Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists

Belotero Soft – a drug used in facial contouring . It is actively used to smooth wrinkles and fill in the voids of the skin, rejuvenating the face. The drug is produced in Germany. According to patients’ reviews, it can be said that the effect appears instantly, there is no need for correction, the result lasts up to 1 year.

The drug is divided into 4 types – software, basic, intensive, balance. Each species is designed for different wrinkle intensities. Software is an ideal filler for getting rid of superficial wrinkles. It is enough to smooth out “crow’s feet” around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips and nasolabial folds.


Belotero software (patient reviews in 90% positive) contains only 2 components – sodium hyaluronate and phosphate buffer. The uniqueness of the filler lies in its special production technology. Hyaluronic acid is presented as a cross-linked network polymer that retains water. This starts the process of updating the inner layer of the skin under the epidermis.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the inner layer of the skin. It is designed to maintain water balance. A sufficient degree of skin hydration helps keep it healthy and fit. The phosphate buffer in the filler is necessary to maintain the desired pH level. With age, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid slows down.

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists

The skin becomes dehydrated and dry, wrinkles appear.

The production of an important component of the skin is also affected by:

  1. UV rays.
  2. Improper nutrition (eating insufficient amounts of vegetables, large amounts of sugar, salt).
  3. Drinking insufficient amounts of clean water.
  4. Vitamin Diomega-3 deficiency.
  5. Infectious diseases.
  6. Smoking and alcohol.

In order to achieve the desired skin hydration with low synthesis of the substance, preparations with hyaluronic acid are actively used. Belotero Soft (patient reviews can be read below) has a lower concentration of active substance in comparison with Belotero fillers of the highest levels – only 20 mg / fluid ounce, so small changes are intended.

In what form is produced

The filler is available in the form of a uniform gel, packed in 0,03 fluid ounce glass syringes. It is disposable. Each package is sterilized with wet steam. The gel in the package is transparent, colorless. The consistency of the drug is elastic and viscous. Two sterile needles and 2 control strips are attached to the syringes, which are attached to the patient card.

Content is packaged in a yellow box labeled Belotero Soft. Other types of fillers – Belotero Basic, Balan and Belotero Intens, differ from Belotero Soft in a large number of active components. Belotero BASIC contains 22.5 mg of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, this type is suitable for deeper wrinkles. Belotero Intense contains 25.5 mg of hyaluronic acid.

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists

This amount of substance is suitable for pronounced wrinkles.


Contouring helps correct skin changes without the intervention of a surgeon. This type of plastic surgery is one of the best methods for eliminating age-related changes and the effects of skin injuries. Belotero is a safe drug, since the hyaluronic acid in the composition is fully compatible with human tissues. Within 1 year, the substance resolves.

For wrinkles of various intensities, a different type of filler is used:

Filler Indications for use
Belotero software
  1. The appearance of small wrinkles above the upper lip, the prevention of their occurrence. Preventive procedures are carried out on the recommendation of a cosmetologist. Prevention may be required not only before the onset of age-related changes, but also if the client has active facial expressions, which contributes to the appearance of early wrinkles.
  2. The lip contour is slightly outlined, there is a slight asymmetry.
  3. “Spider Web” in the upper corners of the eyes. Wrinkles in these places often appear in people with visual impairments.
Belotero Basic
  1. Nasolabial folds of medium intensity.
  2. Wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  3. Purse-string wrinkles over the lip.
  4. Filler smoothes deeper wrinkles. It will help get rid of facial wrinkles.
Belotero Intense
  1. Thin lips, their asymmetric shape. Filler will help to make lips more magnificent, with a contoured outline.
  2. The disappearance of the volume in the soft tissues of the face, decollete. The procedure is used for severe age-related changes and will help significantly restore skin elasticity.

Belotero software (patient reviews of the procedure can be read at the end) has a soft and delicate effect, it helps to get rid of wrinkles in the early stages. Belotero intensity is used only for significant changes in facial tissues. Among young women, the drug is popular for lip volume. But more often it is used for age-related changes.

Belotero balance contains 22.5 mg of hyaluron, as is Belotero Basic. The difference from the base filler is that it contains lidocaine (3 mg in 0,03 fluid ounce of the drug). Carrying out the procedure with lidocaine is suitable for people with a low pain threshold. 2 types of the drug with one amount of hyaluronic acid are designed to be able to carry out the procedure in the case of an allergy to lidocaine.

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists

The unique production technology of Belotero fillers allows you to simulate the facial contour, corrects the effects of tissue prolapse. The Belotero series does an excellent job of deepening the skin, which can be caused by injuries or age-related changes due to its dense structure. Belotero software is declared by the manufacturer as a “smart” filler.

It allows you to safely correct changes. The properties are due to the special technology of manufacturing fillers, consisting of 5 stages. First, hyaluronic acid is obtained, which undergoes preliminary purification. Her chains are arranged randomly. Then, under industrial conditions, the molecules are aligned, arranging parallel to each other.

The molecules are crosslinked in the classical way, resulting in a uniform gel. Crosslinked hyaluronic acid molecules are stretched. Then the elements are re-stitched and cleaned. The stretching and re-stitching stages are considered innovative and are not used for fillers of other brands. The method helps to avoid the formation of extra particles, giving a homogeneous mass at the output.

Such actions increase the quality of the filler – it is easily inserted under the skin, has a high plasticity. Belotero software has a complex production process, but the chemical effect on the main component is minimal. Industrial cleaning makes the product safe for the skin, reducing the risk of side effects. Industrial cleaning provides high biocompatibility with tissues.

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists
Belotero soft is one of the most popular rejuvenation products.

Therefore, the drug collects a large number of positive reviews from patients.


The production technology provides uniformity and elasticity of the gel, facilitating the administration of the drug. Contour plastic by injection is carried out only by a specialist who has been trained. The conditions for use should be aseptic in order to avoid bacteria from entering the skin layers. The drug is designed for use in the office of a cosmetologist.

How is the procedure:

  1. First, the client comes to a consultation with a cosmetologist, where a specialist will examine the condition of the skin. It will help to figure out whether a procedure is necessary, if necessary, select a filler in accordance with the intensity of deformation of skin tissue.
  2. Before starting the procedure, the skin is disinfected to avoid bacteria. At the same time, there should be no inflammation on the skin.
  3. At the injection site, the doctor will make a mark with a medical marker. It will help to indicate the place of needle insertion, the direction of drug administration and the endpoint of its administration.
  4. The specialist will fix the needle that goes in the kit on the tip of the syringe and remove the cap.
  5. There are 4 ways to introduce into the upper layers of the skin – multipuncture, linear, “fan”, “mesh”. The linear technique is to introduce almost the entire length. It should be parallel to the surface of the skin. The needle is slowly removed from the tissue, distributing the filler evenly. This technique is used to correct the intense deformation of soft tissues, or the “zone of depression.” The mesh technique involves the introduction of 2 series of parallel injections linearly, as in the first method. A series of injections is made perpendicular to each other in different layers of the skin. “Grid” is used to maintain skin tone of the cheeks, correction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles at the corners of the lips of medium intensity. The fan technique is a type of linear technique. The method consists in introducing a filler from one point in the direction of diverging rays. After introducing the filler, the needle is not removed,It unfolds in the skin at an acute angle. Then the administration procedure is repeated up to 4 times. The technique is mainly used for lip augmentation and correction of nasolabial folds. The multipuncture technique is used for the upper layers of the skin with small deformations. The method consists in the targeted injection of the drug into the skin. The needle enters at an angle of 30 °. Filler is distributed along wrinkles. The injected drug inside is connected in a single line.The injected drug inside is connected in a single line.The injected drug inside is connected in a single line.
    Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists
  6. With the introduction of the filler, clogging of the needle is possible. The cosmetologist will replace it with a new one – there are 2 needles in the package.
  7. After the injection, the puncture site is treated with an antiseptic.
  8. The specialist will slightly soften the soft tissues.
  9. The intensity of needle insertion and the choice of injection technique is based on the type and intensity of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance. It is independently excreted from the body. The rate of excretion may vary depending on the characteristics of the body. On average, the result lasts from 8 to 12 months. Then, if desired, the procedure is repeated. The average cost is from $ 177. up to $ 218.

Which includes the cost of the procedure:

  1. Initial consultation with a doctor.
  2. Correction.
  3. Anesthesia if necessary.
  4. The price of the drug Belotero in the required amount.


Belotero software (patient reviews are noted below) has a number of contraindications. At the initial consultation, the cosmetologist will ask the client about existing diseases, examine the skin.

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists

When you can not use Belotero:

  1. Age to 18 years.
  2. Predisposition to scarring.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Diseases associated with bleeding disorders.
  6. High sensitivity to one of the components of the drug.
  7. Acute or chronic infection.
  8. Autoimmune diseases.
  9. Randu-Osler-Weber disease.
  10. Menstruation. In this period of the woman’s cycle, hormonal changes occur. The phenomenon may worsen the result of the procedure. Often during a woman’s menstruation, the pain threshold decreases.
  11. Inflammation, rashes on the skin of a bacterial, infectious, fungal nature together with the procedure.
  12. Lactation period. During breastfeeding, a woman’s body often weakens and is in short supply, so the risk of an allergic reaction and a deterioration in a woman’s health is increasing. But the components of the drug do not pass into breast milk.
  13. Do not perform contouring if other cosmetic procedures have recently been performed. Their list includes: peeling, laser exposure, UV cleaning, mechanical cleaning, dermabrasion. Before the injection, you need to wait for the full recovery of the skin.

What are the limitations after the procedure:

  1. 2 weeks after the procedure, do not visit saunas, baths, do not take a hot bath.
  2. For 2 weeks, you need to postpone active sports.
  3. Until the skin completely recovers from side effects, do not carry out other procedures – peeling, facial cleansing, massage, laser exposure.
  4. 12 hours after the introduction of the filler, do not apply makeup.
  5. 12 hours should be avoided by ultraviolet rays.

What are the precautions before the procedure:

  1. The cosmetologist opens the package with the patient.
  2. Needles are used only by those that come in the package.
  3. The drug is strictly forbidden to mix with other substances.
  4. Filler is not transferred to another container.
  5. Filler is not compatible with automatic methods of administration under the skin.

Side effects

At the initial consultation, the cosmetologist should inform the client about possible adverse reactions that may occur after the injection procedure.

What are the side effects of Belotero software:

  1. Slight bleeding may occur during filler administration. It disappears on its own, without additional manipulation.
    Belotero software (Belotero) blanching by fillers. How is it done, price, reviews of patients, cosmetologists
  2. Possible otoclocal nature along with the introduction under the skin. The norm is when this side effect lasts up to 7 days.
  3. Together, punctures form redness. This side effect is seen in 95% of clients. It lasts from 3 to 7 days.
  4. < li>The occurrence of allergies is an active component.

  5. Small swelling may occur together with the injection.
  6. Discoloration of the skin area where the procedure was performed.
  7. Itching at the injection site of the filler (occurs in 5% of cases).
  8. Any of the side effects should go away in 7 days. If this does not happen, or pain occurs, then you should contact a specialist for help.

Belotero software is a drug that will allow for facial contouring. Filler collects positive feedback from patients. It copes well with shallow wrinkles, is able to remove small defects, the effects of injuries.

Video about Belotero software (Belotero)

Belotero software (Belotero) blanching with fillers:

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