Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

Sugar paste of a special composition as a cosmetic product for removing unwanted body hair is popular among specialists in shugaring. The following article not only offers a recipe for her home cooking, but also contains information on quality products for depilation from well-known manufacturers.

What is shugaring

Under the type of cosmetic procedure under consideration is meant the removal of the hair from the necessary part of the body with the help of sugar paste, which has an adhesive texture. A small amount of “working substance” is applied by the master to the prepared area of the skin against hair growth.

After making sure of the maximum “fit” of the paste to the body and its relative hardening, a sharp movement of the hand “pulls out” the hairs by removing the cosmetic composition in the opposite direction (by hair growth).

Sugar paste, no matter what the recipe, was created, is not able to completely remove hair follicles , which means that the “miracle” of hair loss will not happen forever.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

To obtain a visible effect after shugaring, a woman needs to follow the recommendations of the wizard to care for the “treated” zone, and also repeat the procedure several times. As a result of the course of sugar depilation, it is possible to thin the unwanted hair, discolor it, as well as significantly slow down the growth rate.

Types of pastes

Sugar paste for shugaring, the recipe of which would be universal for all women, has not yet been created.

It is this fact that determines the existence of not only a large number of manufacturers trying to bring their product closer to the “ideal”, but also various types of cosmetic products themselves, differing from each other in their purpose for a particular type of skin, as well as the desired zone of “processing”.

Among the basic varieties of sugar pastes are:

  • soft (used exclusively in working with sensitive skin in the “bandage” technique, which involves applying the substance with a cosmetic spatula, followed by removal with a special “bandage”, or for mixing with other types of pastes);
  • medium (considered a universal “tool”, possible for use with any type of skin without gloves in the “manual” technique, requiring work directly with the hands of the master without the use of additional cosmetic devices, such as a “spatula” or “spatula”);
  • hard / dense / hard (it is used only for “manual” depilation of “increased moisture” zones, for example, armpits or bikini zones and requires high temperature in the room where the procedure is performed, as well as the most “warmed up” hands of the master).

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

Almost each of the listed types of cosmetic products for removing unwanted hair requires its preliminary heating in a microwave or in a water bath to obtain the consistency necessary for the correct “capture” of hairs.

Sugar paste for shugaring, the recipe of which in various variations is trying to recreate the well-known brands of the segment in question, should be the individual choice of a woman in each case, based on the type of her skin and the preferred “status” of cosmetics.

The most popular manufacturers of “sweet weapons” in the fight for smooth skin are:

  • Aravia. A American company that produces products with the most natural composition on the consumer market, in most cases, including only fructose, glucose and purified water. Considering the needs of the modern buyer, Aravia classifies the created pastes into products for professional and home use. A wide range of products, as well as the affordable cost of goods of a trusted manufacturer, determines the demand for sugar paste of this brand among both shugaring professionals and novice craftsmen.
  • Gloria American manufacturer of cosmetics not only for depilation, but also for general face and body care. Having a natural composition, the sugar pastes of this brand are rightly characterized as hypoallergenic, ideal for removing unwanted hairs with sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergic rashes. In addition to the classic types of density of cosmetics for female beauty, Gloria is engaged in the production and production of pastes designed for depilation of the male body, taking into account the characteristics of the skin of representatives of the “stronger sex”.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

  • Cannaan. Manufacturer of Israeli hypoallergenic cosmetics of a professional segment with many years of experience in their field. A feature of the products of this brand is the use of mineral and plant components, as well as the rejection of animal tests in the process of creating sugar paste by Cannaan.
  • Riviere Sucree is a French cosmetics brand that guarantees its customers minimization of the amount of ingrown hair, as well as the absence of possible redness and allergic reactions as a result of exposure to the skin with sugar paste of its own production. The natural composition, economical consumption, as well as the availability of the cosmetics in question are the main advantages of Riviere Sucree.
  • Oasis. An experienced producer of natural sugar paste, the quality of which is confirmed by a certificate of state registration of the American Federation. A wide range of combined products of various densities, including corrective, soft, medium, hard, with a competent approach to their use, guarantees the master high efficiency of the procedures.
  • Saona is a American producer of “new generation” sugar paste. Given the fact that Saona products comply with international standards ISO 9001, the effectiveness of depilation using cosmetics of the brand in question leaves no doubt. By releasing “sweet weapons” in cartridges, as well as offering its own unique products for aroma shugaring, Saona has long occupied its niche in this segment.
  • Gerbere. A proven company whose activity is based on the production of a full line of skin care products before, after and during depilation with sugar paste, including cooling or warming gels and milk. Affordable price, as well as effectiveness in combating unwanted coarse hairs that are difficult to make up with other brands of cosmetics, Gerbere products meet the basic needs of buyers of products in this segment.
  • Alexandria Professional is an American company with a comprehensive approach to creating authoring tools for shugaring. The distinctive characteristics of such sugar pastes, according to the manufacturer, can be considered their ability to simultaneously solve the most popular “problems” of women caring for their bodies, namely hair ingrowth, keratosis, excessive dryness, skin sensitivity and the like.
  • Start Epil – the creators of a professional line of funds for shugaring. The naturalness of cosmetics, as well as its exclusive formulation that complies with international quality standards, are the guarantors of the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures carried out by both experienced professionals in sugar depilation and beginners or “home” body care lovers.
  • Jolie The main distinguishing feature of sugar paste, creat
    ed according to the recipes of Ancient Persia and Egypt, is the absence of the need for its preliminary heating. The natural composition, including cane sugar, lemon juice and distilled water, helps minimize the occurrence of irritation in the “treated” area of the skin.
  • Milagro is a popular company specializing in the production of ultra-soft, soft, medium and hard-density sugar pastes for hair removal. A wide range of packaging options for the cosmetics of the brand in question, as well as the ease of use attracts attention to the product from beginners who are in search of their “ideal tool”.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

Given the wide variety of proven manufacturers of cosmetics for shugaring, as well as variations of its types, a potential buyer should have sufficient knowledge to determine the product that meets its basic requirements.

The choice of paste for shugaring density and structure

Sugar paste for shugaring, the recipe of which creates obvious differences in its structure and density, is traditionally classified into 3 main types, described above in the article.

The choice in favor of soft paste should be made if:

  • the client has a light skin type;
  • the hands of the shugaring master are always cold under standard circumstances, which allows this type of paste to maintain a “working” consistency for a long time;
  • the client’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to irritations and various manifestations of an allergic nature.

Medium-Density Sweet Weapons are ideal for:

  • the need to remove unwanted hairs with a length of 3/32 – 6/32 inch;
  • work with thin “transparent” skin;
  • any type of unwanted hairline;
  • work indoors with any temperature and degree of humidity;
  • the need for delicate removal of keratinized cells.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

It is advisable to give preference to sugar pastes of a dense or hard consistency in the case of:

  • ongoing depilation on male skin;
  • increased sweating of the hands of the master;
  • the need for a procedure in a short time.

Choice depending on different zones and hair types

Sugar paste for shugaring, the recipe of which determines the choice of the most suitable cosmetic product depending on its density, can be evaluated for compliance with the requirements of the buyer in terms of the type of unwanted hairs and the features of the zone itself, requiring “processing”.

Soft “tools” will be ideal helpers when working with:

  • owners of light hair;
  • delicate “facial” areas of the skin, in particular, the area above the upper lip;
  • “Hairline” of the abdomen;
  • “Bandage” technique in adjusting the shape of the eyebrows using sugar hair removal.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

It is recommended to choose pastes for medium density shugaring, regardless of the type of hair, in case of:

  • the need to eliminate unwanted hairs from the chin area;
  • work with the skin in the back;
  • deliverance of the client’s hands from excessive “vegetation”;
  • the desire of a woman to eliminate hair in the armpits.

The use of “hard” pastes for shugaring should be resorted to when:

  • epilation of the legs, including the hips and the entire part of the lower limb above the knee;
  • work with excessive “vegetation” in the bikini area;
  • the desire to get rid of dark “hard” hair, regardless of their location.

Pros and Cons of Home Shugaring

Women caring for their bodies do not always have the opportunity to visit beauty salons or experienced masters at regular intervals.

Trying to find a way out of this situation, many of them begin to practice “home” shugaring, the competent “execution” of which guarantees no less effective procedure compared to “professional” manipulations of a similar nature carried out in beauty salons.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

The obvious advantages of this kind of training can be objectively attributed:

  • financial savings;
  • lack of need to “adjust” your daily routine to “free windows” in the master’s schedule;
  • minimal soreness of the procedure, due to the ability to do any pause duration, if necessary, wait out acute pain;
  • the comfort of the psychological state and the opportunity to be distracted at the right time when performing shugaring at home.

Given the number of difficulties most often encountered by women who have decided on “home shugaring,” when deciding on the feasibility of this procedure without the participation of a professional, it is worth bearing in mind some of its shortcomings, in particular:

  • the need to spend more time on hair removal, compared with the same process in a beauty salon;
  • lack of physical ability to epilate certain areas, in particular, the back and deep bikini;
  • possible errors in choosing the consistency of sugar paste, which may be fraught with the appearance of ingrown hairs, as well as the appearance of irritation in the “treated” area of the skin.

The classic recipe for self-made sugar paste

If there is a desire to use paste of the most natural proven composition in the cosmetic procedure under consideration, a woman can cook it herself, following the classic recipe below.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use
The recipe for sugar paste for shugaring at home.
  1. Mix in a pan 2 cups of sugar,? cups of purified water and cups of lemon juice.
  2. Put on low heat, continuously stir the resulting mixture.
  3. When “bubbles” appear on the surface of the paste, begin to monitor the pumped temperature.
  4. Upon reaching the mark of 120 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to remove the pan from the stove and suck to room temperature.

On average, such a procedure for the preparation of sugar paste for shugaring does not take more than 15 minutes , which makes it possible to prepare it every time before the start of depilation.

Additive Recipes

The woman’s desire to give “homemade weapons to fight unwanted hairs” a pleasant aroma or additional properties explains the wide variety of recipes for makin
g sugar paste for depilation with additives.

Among them, the most popular is the recipe for a honey mixture for hair removal, prepared in accordance with the following algorithm of actions.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

  1. In a pan, mix 200 gr. granulated sugar, 20 gr. water and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Put the pan on the fire, add 40 gr. honey and mix thoroughly.
  3. Cook the resulting mixture over medium heat, stirring continuously.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat as soon as the pasta takes on a dark caramel color.
  5. Cool to room temperature.

For women who need to quickly remove unwanted hair from the body, it is recommended to pay attention to the recipe for sugar paste using vinegar.

  1. In a saucepan, mix water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio and mix thoroughly.
  2. After putting the pan on a slow fire, add sugar in an amount twice the amount of water and vinegar.
  3. Cook the resulting mixture until it takes on the consistency of melted plasticine in dark caramel color.
  4. Remove the pan from the stove and cool the paste to room temperature.

Preparatory Activities

Success in conducting the home shugaring procedure is half dependent on the thorough implementation of basic preparatory activities.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

The following points are obligatory for observing in the period before shugaring:

  • make sure that the minimum interval between the depilation procedures (at least 2 weeks) is observed, as well as the integrity of the skin in the area of the planned manipulations;
  • check for the presence of hairs of the desired length from 5/32 – 11/32 inch;
  • purchases of a special anesthetic, subject to shugaring for the first time;
  • cleaning the skin of the “treated” zone and degreasing it using the products intended for this (alcohol, talc, powder, lotion, and so on);
  • refusal to visit the solarium and the use of moisturizers;
  • “Steam” the skin, for example, taking a hot bath.

Shugaring Technique

  1. Thoroughly warm a small amount of paste in your hands until it takes on a “plasticine” consistency and a light shade.
  2. On a previously cleaned and fat-free skin, apply a substance against hair growth, rubbing it as much as possible over the “treated” area.
  3. Tighten the skin slightly in the “working” area.
  4. Remove the paste by pulling sharply in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Treat the skin with an antiseptic solution.

Care after shugaring

Within a day after this procedure is highly recommended:

  • steaming the skin;
  • engage in active sports;
  • visit the solarium or stay in the open sun for a long time;
  • use creams or makeup.

Sugar paste for shugaring. The recipe at home. Which is better to buy: Gloria, Arabia, Oasis, Start Epil, Saona. How to use

To remove the sensitivity of the skin and its speedy recovery after shugaring experienced masters advise:

  • comply with basic hygiene rules;
  • disinfect the depilation area;
  • moisturize with special lotions.

By choosing sugar paste for shugaring from a trusted manufacturer that matches the “working” conditions, in particular, the type of skin, hair, zone, and so on, or by preparing it yourself according to one of the above recipes, a woman even at home can enjoy the smoothness of her skin for a long time.

Video about shugaring pastes, rules of the procedure and home remedy recipes

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