Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program

Shaping is widely used for weight loss. Classes can be held both at home and in fitness centers.

In the world there are a large number of directions in fitness, which help to adjust the figure. Shaping is one such. Shaping is a set of exercises aimed at reducing weight and giving the body a fit.

Such training is suitable for girls and women of any age. The main task of shaping is the load on problem areas and participation in the work of muscles, which are less active in everyday life.

There are some types of shaping:

  • Classic shaping is aimed at reducing weight and working on muscles.
  • Shaping dances not only help reduce weight, but also achieve beautiful and proper posture.
  • Shaping for children implies the physical development of children.
  • Shaping for women over 50 years old is designed taking into account all the features at this age.

Difference of shaping from other types of gymnastics

Shaping is not only gymnastics for body shaping. This includes proper nutrition.

Shaping (classes for losing weight at home can be done independently) differs from other types of gymnastics by the following criteria:

  • If aerobics is aimed at improving the body and raising body tone, then for shaping, the fight against extra pounds is a priority.
  • Fitness classes involve working on all muscle groups, and shaping affects problem areas.
  • During fitness training, the emphasis is on the appearance of endurance and strengthening the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  • Shaping is designed more for girls and women, and in other forms, people of different sexes can engage. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • For shaping, heart rate control is important. It allows you to find out if the load is given correctly.
  • Shaping is mainly aimed at the quiet execution of exercises with a large number of repetitions.
  • Shaping allows you to fight cellulite.
  • Unlike other physical activities, in shaping, calories are burned not at the time of training, but after it.
  • Unlike other types of gymnastics, the effect of shaping will be noticeable faster, since work is underway on a specific area.

Is it possible to lose weight with shaping

The complex of exercises in shaping is aimed specifically at losing weight. You can correct certain problem areas, affecting them with a greater load.

The number of pounds taken depends on such aspects as:

  • willpower;
  • proper nutrition;
  • metabolism;
  • initial weight;
  • quantity and quality of training.

Everyone knows that the greater the initial body weight, the easier the weight will go with identical training. Therefore, do not compare the number of pounds dropped by different people. On average, when training 2 times a week and observing nutrition, you can lose from 4 -11 pounds per month, and this is with a little excess weight.

With intensive training per hour lesson, you can lose from 200 to 350 cal. This is all purely individual and depends on the number of approaches and the weight of the woman.

The most important thing is that a woman has an incentive, then the goal is more easily achieved. After a couple of months of hard work, a moment can happen when the weight rises. It’s just that the body is accustomed to the diet and loads.

In this case, you do not need to stop exercising, otherwise the weight will be able to return back. It’s necessary to change the diet a bit: add carbohydrates somewhere, relax a bit and eat a little extra.


Shaping, like any other physical activity, is not suitable for everyone.

It is forbidden to choose this type of gymnastics in the following cases:

  • problems with the organs of the cardiovascular system;
  • after surgery;
  • people with scoliosis; Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • with oncology;
  • pregnancy;
  • with epilepsy;
  • with inflammation in the body;
  • during menstruation;
  • after injuries, dislocations and sprains;
  • with problems with the joints;
  • tuberculosis;
  • during colds and weaknesses;
  • with headaches or dizziness.

Features nutrition in the classroom

Only in conjunction with proper nutrition, shaping will give more effective results.

The choice of diet depends on the type of program:

  • On the day of classes, it is best to refuse foods with a lot of calories and fast carbohydrates. For 1.5-2 hours, it is necessary to consume complex carbohydrates in order to get a supply of energy for performing exercises. It is also better not to eat protein foods during this period.
  • The diet should have more fiber, which can be obtained from fruits and vegetables (from 250 to 450 g).
  • For breakfast, it is best to give preference to porridge.
  • It is necessary to abandon fast carbohydrates.
  • Exclude fatty foods. It must be replaced with meat and fish, stewed or steamed dishes.
  • You can not refuse food or cut too much at the norm.
  • It is allowed to use 1 large tablespoons of honey or jam per day with tea.
  • Before going to bed, you can drink 150 g of fat-free kefir.
  • To achieve the goal, it is worth reducing the amount of protein consumed, because thanks to them, muscles grow.
  • In the morning after waking up, you need to drink a glass of water, it will help start metabolic processes.
  • When practicing shaping, it is worth considering that a greater number of calories are burned after a workout, when the body is resting. Therefore, at this time it is better to limit the consumption of food. And if you really want to eat, you can use light cottage cheese, yogurt without sugar or kefir.
  • About 0,5 gallon of water are recommended per day. And do not forget to drink fluid at the time of training. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program

The list of allowed and forbidden to use products when shaping:

Food Options You Can Use Foods That You Must Avoid
  • Greenery
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Poultry meat
  • Seafood
  • Cereals cooked on the water
  • Beef
  • Cheeses
  • Low fat or low fat dairy products
  • Jam and honey (1 large spoon)
  • Bread (rye, whole grain)
  • Bread rolls
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Sugar
  • Sweets
  • Semi-finished products
  • Fast food
  • Sausages and smoked meats
  • Fast food
  • Dainties
  • Canned food
  • Pasta
  • Bakery products
  • Sauce and mayonnaise
  • High Fat Dairy Products
  • Pork
  • Bakery products
  • Fruit (Pineapple, Banana)

Types of programs

There are 2 types of programs in shaping: anabolic and catabolic. For each species, a separate nutrition is selected, since their goals are different. The catabolic version of training is aimed at reducing body weight.

In terms of nutrition, it is important to observe several aspects:

  • On the day of shaping classes, arrange a fasting day for yourself.
  • Remove sugar and dairy foods from the diet. In a small amount, you can eat lo
    w-fat cottage cheese (from 50 to 100 g) and kefir with yogurt of low fat content.
  • The basis of the diet is slow carbohydrates.
  • You can eat 3 hours before bedtime.
  • The amount of meat consumed should be from 55 to 100 g.

Anabolic training option is aimed at increasing muscle mass. Overweight people first need to lose weight in order to use this type of training. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program

Nutrition also has its own nuances:

  • It is necessary to increase the rate of protein intake, best of all from plant foods.
  • For 1-1.5 hours before training, you need to eat protein food.
  • After classes, it is advisable to consume porridge, you can also have a snack with vegetables or fruits.
  • The basis of training is exercises for the development of strength and endurance.

Features of classes in shaping club

In a shaping club, all exercises are performed under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist:

  • The trainer controls the correctness of the exercises.
  • He observes the pulse and proper breathing of a person. If the pulse is less than 120 beats, you need to increase the load and the number of approaches. If more than 160, you should reduce the speed of the exercises and reduce the number of repetitions.
  • An individual program is selected for each client. A trainer and nutritionist are involved.
  • The duration of the training should be 60 minutes. This is the best time.
  • Each exercise must be repeated at least 20 times.
  • At the time of rest, you need to walk and do breathing exercises.

Pre-Workout Tests

Before starting a lesson, a person must conduct tests to visit the shaping club.

They include:

  • body parameters; Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • medical examination to identify contraindications to classes;
  • measuring the amount of fat in the body;
  • questions about human nutrition;
  • level of physical fitness;
  • conversation about the problem parts on the body.

Based on all the results, a separate program for nutrition and a set of exercises for a particular person is selected.


In order to be comfortable shaping in a sports club, you need to purchase comfortable and non-restricting clothing. It is best to give preference to cotton clothes with the addition of elastane. It better lets air in and does not stick to the body.

Clothing should tightly fit the body and not hang. Preference should be given to a T-shirt or tank top and leggings or tight shorts. Much attention should be paid to sports underwear, especially for girls with breasts larger than 2 sizes.

Sports shoes need to be selected so that it does not slip and sit well on the foot. The sole should be flexible and with good cushioning, which will allow you to perform many exercises. In some clubs you can practice in socks, but not all exercises are convenient in them.

With intensive training, it is not superfluous to buy a bandage on the forehead. She will protect eyes from sweat.

Classroom Algorithm

Unlike shaping clubs, where the trainer works with a person individually, work is done with a group in the halls. However, this does not prevent the mentor from monitoring the correct execution of each person’s exercises. Classes in the hall are often held using licensed video lessons.

In general, classes in the hall begin with a warm-up, then the exercises themselves go, and stretching training ends.

Warm up should take from 5 to 10 minutes. It includes:

  • joint warming exercises;
  • cardio training;
    Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
    Cardio warm-up before shaping can be done on a treadmill.
  • a small stretch of muscles;
  • work with breathing.

The main part of the exercises is aimed at working alternately with various parts of the body. It is the longest in time and takes from 40 to 60 minutes. The complex should be aimed not only at working out zones with fatty deposits, but also for other muscles.

And the final part of the workout is stretching. In time, it should last about 5-10 minutes. It can not be ignored, since at the time of exercise the muscles contract. And stretching helps them quickly return to their original state.

The advantage of shaping in the gym is the availability of additional simulators and devices that will help increase the efficiency of the workout.

Shaping at home: advantages and disadvantages

You can do shaping at home. Great helpers in this will be video tutorials and additional gallon on the Internet. There is a huge selection of programs. Each of them can be customized.

Shaping (exercises for losing weight at home) has its advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of home training Cons of home training
You can exercise at a time convenient for a person. Sometimes it is tempting to skip a workout.
There is an opportunity to save money. There is no control over the correct execution of exercises.
Classes at home take less time than going to the fitness club. Training on video tutorials has mainly an average load.
Training takes place in comfortable conditions without extra people. For home training you need to have a lot of motivation, otherwise you can quickly abandon this business.
Everyone can choose their own set of exercises or alternate them. It is hard to develop the right diet for shaping yourself.
Music for classes you can put your favorite.
For practicing at home, you can choose any comfortable clothes.

The best option would be to contact a professional so that he selects an individual program. And then, based on these exercises, you can do it at home.

Props for home workouts

Shaping is actively used for weight loss. For classes at home, it is advisable to purchase additional devices. They will help make the workout even more effective.

First of all, yo
u need to purchase a mat for classes. It will allow you to perform exercises in comfort.

For a variety of exercises and increase the load in shaping, you can use many additional devices:

  • dumbbells; Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • fitball;
  • regular ball;
  • elastic tape;
  • jump rope;
  • expander;
  • various weighting agents;
  • gymnastic stick.

Music for shaping

To make the training more interesting and fruitful, you can use rhythmic music.

The advantage of home classes is that everyone is engaged in the musical accompaniment that he likes, in contrast to the halls, where there is a ready-made track list.

The influence of music on the workout is undeniable. It not only lifts the mood and allows you to relax, but also helps to remove fatigue.

Several features for choosing the right music for shaping at home:

  • At each stage of the training, it is advisable to choose different compositions. For warming up and stretching, melodies at a moderate, but not at a slow pace, are suitable. The main part of the training should take place under more energetic tracks.
  • It’s best to pick out familiar motives. In such cases, the person approximately knows the duration of the track and the speed of the melody and can adjust the exercises for them. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • You should not pick up music from movies or TV shows, as a person will be distracted, and remember moments from the movie.
  • The track list must be compiled for the entire workout so that the music accompanies the rest of the lesson.
  • It is advisable to give preference to foreign tracks so that the person is not distracted by the meaning of the songs.

Recommendations for beginners

Shaping (weight loss classes at home are performed calmly and slowly) is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

For those who have just decided to deal with this option of gymnastics, you need to adhere to several rules:

  • Before you start shaping, you need to go through several important tests that will help you learn the level of training and help you choose the right complex.
  • Classes should be held 2-3 times a week, trying not to miss.
  • At the time of training, you need to breathe through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.
  • The duration of the training is from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • At the time of the exercise, the back should be kept straight, and the stomach should be pulled in.
  • In the process of training, you must definitely consume water (best of all ordinary and without gas).
  • It is advisable to visit the room and engage under the supervision of a coach. But if there is no such opportunity, you can just consult with him, so that the trainer has developed a set of exercises, and continue to practice at home.
  • Initially, you need to do exercises to warm up, and finish the stretching exercise.

Training sequence

Classes at home should be no different from training in the gym. First you need to decide which type of program to choose: catabolic or anabolic. And, based on this, make a plan.

Training should include both strength exercises and cardio exercise. Do not forget about the warm-up at the beginning and stretching at the end.

After performing a load on a certain group of muscles, it is necessary to perform a stretching so that the muscles do not clog and return to their previous state.

Example program for home training:

  • First you need to stretch the joints (starting with the head and ending with the legs). Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • Next, go to cardio. You can do squats, run in place or jump on a rope.
  • It is also worth paying attention to power load. This will help: plank, buttock bridge, various lunges.
  • After that, work begins with individual muscle groups and problem areas. You need to choose a set of exercises for: the press and buttocks, arms and legs, back and chest. Everything needs to be done at a moderate pace and without jerking. The number of repetitions should be from 15 or more.
  • Training should end with stretching exercises to bring the muscles back to normal.

Exercise complexes for specific muscle groups

Shaping (exercises for losing weight at home) allows you to work out different muscle groups.

Exercise for the waist:

  • Need to lie on the floor.
  • At the same time, we raise the body and lower limbs.
  • Hands reach for the legs, but do not touch them.
  • In this state, stay for 10-15 seconds.
  • Go back.
  • You must complete 10 sets or more.

For arms and chest:

  • Get up straight. Hands with dumbbells are located below.
  • On inspiration, raise extended and straight arms to chest level.
  • Hold for 3-5 seconds.
  • Return limbs back.
  • Perform 3 approaches 15-20 times. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program

For the top press:

  • Lie on the mat. The legs are bent and the arms are behind the head.
  • As you exhale, tear your shoulder blades off the floor.
  • Lie down again as you inhale
  • Perform the exercise 15 to 25 times.

For the lower press:

  • Sit on the floor. The back should be straight.
  • Straight legs wide apart. Hands are on the floor behind.
  • Raise your legs as high as possible and hold it for 2-3 seconds.
  • Lower back.
  • Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.

For the abdomen and back:

  • Need to lie on the floor. Legs should be bent at the knees. Hands are located behind the head.
  • On the exhale, pull the legs to the chest.
  • Stay in this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Come back.
  • You can perform either 2 sets of 20 times, or 3 sets of 15 times.

For legs:

  • Lie on your side. Place your right hand under your head. The left is near the chest in a bent state. Shaping exercises for weight loss at home. Fitness video tutorials, beginner exercises, training program
  • On exhalation, lift the left leg up, strain the muscles.
  • Inhale, lower down. Exercise is performed at a moderate pace.
  • Do 15-25 reps and change your leg.

For buttocks:

  • Lie on a horizontal surface. Hands set aside.
  • The right leg should be bent at the knee, the left leg is straightened and forms a straight line with the body.
  • Hold for 5-10 seconds.
  • Lower the pelvis.
  • Do 10-15 times with the right foot, then change position and repeat everything with the left foot.

Shaping classes at home save time and money that you would have to spend on visiting sports clubs. Such training is good not only for weight loss, but also for the development of muscles of the whole body.

Shaping Video

Shaping lessons for everyone online:

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