Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

In hair care, oils have been used for a long time – their beneficial properties were known and used even by our ancestors. Sea buckthorn oil for hair is considered one of the most useful and affordable base oils, which is simple and effective to use.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn oil for hair

The regular use of sea buckthorn oil masks will help restore the density, softness and silkiness of damaged hair after lightening, dyeing, or other chemical procedures. Sea buckthorn oil has a regenerating and regenerating property, it is considered a real therapeutic agent.

Due to its rich vitamin composition, it is successfully used in folk medicine to improve the appearance of hair, as well as for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as dandruff, dryness and peeling of the scalp.

Table 1. Components in the composition of sea buckthorn oil and their properties for hair

Vitamin / Micro or Macronutrient Useful properties for hair
Carotene (provitamin A) Provitamin A is aimed at eliminating the cross section and reducing brittle hair. In symbiosis with vitamin E, they form the classic basis for hair treatment.
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine (Vitamin B1) B vitamins are aimed at accelerating hair growth, which, in turn, helps to strengthen their density and strength. If you use B1 and B2 together, their effect only improves. They also regulate oily hair, are able to prolong their purity and improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Not without reason, tocopherol is considered a beauty vitamin – it nourishes the hair roots, cares for the scalp, has sunscreen properties, makes hair strong, thick to the touch.
Magnesium Helps to improve the elasticity of the hair, giving them smoothness.
Silicon It is part of the collagen fibers of the hair, therefore it is directly responsible for their strength.
Sulfur Gives shine, fights against dandruff and excess fat.

Rules for the use and preparation of masks with sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is applied to dirty hair, and to clean with subsequent washing – there are also no restrictions on the cleanliness of the scalp. However, it should be understood that there are a number of rules that you must follow in any case , as well as a set of tips that will make applying the mask more effective.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

  • You should not make masks of sea buckthorn oil if you are allergic to the fruits of sea buckthorn, so before using you need to do an allergic test – apply a couple of drops of oil to the bend of the elbow or wrist.
  • Oil masks cannot be stored for a long time, so they are made an hour before use, and just before application, you need to heat the oil in a water bath for 2-3 minutes – warmed up to a certain temperature, it will give an improved effect. It is better absorbed by wet hair, and then the consumption is less, so the hair will need to be slightly moistened with water.
  • After the oil flushing procedure, it is recommended to use diluted vinegar or rinse your hair with infusion of a solution of herbs – nettle or chamomile.

Sea buckthorn oil goes well with essential oils such as:

  • Ylang Ylang.
  • Jasmine.
  • Rose flower.
  • Near citrus oils (grapefruit, orange, mandarin, lemongrass, lemon).

And also with the following basic:

  • Burdock.
  • Castor.
  • Olive.
  • Almond.

Hair Growth Mask

You will need to take sea buckthorn, castor oil and mustard powder. This mask will warm the scalp, speed up blood circulation, thus accelerating the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

2-3 tablespoons of mustard are diluted with water, 3 tablespoons of oils are added to them, everything is mixed and applied to the head for a period of half an hour to an hour (depending on sensations).

You can wrap your head with polyethylene or put on a special hat. The mask should not be done if the scalp is sensitive, there are wounds or an allergy to mustard. It should be careful when flushing, so that mustard water does not get into the eyes.

Mask for strengthening hair

One of the most effective masks for strengthening hair is a mask of sea buckthorn, coconut and argan oils. Oils are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, mixed, applied to the length of the hair, but also on the roots. Walk 1-2 hours, rinse in the usual way.

Mask for hair restoration

The best regenerative effects of sea buckthorn oil are manifested with almond or avocado. You need to mix 1 tablespoon each, warm the mixture in a water bath. For the convenience of socks, hair is collected in a tail, bun or braid. This mask is washed off after an hour.

Split End Mask

When sectioning the hair, it is recommended to use a mask of a mixture of sea buckthorn and olive oils, egg yolk and fat sour cream. Take 2 tablespoons of oil, they are mixed, then the yolk is added. The last ingredient is sour cream – 1 tablespoon, it can be used to adjust the consistency of the mask.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

It should look like a store balm. The mask is applied along the length, especially abundantly – on the tips. In order to prevent it from flowing, you should wrap your head in polyethylene and put a hat or towel on top.

Dry hair mask

To prepare a mask for damaged hair, you need to take a decoction of burdock, sea buckthorn oil, almond, jasmine, cedar or tangerine oil. Dry collection of burdock is bought at the pharmacy.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

It is necessary to pour 3 tablespoons of the collection with boiling water and cook for 15 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Next, the resulting infusion is removed from the fire, cools, 3 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil, almond, 5-7 drops of the selected essential oil are added to it.

For oily hair

A mask of sea buckthorn oil for oily hair is also suitable for the same scalp. It will take 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil, egg yolk, 5 drops of rosemary oil. The resulting mixture is washed off after half an hour or an hour.

Dandruff mask

The mask o
f sea buckthorn and olive oils helps with dandruff – eliminates itching and irritation, moisturizes the affected areas.
You can do it at least before each head wash, alternating with medical means. 2 tablespoon of both oils are rubbed into the scalp for 1-2 hours before taking a shower.

From hair loss

Tritizanol is a pharmaceutical product sold as a solution. If you mix it with sea buckthorn oil, you get a good mask against hair loss, because it speeds up blood circulation and blood flow to the roots.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

So, you should take 0,34 fluid ounce of tritisanol, yolk, 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil, which is preheated , and then mixed with tritisanol. The yolk is added last, you can add water to obtain the desired consistency. Such a mask lasts about half an hour.

With alopecia

Alopecia is the same as baldness. In order to prevent it, serious measures should be taken, and a mask of sea buckthorn oil, castor and onion gruel is only part of the treatment. You will need to take 2 tablespoons of oil, peel one small onion, mash it into gruel and combine with oil. Such a mask is applied to the scalp, aged 1.5 hours. 

With dimexide

It is believed that dimexide mask helps stop hair loss. They are especially effective in combination with sea buckthorn oil, since dimexide warms up blood vessels, and oil helps to moisturize the hair, nourishes the roots with the necessary substances.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

Dimexide is available at the pharmacy. It will need to be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3. Sea buckthorn oil is taken 3 tablespoon. As in the case of a mustard mask, you need to keep the mask, focusing on your feelings.

With vitamins

In addition to the vitamin complex contained directly in sea buckthorn oil, you can add oily solutions of vitamin A and E, fish oil. Each of these 3 options works for hair growth and for their strengthening, recovery, so you can choose any. Oil-based versions of these vitamins in capsule form are also suitable.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

For 3 tablespoons of sea buckthorn, take 2-3 capsules or 1 teaspoons of an oil solution, mix thoroughly, warm and apply on the head. There are no dangerous substances in this mask, you can sleep peacefully with it – although usually one hour is enough.

With egg

Only yolk is used for masks – it has good moisturizing and nourishing agents, gives hair volume at the roots and smoothness along the length and at the ends. One yolk is mixed with 3 tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil, 1 tablespoon of moisturizing natural balm is added to them. The mask is kept on the head for an hour.

With honey

Honey is particularly well combined with egg yolk, cocoa and sea buckthorn oil. This mask straightens hair well, gives them volume. Honey in the amount of 2 tablespoon. Is melted together with the same amount of oil, to them is added the yolk, 2 tablespoon. Of natural cocoa. The mixture is applied to all hair and roots – and it is better to wrap your head in advance, since cocoa can drain onto the face and neck.

With kefir

A kefir mask with the addition of sea buckthorn oil will help lighten hair by half a ton, wash off too dark paint – it washes blackness, gives smoothness and shine. 2 tablespoon oil is mixed with 7 drops of citrus essential oil (lemon, orange, grapefruit) and a glass of kefir. It is better to apply the mask in the bathroom, and then put a plastic bag on your head and wrap it in a towel.

Sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes

When using this oil for eyelash growth should be careful. Firstly, any eyelash oil is applied only at night in the amount of 5 drops on a cotton pad and is washed off with water in the morning and thoroughly cleaned with a cotton sponge. Secondly, it cannot be applied if lenses are worn at a given moment.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology
Sea buckthorn oil is used not only for hair on the head, but also used as a nutrient for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Thirdly, you can not mix it with essential oils – the mucous membranes of the eyes are too sensitive for them.

As for the effect, sea buckthorn oil accelerates the growth of eyelashes, makes them stronger, thicker, reduces loss. In combination with other base oils, it has a good restoring effect, prevents brittleness and dullness of hairs.

What oil to buy for hair

Sea buckthorn oil for industrial production is presented by different manufacturers. For some, it acts as a care product, for others it is a tool aimed directly at treatment, for others it has only a cosmetic effect.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you should choose one or another composition of balm, shampoo or base oil in its pure form:

  • Natura Siberica. The company has been represented on the market for several years, which inspires confidence among customers. In her arsenal there is a whole sea-buckthorn line of hair and body care, the main component of which is just juice and sea-buckthorn oil. But special mention should be made of oil complexes from the company and “live” concentrated oil.
  • “Sea buckthorn oil complex” is available in a volume of 1,69 fluid ounce in the form of a jar with a pipette. The complex copes with excessive fluffiness, brittleness, cross-section, promotes the formation of curls and waves and acts as thermal protection. The complex is used as a non-wash or mask.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

  • “Sea buckthorn oil complex for the care of damaged hair” – judging by the reviews, this is an enhanced version of the fluid for the tips. The composition, in addition to Altai sea buckthorn, includes argan oil, wheat, A and E. This is a very powerful tool for the restoration of damaged hair by chemical styling or hair coloring.
  • “Living sea buckthorn oil for hair” stimulates collagen synthesis, which allows you to restore hair elasticity, moisturizes them. Designed for use as masks before or after washing, can be mixed with other oils, used as an enriching element for purchased hair care products.

  • Golden Siberian Sea Buckthorn Oil” from “Granny Agafia”
    is presented in the format for split ends. The composition of the product contains: Altai sea buckthorn oil, reinforced with cedar oil, burdock, gold peptides. The product is called gold precisely because the people call the sea-buckthorn tree “golden tree” – both for its truly precious composition and for the color of its fruits.
  • Sea buckthorn oil “Altivitaminy” is a worthy representative of the pharmacy segment of oils. It has a 5-star, maximum rating and among customers it is called a real SOS tool in its price category. Oil is great if you need to make your hair shine and shine as soon as possible.

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and eyelashes. Benefits, medicinal properties, recipes for use in cosmetology

Sea buckthorn oil for hair is an effective and useful remedy for solving problems such as dandruff, excess fat, hair loss (alopecia), weakness and brittleness. It is also suitable for those who want to improve their hair, give the scalp ready density.

Author: Zemlyanye Darina

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