The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening

What is most important in the appearance of a woman Facial features are freely adjusted by cosmetics, the shape of the legs, in our century of unisex, is reliably hidden by a pantsuit, and a short haircut gives a certain extravagance. And only beautiful breasts make a woman sexy, attractive and irresistible.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tighteningIt is the breast in the woman’s mind that becomes the criterion for her image to correspond to a certain ideal of beauty
, and the impossibility of achieving this ideal is the cause of internal dissatisfaction, discomfort and lowered self-esteem.

Conservative and minimally invasive methods of breast correction

The pages of the Internet and various medical publications are full of articles and recommendations, the authors of which are trying to assist women in choosing ways to achieve excellence.

An important, and sometimes decisive, factor in this choice is the question of how much it costs to make a breast that satisfies a woman’s idea of an alluring ideal. Breast correction methods are usually divided into two main groups: conservative and operational.

The following are usually considered conservative methods:

  • cold and hot shower;
  • masks;
  • compresses and wraps based on herbs and essential oils;
  • rubbing tonic and firming creams;
  • special diets;
  • massage and physiotherapy exercises using weights.

These procedures are exclusively cosmetic skin care methods for breast skin, and any changes in the configuration and volume of the breast should not be expected from their use.

Be careful! Using advice from the category of “grandmother’s recipes”, in which compresses from a saturated hop broth, applying mesh to the skin with iodine solution or using mustard plasters for breast enlargement are recommended, it will distract a woman from thinking about how much it costs to make a breast. More relevant will be the elimination of burns and their effects on the surface of the skin.

There is also a medical method for breast augmentation , which consists in the use of drugs containing female hormones: progesterone, estrogen and prolactin.

These hormones determine the growth rate of glandular tissue and are produced in the female body in proportions that ensure a healthy hormonal balance.

The use of such drugs is justified only for the correction of certain problems in the field of gynecology, while breast growth is only a side effect.

Imbalance of the hormonal balance due to their intake can lead to rather unpleasant consequences for the woman’s body , which even experts cannot predict.

Mammoplasty – correction of nature errors

Mammoplasty is the field of cosmetic surgery , which is based on the development of methods for reconstructive changes in the shape and size of the breast, as well as correction of its individual parts to achieve an aesthetic appearance of this organ.

As part of mammoplasty, plastic surgery techniques are being developed to eliminate the following breast defects:

  1. Micromastia – abnormally small breast sizes , which are a birth defect or a consequence of postlactational atrophy (abnormal breast reduction in the post-lactation period).
  2. Mastoptosis – sagging breasts caused by age-related changes or the previous long period of lactation.
  3. Asymmetries – conspicuous differences in the volume and shape of the right and left mammary glands , due to their uneven use during lactation, genetic causes, as well as mechanical injuries associated, including with previous surgery.
  4. Macromastia – abnormally large breast sizes , bringing the owner significant discomfort and even threatening her health (the possibility of cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis, and then kyphosis – a hump in the of the thoracic vertebrae).

The use of any type of mammoplasty surgery is contraindicated in the following disorders in the body:

  • chronic somatic diseases (diseases of the cardiovascular system and internal organs, diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders);
  • decreased blood coagulation and various hematological diseases;
  • pregnancy, lactation and post-lactation period;
  • oncology;
  • the presence of benign tumor formations in the mammary gland;
  • high degree of obesity.

Thread lifting

Women who are not particularly worried about how much it costs to make a breast, but who are in a state of awe at the mere thought of surgery, should pay attention to minimally invasive methods, which occupy a kind of intermediate position between conservative and operative.

They do not require deep incisions of soft tissues, are performed mainly on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia, and do not entail a long period of postoperative recovery. The latest development in the field of minimally invasive breast correction is thread lifting.

Thread lifting is positioned as a reliable means of preventing the development of mastoptosis in the early stages of its manifestation, if the woman’s breast size does not exceed the third.

During this procedure, the patient’s mammary glands at several levels are stitched with special threads penetrating the subdermal layer at a depth of not more than 4/32 – 5/32 inch.

The firmware creates the frame of an invisible subcutaneous bra, which holds the breast in a position that ensures its aesthetic perception. Currently, most breast thread lift surgeries are performed using biodegradable (absorbable) threads.

They allow re-correction of the breast without the use of the removal procedure, the previously established contour of the tightening. Chemical compounds, which are products of the breakdown of filaments in a biologically active medium, act as catalysts for the synthesis of filiform molecules of collagen and elastil.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tighteningThis helps to create a natural bust support frame. Below is a table containing comparative characteristics of the threads of the most common domestic clinics in practice and the cost of the procedure.


A type







Duration of   





How much does it cost to make breast thread lifting   







Aptos light lift body


dairy and








Aptos excellence body USA 2-3
Resorblift France 3
Lead fine lift Japan   Polydiaxanone



Beaute Lift V Line Korea 1-1.5

Non-absorbable threads
Aptos needle USA Polypropylene 5-10


Another type of minimally invasive breast plasty is lipofilling. It is aimed at women who fundamentally do not accept the installation of endoprostheses, but who dream of breast augmentation by 1-2 sizes.

The same procedure allows you to eliminate a small asymmetry of the mammary glands without resorting to surgery, or to “refine” the appearance of the bust after applying more cardinal methods of mammoplasty.

The lipofilling procedure consists in increasing the volume of the mammary glands due to transplantation of the patient’s own fat cells (adipocytes).

In this case, the graft is removed from areas of her body that have excess fatty tissue (abdomen, thighs and buttocks), which in itself is useful from the point of view of improving the aesthetic appearance of the figure.

The resulting fat undergoes special processing. Then, the emulsion of adiocytes by foot injection is evenly and at different depths distributed in the tissues of the breast, forming the volume and contours of the future bust.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the method, its implementation requires specialized and expensive equipment , which not all plastic surgery clinics have.

Adiopocytes do not tolerate exposure to high blood pressure. That is why, when performing the lipofilling procedure without using the preliminary vacuum expansion of the pockets (cavities) of the mammary glands with the help of the individual wearable device of the vacuum Brava breast augmentation.

A single dose of transplant administration is limited to 3,38 fluid ounce. Using the Brava system allows you to bring the total transplant dose to 0,4 – 0,6 pint, which corresponds to a breast enlargement of 1-1.5 size.

Features of the blood circulation of the mammary glands do not allow to achieve 100% survival of adiopocytes.  A final assessment of the results can be obtained after 3-4 months. The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening

There is a high probability that after absolutely perfect implementation of the first procedure, you will need the second, performed similarly to the first. Naturally, the cost of corrective action will not be much lower than the price of the primary procedure.

The cost of a single lipofilling in New York is from $ 1360 – $ 2720. Carrying out the same cycle of procedures is aligned in cost with operations for installing implants.

However, no matter how much it costs to do this, lipofilling does not reward the patient with an endoprosthesis disguised as a subdermal layer, but with a natural female breast that is sexy and attractive.

Separate plastic surgery clinics in the American Federation advertise Macroline, a Swedish drug developed by Q-Med, as an injection material for breast augmentation.

The drug is registered by Roszdravnadzor of the American Federation (No. FSZ 2009/05139). In some European countries, Macroline is banned due to a significant list of complications. In the United States, he did not pass the preliminary inspection by the health authorities.

Operational methods

Increasing operative mammoplasty

Breast augmentation using endoprosthetics (placement
of a breast implant) is one of the most popular mammoplasty surgeries.

A woman who has come to an appointment with a plastic surgeon precisely on this issue has little concern for how much the operation costs.

She has already come to terms with the inevitability of surgical procedures and the painful postoperative recovery period of the body. She wants to “make breasts,” so she’s ready for anything.

The main incentives for surgical intervention are as follows:

  • harmonization of the size of the mammary glands with the overall size of the body;
  • correction of the shape of the mammary glands to give them a more aesthetic appearance;
  • correction of asymmetry in the size and shape of the breasts.

Increasing mammoplasty operations are performed using general anesthesia.

Installation of implants is carried out through incisions made in one of the following ways:

  • submammary – performed in the breast fold, which ensures the concealment of the remaining scar by overhanging breasts;
  • periareolar – performed along the lower border of the pigmented areola of the nipple, which makes it invisible;
  • axillary – allows you to use the endoscopic technique when installing the implant, which reduces the injury rate of the operation, and more reliable fixation of the implant.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening

Upon completion of the implant installation, the incisions are sutured. The effectiveness of the operation and the aesthetic perception of the results of its implementation largely depends on the materials used.

Breast implants

In plastic surgery of the mammary glands, fourth-generation silicone implants are mainly used.

They have a forming silicone shell made of a relatively rigid elastic material, filled with a cohesive (viscous) silicone gel, which gives the endoprosthesis the necessary elasticity and retains its original shape even if the integrity of the outer shell is violated.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening
Modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality breast implants that are resistant to natural wear as a result of respiratory movements of the chest and other injuries.

To prevent excessive squeezing of the implant by the capsule of connective tissue (capsular contracture) that forms over time after the installation of the endoprosthesis, implants with a textured sheath have been developed.

This shell passes the connective tissue filaments into itself, which ensures a decrease in the encapsulation effect and more reliable fixation of the endoprosthesis at its installation site. The shapes and sizes of breast implants vary significantly.

The closest in shape to the natural outlines of the female breast are implants in the form of a flowing drop (anatomical). Such implants are widely used in breast correction surgery with micromastia and asymmetry.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening
The optimal form of the implant is chosen by the plastic surgeon, based on the individual characteristics and wishes of the client.

To eliminate mastoptosis, round implants are more often used. The dimensions of implants are usually determined by the volume of the filler, and a fluid ounce is used as a unit.

The use of a 5,07 fluid ounce implant for the formation of the breast gland approximately corresponds to an increase in breast size by one. There are breast implants with a variable volume of filler.

When using such endoprostheses, the surgeon fills the implants with gel after fixing them at the installation site, which allows you to more accurately select the optimal size directly during the operation.

In the assortment offered by domestic clinics, you can find breast endoprostheses of almost all the leading manufacturers leading in this industry.

The list of these firms and some characteristics of the endoprosthesis they produce are summarized in the table below.

p / p Manufacturers Country


Some product features Notes


Allergan (Natrelle) Ireland, USA Two-layer implant filling with a gel of different densities;

anatomical form of the base;

additional layer of protection.







Three-layer filling of the implant with a gel of different densities;

double cohesiveness of the filler gel;

extended nomenclature of profiles.

Lifetime warranty
3 Nagor Britain, Scotland Reduced likelihood of capsular contracture;

full modeling of the upper thoracic pole.

Lifetime warranty

Eurosilicone France


Reduced likelihood of capsular contracture;

13 ply outer shell.

Lifetime warranty
5 Arion France


Availability of products with multi-layer gel filling;

application of the latest silicone elastomers.







Three-layer filling of the implant with a gel of different densities;

Reduced likelihood of capsular contracture;

9 ply outer shell.

Lifetime warranty


Selling prices for implants, that is, the prices at which plastic surgery clinics receive implants from manufacturers, are a strictly guarded trade secret.

On the Internet, from one article to another, the values of the maximum and minimum prices for Mentor implants are roaming, which, according to the authors, form a price corridor for endoprostheses of any manufacturers.

An interval of 575-2200 dollars for one endoprosthesis corresponds to these values. In terms of the prices of American clinics, the cost of one implant should be $ 476 – $ 2040.

Breast Augmentation Cost

When determining the cost of an operation, the cost of materials, the depreciation of equipment, the rent of the clinic and the remuneration of staff should be taken into account.

The cost of the operation includes the following cost items:

  • salary of a plastic surgeon (how much, according to the master, is it necessary to make a breast that meets the requirements of the patient);
  • payment of depreciation of equipment and operating;
  • the percentage of the operation received by the clinic;
  • the cost of implants, usually 10-50% of the total cost of the operation;
  • the cost of preoperative analyzes (usually $ 136 – $ 204);
  • the cost of performing anesthesia ( $ 68 – $ 136, depending on the duration of the operation);
  • payment post operational stay in the hospital (depending on the clinic, the day of stay in the hospital is $ 27 – $ 109).

The calculation results can vary significantly depending on the name of the surgeon, the prestige of the clinic, the cost of implants and the geographical location of the operation.

The cost of breast lift and correction surgery. Mammoplasty, lifting, tightening
To know exactly how much it costs to make a breast beautiful and attractive, you need to consult a specialist and clarify all the nuances of the operation.

Naturally, operations performed in New York or Los Angeles will cost more than in Washington or Los Angeles. Moreover, the average cost of the operation will vary between $ 2040 – $ 4760 .

A number of plastic surgery clinics advertise on the Internet, which offers to perform an increasing mammoplasty at a higher or lower price.

Such proposals may be associated either with an attempt to receive dividends from the use of a promoted brand, or with savings on the hardware and technical equipment of the clinic.

Therefore, when choosing a surgeon and clinic, you should study in detail price lists for services and other information materials available on the official website, paying particular attention to the list of practicing plastic surgeons and, most importantly, patient reviews.

Important to remember! Advertisements published on Internet pages and even price lists for services posted on clinic sites are not a public offer.

The provider may refuse the client to perform the announced service or change its price. The final price for the service is set by the contract concluded between the provider and the client.  

Mammoplasty in foreign clinics

The growth of the well-being of a certain part of the population, the liberalization of international relations and the constant criticism of American medicine in the mass media have become for many women catalysts for the seditious idea of conducting a mammoplasty operation in foreign clinics.

Demand creates supply. And now the leading clinics of plastic surgery abroad have opened their doors to patients from USA.

It’s worth typing the magic words in the browser search engine: “Breast correction abroad of the American Federation” and the all-knowing Google will display more than 50 advertisements on the monitor screen, explaining in detail the mechanism of communication with the advertiser and the procedure for registering the exit to the operation.

Why are American women so gracious to overseas aculapses Firstly, they do not get into a state of confusion when they hear how much it will cost, in this clinic, to perform a breast-correcting operation.

Secondly, payment for services, in most cases occurs in cash, without the use of credit cards and policies of insurance companies.

Thirdly, at the end of postoperative procedures they dissolve without a trace in the boundless depths of USA, without affecting the surgeon’s nerves about possible postoperative complications.

According to one of the leading American plastic surgeons, Vyacheslav Balkizov, the percentage of postoperative complications in Western surgeons significantly exceeds the same parameter for American ones.

Moreover, the nature of these complications is such that the elimination of them, if possible at all, requires more serious operations. The average cost of performing operations on increasing mammoplasty abroad is shown in the table below.

p / p Country The average cost of breast augmentation surgery
1 Switzerland From 10000 euros
2 Germany $ 109 – $ 122 euros
3 Austria, Italy $ 95 – $ 109 euros
4 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Hungary $ 41 – $ 68 euros
5 Israel, Turkey $ 41 – $ 68 euros
6 Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela 1500 dollars (without accommodation)
7 Thailand, India $ 27 – $ 41 dollars

An ancient proverb says: “What a woman wants, God wants it.” This testifies to the immense respect for women experienced by real men.

So is it worth it, lying under the surgeon’s scalpel, to allow him to shred his sacred nature. There are still many ways to hide minor flaws in your figure.

Useful videos about how much it costs to make a breast and what factors affect the cost of mammoplasty

How much does it cost to make breasts. The price of plastic surgery and factors that affect the total cost of mammoplasty:

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