Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

Hair condition is a sign by which others evaluate the attractiveness and health of a woman. The path to beautiful curls begins with debugging the work of the body from the inside. And aesthetics depend on external hair care, which must be specially formed based on their condition.

Basic principles of special hair care

Maintaining healthy curls is a laborious process that requires patience. The cost of care does not always pay off, since the acquisition of the lines of cosmetics does not take into account factors on which the result depends:

  • hair type;
    Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter
    Special hair care depends on the type of hair. The table will help determine your hair type.
  • season;
  • makeup makeup;
  • age.

These signs require a different approach to the choice of cosmetics and accessories.

The schedule for hair care consists of the following stages:

  • the washing up;
  • drying and styling;
  • combing;
  • staining;
  • regular additional treatments.

Choosing natural, organic or professional products is a purely individual issue. More attention should be paid to their composition. Cosmetics should not contain components that harm hair.

Washing head

Special hair care is daily habits that systematically affect their structure.

Proper washing is carried out in stages, taking into account some rules:

  1. It is necessary to comb carefully to protect yourself from tangling and trauma to curls in the wet.
  2. Apply balm or oil to the ends.
  3. Wet your hair.
  4. Take a small amount of shampoo and foam in the palms of your hands. Apply to the hair roots with massage movements. Distribute the remaining foam along the length of the strands. Repeat.
  5. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo, pat the curls with a towel and apply balm, conditioner or mask without affecting the hair roots.
  6. After completing the procedures, leave the hair to dry naturally. Perform styling, apply cosmetics is only on slightly damp hair. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

The frequency of washing depends on the rate of contamination of the curls. Do not wash your hair in the shower. To do this, it is worthwhile to defend water or use filtered. Optimum temperature 22 – 95°F . Rinsing is best done at a lower temperature, using herbal infusions, mineral water or with the addition of lemon and vinegar.

When choosing a shampoo, it is worth avoiding prohibited surfactants (lathering means). And this:

  • Cocamide MEA;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • sodium laureth sulfate;
  • DMDM hydantoin;
  • sodium chloride;
  • diethanolamine;

A large number of perfume compositions in shampoo should be avoided. They will give out a pronounced smell of the product.

Balms and Rinses

Special hair care consists of regularly used products:

  • rinse aid;
  • air conditioning;
  • balm;
  • mask. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

Products are different in composition and effect. However, it is often grouped into one remedy.

  • Air conditioning and rinse aid. Eliminate hair scales, do not allow them to become electrified and facilitate combing of strands. Do not accumulate in hair. The goal is to protect curls from damage and visually make them smoother, shinier. Due to a similar effect, manufacturers combine air conditioning and rinse aid. Frequency of application: after each wash. Duration of exposure: 2-3 minutes.
  • Mask. A product containing active substances that penetrate the follicles and hair shaft. Frequency of application: 1-2 times a week. Duration of exposure: 15–20 min.
  • Balm. Partially repeats mask properties. However, its effect lasts until the next wash. The components of balms envelop the locks with indelible film, which protects the hair and prevents them from losing moisture. Frequency of application: after each wash. Duration of exposure: 2-3 minutes.

Using ready-made and homemade masks

Vitamins, trace elements, proteins – the basis for the formation of a healthy hair bulb. If the body lacks them, then you need to additionally nourish the scalp with the help of masks. The correct mixture contains vitamins, base and essential oils, natural extracts. Special hair care can be provided at the expense of masks from natural ingredients.

For nutrition and growth:

  • burdock or olive oil – 10 tablespoon;
  • dimexide – 1 large spoon

In cooking, you must observe the proportions. The cold mixture is applied to the hair roots and aged for about 20 minutes, then washed off.

For lamination and protection:

  • gelatin;
  • henna;
  • honey.

A package of gelatin is crushed in sand, then 1 small spoonful of other ingredients is added, applied to strands, left for an hour. Before use, it is worth making a test for allergies. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

When using purchased masks, it is worth starting from the initial state of the curls. The thinner the hair, the denser the layer of cortex in the hair shaft, which means that heavy masks with oils will be absorbed worse. It is better to give preference to cosmetics with a liquid and light consistency.

Restoring and nourishing masks act differently. The former are aimed at a quick laminating effect, the latter slowly accumulate in the hair, only then creating a protective layer and protecting against dryness and cross-section.

Smoothing effect and sparing attitude to the paint give masks with a low level of acidity, and the minerals in the compositions moisturize curls. The greater the smoothing effect the product gives, the weaker the healing properties.

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Vitamins for hair

Special care and requires internal intervention. Length, density and protective functions are hereditary factors that remain behind the hair throughout life. You can’t fundamentally change genetics.

However, you can create the appearance of hair as close as possible to perfection, depending on its type. A scrupulous approach to the purchase of cosmetics is always accompanied by the ingestion of those nutrients that directly and indirectly affect the result.

In descending order of importance, these are:

  • B vitamins – accompany metabolic processes in the body;
  • sulfur – contains the components from which amino acids are built, affects the s
    trength and elasticity of the hair;
  • protein is the main building component;
  • taurine – relieves spasm at the roots, which allows the hair to return to its original volume, become thicker;
  • Biotin – is produced in the intestine with normal microflora and is associated with metabolic processes;
  • zinc, calcium, fatty acids – are needed for the formation of cells. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

Half the daily requirement for vitamins is made up by brewer’s yeast and sprouted grain . When taking, you need to drink the norm of water so that the components of the products are absorbed and not settled in the body with salts. Taurine is in vitamins for vision. Fatty acids can be found in fish oil or flaxseed.

Drying and styling

It is important to understand that a quality haircut does not cause difficulties with styling.

However, when you need to radically change the hairstyle, then when styling it is worth sticking to some subtleties.

  1. Shampoo for use before styling should contain a moisturizing mark. Such products gently cleanse and do not dry hair.
  2. Owners of thin hair should choose balms for blondes, curly, mature hair. A light texture will not weigh down curls and nourish strands intensely. These are cosmetics based on proteins and polymers. It is better to avoid silicones in formulations. In order not to lose hair volume, it is worth using conditioners in the form of sprays. Then you can additionally apply indelible oils.
  3. Water-based products are suitable for styling. These are sprays, mousses, milk. Mandatory thermal protection. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter
  4. Hair dryer brushing is selected with tourmaline coating. The device is placed in a sparing mode. Dry hair exclusively in the direction of the cuticle at a distance of 5’9 – 7’9 inch.

If styling is done daily, then it makes sense to look at serums, ampoules and sprays to care for hair roots.

Winter care

The peculiarity of the winter season is that the cold air, combined with the heating in the rooms, quickly dries the hair. The vessels of the scalp narrow as a result of temperature, and this leads to a thinning of curls and their loss. In addition, at this time of the year the body is experiencing vitamin deficiency.

The following methods will help protect the strands from the influence of the following factors:

  1. The intake of vitamins.
  2. Increased blood flow to the hair with scalp massage and darsonvalization.
  3. Use a line of moisturizers.
  4. Apply intense vitamin masks to the scalp.
  5. The use of special cosmetics for the winter period.

To protect the curls from falling out, you need to go out exclusively in the headdress. In dry rooms, a drop of balm or cream can be applied to the length of the hair. It is especially worth taking care of increasing immunity, since colds and their treatment are a factor that aggressively spoils the condition of the hair as a whole.

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How to care for oily hair

This type involves care consisting of self-regulating funds. Basic set:

  • low PH shampoo; Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter
  • deep cleansing shampoo;
  • peeling.

Scrubbing the scalp is especially important. Rare washing of hair in this case contributes to the fact that dead particles accumulate on the scalp, causing problems with loss, dandruff and itching. But with frequent washing, the hair will become even more oily. A scrub applied to partings will polish the skin and improve the penetration of cosmetics.

A cleansing shampoo, in addition to a peeling-like effect, cleanses the hair cuticle from the remnants of accumulated silicone products and paints. Prepares for use new products that can better penetrate the hair structure. The deep cleaning agent is used every 2 months.

In addition, ampoules and sprays are used for seboregulation of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Washable products are applied only to the tips.

The subtleties of dry hair care

This type can be divided into 2 types. The first is genetic. The scalp is subject to dandruff and oily seborrhea. The second is formed by leaving. Dry hair can become from the use of alkaline shampoos and compensation for their negative effects due to the thick oil texture. These compounds overload the hair and make it dull.

Against this background, attempts to condense curls due to lamination, glazing in excess, and haircuts using hot methods lead to a lack of moisture and the effect of cracking hair. However, the disadvantages of this hair structure are compensated by various sprays, veils and liquid crystals.

It is important to maintain the acidity of the skin with mild moisturizing shampoos. Periodically, you should use deep shampoo.

Hair Care

The choice of cosmetics for extended strands implies only 2 rules – a mild shampoo with neutral acidity and the use of a special line of products for this type. All products are applied to curls, without touching the place of attachment of artificial strands. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

They wash their hair only in the shower, after combing well. It is important to avoid tangling. Use warm water, and then easily get wet with a towel. Peels and home stains are contraindicated for hair. Masks and other special equipment can be applied, but cosmetics must be avoided at the attachment points of artificial strands.

Care for colored curls

Dyed hair is looked after only with special cosmetics. Permanent oils can be applied to the ends, since painted ends are less prone to leaching.

Forbidden means:

  • alkaline shampoos;
  • peelings;
  • oils;
  • deep cleaning products.

Paint the length with ammonia paint once. Next, the roots are tinted with it, and the length is tinted. For greater brilliance, this procedure can be performed at the expense of 0 dye. If the hair has a classic dark shade, then you can give it a greater depth.

This is done with:

  • tinting shampoos;
  • balms;
  • pigments. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

A natural remedy to enhance the color of dark strands is a decoction of walnut, ne
ttle, basma. For warm blond shades – henna, and for blondes – a decoction of chamomile, lemon, cinnamon.

Thinning Hair Care

The structure of such hair makes them less expensive. Cosmetic kits consist of a mild shampoo and a spray-veil or conditioner. However, such a type quickly loses moisture, and therefore the climate is harder to survive. To retain moisture, you need to apply thermal water to the length or lubricate the hair with a drop of cream in a dry room.

In order not to provoke even greater thinning, it is worth resorting to massages and darsonvalization. Silicone indelible products protect hair from damage. It is worth using vitamin masks once a week.

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Care after keratin straightening

Such procedures are referred not only to cosmetic, but also therapeutic. Straightened hair does not wash for 3 days after the procedure. Further care involves only homemade medical masks, since the components of the purchased enter into chemical reactions with the compositions of keratin straightening agents. Special hair care. Recipes for density, after keratin straightening, perm, coloring, in summer and winter

It is necessary to limit the use of purchased balms and masks, as well as try not to straighten your hair and touch them as little as possible.

Perm care

As in the previous case, the hair can not be washed 3 days after the procedure, and also for 5 days it is worthwhile to postpone the drying with a hairdryer. Strands are combed only with ridges with rare cloves.

This hairstyle is not afraid of contact with purchased products and colors. You can safely use ampoules, balms, oils and special masks for better recovery of strands. Curls are more prone to damage, so you should buy a spray to protect against UV rays and do not wet your hair in salt water.

Hair Care Professionals Tips

Trichologists and hairdressers often disagree in terms of care.

However, from the general facts about hair, you can extract several useful recommendations:

  • Hair treatment always begins with peeling.
  • Do not mix oil components on your own initiative. Due to errors, a product can do more harm than good.
  • When buying oils, you should pay attention to the place of production and the type of hair inherent in residents in this area.
  • Never neglect a scalp massage.
  • Shampoos for oily hair are used for 2 months, then take a break for a month.

Special procedures require regular use of hair care products. First, the strands are cleaned, then nourished, and then moisturized. With all the rules of care, any hair can look perfect. So from the shortcomings, you can extract advantages and present your hair type as profitably as possible.

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