The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy

Swelling under the eyes can be triggered by sleepless nights, overwork, stress. Cream from bags under the eyes helps to eliminate or alleviate these problems. Special cosmetics are not designed to mask edema, but to support protective mechanisms and restore the natural balance of the skin.

Doctor’s recommendations on the fight against edema under the eyes

Swelling under the eyes not only gives the face a tired look, but also indicates the exhaustion of the body.

To minimize the risk of their formation, it is necessary to follow the rules of a healthy life:

  • good rest and a healthy sleep – the key to good health and a beautiful appearance;
  • breaks at regular intervals from working at a computer or gadgets;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • decrease in salt intake;
  • permanent makeup removal before bedtime;
  • regular use of care products;
  • walks in the fresh air and sports. The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy

This is a rough list. An exception is serious diseases for which a change in skin color can be a concomitant symptom.

Features of the cream from bags under the eyes

Feature of creams in cumulative action. They must be used regularly. Components such as alcohol, dyes or perfumes harm thin skin near the eyes, so it is better to avoid using cream with their content. They can do more harm than good.

The composition of the remedies for edema under the eyes

Means that eliminate circles under the eyes, and also have a preventive effect, have different compositions. The mechanism of action of the basic components is the same.

The main substances that increase skin tone:

  • Collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. Any of these components aims to increase the elasticity of the skin. Collagen is a unique protein complex. The body itself produces hyaluronic acid, but its amount is minimal, therefore, cosmetology has developed means for saturating the skin with hyaluronic acid from the outside.
    The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy
    Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid should be part of the cream from bags under the eyes
  • Vitamins affect the formation of natural collagen in the body. Retinol or Vitamin A acts as a strong antioxidant. Vitamin E activates collagen production in cells.
  • Caffeine is often found in skincare products. It helps to increase the tone of the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Ginseng root has a lifting effect.
  • Plant components. In cosmetology, it is customary to use squeezed plants. The additional properties of the cosmetic product depend on the type of plant. Often you can find chamomile extract in the formulations, it has an antiseptic effect. Squeezes from organic products, as a rule, have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Oils. These components are contained in any cosmetic product. They nourish and moisturize the skin. Sandalwood oil, olive, shea butter, coconut or cocoa butter – in addition to the effect of nutrition and hydration, they give the aromas to the remedies and improve the structure.
  • Algae extracts. Manufacturers often use these ingredients to activate cell renewal. Red seaweed also has a lifting effect.

The cream from the bags under the eyes should contain one of the listed remedies or their combination.

Application rules

To get the result from applying a cosmetic product, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • before use, clean the skin in any usual way;
  • makeup can be done after 30-40 minutes;
  • the cream is applied with light movements, avoiding rubbing or smearing, since such actions can lead to micro-injuries;
  • for a cooling effect, creams are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator and applied cold; The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy
  • if after 40-50 minutes If the cream is not completely absorbed, then the excess should be carefully removed with a light cloth;
  • cream should be used regularly.

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Rules for the selection of creams for men and women

Cream from bags under the eyes is selected depending on each specific situation. Experts recommend focusing on skin type.

For women’s skin, there are secrets for selecting:

  • with dry skin, products with a high level of moisture in the composition are suitable;
  • with oily skin, creams with a lighter, almost weightless, structure are selected;
  • with a tendency to allergies, it is best to choose hypoallergenic drugs.

The cream, with which you can eliminate the bags under the eyes of men, differs from the female, because their skin is thicker than that of women, but prone to oily, so the tool should be:

  • light in structure;
  • containing active ingredients.

Swelling can be removed using funds of different price categories. Finding the right remedy can be difficult due to the nature of the skin.

If after the first application there are unpleasant sensations, such as burning, itching or tingling, then it is better to refuse to use the cream.

The principle of an allergy test in the area of the hand in this case is not suitable, since sensitive skin near the eyes can react to the cream in its own way. The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy

  • Green pharmacy. Production is carried out by the Ukrainian company Cosmetics. Basic components: rutin, horse chestnut extract. The cream strengthens capillaries, eliminates swelling. Estimated cost: $ 1,36.
  • Gel Planet organic. Contains organic ingredients. The company has its own production of growing products that form the basis of funds. Basic components: squeezed flowers from mallow and linnaea, lemon, sandalwood and organic olive oils, wheat germ peptides. It performs the functions of cleansing, nourishing and updating skin cells. Pros: lightweight structure, the bottle has a convenient pump dispenser. Estimated cost: $ 3,4.
  • Serum L Oreal Paris – filler . This is an innovative invention of a famous brand. Base substances: hyaluronic acid, extracts of plant substances in the complex. Pros: filler dispenser, which allows you to apply it pointwise. Estimated cost: $ 13 – $ 14.
  • Cream-gel from the Nature Siberica brand. All creams are based on herbal ingredients. All parts for the company’s products are assembled in Siberia. Basic components: extract of Kuril tea, ginseng root, vitamins, Siberian cedar oil. The composition works to tone, improve blood circulation, bruises or dark circl
    es are significantly reduced. Approximate price – $ 5,44.
  • Cattier – serum for the skin near the eyes. The French brand produces products that are based on natural components. Red algae extract is used in this product. Black wheat wax works against edema. Approximate price: $ 31.
  • Green mama. Lifting gel. Cosmetics are produced in USA in accordance with international standards. Ingredients: extracts of blueberries and plantain leaves. Herbal components are supplemented with a complex of peptides, which makes the composition even more effective. Available in a tube with a screw cap. Price from $ 2,72.
  • Hialuronic gel. The products of the German company are intended for women in the age range of 35 years. Basic components: hyaluronic acid, peptides in the complex. The elasticity of the skin, its tone increases. Systematic use gives good results. Estimated cost: $ 6,8.
  • Eyecircle by Skin doctors. Australian scientists have discovered a cream formula that is effective against bags under the eyes of a different nature. Basic components: peptides haloxy lt, as well as fruit acids in the complex. Thanks to the action of basic substances, it can cope with deep wrinkles and relieve dark circles caused by external influences. Estimated cost: $ 41.
  • Beneficial cream for the contour from Yves Rocher. The cosmetics of this brand is loved by many women. Specialists have developed a line of tools. Successfully developing a line for skin care eyelids. Base ingredients: 30 valuable oils enriched with rose oil. Feature of application: applied on the eyelids only in the evening. Available in a glass jar. Estimated cost: $ 20.
  • Eye gel from KORA. Basic components: shea butter, ginseng root, caffeine. Ginseng root has medicinal properties, it helps to reduce swelling, has a lifting effect. Advantage of packaging: pump with dispenser. Estimated cost: $ 5,44. The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy
  • Filorga Optim-eyes. The cream of the French company embodies an innovative formula containing plum and almond oils. These components affect the restoration of complexion and relieve morning swelling of the skin under the eyes. Available in a bottle with a dispenser. Approximate cost – $ 34.
  • Garnier gel roller. The company has created not just a cosmetic product, but also the principle of application. At the heart of a roller with massage micro pads. The cream contains caffeine, due to the application mechanism, it gets to the cells faster and is more actively absorbed. Approximate cost – $ 2,72.

Review of creams for men: rating of the best

There are some of the best known creams for men to consume. They have won their place in the market thanks to famous names. The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy

  • Givenshimen Cream. The product is based on caffeine, which increases the tone of the skin around the eyes. The cream is available in a round jar of dark glass. Price – from $ 30.
  • Cream from Lierac. It is made on the basis of plant components. The tool is allowed for men who wear lenses. Tested by ophthalmologists. It is declared as a cream for care and prevention. An aluminum tube with a thin dispenser allows you to spend the cream sparingly. The price is about $ 34.
  • Serum Defatigant Yeux Clarins Men – Serum. This is a jelly with a cooling effect, the manufacturer claims that it is designed to relieve fatigue after a hard day. The structural feature allows the serum to be quickly absorbed. Available in a dispenser bottle. Approximate cost – $ 27.

Ways to use pharmaceuticals for edema under the eyes

Cream from bags under the eyes is not the only effective remedy. In addition to special cosmetology products, there are pharmaceutical products. Sometimes the instructions for the ointment or gel do not indicate that they can successfully cope with swelling under the eyes. It is necessary to have a minimum set of knowledge about pharmaceutical drugs in order to understand the mechanism of their action.

Typically, pharmacy products are aimed at correcting deficiencies in the blood supply to capillaries.

  • Heparin ointment . It is made on the basis of heparin sodium. It affects the properties of blood, activates the processes of expansion of blood vessels, provides blood flow to the treated area. After application to the skin, the process of vasodilation and normalization of the blood circulation begins. Many do not risk using an ointment for facial skin, since the main property of the ointment is the treatment of thrombophlebitis or varicose veins. But the ointment also successfully fights with bruises and hematomas of a different nature. Bags and swelling near the eyes can be attributed to this category. About $ 1,36. The best creams for bags under the eyes. Reviews, ratings, prices at the pharmacy
  • Lyoton. The principle of action of this remedy is similar to how heparin ointment acts, because the main active substance of the preparations is the same. From $ 4,76.
  • Afulim. The ointment fights swelling on the entire surface of the body. But its nutritional components are suitable for use on the face. The composition of the product is simple and effective: coconut oil, cocoa and olive. From $ 20.
  • Blepharogel. The drug is recommended by many doctors for the treatment of blepharitis. Hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, glycerin – remove puffiness near the eyes and promote tissue regeneration.
  • Chamomile. Chamomile filter bags help relieve swelling. The mechanism of action is not preventive in nature, but rather an ambulance for the eyes. For edema under the eyes, brewed and chilled filter bags are applied for half an hour. After this procedure, the skin becomes fresh and healthy. From $ 0,68.
  • Gel bruise-off. This tool based on the extract of a medical leech relieves swelling and eliminates bruising due to increased blood flow. It is applied in the evening with a light layer. Price – from $ 1,63.

Cosmetics help to activate the natural processes of renewal and saturation of the skin with nutrients. You can remove bags under the eyes only if you use the cream regularly.

Video about creams from bags under the eyes

How to choose cream from bags under the eyes:

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