possible to obtain the most accurate information about the number of received calories per day for a particular person.

9.99 X weight in pounds + 6.25 X height in inch – 4.92 X age – 161 = normal calories per day

Why can’t I use the same amount of calories daily

Monitoring compliance with the calorie intake consumed by a woman per day is the key to her weight loss. A diet built as part of a healthy lifestyle affects not only health, but also the emotional background. Half of Sneakers, eaten after a diet lunch, with green tea, carries 130 calories, and positive emotions for the rest of the day. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

Mono diets that urge you to spend fasting days or consume the same foods with the same amount of calories for a long time carry the effect of a time bomb. During a period of nutritional restriction, the body does not receive the necessary amount of energy urgently slows down the metabolism.

Food has a different effect on blood insulin levels.

Eating an extra porti
on of salad from green vegetables, you will not harm your figure like from 2 sandwiches with sausage. If you use the same, the same number of calories, you can enter the body into a state of stress, in which any product will be considered as energy needed for reserve for the future and deposited on the stomach or hips.

How to determine the level of physical activity

The coefficient of physical activity should be at least 1.75. This is the minimum percentage that includes human body movements. If, in the calculations, the norm of calories per day for a woman is a percentage, below this threshold we are already talking about physical inactivity and the negative consequences arising from it on a woman’s body.

This is not only a visit to the gym or a morning jog. A long journey to work or the metro at a quick pace, climbing the stairs of a multi-storey building, active daily walks with a child – this requires certain energy costs. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

The level by which physical activity is determined is the number of calories consumed by the body every day. To facilitate the calculations, the average components were derived, with the help of which, according to a personal assessment of physical activity, everyone can use them in the calculations.

Physical activity is divided into 3 categories:

  • Low – Inactive Lifestyle 1.4
  • Medium – with little physical exertion – 1.6
  • High – when women engage in hard physical work, or devote a lot of time to engage in any kind of sports – 1.8

The level of physical activity in combination with the basal metabolic rate shows the body’s energy expenditure per day.

How to make a diet in accordance with the calorie intake

Despite the apparent complexity of compiling a personal diet according to the calorie standards needed per day for a woman, everyone can:

  • Download calorie table of products
  • Scales purchased
  • A personal table is compiled, in which the most complete volume of products that can be used daily will be displayed.
  • Based on the formulas, the calculation of the already used diet is made.
  • Do not be discouraged if the resulting figure is far from the calorie norm. Perhaps you should buy a small bright dish in which a smaller portion of food will get in the way.
  • Reducing the number of servings to the maximum reduce another 500 calories.
  • Starting to eat, therefore, it is worth remembering that the body needs time to rebuild.

You need to firmly grasp the main rule to reduce calorie content is possible only by reducing the amount of carbohydrates or fats. You can not cut down on vital proteins.

The diet should have enough omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and vitamins:

  • Fat cells are used in the body as a place to store toxins.
  • Water with lemon, juices from green vegetables and fruits wash the body.
  • A large number of greens, vegetables and fruits.
  • Sprouted wheat.
  • Essential fiber for the intestines.

Colorful vegetables are an aesthetically pleasing looking dish. Each color contains its own composition of bioflavonoids that affect the body in different zones. You need to take care of intestinal health. Problems with the digestive tract entail a violation of the hormonal background, problems with weight gain. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it makes no sense to put yourself in a strict framework for observing the daily calorie intake. Strict restrictions in a stressful situation for the body can lead to a violation of sleep patterns or insomnia. Insomnia entails an increase in the stress hormone – cortisol. Controlling stressful situations, weight is simultaneously controlled.

Smartphone apps for calorie counting (3-5 pieces)

Smartphone applications that calculate calories per day that will help a woman seeking to maintain a figure or bring it to perfection, are designed to facilitate control over this process.

Using applications to get full information:

  • Calculation of permissible calorie intake individually.
  • Calorie intake
  • The content of carbohydrate proteins and acceptable fats in a portion
  • Lists of allowed products
  • The ability to enter information about physical activity into the database and receive a calculation of calories burned.
  • Control over water intake is necessary to improve metabolism.

Each application has chart charts and recommendations for use.

My fitnesspal


  • The application is the leader in downloading on the Internet. It contains in the database more than 6 million items of products that are constantly updated.
  • The application has a barcode scanner.
  • Full statistics on fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the calculation of cholesterol.
  • The ability to enter a personal training program with a complete calculation of cardio exercises and power loads.
  • Enter information in an individual diary simultaneously on a computer and phone. The norm of calories per day for a woman. How to calculate for weight loss, maintain a daily norm, how many calories a person needs

There is a free option, additional developments require payment.

Fat sekret

Free app without ads or subscription offers.


  • Products that can also be identified by bar codes are grouped into separate categories according to where they are available (shops, restaurants).
  • Upload photos of products and get information about cholesterol, sugar and the entire set of components.
  • Diary showing exercises and calories burned.
  • Of the meals, only a few constitute breakfast lunch and dinner.

Easy Fit Counter

With limited nutrition, as a bonus, you can get a program that is pleasant to the eye and causes a lot of positive emotions.


  • The statistics are animated, and brightness and 24 colors can be adjusted.
  • After adding the dish, get the full layout of the food content, in the form of a pie chart, track in the form of a calorie
  • It is worth gaining the desired goal (weight loss, weight gain or diet) and the program will calculate the required number of calories and physical activity.
  • A simple food diary with fun icons and exercises.
  • The program is strictly confidential, there are no accesses and collection of personal information all only on the phone.

Video: calories per day for women

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