Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Blonde hair looks great both in life and in the photo – before paperwork, many people prefer to dye their hair in light shades. Light hair coloring requires caution and attention, but subject to all conditions, the hair will look beautiful and well-groomed.

To whom light staining is suitable

Age and type of face does not play a role in choosing hair color, you should focus only on the type of appearance: warm (southern) or cold (northern). The warm type includes girls with dark skin and dark hair, the cold fair-skinned and fair-haired.

Natural blondes, as a rule, have pale or pinkish skin, therefore, painting in light shades is primarily for girls with the same type of appearance. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

If the blonde’s shade is chosen correctly, the girl will receive 3 advantages of blondes:

  • Naturalness. Blonde is a natural hair color, it does not lose relevance, unlike fashionable multi-colored shades.
  • Extra volume hairstyles. Thin and sparse hair in light color takes on volume.
  • Refreshing effect. A face framed by blond hair looks healthier and younger.

Who is not recommended for light staining

Staining in light shades is not recommended for girls with dark coarse hair and dark skin. The blonde will look unnatural, and the painting procedure will be fraught with a number of problems.

The darker the natural color of the hair, the more difficult it is to get a clean light shade.

Black hair will first have to be lightened with a 9% oxidizing agent. 9% acts faster and more aggressively than 6%, which is used to lighten blond hair. It destroys the structure of the hair, after such a procedure appears dryness and brittleness. In case of unsuccessful lightening, partial hair loss is possible, they will need long-term treatment.

In the photo, skin defects can be hidden, but in life, light hair coloring will require a multi-layer makeup that evens out the tone of the face. Girls with acne, post-acne, and other skin conditions should avoid light shades of hair. Also, blond is not recommended to choose girls with an abundance of moles on their face – in the frame of light hair from afar, they look like black dots.

Shade selection

The shade is chosen according to skin color and eye color to get a harmonious combination. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Hue for color:

  • pale, slightly pinkish can be any shade, platinum and ashen blond looks especially beautiful with pale skin;
  • skin with a light tan should be golden or light brown;
  • dark tanned skin should be natural, too light shade will contrast sharply with the skin, and will prevent creating an integral image. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Hue for color:

  • green eyes can be copper, gold or wheat;
  • blue eyes, it is desirable to choose a lighter: platinum or ashen blond;
  • it is better to choose the brown eye darker: beige or the color of coffee with milk.

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Light dyeing in natural color

Unsuccessful coloring gives a yellow tint. Hair does not look well-groomed and painful. To get a natural light color, you need to use the secret of professional colorists. They add 2-3 drops of a purple tint balm to the coloring mixture. Violet removes yellowness and helps to achieve a natural platinum and light blond hue.

It is difficult for girls with brown and red hair to get the right color the first time. To achieve a natural shade, you need to dye your hair in 3-4 doses, making a break of at least 3 weeks between them.

Light staining with dark roots

Dark roots from a sign of negligence turned into a fashion trend. Professional hairdressers call this type of dyeing the effect of overgrown roots. To obtain such a color, you need to deviate from the roots by 0’8 – 2 inch. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Pros of light staining with dark roots:

  • ease of dyeing procedure, the ability to dye your hair yourself;
  • minimum costs, the procedure can be carried out 1 time in 2-3 months;
  • the hairstyle becomes voluminous, rough facial features are smoothed out, become more tender.

What light color is suitable for long hair

Light colors damage hair. Long hair is most affected. To become a long-haired blonde, you need to be patient: the staining procedure takes from 2 months to 6 months. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Staining in the selected shade cannot be carried out in one step. The number of procedures depends on the original hair color – the darker they are, the more steps will be required. For each subsequent coloring, you need to take the color 1 tone lighter and continue until the desired color is obtained. After each staining, take a course of therapeutic masks.

A safe type of light dyeing of long hair is balayazh. It implies a gentle uneven application of paint over 2/3 of the hair length, and the roots remain intact.

Light stool

Balayazh looks very profitable on multi-layer haircuts. This is a French dyeing technique in which the paint is applied to individual strands. Paint is selected in such a shade that it sharply contrasts with the main color. Light shades are best suited for this. Unlike ombre, there is no clear border between the colors. The paint is applied with a thin brush with a slight sweeping movement, this allows you to get uniform coloring of thin individual strands.

Light dyeing for short hair

Short hair length is ideal for coloring with light tones. In the celebrity photo on the social network instagram, you can see that more and more singers and actresses choose this type of coloring.

Blond’s most popular shade is platinum. Platinum blonde looks spectacular on a pixie haircut, but it is suitable for ultra short hairstyles. To maintain a well-groomed appearance of a haircut, the roots need to be lightened every 3 weeks.

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Light staining on a square

Warm shades of blond are suitable for a square: wheat and golden. If the natural color of the hair is dark, then when dyed in light colors, the hair at the roots looks darker. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

To get a beautiful transition, experts recommend applying 1 ton lighter to the root zone. From the tips, the paint is washed faster, and thanks to this technique, the color will look more natural.

Light staining on a bob-car

The bob is suitable for any type of face. It combines the signs of two hairstyles: long strands on the face are taken from a classic square, and the “leg” on the back of the head is taken from a bob haircut. A light-colored bob-car hides a wide jaw line and a heavy chin.

There are 2 options for staining: in one color or in 2-3 shades. In the first case, hair of the same color is evenly applied to the hair. In the second – the leg is painted in the darkest shade, locks on the face – in the lightest.

Ombre on a square

Four of a kind – atypical hair length for ombre. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

For Bob haircut, only 4 types of ombre out of 10 are used:

  • contrasting – for this type of ombre, the borders of the flowers are clearly separated, there is no smooth transition between the strands;
  • bright – characterized by dyeing the ends of the hair in bright, unnatural colors; among the light palette it is a platinum and ashen blond;
  • vintage – the most popular ombre, between the contrasting colors there is a smooth transition that is obtained by applying light paint with selective strokes on tops of 0’8 – 2 inch;
  • transverse – it is characterized by the alternation of light and dark shades along the entire length, it is quite complicated in execution and can only be performed by a professional hairdresser.

Light staining on the square with lengthening to the face

A Bob haircut with elongated strands near the face creates a special effect: the face looks narrower, and the chin is smaller. For such a hairstyle, dyeing in golden and ashy blond is recommended. To emphasize the shape of the hairstyle, it is useful to highlight the strands in the face. To do this, they need to be dyed 1-2 shades lighter than the bulk of the hair.

Suitable dyeing techniques:

  • hut;
  • classic ombre;
  • classic shatush.

Asymmetry quacker

Shatush is one of the original dyeing options for those who choose light hair dyeing. Photos that abound with profiles of fashionable hairdressers on social networks clearly show: this is a beautiful and easy-to-use kind of highlighting. With it, the color changes from a dark shade at the roots to a lighter at the tips. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Advantages of a crank on a square with asymmetry:

  1. smooth transitions of paint can achieve a natural shade;
  2. dyeing can be applied not to the entire length of the hair, but to 2/3, 1/2 or a single strand;
  3. A correctly executed shuttle accentuates the complex structure of the asymmetric haircut.

How to care for blonde bleached hair

Basic rules for caring for bleached hair:

  1. Use a special shampoo. It should be marked “for light colored hair.”
  2. Wash hair with cool water. Under the influence of hot water, the sebaceous glands work intensifies, hair has to be washed more often. Because of this, they become brittle and dull.
  3. Moisturize the tips regularly. Well-groomed forked tips are ugly and harmful. The hair begins to delaminate along the length, so as they grow back, they need to be trimmed. The tips can be protected with moisturizing oils, they must be applied to the hair after each wash.
  4. Minimize the use of ironing and hairdryer. Hot air is also harmful to the hair, as is hot water. Styling with a hairdryer or ironing can be done no more than once a week. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color
  5. Timely update color. Half-washed paint will ruin any hairstyle. Even professional care products maintain the color in its original form for no more than 2 months, respectively, it must be updated every 7-8 weeks.

Light colorization

Coloring is a special coloring technique that uses several shades of paint. For a light base, hairdressers advise choosing several color options that will be slightly darker than the bulk of the hair. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color


  • light brown;
  • light blond;
  • dark blond.


Dyeing hair in various shades of brown is called bronding. It is permissible to armor in other colors that look more advantageous on the hair. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

Types of booking:

  1. ombre – partial coloring of hair from the ends to the middle;
  2. classic – color shading of several individual strands;
  3. coloring – use of 3 or more shades;
  4. zonal – selection of one fragment of a hairstyle;
  5. open Brazilian – used to improve hair, often performed with a tinted balm.

Highlighting: classic and glare

Classical highlighting is thin, uniform strands of light color that sharply contrast with the main color of the hair. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

When glare highlighting, the paint is applied randomly on several separate strands.

Correctly performed glare highlighting looks like sun glare sparkles in the hair. For highlighting, only light shades of paint are used. Both types of dyeing are suitable for long and medium hair, highlighting is not recommended for short haircuts.

2 light shades

You can decide whether to dye your hair in 2 light shades, using the special service for selecting hairstyles. You need to upload a photo with your current haircut into it and see if the selected option is suitable. Staining in 2 shades can be vertical or horizontal. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

The peculiarity of vertical
dyeing is that the hair at the temples and at the back of the head is dyed darker, and the rest of the hair is dyed light. With horizontal dyeing, 1/2 the length of the hair, starting from the roots, is dyed in 1 shade, and the lower half of the hair in the other.

Layered Blonde Ombre

Ombre looks great on layered hairstyles. Due to the difference in the length of individual strands, the colors shimmer, gradually turning into each other, the hairstyle due to this looks more voluminous. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

To get a blonde ombre, you need 2-3 light shades with a difference of 1-2 tones. The bulk of the hair is colored in the darkest color, the individual upper strands are light. The lightest shade is applied to the tips.

Ombre on the ends for straight hair

Full length ombre is preferable to do on wavy hair. If the hair is straight, it is better to stop at the ends. The dyeing technique is simple: the hair needs to be divided into separate strands, apply dye, wrap the strands in foil and fix with clips. Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color

The tips are colored faster than the hair at the roots, so you can not hold the paint on them for longer than 30 minutes. Light tips emphasize the shape of the haircut and visually lengthen the hair.

You can color the tips in 2 ways: smooth and asymmetric. In the first version, the paint is applied in an even layer, and in the second – stepwise, the difference between the extreme points of application can be 0’8 – 1’6 inch.

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Light coloring with a fashionable pink tint

Blonde hair with a light pink is a beautiful and fashionable trend. This color is called strawberry blond. It looks great on both long and short hair. It is very easy to get it: just add a pink tinted balm of a suitable color in the amount of 5-10 drops to the paint.

Light hair coloring. Photo for short, medium hair, a natural color
Photo of light hair coloring with a pink tint

The more tonics, the brighter the color will be, so first you need to test it: apply on one strand and wait 10 minutes. If the color becomes too bright, wash your hair with shampoo to wash off the paint and add less tonic next time.

A clear difference in the appearance of hair dyed in a light shade can be seen in the photo if you photograph your hair before applying the balm and after.

Light shades are quickly washed out and the color becomes “dirty”. To preserve color as long as possible, after painting, you must use a mask or balm, which includes silicone. It will fix the dye, make the hair smooth and shiny.

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