Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

Serum “Arcade” – a modern drug for the treatment and care of damaged skin and nail plate, made on the basis of the latest pharmaceutical technologies developed by the Polish specialist-podologist Adrian Arcade.

The drug is effectively used in the treatment of ingrown toenails and injured tissues. Possessing antimycotic and antiseptic qualities, the drug is also active against pathogens of fungal infections, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and purulent infections.

Serum Characterization

The main purpose of serum is to prevent detachment of the nail plate resulting from the development of onycholysis.

Cosmetics are designed to:

  • provide care and nutrition for damaged nails, cuticles and periungual bed;
  • therapy and prevention of mycosis.

Possessing a 100% natural composition, the drug accelerates tissue regeneration, stimulating the growth of cells treated from mycosis, giving the nails a healthy and shiny appearance.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

The high content of marine (fish) collagen allows the use of “Arcade” serum in the treatment of various skin defects:

  • scars and scars;
  • inflammatory processes accompanied by redness and swelling of the dermis;
  • skin infections;
  • acne and acne;
  • expression wrinkles;
  • burns.

The components of the drug also contribute to the activation of regenerative processes, relieve irritation and itching, and prevent re-infection of cells.


Serum for nails “Arcade” contains only natural components selected in such a ratio to provide nutrition and care, while protecting the nail plate from the penetration of pathogenic microbes and fungi.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

The components of the drug:

  • moisturizes cells, increasing moisture penetration;
  • protects the skin from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, covering the tissue with a protective film;
  • promotes exfoliation of dead cells and cleanses the dermis from dead particles;
  • relieves acne, giving the skin smoothness;
  • hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation even on thin and sensitive skin;
  • smoothes out small bumps and wrinkles;
  • increases the effectiveness of other components of cosmetics.
Marine collagen
  • starts the production of its own collagen in the human body;
  • accelerates tissue regeneration;
  • corrects scars and scars of various origins;
  • treats acne;
  • slows down the natural process of skin aging.
Tea tree oil
  • possesses powerful antibacterial and antimycotic effects;
  • kills all known pathogens;
  • relieves inflammatory processes by improving the immune properties of the body;
  • soothes itching and burning;
  • has anti-edematous and analgesic qualities.
Almond oil
  • inhibits skin aging processes;
  • regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands; eliminates irritation and peeling; effective in the manifestation of burns as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, decongestant;
  • treats skin microtraumas;
  • prevents loss of elasticity and tone of tissues.
  • forms a protective film on the skin that prevents the dermis from aggressive environmental effects, temperature changes and external pollution;
  • moisturizes cells;
  • provides fast healing of wounds and microcracks;
  • It has anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.

In what form is produced

The serum is produced by a Polish company founded by the world famous podologist Adrian Arcada, who developed and successfully practices non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails. The drug is intended for use in the postoperative period in order to prevent the development of onycholysis, which interferes with the nail plasty to be fixed on the nail bed.

Serum “Arcade” is available in glass bottles with a pipette dispenser, facilitating the proper use of the drug. In USA, Arcade cosmetics can be ordered from distributors, on the Internet, or purchased at a specialized store. The cost of the bottle starts from $ 27.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

Serum is considered part of the program developed by Adrian Arcade for the non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails.

In addition to this drug, other products of the Wroclaw Pharmacological Concern are used in therapy:

Name Product properties Price
Nourishing cream “Arcade” It is used to treat cracked skin of the feet, hands, elbows and knees. Contains lanolin, beta gluten, rosemary oil, Amazonian seed seeds and sage extract.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antimycotic effects;
  • regulates the hydrolipidic balance of the skin; restores elasticity, reducing the tendency to crackle;
  • stimulates tissue healing.
from $ 20.
Protective Fluid 08OIL An oily solution used for skin and nail plate problems. It has protective, anti-inflammatory and antimycotic properties. Helps to regenerate the nail plate, contributing to the rapid healing of tissues. Has a completely natural composition consisting of oil extracts:
  • neroli;
  • oregano;
  • tea tree;
  • eucalyptus;
  • thyme
  • lavender;
  • peppermint.
from $ 34.
Primer Arcade Degreases the nail plate before applying the acrylic mass, providing good adhesion. from $ 15.
Liquil Arcade The liquid used to create acrylic, without the annoying smell. from $ 24.
Acrylic Arcade Acrylic powder enriched with silver ions, used for the correction of ingrown nails and reconstruction of the nail plate cleared of mycosis from $ 19.


Serum for nails “Arcade” is intended to strengthen and restore tissues, as well as the prevention of onycholysis that occurs after correction of an ingrown nail. The use of the drug helps a speedy r
ecovery and consolidation of the result of the operation, contributing to the growth of a healthy nail.

Daily use of serum:

  • nourishes tissues;
  • prevents brittleness and cracking;
  • prevents secondary infection with mycosis;
  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • promotes the speedy regeneration of cells.
Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews
The figure lists the action of Arcade Nail Serum.

In addition to the main purpose, thanks to the combination of components selected in such a ratio to simultaneously care for and protect cells, Arcade serum successfully:

  1. Used in case of burns. Tea tree extract relieves inflammation and promotes rapid tissue regeneration.
  2. Eliminates intractable skin lesions. The components of the serum have an antiseptic and nourishing effect, preventing the formation of acne and acne.
  3. It is used to combat increased scarring of the tissue, preventing the occurrence of age-related changes, loss of tone and elasticity of the dermis.


Serum Arcade for nails, according to the instructions, is applied 1-2 drops 1-3 times a day on the cleaned surface of the nail bed. It is recommended to simultaneously treat the area of the periungual shaft, rubbing the liquid into the skin with massaging movements. The course of treatment is from 3 to 6 months.

In the treatment of skin defects of the face and neck, the drug is allowed to be used only after a thorough sensation of tissue.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

It is also recommended that preliminary light gating of the dermis be performed (at least 2-3 times a week). To treat the face, serum is dripped onto a wet palm (1-2 drops) and then placed on the damaged area. Manipulations should be carried out 1-3 times a day until a stable result appears.


It is forbidden to use serum for people suffering from acute inflammatory skin defects that require pharmacological treatment.

Side effects

Serum “Arcade” has no side effects and is approved for use by persons suffering from:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • neuropathic disorders;
  • genetic predisposition to nail ingrowth;
  • immune pathologies.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers can safely choose a cosmetic product for carrying out nursing procedures. The drug does not cause allergic reactions on thin and sensitive skin, it is approved for use in children over 3 years of age and the elderly.

In the case of the use of serum in the treatment of acne, acne or preventing the formation of age-related changes, it requires a mandatory test for the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of a cosmetic product before use.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

During the study, it is necessary to apply 1-2 drops of serum to the internal bend of the elbow. The skin reaction is observed for 10-15 minutes. In case of red spots, itching or tingling, the drug is immediately washed off with water.

It is allowed to use “Arcade” serum for purulent lesions of the periungual bed after preliminary treatment of the affected area with acrylic powder with silver ions. In case of contact with eyes, it is recommended to flush the organs of vision with running water to avoid the occurrence of swelling and redness.

Terms and conditions of storage

Serum is stored at a temperature of +10 to +25 degrees Celsius in darkened places. UV rays are not allowed due to the risk of decomposition of the components of cosmetics.


Arcade method – is considered a unique, patented development for the treatment and correction of the problem of ingrown nails without surgical treatment. All products of the Wroclaw pharmaceutical concern have no analogues with similar composition and characteristics. For the treatment of fungal lesions and tissue regeneration, products of other companies can also be used.

Serum Arcade for nails. How to use, analogues, reviews

Name Characteristic Makeup makeup Price
SPIRULARIN NAGEL SERUM Antiviral serum for the treatment of fungal infections of the nails and regeneration of the nail plate.
  • possesses anti-inflammatory, antimycotic, antibacterial properties;
  • cares for the nail plate, ensuring its restoration and regeneration of the treated areas.

Not addictive and allergic reactions. It has a completely natural composition, suitable for use by people with impaired immune defense of the body, young children and the elderly.

  • witch hazel extract;
  • Spiralin in high concentration;
  • licorice root extract;
  • nutritious oils
from $ 33.
Oriflame the one A multifunctional product designed to take care of a fragile and damaged nail plate.
  • helps to restore the strength of the structure of nails;
  • fills fragile and damaged cells with moisture
  • glycerol;
  • panthenol;
  • grape oil;
  • avocado extract;
  • mineral complex;
  • ginseng extract.
from $ 2,45.
LANBENA Serum for damaged nails with anti-fungal effect. It is used to care for cracked and coarse nail plates. Stimulates tissue regeneration, combats the effect of ingrown nails
  • salicylic alcohol;
  • Castor oil
from $ 2,18.
Gel Biotin


The action of the drug is aimed at cell regeneration and restoration of the nail plate after any traumatic effect. Effective for healing wounds and cracks, as well as in the treatment of skin problems.

Used for:

  • diseases and structural changes of the nail plate;
  • mycoses of various etymologies;
  • ski
    n defects;
  • enhanced keratinization of tissues;
  • dermatitis.

The gel is hypoallergenic, suitable for any age and has no contraindications

  • Biotin Complex;
  • vitamin H;
  • tamanu oil;
  • milk thistle oil
from $ 5,44.
NAGELSCHUTZOL DemycoMed Protective oil against fungal infections, used to care for damaged skin and nail plate. Reduces fragility, increases the protective function of tissues, preventing the occurrence of mycosis.
  • bisabolol;
  • clotrimazole;
  • Vitamin E
  • sweet almond oil
from $ 12,24.

Serum for nails Arcade – an effective drug that helps with injuries and problem conditions of the skin and nails. The balanced composition of cosmetics allows you to use it to nourish and regenerate various skin defects, prevent keratinization and age-related changes in people of different ages, without the risk of re-infection and the development of allergic reactions.

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