How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo

How is the sex change operation performed when a woman is made into a man or vice versa is known to few. This is a complex process, which is divided into several long stages. At the same time, surgery to modify is carried out in the last place.

Photos before and after gender reassignment of famous personalities

How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo
Chestiti Bono, the only daughter of singer Cher, turned into Chez Bon, which shows how a woman can be made a full man
How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo
Yvonne Bushbaum, European Pole Vault Championships medalist, has undergone sex reassignment surgery, and now her name is Balian
How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo
Heidi Krieger, European champion in shot put put on sex change surgery – that is how Andreas Krieger was born

Indications for gender reassignment surgery in women

The main and most important indication for gender reassignment is the discrepancy between the physical appearance and psychological self-identification confirmed by medical specialists.

It is necessary to observe a psychiatrist for a long time to confirm the existing transgender woman.


Contraindications to gender reassignment are:

  1. Serious difficult current diseases of the internal organs, in which any surgical intervention is impossible.
  2. Lack of full patient confidence in their transsexuality.
  3. Pre-retirement and retirement age.
  4. Lesbianism.
  5. Alcoholism.
  6. Mental health disorders.

Stages of preparation for gender reassignment in women

The preparation of a woman for the operation of converting from a female to a male occurs both from the physical and moral sides.

The physical side includes:

  1. Observation by a psychiatrist and sex therapist for 18 months. This is necessary for full confidence in the need for intervention.
  2. Collection of a complete medical history with all kinds of tests and analyzes. Especially important is the absence of any neoplasms in the reproductive system.
  3. Hormone therapy for 12 months. Necessary for primary masculinization.
  4. The moral side includes a comfortable stay in the role of a man. For this, experts advise a woman to live as a man for 6-10 months. This will help to finally determine the gender.

How does the operation of changing the sex from woman to man

Female sex reassignment surgery is one of the most difficult. Therefore, surgeons divide it into several stages:

  • Removal or correction of primary and secondary sexual characteristics.
    Depending on the decision of the woman, a complete or partial removal of the organs of the reproductive system is carried out, the mammary glands are removed.

  • Reconstruction of the male genital organs.
    Phalloplasty or metoidioplasty is performed based on the wishes and physiological capabilities of the patient.

Some clinics offer one-step gender reassignment surgery. During the operation, for 5-7 hours , a vaginectomy is performed along with complete female castration and phalloplasty. The advantage is one rehabilitation period instead of several, lower cost.

The downside is a large load on the body. Guaranteed complications due to the large number of operated tissues.

The recovery period after making a man out of a woman will be painful and difficult.

Mammoplasty – removal of the mammary glands

Mastectomy during gender reassignment in women is characterized by complete removal of lipid and glandular tissue. If necessary, excess skin is excised.

Depending on the size of the breast, mammoplasty occurs in different ways:

  • If there is a breast of size AA, A, the tissue around the nipple is incised. Through this hole, tissue is extracted.
  • If there is a bust of size B, C – an incision is made under the breast, the mammary gland is removed horizontally through it.
  • In the presence of a large breast size from D and more – the skin is cut vertically. Since it is necessary not only the removal of adipose tissue and glands, but also the excision of excess skin. As well as the localization of the nipple in the anatomically correct place for the male breast.

Ovariectomy or female castration

Ovariectomy is an operation during which the ovaries are removed. Perhaps the removal of the fallopian tubes. If in the future a woman does not plan to have children, a hysterectomy is performed. If only the ovaries are removed, then a closed laparoscopy is performed.

If the uterus is cut along with the appendages, an open abdominal operation is performed. It lasts about 2 hours. Primary rehabilitation lasts 5-7 days.

During the rehabilitation period at home, it is necessary to adhere to strict hygiene rules, nutrition rules, not to overwork.


Another step in how a woman is made into a man is the removal or suturing of the vagina.

The operation of the complete extraction of the vagina is performed under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. It lasts several hours. The rehabilitation period is about 2 months . Painful enough. High risk of complications.

An alternative to vaginectomy is vaginal correction. Its front and back walls are stitched together. Such an intervention is less traumatic, the rehabilitation time is significantly reduced. It is the correction most often recommended by surgeons.

Phalloplasty: where organs are taken for reconstruction

Reconstruction of a member is a complex operation that is carried out by several specialists at once: a plastic surgeon and andrologist. The most difficult is the formation of the urethra.

The material for creating the phallus is taken from the forearm zone. The skin there is thin, in characteristics similar to that of the male penis. This method of creating an organ is called radiation.

A tube is formed from the flap and transplanted into the inguinal. Next, the innervation of tissues is restored. All connections of arteries, veins, nerves are carried out by andrologist manually.

A similar operation is performed using a thoracodorsal flap.

In this case, it is possible to make a larger neophallus – 7’1 – 9’4 inch. An erectile prosthesis is installed to simulate excitation.

The installation procedure is carried out separately, after phalloplasty. It takes time to recover and heal.

Body and face correction with silicone

For a more complete male appearance, some women do not have enough mammoplasty and changes caused by hormonal therapy. Body and face are corrected using silicone implants. Allocate

  1. Chin arthroplasty. Visually strongly makes a woman a man.
  2. Endoprosthetics for biceps. As an alternative to the gym. The effect is identical.
  3. Removing lumps of Bish. Essential for a more structural person. In tandem with the chin, she changes her face very much. How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo
  4. Shin prosthetics.

When women change sex, in order to finally feel like a man, there is only one thing missing – the presence of a scrotum. It is formed from the external labia, the testicles of the right size are prosthetized.


The distribution of adipose tissue in men and women is different. Men are characterized by abdominal fat deposits, and women – by the gynoid type.

Liposuction helps to quickly get rid of fat accumulations in the buttocks and thighs. This will give the appearance of masculinity. If you adhere to a certain principle of nutrition after removing excess fat, do not overeat – the result will last for a long time.

Hormone replacement therapy

In the female body there are no organs that produce testosterone and other male hormones. Reconstructing them surgically is also unrealistic. That is why it is necessary to take hormonal drugs.

A qualified endocrinologist selects the necessary drugs in an individual dosage before and after surgery. They make the voice coarser and lower, increase the growth of hair on the face and chest, hands and feet increase in size. However, this is necessary not only for a comfortable existence in a masculine appearance.

How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photoWithout the proper amount of hormones after a woman is made into a man, physiological attenuation processes begin in the body
, which can lead to serious illnesses and death.

That is why, after removal of the ovaries, the transgender does not stop taking hormones. The doctor only adjusts the dosage. The intake of androgens after surgery is carried out all my life.

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What do organs look like after sex change

Modern surgery in the field of sex change has reached certain heights. When performing an operation by an experienced and highly qualified surgeon, the penis will look quite natural, with a visually distinguishable head and trunk.

The sensitivity of the penis will be low. However, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the location of the implanted tissue. The most sensitive is a penis formed from a thoracodorsal flap.

Since the nerve is also transplanted with the skin. The penis reconstructed by the radiation method also has sensitivity. Research on this issue was not conducted due to the small number of people who went through this operation.

Erection of neophallus is possible only in the case of a separate operation to introduce an erection prosthesis. The operation is possible only after complete recovery of the body after phalloplasty. It is very expensive.

How much is a sex change operation – cost, price

As you know, plastic surgery costs a lot of money. Transformation from woman to man is one of the most expensive. The high cost is due to:

  • a small number of specialists capable of high-quality performance of gender reassignment,
  • complex of operations
  • complex rehabilitation aimed at minimizing complications.

The total cost of gender reassignment surgery depends on the set of measures a woman does. Estimated prices of the main ones:

  • Ovariectomy – about $ 1000;
  • Mastectomy – $ 1500-2500;
  • Vaginectomy – about $ 3000;
  • Phalloplasty – $ 6000;
  • Endoprosthetics of an erection falloprosthesis – from $ 1000 to $ 4000 (depends on the type of prosthesis)

Since some amputations and transformations can be performed in one operation, the final cost of a sex change can be less – up to about $ 7000.

Rehabilitation (recovery period) in women who have changed sex

Rehabilitation after a woman is made into a man is based on several points:

  1. Maintain a calm, healthy lifestyle. Includes proper nutrition, minimal physical exertion, self-processing joints
  2. Scheduled examinations by a specialist, strict adherence to his recommendations.
  3. Reception of hormonal drugs, broad-spectrum antibiotics, painkillers (if necessary).

How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photoThe recovery period lasts from 6 months or more, depending on the characteristics of the body.

Possible complications in women after gender reassignment

The risk of complications after a woman is made into a man is very significant. This is due to the high complexity of ectomies. Common complications are as follows:

  • Suture inflammation.
  • Infectious infection of tissues.
  • Neophallic rejection.
  • Loss of sensation.
  • Slow healing and bleeding.
  • Tissue necrosis.

Psychological complications may occur. This is due to the discrepancy between the expected and the obtained result. Perhaps a feeling of general uncomfortability from the new look. The desire to return to its original appearance.

Such a complication is extremely rare, since before a sex change a woman strives for a male appearance for several years through hormones, undergoes psychological training, living a male life.

Life after sex change – social adaptation

Social adaptation is one of the most important in the long process of gender change. It is complicated because of the high intransigence of society to such people. To some extent, the impossibility of understanding their internal state.

To facilitate adaptation, many change their social circle and switch to a new job. This happens due to cruel and hard communication with the transgender. Having told his closest people about his intentions, a person is faced with manifestations of transphobia. It is expressed in the form of psychological violence, aggressive behavior, rejection of a stated fact.

According to foreign and domestic research, only 30% of transgender people after a coming out observed a neutral or friendly attitude.

How to change sex in USA

In USA, sex reassignment surgery is possible only after the diagnosis of “transsexualism”.

This requires a certain amount of time – from a year to 3 years, during which a visit to a psychiatrist is mandatory.

After making a diagnosis, he directs the woman to the medical commission, consisting of 3-5 specialists from different fields of medicine. Only the commission is authorized to give directions to gender reassignment operations.

It is possible to pay a commission in a private clinic that has permission for this. This method is faster, but also more expensive.

The following is a trip to the endocrinologist who prescribes hormone therapy. After it, an operation is performed.

In USA, at the legislative level, changing the passport gender and name is problematic. Since to date, a sample application has not been developed, according to which a new birth certificate and passport will be issued without problems. A medical certificate of belonging to the other sex is also required.

However, this does not guarantee success. In most cases, registry offices refuse to change documents and must go to court.

Sex change in children

Changing the sex in childhood is possible only in several cases: with trauma to the genital organs and the impossibility of restoring its function, as well as with congenital pathologies of the reproductive system.

How a woman is made into a man. Sex change operation, changing a woman to a man. How is photo
Doctors made Savanni from Australia 11 years old as a boy because he was diagnosed with a “gender identity disorder”

In some countries, hormones are prescribed for teens who want to change their sex. They are taken during puberty to prevent secondary sexual characteristics from developing and to reduce the development of primary ones. After 18 years, such people can undergo a sex change operation.

How to make a man out of a woman: video review

The first video presents a story from life, how a woman was made a man:

The second video shows a selection of Before and After photos as proof that a woman can be made a man:

You can make a man a woman only for strict medical reasons. Often such an operation is necessary, since people cannot find their place in society and suffer greatly. Among them, suicides are not uncommon.

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