Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Mirror nail polish firmly entered the arsenal of fashionistas. A manicure made with it looks exquisitely on nails of any length and shape and is suitable for both the office and any celebration. The peculiarity of such a manicure is that it really resembles a mirror or smooth, shiny metal.

“Mirror” manicure with a usd and design for short and long nails

To create a “mirror” manicure, in addition to a special varnish, rubbing is used – the smallest particles of pigment resembling dust that are rubbed into the nail (due to their weightlessness they perfectly adhere to any surface). Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

This powder is best placed on gel polish, acrylic or gel paint.

The advantages of rubbing in is that it is not afraid of sunlight, water and even solvents, moreover, it is very easy to apply and can be used at home. The abundance of different colors and the economy in use add popularity to such a coating.

“Mirror” manicure will emphasize the accuracy of short nails and make them brighter. Glitter will give long nails a particularly festive look, it is only important not to overdo it with color, otherwise the manicure may look vulgar.

A manicure with a usd is already complete in itself, but lovers of variety can combine different colors and effects, complement the design of nails with patterns, rhinestones – this technique has practically no borders, it allows you to embody any ideas. For work in the office, it is better to do a manicure in restrained tones – pastel, plain.

For the holiday, party or any other informal events, any bold and vivid ideas are suitable. To make the nails look more saturated, it is recommended to use a dark gel polish as a base, and a light substrate is more suitable for a romantic look.

Gel Polish with a mirror effect “Mirror Chrome” for nails. Where can I buy. Price

Mirror Chrome gel nail polish is good for business women and for glamorous beauties. Moreover, it is so self-sufficient that it can do without any additional decorations. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Ease of application is another plus that makes this coating very popular. Keeps on nails for at least 3 weeks . It should be remembered that we are talking about quality gel varnishes from trusted manufacturers, coatings by unknown companies do not guarantee the desired result.

Before buying gel polish, in addition to information about the manufacturer, it is important to pay attention to the following correspondences:

  • Liquid consistency (the product should drain from the brush, not lingering on it);
  • Soft brush with rounded edges;
  • No sediment or delamination.

When ordering goods on the site, it is impossible to check the quality, so you need to carefully choose the seller and trust only trusted resources.

You can buy Mirror Chrome varnish on manufacturers’ websites (TNL, Kodi, Bluesky, etc.), in ODIVA, OZON online stores, as well as on AliExpress. The price will be from $ 1 – $ 5 per bottle.

Rubbing (powder) for nails – instructions: how to use, how to apply step by step. Video tutorial

To create a perfect manicure using a usd, you will need the following:

  • Base coverage;
  • Rubbing;
  • Gel polish;
  • Brush;
  • UV- (or LED-) lamp;
  • Top coating. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs


  1. First, the usual hygienic treatment of the nail is performed: sawing and grinding, removal of the cuticle. For a perfect “mirror” manicure, it is important that the varnish and usd are applied to perfectly smooth nails, therefore, special attention should be paid to polishing;
  2. The surface of the nails is degreased;
  3. Nail plates are covered with a thin layer of the base coat and dried using UV- (2 minutes) or LED-lamp (30 seconds);
  4. Gel polish is applied to the nails and also dried;
  5. Next – top coating (without a sticky base) and drying again;
  6. Now, mirror powder is carefully poured onto the prepared nail and rubbed with a finger or using an applicator over the entire plate from the cuticle to the edge of the nail. The remnants are brushed off with a brush. If desired, the usd can be applied twice;
  7. It is fixed by double application of the top.

Important points:

  • The color of a manicure should be selected based on the length of the nails. Short nails look better in light colors, long ones – they like darker colors (but not bright red and the like – then the image will be vulgar). On neat nails of medium length, any color scheme will look great.
  • The smaller the particles of powder, the denser it falls, and the better the effect on the nails.
  • To fix the result is necessarily a glossy finish, matte does not allow the mirror effect to appear and simply spoils the manicure.

“Mirror Shine”

The “Mirror Shine” nail polish wins over other products – varnish, foil and the like, because it perfectly covers the surface, whether it is the entire plate or only part of it. The most popular color schemes: gold, bronze and silver, as well as blue, pink, burgundy. Gem colors such as emerald, ruby, aquamarine are now in fashion. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

An ideal mirror surface requires a very careful attitude, since any scratch on it will immediately catch your eye.

Pearl Rub

Manicure made using pearl rubbing makes any image romantic and unusually gentle. That is why brides began to increasingly prefer this design of nails. Soft overflows and noble radiance emphasize the beauty of the hands and look great on nails of any length and different designs. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Best pearl manicure looks with delicate summer dresses and clothes in light pastel colors.

To achieve the effect of natural pearls, it is recommended to use white gel polish or light nude shades as substrates for pearls. However, if you wish to experiment, you can apply pearl powder on a black or color base.

Metal usd

The metal rubbing differs from the mirror one in that it makes the surface of the nail more matte, “chrome plated” . Most often, this option is used not in the whole manicure, but on one or two accent nails.

Using this usd, you can create a daily manicure with a slight flicker, or you can achieve a clear metallic effect. Depending on the color of the varnish-substrates, nails can also look different.

A light gel polish und
er a metal usd will make the manicure soft and unobtrusive, a dark base will turn it into noticeable and rich, and the colored background will be like a metallic rainbow.

How to do a “Mirror” manicure with gel polish at home

Mirror nail polish is easy to apply, and the effect is wonderful. In addition to simple plain manicure with gel polish, various variations can be invented, supplemented with rhinestones, kamifubuki, beads, etc.

The technique of creating manicure with mirror gel polish is standard:

  1. The usual hygienic preparation of the nail for the procedure is performed (removal of the old coating, shaping and polishing, getting rid of the cuticle);
  2. Nail plates are degreased;
  3. The first layer is applied the base coat, which is necessary to ensure the adhesion of the nail with gel polish;
  4. After it dries, the surface of the nails is covered with gel polish, the fingers are placed under a UV lamp (or LED);
  5. To obtain the best effect, it is recommended to apply the varnish in two layers, however, there are fairly thick compositions for which one is sufficient (usually the manufacturer writes recommendations for application);
  6. The result is fixed with a top coating and also dried with a lamp. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs


  • It is highly desirable that the base and top coat are from the same manufacturer;
  • Shake the gel polish bottle immediately before use so that all the particles are evenly distributed;
  • Apply the product with a thin layer, since due to excessive thickness the coating can swell;
  • Manicure with a mirror gel polish requires a careful attitude, because it is afraid of strong mechanical stress and aggressive chemicals, so various housework should be done with gloves.

Beautiful manicure – nail design ideas with a gold and silver “mirror” usd. Photo

Using nail polish and rubbing with shades of gold and silver to give the nails a “mirror-like” shine has become a classic, such a manicure is versatile and luxurious. Precious metals are great for implementing any design idea, whether it be a mirror, holography, sparkles.

A manicure made with golden rubbing will add a special chic to any look and make it festive and noble. An even more refined appearance is obtained in combination with beautiful rings on the fingers.

Rubbing with silver pigment is good because it has great transformation capabilities. On a dark basis, silver gives the effect of wet asphalt or graphite, which is great for a strict look.

When used as substrates of light gel polish, a delicate mirror is obtained, which is appropriate both in everyday life and on holiday.

Holography with a silver usd is the best suited for the atmosphere of the New Year holiday.

Black manicure with a usd

Black color of a varnish is most popular for creation of “mirror” nails. Any variety of rubbing looks spectacular on it – its radiance is enhanced on a dark basis. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs
Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Black color is a classic, it is universal and good on any length and shape of nails. And you can wear it, as they say, “both in the feast and in the world”, except that for a wedding dress it is not entirely appropriate.

White, beige manicure with a usd

White or beige manicure looks very elegant and delicate, and is applicable anywhere. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

He is unusually beautiful and at the same time unobtrusive. Light nails of any length and shape are good for a working environment, and for a first date, and for publication.

Red, burgundy, pink manicure with a usd

To create a bright feminine look, the colors of the red palette are great. At any time of the year they will create a festive atmosphere. It is only necessary to remember that on very long nails, one should choose more muted shades, with bright colors the manicure will look too defiant. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

If you apply the “May bug” on a burgundy gel polish, then such a manicure will attract attention with its brightness and courage.

Silver pollen on a red background makes the image sophisticated, and gold – and completely luxurious. A gradient manicure with a transition from Bordeaux to red will emphasize the passion of its owner.

Blue, cyan, violet manicure with a usd

Manicure with rubbing in blue and all its shades is rapidly gaining popularity. Such a palette transforms nails of any shape and length, visually making fingers thinner and more beautiful. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Cold tones emphasize the independence and self-sufficiency of the owner of a manicure. Nail design in blue shine will suit women determined and loving to lead.

 French manicure (“French”) with a usd

“French” gives a huge selection of combinations with rubbing. You can make a nail a mirror, and a smile – a classic white. A smile made using white or colored rubbing looks even more interesting. French gradient manicure looks very original. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Delicate “French” with silver or gold is suitable even for a wedding.

Manicure with usd and rhinestones

For evening dresses, a manicure with a usd and rhinestones is the best fit. Its owner will shine and become just the queen of the ball. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

You can decorate both the mirror nails themselves, and alternate the shine of the usd and rhinestones on different fingers.

Glazed manicure

This option looks like a win-win at any holiday, especially if all the nails are covered with a powder, and accent – with sparkles. It is no less interesting to sprinkle with large particles the edges of the nail when it is mirror-like. It is better to choose a nail polish dark.

Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs
Glitter Mirror Nail Polish

The color of the sparkles should be from the same color palette with the rubbing, otherwise the result may turn out to be too flashy (exceptions: gold and silver).

 Wedding manicure with usd

For a wedding manicure, a pearl usd is perfect. A soft, sophisticated look of nails will emphasize the tenderness and innocence of the bride. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

Rubbing in French manicure is no less relevant for such a solemn occasion as a wedding. You can either fill the nail itself, or, conversely, highlight only a smile. It will also be appropriate to focus with the help of glitter on one nail.

 Manicure with a picture (design) and rubbing – “Northern Lights”, “May Beetle”, “Mermaid”, “Broken Glass”, “Metallic”

The manicure with the rubbing “Northern Lights” and “May Beetle” can be confused. The first is characterized by its flicker, and the May bug provides beautiful overflows. In “Northern Lights” a cold gamut of colors prevails – blue, indigo, emerald, purple. Best of all, such a manicure is suitable for the cold season.

The shades in the May bug are almost the same, because ideally the nails in this design should really resemble the shell of this insect. However, many usd the pigment into the red base and get an excellent result.

The usd itself looks pale, beige-gray, so it is the nail polish that decides everything: depending on its color, you can get rich and dark or, conversely, a muffled manicure.

Rubbing the “Mermaid”, in addition to the main green color, contains sparkles of different shades, due to which imitation of scales on the mermaid tail is ensured. These nails with pearl tints look very beautiful. A more interesting performance is obtained if you use the usd not on all fingers, but on accent nails. Mirror nail polish. How to make mirrored manicure rubbed. Photo ideas and designs

The design of the broken glass manicure is extremely attractive. The effect of multi-colored fragments makes the nails bright, striking. One of the main advantages of such a manicure is uniqueness, because it is impossible to lay the fragments equally.

To get “Metallic”, you need to take both the usd and the base varnish with a metallic effect. Then the radiance will be as bright as possible, you get almost a real smooth metal surface.

Mirror nail polish and usd give a really amazing effect. The manicure is elegant, interesting and always original.

However, since it greatly attracts attention, one should not forget that the hands should always be in perfect condition – well-groomed, with smooth skin, without burrs.

Video clips: all about mirror manicure

Manicure with the use of mirror nail polish. Design Ideas:

Design ideas with mirror nail polish:

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