Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Dark circles that appear under the eyes of women not only spoil the appearance, but also bring psychological inconvenience. For successful treatment, you need to identify the exact cause of their formation. Masking circles under the layers of makeup is not a way out. Circles, except for external causes, arise as a result of diseases.

The causes of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes (the reasons for women of such manifestations are different: from harmless lack of sleep to a chronic disease) can appear for a number of reasons. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

The most common causes of this flaw are:

  1. Fatigue and lack of sleep . The complexion turns pale, and the prominent vessels under the thin skin become more contrasting.
  2. Overwork, a long stay at the computer, the use of gadgets, stressful conditions. This mode leads to stagnation of blood in the vessels.
  3. The presence of bad habits. The components of alcohol and tobacco are deposited in the body, causing its intoxication. The skin is less elastic, most noticeable on thin skin in the eye area.
  4. Food . An abundance in the diet of fried, salted, spicy dishes and smoked meats; lack of products that make up the necessary amount of components for the body and vitamins; the accumulation of toxins causes circles and an unaesthetic appearance.
  5. Makeup products of poor quality. Tender skin is very sensitive to aggressive influences: hot water, sunlight, stretching the skin when washing or applying cream, improper skin cleaning after makeup, poor-quality cosmetic products containing harmful components that cause allergies.
  6. Heredity. Such circles take place in childhood, due to genetic reasons. In the future, circles become even more visually pronounced.
  7. Hormones . Circles appear due to fluid stagnation in different phases of the cycle, during menopause and during pregnancy.
  8. Diseases of an acute and chronic nature.

Dark circles in women – features

Dark circles under the eyes (the causes in women of darkening under the eyes are determined by sexual characteristics) are formed because there is almost no fat under the skin. Moreover, with age, the production of substances responsible for elasticity decreases. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Such skin is more sensitive and prone to allergic phenomena. Blood capillaries are more visible under the thin skin, which become even more pronounced with age.

 Dark circles as a sign of disease

Dark circles appearing under the eyes are often a symptom of a woman’s disease. A qualified consultation and correct diagnosis will help to establish the cause.

Possible diseases:

  1. Kidney disease. The formation of circles is accompanied by the appearance of edema and bags. Circles can be an indicator of infectious and non-infectious kidney damage. The disease is characterized by impaired renal function, fluid retention in the body. Since the kidneys remove toxins, metabolic products, and drugs from the body, intoxication is observed when their work is disturbed. Most often, bags and dark spots appear in the morning. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  2. Malfunctioning liver. Hyperpigmentation of the skin is observed, and it is most pronounced around the eyes. In case of failures in the work of the body, the accumulation of toxic substances and intoxication occurs. Violations lead to an increase in the volume of bilirubin. The circles acquire an icteric hue, which depends on the degree of liver damage. Severe liver damage leads to jaundice throughout the face. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  3. Cholecystitis or pancreatitis.
  4. Allergy. The cause of the circles can be various allergens. In addition to circles, itching, redness, and swelling are possible. With constant contact with the allergen, circles are constantly observed as a symptom of atopic dermatitis. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  5. Diabetes. In the blood there is an increase in glucose due to insufficient insulin, or it is produced in an increased volume, but the tissues are hypersensitive to it. In such a situation, tissue nutrition is disturbed, which causes the formation of dark circles.
  6. Anemia is a decrease in hemoglobin levels. B vitamins are poorly absorbed, a lack of iron is observed. Often found in women during pregnancy, but with an improved diet, the use of appropriate funds, indicators are restored to normal. With anemia, dark circles are permanent and do not pass after rest. The condition is accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath. The skin turns pale, the eyes become sunken. Due to a decrease in the amount of oxygen supplied to organs and tissues, oxygen starvation is diagnosed.
  7. Inflammatory processes. Circles occur with conjunctivitis, blepharitis, which occur with swelling of the eyelids, redness, itching.
  8. Violation of the functions of blood movement. Circles are especially characteristic in chronic disorders. The body exhibits venous congestion (slow motion along the veins). Such signs characterize vegetative-vascular dystonia. This disease is the result of stressful shocks, pathological fatigue. Failures in the functioning of the nervous system, deviation from the norm in the work of the heart. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  9. Defeat by worms.

Only a specialist consultation can help determine the cause of occurrence with accuracy.

Circles under the eyes and bags – in what cases

Dark circles under the eyes (the reasons for women associated with the appearance of bags are different) and bags arise due to:

  • lack of sleep;
  • head position during sleep (large pillow, head angle);
  • fatigue
  • malnutrition;
  • smoking and alcohol consumption; Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  • exposure to the sun for a long time, which contributes to the production of melanin, a pigment that gives a dark shade to the skin;
  • natural aging;
  • pregnancy (due to fluid retention);
  • hereditary factors;
  • changes in hormonal levels (an increase in the amount of estrogen, which contributes to fluid retention);
  • use of cosmetics: poor-quality, individual intolerance to the components;
  • diseases: allergies, sinus inflammation, kidney damage, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

Circles under the eyes and headache

The combination of these indicators characterizes a number of diseases. Pain can occur due to mechanical stress or i
nflammatory processes.

The reason may be:

  1. Inadequate sleep, overwork (both physical and psychological) are common causes. The tension of the muscles of the eyes, their fatigue provoke the appearance of circles. Headache is reflected in the frontal part of the head and temporal. Severity appears. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  2. Stress – due to increased production of cortisol.
  3. Inflated pressure. Pain spreads around the back of the head. Circles are the result of narrowing of blood vessels.
  4. Poisoning (food, alcohol, chemical) and intoxication.
  5. Mechanical damage. More often, circles become cyanotic.

The use of drugs that relieve pain, the cause does not eliminate, for proper treatment, diagnosis by a specialist is necessary.

Circles under the eyes during pregnancy

Dark circles under the eyes (the reasons for women during pregnancy can be natural or pathological) usually disappear after childbirth. And the cause of their appearance may be a changed hormonal background: the level of the hormone estrogen decreases, the amount of progesterone rises. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

A more serious cause of the appearance of circles is anemia. The skin takes a pale appearance, blood vessels are visible, oxygen starvation of cells is observed. With a large load on the kidneys, fluid stagnation in the body occurs, swelling and circles under the eyes occur. After these symptoms disappear.

If there is a deterioration in general condition with circles and swelling, this may be a sign of the disease. It is necessary to get qualified advice to diagnose the disease and to avoid the development of pathology of pregnancy.


To effectively eliminate the circles, the factors that caused their formation are diagnosed. If they appeared and do not pass a long period of time, it is recommended to undergo an examination and get qualified advice. It is recommended to seek help from a family doctor, therapist. The doctor can send for consultation to specialists of a narrower specialization. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

For diagnosis, it is necessary to pass a clinical blood test, urine test, hormone test, allergen test, etc. If necessary, an ultrasound study of the internal organs and a cardiogram are prescribed.

An important role in establishing the cause is the collection of anamnesis. Thus, direct risk factors are established, the presence of similar symptoms in close relatives is determined.

How to determine the cause of the color of dark circles

Experts suggest that the disease can be diagnosed by the shade of the circles. Circles under the eyes, depending on the cause, are blue, brown, red, yellow.

Bluish color:

  • disruption of the digestive system;
  • malfunctions in the urinary system;
  • impaired functioning of the heart and blood circulation;
  • fatigue;
  • stay near the computer, prolonged use of gadgets;
  • insomnia;
  • alcohol and smoking. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Red circles indicate:

  • kidney disease (circles associated with swelling);
  • allergic manifestations;
  • lack of stay in the fresh air;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse;
  • brain problems (hemorrhage, meningitis);
  • sensitive skin;
  • previous stressful conditions;
  • the presence of helminths in the body;
  • inflammatory processes of the eyes. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Yellowness around the eyes occurs as a sign:

  • an increase in the amount of bilirubin, due to impaired functioning of the liver, gall bladder;
  • consumption of a large number of products containing yellow coloring matter (carrots), while the pupils of the eyes remain clean, and their health is normal;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • improper lifestyle, abuse of smoking, alcohol;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • history of stress.

Brown circles may appear due to:

  • improper daily routine: fatigue, lack of sleep;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • side effects of certain drugs;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking;
  • long stay at the computer and use of gadgets;
  • heredity;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • an allergic reaction to cosmetics;
  • the presence of diseases of the liver, gall bladder;
  • disorders of the urinary and digestive systems;
  • endocrine imbalance, diabetes;
  • impaired functioning of the circulatory system, thick blood;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.

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How to get rid of dark circles

Drug treatment

Medicines contribute to the elimination of circles only if the cause is correctly established, because fighting only with dark circles is the removal of symptoms. Drugs remove the external manifestation without eliminating the cause. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Effective remedies include ointments, gels:

  1. Bodyagi. The main component is a natural substance (freshwater sponge). Under the influence of the ointment, vasodilation occurs, and blood circulation improves. The drug is used if there is no mechanical damage to the skin, no more than 3 times a day.
  2. Heparin ointment. Like gum, improves blood circulation. Under its influence, metabolic processes are accelerated, relieves swelling. The skin becomes smooth, bags are eliminated.
  3. Relief, zinc, hydrocortisone ointments have similar effects.
  4. Lyoton . It is prescribed for dilated vessels of the legs, but effectively copes with dark circles u
    nder the eyes.
  5. Blefarogel – has an identical effect, thanks to hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin.

Lifestyle features

If the diseases that are the causes of the dark circles are excluded, and it is established that the circles appeared as a result of an improper lifestyle, then with a rational regime and nutrition, the symptom is gradually eliminated.

It is necessary:

  • normalize the working regime of the day;
  • provide sufficient rest;
  • take time to move, walk, stay in the fresh air; Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  • stop smoking and drinking alcohol, strong tea and coffee;
  • balance nutrition;
  • increase fluid intake.

Beauty treatments

Beauticians offer a number of procedures to eliminate circles, improve complexion and condition in general:

  1. Microcurrents – physiotherapy aimed at rejuvenating the face with a pulse current. There is an improvement in blood circulation, metabolic processes are accelerated, the flow of oxygen to the cells. Procedure Beneficial effect on the vascular system, facial muscles, lymph outflow is accelerated, which contributes to better elimination of toxins. Microcurrent therapy is prescribed in the presence of pigmentation, discoloration, swelling, to improve the general condition of the face. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  2. Mesotherapy is used for a number of indications, including to eliminate pigmentation and improve complexion. The essence of the procedure is the use of injections of vitamins, hormones, enzymes, plant extracts. The action is aimed at improving blood circulation, relieving swelling and inflammation. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  3. Laser therapy is a physiotherapy method based on the therapeutic use of a laser. It aims to relieve inflammation, improve cell metabolism, stimulate recovery processes, and improve blood microcirculation. The procedure has a wide range of indications for use, including it is effective for allergic manifestations, impaired blood circulation.
  4. Lipofilling. The purpose of the procedure is to restore the volume of tissues exclusively with their own fat cells. It is used as a rejuvenating procedure, including to eliminate dark circles.
  5. Hyaluronic acid injections are widely used to rejuvenate, moisturize the skin, improve color, maintain water balance, promote cell regeneration, eliminate dark circles.

Cosmetical tools

The problem of dark circles is successfully solved by the cosmetics industry. Provided that the circles are not a symptom of the disease. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Such drugs contain components that can improve blood circulation, lymph flow:

  • algae (brown);
  • nettle extract;
  • chestnut (horse) hood;
  • Gotu Kola;
  • Pontic Hindu;
  • arm;
  • calendula
  • leech extract (medical);
  • complex of vitamins.

Widely applied:

  1. MDI Complex : contains shark cartilage, stimulates collagen production.
  2. TETe Cosmeceutical: contains oligopeptide moieties and Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract. They trigger metabolic processes, enhance microcirculation, and promote improved lymph movement.
  3. Ridulisse C: contains extracts of soy beans that brighten the skin, tighten it, restore it.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for dark circles can fix the problem, provided that the circles are not a symptom of the disease. The advantage of using home remedies is the absence of allergic manifestations on the components of the masks.

Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
You can try to solve the problem of dark circles and bags under the eyes using various home remedies.

The most popular folk remedies:

  1. Raw potato masks: grated or sliced.
  2. Cosmetic ice. It is made from decoctions of herbs: sage, chamomile, cornflower, parsley.
  3. Compresses from green tea or tea bags.
  4. Grated cucumber or in the form of slices. Use as a mask.
  5. Parsley juice has a whitening effect, nourishes the skin with essential vitamins.

Diet principles

A balanced diet is the key not only to a good appearance, but also to the state of health in general.

It is necessary:

  • include protein and vegetable foods in the diet. This will provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and fiber will contribute to the normal metabolism, the removal of toxic waste from the body;
  • increase consumption of foods that alkalize the body and thin the blood;
  • drink enough liquid, vitamin teas, juices. In the morning, a glass of water is recommended to be supplemented with lemon juice; Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men
  • include fiber-rich foods in your diet. This will help to saturate the body with the necessary components and the output of waste products and toxins;
  • reduce the intake of salt, fried, spicy, smoked foods.

What vitamins and minerals will help to remove eye circles

With a limited intake of the necessary vitamins, vitamin starvation occurs, which can lead to anemia. With a lack of vitamins C and K, circles appear.

The action of vitamins and minerals:

  1. Vitamin K is able to make capillaries less visible near the surface of the skin. The use of products rich in vitamin K, as well as the consumption of products containing this vitamin in the required amount, can eliminate dark spots under the eyes.
  2. Vitamin C reduces the volume of dead red blood cells, is an excellent antioxidant., Frees from free radicals.
  3. Vitamin A triggers skin regeneration processes.
  4. Vitamin E slows down the aging process.
  5. Iron – used in the prevention of anemia.
  6. Zinc – is responsible for the functioning of the immune system.

Gymnastics for the eyes

Gymnastics for the eyes is effective in improving skin color and relieving swelling. Thanks to a set of exercises, tension is relieved from the muscles of the eyes, and blood circulation is improve
d. Each exercise is performed 6-7 times.


  1. Without turning your head, you must first look straight, then alternately in all directions.
  2. Without moving his head, make rotational movements with eyeballs.
  3. They squint heavily, and then relax the muscles.
  4. The ring finger makes tapping movements around the eyes.

How to quickly mask with makeup

Properly applied cosmetics can temporarily mask circles under the eyes and make the complexion more even. It is necessary to choose products that do not cause irritation and allergies with a light texture. Dark bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes. Causes and treatment in women and men

Some recommendations:

  1. Cream for use around the eyes is best stored in the refrigerator, cold tones the skin.
  2. The corrector, as well as the concealer, must be selected a tone lighter.
  3. The concealer is not used, it quickly rolls up.
  4. For dry skin, a moisturizer is used.
  5. It is necessary to apply blush, which will shift the emphasis from the eyes.
  6. The reflective components of the concealer make the spots less visible.

Application Rules:

  1. Moisturize cleansed skin.
  2. Coat the skin with a primer having light scattering properties.
  3. Apply concealer. Greasy and creamy concealers should not be used; they dare the ability to roll.
  4. The corrector should be combined with skin color.
  5. Highlighter – the final touch. It must be applied to the corners of the eyes: from internal to external.
  6. Loose powder with a brightening effect is applied over the makeup.

What can not be done

If the dark circles do not pass after adjusting the lifestyle, nutrition, and at the same time there is a deterioration, malaise, fatigue, it is not recommended to self-medicate. Qualified specialist assistance is needed.

The formation of dark circles under the eyes is a common phenomenon in women. With the correct diagnosis of the causes and a qualified approach to fixing the problem, you can remove the dark circles quickly enough.

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