Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

Strong and healthy nails are the dream of many women. The modern rhythm of life, poor nutrition, and a passion for manicure techniques lead to thinning, exfoliation, and fragility of the nail plates.

To eliminate the problem at home, cosmetic and folk strengthening agents are used, the healing properties of which prevent the development of structural changes in the tissues.

What nails need strengthening

Healthy are solid non-compacted pink nail plates with a smooth surface. Their deformation is a sign of the development of diseases or the result of mechanical stress. Nail defects are divided into 2 groups: non-fungal and fungal origin.

The main structural changes of a non-fungal nature include:

  1. Nail clouding.
  2. The appearance of white stripes, dots or spots.
  3. Clarification of the plate with its subsequent peeling from the bed.
  4. Blackening or, conversely, discoloration of the tissue.
  5. Thickening or thinning of the nail.
  6. Inflammation of the periungual roller.
  7. Yellowing plate.
  8. The appearance of grooves.
  9. Exfoliation of tissue.
  10. Ingrown plate.
  11. Barbs.
  12. Cracks at the base.
  13. Cuticle ingrowth.
  14. Gloss fading. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

Defects of fungal origin include redness and swelling in the area of the periungual roller, the appearance of white spots and grooves, peeling, and itching.

Nail strengthening cosmetics

Strengthening nails at home is done with professional firming materials.

These include:

  1. Healing varnishes.
  2. Gel – varnishes.
  3. Gels.
  4. Biogels.
  5. Acrylic Powders.
  6. Cream.
  7. Oils.

They contain nutrients that moisturize, protect and restore the nail plate.

The use of reinforcing materials prevents brittleness, delamination, and also accelerates the growth and restoration of damaged tissues.

Firming and healing varnishes

High-quality therapeutic varnishes – professional cosmetic products designed to restore, strengthen, grow the nail plate, as well as the prevention of fungal diseases.

The action of drugs is based on the penetration of beneficial trace elements into the cellular structure of the nail, which allows it to nourish, protect and moisturize. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt


  1. Eliminate the root cause of diseases and tissue defects, and do not mask the problem (in contrast to decorative strengthening agents).
  2. They have both a narrow and a complex effect.
  3. Penetrate deep into the structure of the nail plate.
  4. Easy to use, easy to apply, have a long period of wear.

Depending on the action taken, it is popular:

  1. Belweder firming varnish for exfoliating nails with fruit acids.
  2. Clever enamel. Professional series for strengthening nails.
  3. Eveline Healing Varnish for soft, thin and exfoliating nails.
  4. Therapy and care by Lilac (5 in 1 combination therapy).
  5. Zinger Calcium Nail Strengthener.

Professional therapeutic varnishes are applied to pre-treated nail plates as an independent coating or base for manicure.

Acrylic Powder

Acrylic is a cosmetic powder in the form of a polymer powder based on rubber. Purpose: extension and strengthening of the nail plates.

Effective products – basic and camouflage acrylic of the My Nail System trademark.

Product Advantages:

  • ease of use;
  • safe composition;
  • porous structure;
  • elimination of microcracks and damage;
  • easy correction;
  • protection against external adverse effects (household chemicals, low and high temperatures);
  • prevention of fragility and delamination of nails due to the cementing properties of the product.

To strengthen or correct the shape, colorless (transparent) acrylic is used.

Its phased use at home is carried out according to the scheme:

  1. The nail plate is degreased.
  2. The surface is covered with a base topcoat in 1 layer. However, it does not dry in the lamp. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
  3. Acrylic is sprinkled on the nail with a thin brush.
  4. The plates are dried in a lamp under ultraviolet light.
  5. Excess cosmetic products are removed with a special brush for manicure.
  6. The plates are coated with a color coating or regular varnish.

Strengthening acrylic nails under gel polish provides a long-lasting and beautiful manicure at home. The cementing properties of the product are due to its good polymerization under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. This eliminates microdamage on the plates.

Gels for strengthening and protecting nails

Gels for nails – a glass-like material of synthetic origin on a polymer basis. Purpose: building artificial nails, strengthening the natural nail. The material hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, lays well, has a light texture and a safe composition.

Main advantages:

  1. The strength of nails to mechanical damage while maintaining shape.
  2. Prevention of fragility and delamination.
  3. The possibility of correction by cutting material.
  4. Protection of the plate from exposure to chemical components.
  5. Long period of socks (about 1 month).
    Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
    Strengthening nails at home is possible in several ways, for example, using special gels.
  6. The possibility of nail design.
  7. An exception to the development of allergic reactions due to the content of coniferous resin in the preparation.
  8. Conducting a pedicure (strengthening, restoration and regeneration of brittle and ingrown nails).

Phased use of firming gel:

  1. Cleansing of dirt and grease on the skin of hands, nails and the area around them.
  2. Cleaning the plates (preferably using cutters), processing the cuticle with a manicure scapula.
  3. Giving nails the desired shape, removing dust with a special brush.
  4. Processing each fingertip with a degreaser.
  5. Applying a primer on the nail plate, excluding the product on the side rollers and cuticles. Drying in a UV lamp (2-3 minutes).
  6. Gel shaping. Re-drying under UV.
  7. Removing the sticky layer with a special tool, treating the periungual skin with healing oil.

The most effective firming gels:

  1. Entity LED Pink Gel.
  2. Kodi Base Gel
  3. Kodi UV Finish gel Crystal Depth.
  4. Gel In’Garden.

The application time of the strengthe
ning material is 1.5 hours.


Soft gel (biogel) is a plastic polymer material for strengthening nail plates based on organic protein, vitamins and rubber. Purpose: strengthening natural nails, preventing their fragility and delamination. Result: strong (but not hard), elastic and flexible natural nails.

The tool provides:

  • general strengthening effect (increases firmness and elasticity of a natural nail);
  • protective (prevents external adverse effects);
  • non-toxic and anti-allergic (all components are natural substances);
  • restoring (careful alignment of the structure of the nail);
  • modeling (giving the nails the desired shape).

Benefits of biogel strengthening:

  1. Ease of use. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
  2. High porosity and texture elasticity.
  3. A single-phase composition that does not require the use of base and top coat.
  4. Lack of dust and unpleasant odors.
  5. The impact only on the area of the nail plate.
  6. Minimum time for the procedure (30 minutes).
  7. Convenience, strength and durability when wearing decorative plates.
  8. Quick and painless removal of the treatment composition by soaking.

Phased strengthening is carried out according to the scheme:

  1. Hand disinfection with an antiseptic.
  2. Processing and correction of the periungual skin with an orange stick / manicure shovel.
  3. Application of 2 layers of primer (the first layer degreases the surface, the second improves bonding properties).
  4. Covering the nails with biogel in the direction from the free edge to the base, maintaining a distance of 3/32 inch from the cuticle.
  5. Sealing and drying in the lamp of the free edge of the plate.
  6. Application of an additional layer of biogel that does not require drying of the sticky layer (if necessary).
  7. Removing the uneven surface of the nail with a degreasing agent, polishing it.
  8. Application of biogel with a finishing layer, repeated drying. Removing the sticky layer.
  9. Treatment of the periungual skin with oil.

A sign of a poor-quality procedure is the ingress of a polymeric agent onto the periungual plates and the skin.

Popular strengthening agents:

  1. Biogels In’Garden.
  2. Biogels Masura.
  3. Kodi Single Phase Rubber Biogel.

Application time – 45 minutes. The sock period is 3 weeks. Disadvantage: the impossibility of a correction.

Folk remedies for strengthening nails

Strengthening nails at home can be done using folk remedies based on natural ingredients: baths, masks, compresses. Weekly carrying out only 2-3 cosmetic procedures helps to strengthen, protect and restore the nail plates, especially in the winter.

Sea salt baths

A salt bath is a simple and effective way to strengthen nails. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

For the procedure, it is necessary:

  1. Dilute 1 small tablespoons of salt in 0,3 gallon of warm (not hot water).
  2. Lower the fingertips into the treatment composition, withstand 10-15 minutes.
  3. Pat your hands with a towel.
  4. Apply a cosmetic product (nourishing cream) to the skin of hands and nails.

As an auxiliary component, 2 small tablespoons of food water are also added to the brine. The procedure is carried out 2 times a week. The total duration of the course is 21 days.

Nail wax mask

For the procedure, a cosmetic product based on beeswax is used. It should be warm. The composition is slightly warmed up in the hands, after which it is applied to the damaged areas.

The procedure for strengthening the nails includes 3 stages:

Stage Title Essence
1 Preparatory The nails are cleaned from varnish, pollution is removed. The plates are given the desired shape.
2 Main The heated bee product is applied to the nail and the area of skin around it. The composition is rubbed with massage movements until it completely hardens and absorbs the product.
3 Final The polished treated nail plates are polished with suede.

Wax nail strengthening is carried out no more than 3 times a week.

It allows you to restore a healthy structure of the nail, remove the inflammatory process by eliminating microcracks and damage. In this case, the nail plates are strengthened, acquire a healthy shine and are saturated with vitamins. The skin of the hands is moisturized, becoming less prone to the formation of barbs and the development of fungal diseases.

Lemon juice and olive oil

Strengthening nails at home is good with olive oil and lemon juice. On their basis, they prepare a special bath or mask. Olive oil is heated in a water bath to 40 degrees, after which the fingertips are lowered into a warm therapeutic composition for half an hour. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

Strengthen the strengthening effect, as well as whiten the nail plate helps to add a few drops of lemon juice to the oil. The ingredients are combined in a ratio of 3: 1. The nails are kept in the medicinal composition for 10-15 minutes, after which the hands are dried with a towel and put on gloves made of cotton fabric.

Iodine for strengthening nails

Iodine is an excellent tool against delamination and bri
ttleness of the nail plate. It has a pronounced bactericidal and antifungal effect. On the basis of the ingredient, in the evening, an iodine-salt bath is prepared to strengthen and restore nails. The procedure is carried out on the nails cleaned from a color coating.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. 5 drops of iodine, 5 drops of orange juice (lemon), 2 small spoons of sea salt are added to 0,3 gallon of warm water. All components are thoroughly mixed. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
  2. The fingers are immersed in the solution for 10-15 minutes.
  3. The nails are dried with a dry towel, after which a nourishing cream is applied to the skin and periungual area.

Iodine-salt bath is carried out several times a week. A daily procedure is also allowed. The therapeutic composition has a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail, prevents its lamination.

Rubbing the nail plate with iodine is another way to strengthen the nails.

To do this, a treatment solution is applied to the damaged area with a cotton pad and left overnight. If necessary, the remnants of the product and yellowness are removed the next morning with lemon juice. The procedure is recommended at least 1 time per month.

Gelatin mask

Gelatin is a proteinaceous jelly-like substance obtained in the process of processing animal connective tissue. The rich nutritional composition of the product allows you to strengthen the nail plate, soften the cuticle, accelerate the natural growth of the nail.

The strengthening procedure is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Hands are cleaned of dirt with a moisturizing soap.
  2. The periungual skin is treated with a special emollient to remove it, and then it is pushed back by an orange stick.
  3. Nails are dipped in a therapeutic composition for 15-20 minutes, after which they should be dampened with a towel.

To prepare the therapeutic composition, 2 small tablespoons of gelatin are mixed with water and slightly heated until completely dissolved. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.

Herbal decoction

Herbal broth is prepared on the basis of nettle, chamomile, plantain and sage. Herbs can be alternated. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Natural ingredients in crushed form (1 tablespoon. Spoon) are placed in a pan with 0,3 gallon. water at room temperature.
  2. The mixture is boiled in a water bath for 30 minutes. Due to prolonged heating, biologically active substances are extracted.
  3. The broth is left for 15 minutes to cool, after which the hands fall into the composition.
  4. After the procedure, the nails are dried with a towel and treated with a nutritious cosmetic product (cream).

To strengthen the nails and nourish the skin of the hands, a therapeutic bath is prepared 1-2 times a week.

Curd mask

Curd-honey mask is an effective folk remedy for strengthening, restoration, nutrition and healing of nails. It is prepared by mixing 1 small spoonfuls of cottage cheese, honey and vegetable oil until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The mixture is applied to cleaned and treated nails.
  2. Cotton gloves are worn on top of the treatment composition.
  3. The mask is aged for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water.

The strengthening procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.

Vitamins A and E capsules

Fat-soluble vitamins A (retinol) and E (tocopherol) are essential minerals for nail health. Retinol promotes the growth, strengthening and restoration of damaged plates, prevents their fragility and delamination. Vitamin has an antifungal effect.

Tocopherol improves and restores tissue structure, slows down the aging process of cells, activates plate growth. Vitamin has a powerful antioxidant effect, especially on the female body. For hand health, vitamins A and E are recommended to be taken as part of food products, as well as pharmacy vitamin preparations in the form of capsules or tablets.

Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

Effective drugs:

  1. Retinocaps.
  2. We see.
  3. Vitrum.
  4. Tocopherocaps.
  5. Vitamins AE in capsule form.

The dosage and duration of administration is determined by the attending physician after the consultation.

Berry compresses

Berries are a particularly valuable product for weakened nails. They contain the necessary trace elements for their growth and strengthening. Acid varieties of berries have proven themselves well: lingonberries, red currants, cranberries.

You can prepare a nutritional compress based on them as follows:

  1. Ingredients (2-3 tablespoon. Tablespoons) are crushed.
  2. The paste is applied to the damaged area, after which it is wrapped with cling film.
  3. After 20 minutes, the film is removed, the berry compress is washed off with warm water.

Berries can stain the nail plates, but after washing off the composition, the pigmentation disappears.

A mixture of oils for nails

To strengthen the nail plates using essential and cosmetic oils. On their basis, therapeutic baths, masks or compresses are prepared.

An example of using a mixture of oils at home:

  1. Grape seed oil and almond are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
  2. The mixture is heated in a steam bath.
  3. Cotton pads are impregnated with a medicinal composition and are applied alternately to the nail plates of first one, then the second hand.
  4. The compress is kept for 15 minutes (on each hand), after which the discs are removed and the nails are dried with a paper towel.

The procedure is carried out 2 times a week. It allows you to strengthen the plate, soften the cuticle, restore the structure of the nail.

Vitamin and mineral complexes for strengthening nails

Strengthening nails at home requires recharge from the inside. It includes the preparation of a balanced diet, as well as maintaining balance in the body with the help of synthetic complexes of vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins – supplements based on nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Their intake prevents hypovitaminosis, improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

Complex preparations for strengthening nails include:

Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt

  1. Complies. Due to this trace element, calcium is better absorbed by the body, fragility and stratification of the nail is prevented.
  2. Supradin. One of the most effective vitamin-mineral preparations. It has a good pri
    ce-quality ratio.
  3. Vitrum. Standard complex based on 13 vitamins and 17 minerals. Restores and strengthens the structure of the plate after 7 days of use.
  4. Duovit. Complex vitamin-mineral preparation. It includes red dragees based on vitamins of groups B, A, C, D, E, blue – based on minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium).
  5. Brewer’s yeast. Contain vitamins E, K and F and group B. Improve and restore tissue structure.

Vitamin-mineral preparations in the form of capsules, dragees or tablets are taken orally before meals.

Their effect is due to the rapid absorption in the blood and beneficial effects on the body as a whole. To consolidate the result, a full course of treatment is undergoing.

Diet for strengthening nails

The key to healthy hands is a balanced diet based on healthy ingredients. Saturating the body with the necessary trace elements from the inside, the nails receive everything necessary for strengthening, growth and recovery.

The list of the most useful products includes:

  1. Pumpkin, bell peppers, carrots. For a better assimilation of vitamin A, a light salad snack seasoned with vegetable or olive oil is prepared on the basis of the ingredients.
  2. Avocados, nuts (including sesame). Rich in vitamin E, an essential trace element for strengthening and growing plates. Strengthening nails at home with folk remedies, gel, acrylic, powder, sea salt
  3. Natural dairy products are a source of calcium, which is part of the structural composition of nails and affects their condition.
  4. Fatty fish (sardine, herring, eel, mackerel), as well as fish oil. Foods are rich in vitamin D. Their inclusion in the diet improves the absorption of calcium in the body.
  5. Cereals, bran, bread rolls, brown bread – a source of vitamin B group. They contribute to the compaction of the nail plate, preventing its thinning.
  6. Vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers), as well as greens (parsley, dill, celery). Increase the amount of silicon and sulfur in the tissues. At the same time, their structure improves, growth accelerates.
  7. Berries and fruits. For the health of the skin, hair and nails, mountain ash, wild rose, black currant are especially useful.
  8. Seafood. They are rich in zinc – a regulator of the formation of proteins, as well as the growth of nail plates.
  9. Sea kale, persimmon. Due to the high iodine content, their inclusion in the diet prevents brittle plates, the development of fungal diseases.

Of the drinks, preference is given to drinking water, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, and green tea.

Strengthening nails requires compliance with recommendations for a balanced diet, intake of vitamin complexes, organization of relaxation plates. At home, attention is also paid to conducting medical procedures, limiting the effects of household chemicals on the skin of hands and nails, and using additional protective measures.

Video on how to strengthen nails at home

What masks for strengthening nails can be done at home:

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