Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

Some girls refuse to load the deltoid muscle, believing that because of this their shoulders will be too wide. But this is not so, huge shoulders can be inflated only if special hormonal preparations are used. Performing shoulder exercises for girls in the gym will strengthen the shoulder joints, as well as make the figure proportional.

How often do shoulder exercises

Many basic exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, etc., already provide a certain load on the shoulder girdle. Therefore, it is enough to perform isolating exercises 1 time during the week.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout RulesIn this load mode, it is impossible to pump over the shoulders. And to achieve this result, only those who purposefully work to increase muscle mass, working with a lot of weight, use drugs to increase testosterone, or follow a diet with a lot of calories can achieve this result.

How many reps and sets

Shoulder exercises performed in the gym for girls who want to lose weight should be performed in 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions each. Those who are just starting to do enough to do up to 12 repetitions. This will allow you to master the technique.

To begin with, dumbbells of minimum weight are used. When working with them, you need to strive to increase the number of repetitions each time. After reaching 15 repetitions, dumbbells with a large weight should be used.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

If the main goal of the classes is to build muscle mass, then the exercises should be performed in 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions in each.

Exercise Technique

Breaking dumbbells to the side on an incline bench

The advantages of this type of exercise can be considered:

  • targeted study of all muscles of the shoulder girdle and chest;
  • the ability to increase muscle mass in the upper chest;
  • the ability to achieve an expressive neckline and make the chest visually more magnificent;
  • elimination of asymmetry of the muscles of the chest;
  • stretching of the pectoral muscles.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

This exercise in complexity can be attributed to the average level. The technique of its implementation is as follows:

  1. Lie down on an inclined bench (with an angle of 30-45 degrees), taking dumbbells with a neutral grip (when the wrists are directed towards each other). Straight arms with dumbbells rise up and elbows are slightly bent. The spine should be slightly bent, and the shoulder blades should be reduced. This position is the original.
  2. Breathing in, hands slowly fall through the sides. It is important to ensure that the elbow joint remains in a bent position. Hands should be extended until palms rush to the ceiling. Having reached the bottom point, you need to stay in it for a few seconds, which will further stretch the muscles of the chest. On exhalation, the arms rise up to the starting point.

In order for the exercise to bring maximum results, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • monitor the path of the hands (along the arc);
  • breeding at a slow pace, and mixing at a fast pace;
  • legs should be well fixed on the floor, and the back pressed firmly to the bench;
  • staying at the top for a few seconds, you should additionally compress the pectoral muscles;
  • after lifting the dumbbells up, a small gap should remain between them;
  • it is necessary to breed dumbbells as stretching allows without pain in the front delta;
  • you can not help yourself perform the exercise with the body, only hands work;
  • in the presence of any problems with the shoulder joint, it is impossible to use a lot of weight;
  • during the exercise, the elbows should be fixed;
  • the angle of the bench should not exceed 45 degrees.

Alternate Dumbbell Lifting

Alternating lifting of dumbbells allows you to make the shoulder girdle expressive and attractive.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

But for the exercise to bring maximum results, it must be performed in accordance with all the rules:

  1. Dumbbells to pick up, using the upper grip, slightly bending the arms at the elbows.
  2. You need to stand upright, with your legs slightly apart. Hands should be lowered and near the hips.
  3. During the complex, the muscles of the abs and lower back should be tensed.
  4. The head should be pointing straight.
  5. After inhalation, breathing is delayed, and one arm rises smoothly to eye level. At the highest point, you need to make a delay until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles being worked out.
  6. On exhalation, the hand gently drops down, not reaching 3’9 inch to the level of the thigh. Thus, the muscles that are being worked on will be in tension all the time.
  7. This exercise is repeated as many times as necessary for both hands.

This exercise for girls on the shoulders, performed in the gym, requires that the elbows are always slightly bent. It is important that the hands work in the same plane. The body remains motionless.

Chin pull

Craving for the chin can be carried out narrow or wide grip. The difference between the narrow grip is that in this way the trapezius muscle and biceps are worked out. Wide grip is used to train the delta.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

You can perform such an exercise not only with a barbell, but also with dumbbells. To perform rod pulling, the first test time must be done with an empty bar. If the bar doesn’t have a lighter weight than 44 pounds, but for a girl it is a lot, then you can use two dumbbells of 11 pounds each.

The procedure for pulling the chin with a barbell is as follows:

  1. The bar is removed from the rack and brought to the body. In the correct position, it will be near the legs. Hands should be slightly bent at the elbow joint.
  2. By the strength of the shoulders, the bar rises. In this case, the elbows slightly parted to the sides, and the wrists are bent. Palms should be directed to the body.
  3. Thus, the bar slides to the level of the chin along the body.
  4. During the exercise, the legs are at shoulder level, the chest is protruded forward, the pelvis is pushed back, and the shoulders are straightened as much as possible. It is important to ensure that the bar is raised due to the work of the shoulders.
  5. To load the trapezius muscles, after raising the neck, it gradually descends. If you need to work out your shoulders, then after raising the neck to the maximum point, you should still pull your elbows up.

The warm-up exercise is performed 15 repetitions. If this weight is not enough, then pancakes are added to the neck and the thrust to the chin continues for 3 more approaches, each with 10 repetitions. Or 3 approaches are performed with an empty signature stamp.

Similarly, the exercise is performed using dumbbells, grip varies. The best option is the distance between them of 3’9 – 5’9 inc

Dumbbell Breeding

Among the advantages of breeding dumbbells lying on a bench can be identified:

  • the ability to work out almost all muscle groups in the upper body;
  • greater efficiency compared to push-ups;
  • the formation of good stretching and posture;
  • simplicity and accessibility of execution;
  • fast achievement of the maximum result.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

Step-by-step execution technique:

  1. First you need to choose the optimal weight of the dumbbells. Lying on a horizontal bench, dumbbells are taken with a neutral grip (when the palms are facing each other), with slightly bent hands. The loin bends slightly, and the legs rest on the floor.
  2. Inhaling, dumbbells smoothly spread apart, describing a semicircle. Having reached chest level, the pectoral muscles are compressed, and the hands along the trajectory are returned. After that, exhale is done.
  3. At the highest point, you need to delay for a few seconds, making sure that the dumbbells do not touch each other.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls in the form of breeding dumbbells lying on a bench have their own rules for doing:

  • all movements are performed as smoothly as possible without sudden movements, focus on the work of muscles;
  • no need to take a long break at the top point;
  • dumbbells should not touch each other;
  • Dumbbells should rise and fall to a comfortable position.

Push ups

During push-ups, most of the muscles of the body are involved. This exercise helps to burn calories actively, improves metabolism and increases endurance. There are several ways to do push-ups: from a wall, bench or floor. Each option has its own performance features.

The lightest are push-ups from the wall.

To do this, you need:

  1. To stand near the wall at a short distance. Hands rest against the wall so that the palms are at shoulder level.
  2. Bending your elbows as much as possible, you need to try to touch the wall with your forehead.
  3. Bend and unbend your elbows as smoothly as possible. In this case, the back and knees should be even.
  4. To increase the load, you can move away from the wall.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

For a start, 10 repetitions will be enough. Over time, their number needs to be increased.

To perform the exercise from the bench, you need:

  1. Rest your hands on the bench, holding your legs together. In this case, the hands should be shoulder width apart.
  2. Similarly to the previous version, the arms are maximally bent at the elbow joint.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

You can begin to perform such an exercise from a high support, gradually reducing its height. If pushing off the floor in a classic way is still difficult, you can start doing it from the knees.

For this:

  1. Hands should rest on the floor, and bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Like the previous exercises, the elbows bend as much as possible.
  3. It is important that the lower back remains flat at this time.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

For classic push-ups from the floor you need:

  1. Rest on the floor with both arms and legs (socks). In this case, the body should be perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Bending your elbows, try to touch the chest of the floor.
  3. Exhaling, the body slowly return to its original position.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

For girls, this exercise on the shoulders in the gym is recommended to be performed with a minimum amplitude at an average pace. Gradually, the number of performances is increased to increase endurance. It is important to ensure that the body is a straight line.

High traction

High traction is also known as chin pull. Such an exercise maximally loads not only the lateral, but also the back and front sections. To do this, you need to become straight, slightly bending the elbow joints.

Dumbbells are lifted up with the help of the shoulder muscles so that they reach a line parallel to the floor. It is important to ensure that other muscles are not included in the work.

Bench press arnie

Such exercises for girls on the shoulders performed in the gym were developed by the famous actor and athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger. He noticed their effect quite by accident, when during training he accidentally turned his palms at the moment when they were at the lowest point.

At the same time, he noted that the load on the delta was greater than with conventional bench presses. This bench press uses the side and front parts of the shoulder more, reducing the load on its rear head.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

To perform Arnie’s bench press, you need to use a chair with a back or a bench.

The order of execution is as follows:

  1. Sitting on a bench, arms are required to be bent at the elbow and turned to the floor. Keep the dumbbells towards your face at neck level. Shoulders tightly pressed to the body.
  2. On inhalation, the dumbbell is lifted, and at the moment of approaching the level of the chin, the wrists are turned in the opposite direction from the face. At the upper point, you need to make a slight delay, after which the hands slowly lower down, and the wrists turn in the opposite direction. Thus, being at the lowest point, they will again look at the face.

It is important that the chin is parallel to the floor during the performance of such a press, and the head does not fall.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

The advantage of a dumbbell bench press in a sitting position is:

  • the possibility of increasing the volume of deltas;
  • Achievement of greater results in comparison with other bench press techniques;
  • hardening of the humerus;
  • dumbbell control;
  • the ability to perform an exercise with a larger amplitude;
  • balance improvement;
  • eliminate imbalance in the shoulder development.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

The technique of the exercise is as follows:

  1. Sitting on the bench, you need to pick up dumbbells, put them on your hips. Then they are raised to shoulder level on both sides. The wrist should be turned so that the palm is facing forward. Legs should rest firmly on the floor.
  2. On exhalation, dumbbells rise up. Having made a delay at the highest point, hands slowly lower.

When performing such a press, you need to adhere to some recommendations of specialists:

  • you should sit on the bench as deep as possible, with your back pressed well against the bench;
  • legs should be spread in opposite directions;
  • dumbbells should be slightly in front of the shoulders;
  • Do not touch each other with dumbbells;
  • act with maximum amplitude;
  • Do not lift dumbbells using inertia.

Bench press

This exercise is traumatic, therefore, when performing it, you must strictly adhere to the rules:

  1. The bench press is performed while standing or sitting. The lower point, to which the bar drops, is at neck level, while the projectile is in weight. Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules
  2. Sitting on the bench, using an average grip, grab the barbell. The elbows should be directly under the bar, and the back is slightly bent in the lower back. The back of the bench should be tilted 75 degrees. The shoulder blades abut against the back.
  3. On inspiration, the bar rises, and the elbows are parted to the sides. Straight arms with a barbell rise up above your head. After a short delay, the exhale bar drops, but does not rest on the shoulders until the approach is completed.

Chest Press

Exercise helps to load the small muscles and delta.

It is performed as follows:

  1. You need to stand up straight, legs not widely spread.
  2. Then you should bend forward, take the barbell lying in front and, without bending the lower back, rise, putting the barbell on your chest.
  3. With a sharp movement, the bar rises up and gradually lowers back onto the chest.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules

During the bench press, you need to monitor the condition of the back. It should not bend in the lower back.

Shoulder exercises for a girl – training options

Girls absolutely do not have to devote the entire training to the deltas.

Shoulder exercises in the gym for girls. Workout Rules
Strength exercises in the gym on the development of the shoulders should be alternated with the development of other muscle groups. On the image – one of the options for a full body workout for girls

It is better to combine any exercises for this muscle group with the study of other parts of the body. Fitness trainers offer these training options.

Workout 1: shoulders and arms

For the study of the hands and shoulder girdle, the following complex is suitable:

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side, while sitting on a bench.
  • Craving for the chin.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells, while lying down.
  • Alternate lifting dumbbells.
  • Bench Arnie.

All exercises are performed in 3 sets, 15 repetitions each.

Workout 2: legs and buttocks

Such exercises will help to work out the lower body:

  • Squat with a barbell.
  • Lunges with dumbbells.
  • Leading a straight leg back.
  • Buttock bridge.
  • Deadlift.

All exercises are performed in 3 sets, 15 repetitions each.

Workout 3: Chest and Back

For the back and chest, this complex is suitable:

  • Pullups on the bar.
  • Dumbbell bench press.
  • Reverse butterfly.
  • Breeding dumbbells at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Cravings for the chin.

All exercises are performed in 3 sets, 15 repetitions each.

How to reduce muscle volume while exercising

Fitness trainers are sure that a correctly selected set of exercises will help get rid of large muscles and reduce their volume.

To do this, you need:

  1. Build your workout so that the exercises performed are aimed at reducing adipose tissue in the body. Aerobic exercise is ideal for this.
  2. It is important not to stop strength training. But it should not be much. For example:
  • to reduce the volume of the hand, it is enough to perform a bench press of dumbbells and a pull to the chin 3 sets of 15 reps
  • you can reduce the volume of your hips by leaving lunges with a barbell – 3 sets of 15 reps each;
  • for the lower leg – jumping rope – 3 sets of 200 repetitions each.

Combining shoulder exercises for girls who train in the gym, you can achieve good results by making the body as proportional as possible. Any training should always begin with a warm-up. This will not only protect yourself from injury, but also increase the effectiveness of exercises. At the end of the lesson, you need to stretch the developed muscle groups.

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Top 5 best shoulder exercises in the gym:

Shoulder exercises for girls. Classes in the gym:

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