Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

Twist therapy, created by Korean professor Wu, is aimed at solving problems with the spine and joints. It is also called spiral gymnastics. It consists of a set of exercises, divided into 4 stages (16 exercises in each). From the consistent passage of all stages, you can achieve amazing results, gallon after the first lessons.

What is spiral gymnastics

Twist therapy or spiral gymnastics is a light exercise with twists. The constant repetition of simple physical exercises will fill the body with energy and make it healthy. The body of the person will come in tone, and the pain will go away.

A quick set of classes can be performed by anyone. Spiral gymnastics helps to return to a natural state in a matter of minutes, both on a physical and mental level. Smooth progressive-twisting techniques have a beneficial effect on large tubular bones and the spine.

The consequences of twist therapy will be:

  • getting rid of extra pounds;
  • restoration of elasticity, reduced sedentary lifestyle;
  • elimination of pain;
  • pressure reduction;
  • strengthening of blood vessels and heart;
  • balance of the central nervous system;
  • improved blood flow;
  • relaxation of tense muscles.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

Spiral gymnastics (the whole complex is completely uncomplicated) does not require much effort, and its easy and short training course is well remembered.

During a leisurely exercise you can:

  • to talk;
  • pray;
  • listen to music.

History of the technique

A healing and strengthening system was invented by a professor from Korea. In one of his studies, he discovered that everything in nature and in man moves in a spiral. This structure is even present within each organism. It was this discovery that served to create spiral gymnastics.

According to the scientist Wu, the world consists of 4 hypostases, and not 2:

  • initial or 0;
  • creative yang;
  • calm yin;
  • balancing neutro.

The benefits of spiral therapy

Using twist therapy, the following occurs:

  • faster recovery of those bedridden;
  • figure transformation;
  • spine support;
  • blood circulation in the extremities is normalized;
  • high pressure decreases;
  • nerves calm down;
  • enrichment of cells with oxygen;
  • posture correction;
  • getting rid of a bulging abdomen;
  • muscle strengthening;
  • improved flexibility;
  • lymph system cleansing;
  • normalization of sleep.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

The table shows how spiral gymnastics helps the body.

Eyes Vision improvement
Liver Disposal of toxins
Spine Posture correction
Figure Correction and disposal of cellulite

Exercising softens and relaxes the muscles from a long lying or sitting. Her exercises fight back and neck pains, correcting posture and healing the spine. Spiral gymnastics performed in the morning helps to cheer up and wake up better.

The sequential movement of the joints, which occurs during spiral gymnastics, affects the internal energy fluxes and balances the work of all structures in the body. Twisting workouts instantly relieve pain and improve the characteristics of all organs, even those affected.

Constant repetitions of twist exercises will accelerate material metabolism and relieve excess weight. The gym complex is often included in Pilates and fitness training. Spiral therapy is also compared to meditation, as it has a positive effect on the psyche and nervous system.

Simple and effective twist exercises:

  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • tone muscles;
  • free your head from unnecessary thoughts.

Features of the exercise of spiral gymnastics

Twisting therapy should be regular and gradual. The duration of the initial gymnastics classes can be 5 or 10 minutes. The technique will become completely useful when it is performed every day. From the very beginning, gymnastics should be moderately intense.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

This is the only way to prepare for further more complex stages. The main condition for their implementation is as little sharpness as possible. With slow gymnastics, the body will calm down and relax, and with fast gymnastics it will activate its physiological processes.

Indications for classes

Spiral gymnastics (its entire complex will be described later in the article) is necessary for:

  • constant fatigue;
  • emotional instability;
  • astigmatism and myopia;
  • headaches and VVD;
  • poor posture and a sick spine;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • previous hepatitis;
  • poorly excreted bile.

Contraindications for spiral gymnastics

It is conditionally impossible to engage in twist therapy if there are:

  • acute stomach ulcer;
  • enlarged thyroid gland;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • severe cardiovascular pathologies.

Precautionary measures

Twisting should not bring discomfort and pain, so they must be done very easily. Left-sided movements are accompanied by inhalations through the nose, and right-sided movements are accompanied by exhalations. The mouth should not participate in it, it is kept closed all the time. Thoughts while practicing spiral therapy must necessarily be only positive.

When and how often to exercise

The twist workout is specially designed so that the load gradually and gradually intensifies from the beginning to the middle, and then slowly decreases to the end. Even the complex itself resembles a spiral, like everything in nature and inside man.

They do twist gymnastics in the morning or in the evening, 2 hours before a meal or at the same time after that. Waking up, the exercises are not immediately performed. The complex is only started after water procedures. Morning exercises should be faster than evening exercises.

How to do spiral gymnastics

Su jok complex is as follows:

  • Classes can be held twice a week for 2 hours or every day for half an hour. They are best done in the morning, before meals.
  • Loose twists are made in comfortable clothes.
  • Each exercise should begin with 1 or 3 repetitions, which increase day by day.
  • Training should not take place without mood and through strength.

Stage 1 Spiral Gymnastics: Neuto

Each exercise of the first gymnastic block is repeated 4 time.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

After respiratory gymnastics with legs spread shoulder-width apart and arms lowered along the body:

  • with the body together with the hands make the right twist;
  • Having returned to their initial position, they repeat the same thing, but already to the left side;
  • Further, the arms and head together with the body are first rotated left and up, then right and down;
  • all do the same thing in the opposite direction, but only now to the right and up, and then to the left and down;
  • with raised hands, they perform together with the body a horizontal figure 8 (infinity sign).

Exercises at the Neito stage should be performed with the smallest amplitude, as if preparing the body for further load. After all, energy should be awakened slowly, like all life on the planet.

2nd stage of spiral gymnastics: Hetero

Linear hetero repeats are already faster and stronger than the neutral movement. They more clearly feel the greatness and power of energy, which begins to completely overcome the whole organism from the inside.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises
The figure shows an excerpt from the whole complex of spiral gymnastics.

Now the movements should be one-sided:

  • the raised hands together with the body are twisted to the left as much as possible, and then to the right from a straight stand;
  • repeat the exercise, but only with relaxed hands;
  • with a bent body, the lowered hands are raised forward and upward, and lowered backward.


Lying on the floor with arms bent at the elbows and resting on legs bent at the knees, they begin to curl to the right as they inhale, raising their hands up. In this position, they are delayed for 0.5-3 minutes. and return to the starting rack. Then they do left-side twisting.


Sitting, stretching out unbent legs or in a lotus position, relaxed hands are placed on the hips. The body is twisted to the right, and the arms are pulled strongly up. Make a delay of 0.5-3 minutes. and come back. The same thing is repeated to the left.

Twisting in compression

From the lotus position, when the hands are on your knees, palms begin to turn to the right, placing them parallel to the floor. Together with them they rotate the body by 45 °. After the usual delay, the exercise is repeated on the left side.

3rd stage of spiral gymnastics: Homo

Spiral gymnastics, the whole complex of which is easy to perform, at the 3rd stage also consists of simple exercises. Homo exercises begin to gradually slow down, moving more and more in a circle and returning the raging forces to peace. But they are still defined and stable, as in the previous step.


Twisting from a standing position starts to the left, arms raised up and leaning back. Then you need to go down and bend over. Next, the exercise is repeated, but to the left. At the third reception, twisting to the right, they go down and deviate, then immediately change sides and lower their hands. The fourth mirroring exercise begins with left-handed twisting.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

They pass in a supine position with legs spread at shoulder level and focusing on the elbows.

After a deep breath, while exhaling, the knees are bent and pulled up, turning them with the body to the left. The head should look to the right, and the hands are located on the back of the head. In this position, they are delayed, and then relax. The next step should be to repeat twisting to the right.

The body from a sitting position on the floor with bent legs is turned to the right, touching the elbow of the bent right arm of the left knee. Having twisted and strained as much as possible, they are delayed, and then repeat what was done on the left side from the initial position.

4th stage of spiral gymnastics: Neutro

The neutro stage has a harmonious and maximum amplitude of exercise. This stage with smooth twists fully launches spiral energy, completing a wonderful set of classes. Along with physical processes, psycho-energetic ones are launched, if we understand the whole philosophy of twisting therapy.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

Gymnastics at this stage consists not only of body turns, but also of spiral hips rotations. The entire smooth complex with soft movements is like drawing a circle.


Immediately with your hands make rotations in a circle to the left and right side, then this is done in front of the body, moving limbs along the clock and against it. After the hands are rotated in different directions with the body turning to the right, and then to the left. In the end, standing upright, they make a couple of circular swings with their hands back and then forward.

Twisting in compression

At the Neutro stage, it is also necessary to perform body turns from a supine position. At the same time, the legs are spread shoulder-width apart, and the hands are placed under the forehead. The body is alternately rotated in different directions, while spreading his arms. Between repetitions, one should not forget about fading at maximum voltage points.


They are produced sitting on the floor and deviating first in one direction, and then in the other. Hands should be on hips. In total, 16 rotations must be performed on each side. Hips do not tear off the floor.

The whole complex of spiral gymnastics

Spiral gymnastics, the whole complex of which consists of 64 exercises, after complete assimilation brings results. Its basic lessons can be learned in 2-3 hours, and consolidated – after 3-4 days. The hetero complex is sometimes performed using gymnastic sticks.

Homo and Neyto options are designed for those who find it difficult to perform classes in a standing position. The so-called trinomial spiral gymnastics is performed as follows, described below.

At the Neuto stage, the arms are twisted and rotated around an axis in the same direction where the body is directed. For example, with the right twist of the body, the hands make a similar twist. After such twisting, turning to the ascending luminary, hands are freely lowered down and 3 times deeply inhale and exhale.

This is followed by twists with the hands alternately in both directions, and then the same twisting of the body. All these movements are repeated 4 times. The next 4 exercises are hetero-spirals, which are performed with the body with the head and hands in diagonal directions in different directions.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

From 9 to 12 repetitions of th
e Neito stage are homo movements, and the next 4 are neutro movements with raised hands describing the sign of infinity in the air. After that, the upper limbs spinning in a spiral are moved to the left side, and then to the right.

At the hetero stage, when there are stronger diagonal rotations, the arms still move in the direction of the body.

The first Neuto 4 exercises are performed with hands at shoulder level. They create a twist to the left, then to the right, again to the left and again to the right. And they repeat. Then there are 4 hetero-motions, the next 9-12 homo-motions, and the stage is completed by the 4 neutro-motions with the greatest amplitude of drawing the horizontal 8 in different directions.

At the homo stage, the arms are twisted in the opposite direction from the body, in the so-called reverse twist. That is, they still continue to follow the body, but curl in the opposite direction. When Nato repeats, the body with the head and hands twisted left forward and down, and then up, right and back.

Moving arms should change direction twice: in the middle and end of the diagonals. At the very end of the execution, the hands should be in the upper right-back direction. In hetero repetitions, hands rotating to the right move to the left, up and back, and when performing the opposite twist, they are turned to the right, down and forward.

Then perform 4 homo movements and end the neutron with repetitions. The neutron movements of the neutron stage must contain two twists in different directions with the head with the body and hands parallel to each other. 5-8 repeat getters are hand-held spiral twists moving left and right alternately.

In homo repetitions, the left twist with diverging rotating arms is performed with the head and body, and the right twist is accompanied by already converging upper limbs. Neutro repetitions of the last gymnastic stage – this is a pair of manual converging twists in front and two diverging.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

All movements of the neutro stage are performed very slowly and smoothly, in order to relax the organism, which was stressed during the training. Complex spiral gymnastics is rightly considered not only restorative, but also unloading. After all, it effectively helps in the fight against extra pounds. In this case, twist therapy acts as an aerobic load on the body.

After such exercises, the body becomes light and cheerful.

For weight loss, the most effective are spiral exercises for the abdomen and hips. In this case, the twist gymnastics becomes very similar to an oriental dance. Together with weight loss, the entire digestive tract comes in order. This is proved by the fact that, together with the external muscles, all internal systems with organs dance.

The constant use of spiral techniques heals:

  • spine;
  • liver;
  • pancreas;
  • intestines.

Another twist gymnastics, acting on Yang and Yin, is capable of:

  • relieve depression;
  • increase hemoglobin;
  • destroy apathy;
  • cope with furunculosis;
  • bring down the temperature;
  • relieve sore throat.

After opening, twist therapy was immediately introduced as a separate and important discipline in schools and institutes in many countries of the world. After all, its effect has been repeatedly proven and verified. Not only children and young people, but also elderly people at any age can do spiral gymnastics.

Healing from many ailments comes only from one lesson of twist therapy, without any medications and medicines. In circular spiral movements, not only external organs are involved, but also internal ones, including bones. Twist therapy will forever remain relevant for modern people who have long been slaves to a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

Twisting can be performed:

  • at home;
  • in the office;
  • in production;
  • on the way to work;
  • in negotiations;
  • at the meetings.

A light gymnastic sujok complex can even be used instead of warming up, but at the same time it also brings healing benefits to those who perform it. Ligaments and tissues from its implementation remain intact and healthy, and nerves are free from stress.

Spiral gymnastics. The whole complex, the benefits and harms of classes, exercises

Engaged in twist therapy for only 15-20 minutes a day, after a week you can detect significant internal and external changes. After all, all complex movements are so easy that it is a pleasure to perform them. Any uncomfortable twist is interchangeable with a more comfortable one.

All options and complexes of the twisting technique can act as separate parts, or as a single entity. The quality of training always remains equally effective in any exercise. If the goal is a simple strengthening of the body, then sujok therapy can not be complicated by a large number of repetitions.

Enough will be even one performance of all exercises. The recovery process will still start. The main thing is not to stop training and engage in them regularly. To achieve health and beauty, twist gymnastics is the best suited. Its complex is very simple to understand and implement. All exercises consist of repeating spiral twists or twists.

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