Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

In the gym, provided that the load is correctly selected, you can not only get rid of excess body fat, but also increase the overall stamina of the body and pump over specific areas of the body.

For example, due to the implementation of exercises on the shoulders according to the generally accepted technique, the athlete will be able to increase the relief of the torso, as well as increase the strength of the hands. Performing loads in the gym should be supervised by a professional fitness trainer, able to explain the rules of training, as well as pick up the working weight and load for a specific person.

The essence and basic principles

Shoulder exercises in the gym cannot be performed correctly without understanding the essence and basic principles of narrowly focused training. The basic principle of building a complex aimed at strengthening the upper body is the need for uniform load distribution between the front, rear and middle bundle of the deltoid muscle.

The shoulder joints are one of the most versatile in the human body, which explains their constant involvement in everyday life. Constant large loads on the shoulders provoke the need for a long and voluminous load of the muscles of this part of the body for their visible transformation.

Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

Given the fact that the brachial muscles are involved in the study of other groups, if there is a desire to modify them, it is enough to correctly compose a set of exercises, implying multidirectional power loads.

The following principles should become fundamental in the formation of a complex of physical loads on the shoulders:

  • strict adherence to the technique of performing exercises, ignoring which can lead to injury to the shoulder joint (due to its excessive mobility, the shoulder joints are considered the most prone to injury);
  • the most profound study of the shoulder girdle is carried out during exercises of nearby muscle groups;
  • for uniform strengthening of the shoulder muscles, the segments of the delta should be trained in different ways (for working out the front delta, a bench press (and its various variations) will be suitable, and for the back and middle ones, swings and thrust, respectively).

For training shoulders by professional athletes, 3 methods are used:

  • cheating (the main rule is to keep your elbows above your hands while doing exercises, thus preserving maximum tension in deltas);
  • complex sets (requires the implementation of several exercises (usually 2-3) aimed at working out one muscle group without a break for rest and recovery);
  • superset (the essence of the technique is similar to the rule of performing complex sets. The difference is that when working with supersets, muscles are involved – antagonists, and not the same muscle group as in the previous case).

Indications for use

Depending on the goal of a particular person, professional fitness trainers can draw up a program for him to pump the shoulder girdle with an emphasis on transforming the problem area.

With the help of competent load distribution, an athlete can:

  • increase your strength indicators;
    Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos
  • increase the endurance of the muscles of the hands;
  • make the upper limbs more prominent;
  • tighten the skin of the hands, which has lost tone due to age-related changes or a sharp decrease in weight.

It is recommended that people of all ages practice power loads to work out the muscles of the shoulders, provided that the correct working weight is selected.

This type of training will bring positive changes to those who:

  • periodic jumps in blood pressure are observed;
  • there are minor dysfunctions in the cardiovascular system;
  • work and lifestyle do not imply a lot of physical activity;
  • diagnosed with a deficiency of oxygen in the cells of body tissues (the most typical sign of the need to increase oxygen supply is the deterioration of the skin – it becomes sagging; more prone to injury; wrinkles are formed; visual defects appear (pigmentation, acne, irritation);
  • there is a need to prevent diseases of the skeletal system and joints (the only way to do this is to go in for sports, since only by adjusting the diet and adding dietary supplements to the diet, there will be no qualitative changes in the state of health);
  • there is a need to control your appetite (strength exercises aimed at pumping shoulders require large energy expenditures, correctly filling in which, in the future, the athlete will no longer need snacks);
  • there is always a feeling of fatigue, apathy (classes in the gym affect the chemical composition of the blood, increasing the concentration of endorphins in it);
    Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos
  • there is a need to get rid of the excess volume of the upper limbs and chest (the maintenance of metabolic processes, achieved when working in the gym, promotes active fat burning).


Shoulder exercises in the gym, like other types of physical activity on the body, have a number of contraindications. Among the circumstances relating to the absolute prohibition on pumping the shoulder girdle in a specially equipped place, the most common.


  • serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system (including chronic diseases in remission);
  • joint diseases that impede the performance of strength exercises (pathologies in which increased physical activity causes acute pain and a rapid deterioration in human health);
  • diseases associated with impaired coordination of movement, for example, Parkinson’s syndrome;
  • severe myopia or hyperopia;
  • hypertension 2 and 3 degrees;
  • spinal injuries, regardless of the department (including chronic injuries caused not only by mechanical injuries – falling, bruising, etc.), but also by internal pathological processes, for example, when calcium is washed out of bones and their subsequent thinning);
  • benign and malignant neoplasms, regardless of their location.
Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos
Shoulder exercises for girls cannot be performed with benign and malignant neoplasms.

In addition to absolute contraindications to strengthening the muscles of the shoulders in the gym, doctors distinguish and relative. This type of restriction includes circumstances that are temporary in nature.

After their disappearance and normalization of the athlete’s condition, it is allowed to pump the shoulder girdle with the help of weighting agents:

  • increased body temperature (regardless of the causes of its occurrence);
  • SARS, ARI or influenza infections in the stage of their active progression in the body;
  • the rehabilitation period after injuries or surgery required to normalize the condition of the shoulder joint (from the moment of surgery or injury should be at least 4-6 months);
  • increased intraocular pressure (power loads are allowed after pressure normalization with drugs);
  • increased blood pressure at the time of performing strength exercises on the shoulders (for example, with diagnosed grade 1 hypertension).

Useful recommendations for patients

To increase the effectiveness of training aimed at developing the shoulder girdle, non-professional athletes when organizing their training should keep in mind the following recommendations of experienced fitness instructors.


  • to work out the front beam of the delta, arms with dumbbells are best suited (it will be possible to provide the middle and rear bunches with a secondary load due to a change in the position of the little fingers of the hands holding the weights – the little fingers should be directed up);
    Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos
  • one of the most traumatic shoulder exercises is the lifting of the bar with straight hands in front of you (during the exercise it is not recommended to raise the weighting compound above shoulder level and lower it to the level of the hips);
  • changing the position in Smith’s simulator (to sit on the supporting surface sideways), you can double the exerted load on each of the upper limbs involved in the exercise;
  • for deep study of the middle delta beam, it is recommended to include a crossover with alternate hand swings in the complex of exercises (the body must maintain its original position while remaining stationary while performing this exercise);
  • alternately pulling your arms back as efficiently as possible will allow you to pump the rear bundle of the delta;
  • to increase the relief of the posterior bundle, the weight of the weight to the forehead is also suitable (during the exercise, the elbow joint must be directed upwards);
  • give the muscles time to recover, stopping between sets for 1-2 minutes.

In order to avoid the opposite effect, in which not only the result of training is absent, but also the condition of the muscles of the shoulder girdle worsens, exercises for the upper body should be performed no more than once every 2-3 days. Otherwise, the athlete will notice a thinning of muscle mass, which will subsequently provoke the appearance of sagging skin in areas of sharp loss of volume.

Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

In the gym, shoulder exercises are performed not only by people who are far from knowledge of physiology and understanding of the training process itself, but also by professional athletes. The vast majority of them have their own characteristics of the methodology for the development of the shoulder girdle, identified during many years of practice.

Some fitness trainers are sure that the bench press and its various variations are the most effective loads in the gym for pumping shoulders. Following the technique for performing these exercises, you can transform the upper part of your body in 2 weeks of daily training in an emergency mode.

Despite the absence of intervals between classes, the muscles that are used to constant training do not decrease in volume, but, on the contrary, become more prominent and sturdy. Despite the tendency of the body to increase muscle mass, during periods of preparation it is necessary to maintain the body with appropriate nutrition, introducing protein drinks, gainer and amino acids into the diet.

Other trainers believe that it is possible to speed up the process of transforming the shoulder girdle by taking a special massage course. Planning visits to the masseur should be on the same day when the training is held. Massage should include not only kneading movements, but also active rubbing and tapping.

Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

Thanks to such techniques, not only acceleration of lymph and blood flow is achieved, but also stagnation of lactic acid is eliminated, which can provoke painful sensations in the upper limbs when they are tensioned during the post-training period.

Often the problem area, despite the regular involvement of the hands in their daily lives (prolonged holding the child in their arms), was the shoulder girdle.

Having failed in home training, you can turn to professional fitness trainers to create an individual complex, designed for classes in the gym. Strength training in a specially equipped place will help to achieve the desired results in 2 months of regular work on your body.

Main complex

Exercise on the shoulders in the gym, provided that it is correctly performed in accordance with the technique, will bring maximum results if it is correctly combined with other loads.

The most successful fitness trainers consider complexes consisting of:

Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

Shoulder exercise Execution technique
“Army” bench press (effective in pumping the back and front delta beam) Exercise can be performed from 2 positions: sitting or standing.

1. Take a comfortable position.

2. Take the bar in your hands, with metal pancakes pre-fixed on it in the required quantity. Fingers clasping the finger should be pointing away from you.

3. Bend your arms in the elbow joint and press the weight to the chest area, while raising your chin and straightening your back.

4. On the exhale, stretch your arms up without changing the position of the body.

5. Without stopping at the top point, lower your arms as slowly as possible to their original position.

Bench press of dumbbells or kettlebell (used for pumping the back and front beam of the delta) 1. Having chosen a weighting compound, lie down on a horizontal bench. Feet rest against the floor.

2. Bend the arms holding the sports equipment and position them near the chest.

3. At the same time as you exhale, straighten your arms by moving weighting agents in the area above the chest.

4. Without stopping, slowly return your hands to their original position.

Arnold Bench (effectively works on the back and front deltas) 1. Pick up dumbbells and sit on the supporting part of the bench. The back of the bench should be raised 90 degrees.

2. Press the back against the back of the support. Bend your arms and unfold the brush with the back of your palms toward you.

3. Inhale deeply, after which, rapidly releasing air thr
ough the mouth, straighten your arms, placing dumbbells over your head. At the top, the dumbbells should form a straight line.

4. Without stopping at the top, return the weighting agents to the chest area.

Machs weighting in front of you (it is recommended to include in the program for the study of the middle delta) 1. Pick up weights (dumbbells or weights will do); stand up straight; place the upper limbs straight, slightly moving them in front of you.

2. Exhaling without bending your arms, quickly raise them to the level of the sternum.

3. Slowly lower without engaging the housing.

Result fixing

Shoulder exercises in the gym, if performed regularly by an athlete, will help her achieve the desired changes in her appearance. Upon reaching the result, the absolute majority of beginners make a mistake – they change the orientation of their workouts, minimizing the load on the shoulder girdle.

Under such circumstances, the shoulders will return to their former shape after 3-4 weeks. In order to avoid unwanted uncontrolled changes, the athlete working on the shoulder area is recommended to follow the recommendations of experienced fitness trainers even after visible changes in the body.

They are:

  • at least 1 time per week to perform the “old” set of exercises on the shoulders, with the help of which it was possible to achieve the desired result;
    Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos
  • adhere to the principles of proper nutrition (exclude fatty, salty, fried, smoked, sweet, flour or reduce the consumption of such products to a minimum);
  • comply with the drinking regime (consume per day the amount of clean water recommended by nutritionists, calculated by the formula – 1,01 fluid ounce of water * 2 pounds of the actual weight of a person);
  • to devote the proper amount of time to night sleep (at least 8-9 hours, subject to moderate-intensity sports);
  • spend at least 1-2 hours a day in fresh air, saturating the body with oxygen;
  • between classes in the gym to make a “weekend” (the most effective are training on the shoulders, conducted 1 time in 3 days);
  • avoid sharp weight loss (including using aggressive methods of losing weight – diets);
  • during the organization of the training process, give 3-5 minutes, at least, to warm up and hitch at the beginning and end of the session, respectively (preparing the body before training will help minimize the risk of injuries to the shoulder joint, which is the most mobile in the human body. Respiration helps to normalize) heart rate and acceleration of lactic acid, which provokes pain in the post-training period).

When to expect an effect

The duration of the period for which the athlete will be able to achieve a visible result in the gym is affected by a number of external circumstances.


  • training frequency and duration;
  • the presence of a large selection of weighting in a particular sports facility;
  • the correctness of the preparation of the training program (the complex should be designed taking into account the goals of a particular person, the presence of diseases, as well as general physical fitness);
  • the correctness of the exercises;
  • the presence of gradation in the selection of working weight.

Shoulder exercise for girls in the gym. Video tutorials, photos

Subject to training with a professional fitness trainer and following all his recommendations related to working out the shoulder girdle in the gym, the athlete will be able to achieve visible results in 1-2 months of regular training.

The shoulders in the gym are easier to modify than the rest of the body. The development of the shoulder girdle is carried out even when performing exercises to develop strength and endurance of the arms, press, and also during some loads on the lower extremities.

Understanding the principles of pumping shoulders, as well as observing the generally accepted technique of performing exercises, will allow the athlete to avoid negative impact on the actual state of health, as well as increase the effectiveness of regular training.

Shoulder exercises video for girls

Shoulder exercises for girls:

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