Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

Social surveys showed that half of the respondents complain of problems with hair loss and their fragility. Beauticians offer a choice of many methods of healing hair follicles and curls. Botox for hair is also common among them. Reviews about him are mostly positive, and its effects have been pleasing for several months.

What is a procedure

The well-known “beauty injections” are not related to the name of the procedure. A component of anti-aging injections is the substance botulinum. The serum used to restore the strands does not include this substance in its composition, but is made on the basis of a neurotoxin protein produced by bacteria of the Clostridium botulinum group, its name is botulinum toxin.

The toxin has unique qualities. Despite the fact that frequent use is addictive, it is widely used in cosmetology. The essence of the action of the substance is to create a kind of channel when it enters the hair. Botox is used as a tunnel through which useful micro- and macroelements enter the hair cells.

The effect is instantaneous – follicular nutrition occurs at the molecular level.

The founders of the method were Arab scientists. They developed a toxin tactic and acceptable dosage. The created product restores fragile curls, gives them elasticity and silkiness, hair becomes voluminous, shiny, smooth and light.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

The drug transports a complex of vitamin, proteins and amino acids to the hair shaft. In addition, after nutrients enter the hair base, thanks to Botox, they are retained in it for several months, even with daily head hygiene.

Composition of drugs

Botox for hair (reviews, the consequences are associated with the quality of the used serum) – the two-phase agent used. Each is placed in separate bottles and applied in turn. Do not mix components.

The sequence of their application is as follows:

  • Phase No. 1. Contains products that promote the formation of passages in the hair through which nutrients penetrate.
  • Phase number 2. It consists of a concentrate of useful preparations that nourish the hair and hair, as well as botulinum toxin. It is she who has a restorative effect.

Leading manufacturers of Botox produce the drug only by this method. Differences between brands lies in the concentration and name of the components that make up Botox.

As a rule, preparations contain:

  • Intra-silane (botulinum toxin or its equivalent). The molecule of the substance easily changes its structure under the influence of the environment. It has a linear shape with moisture loss and takes branched after saturation with water. This property allows nutrients to bind to beneficial components and penetrate deep into the hair. Being inside, the molecule strengthens and heals tissues.
  • Elestin. He makes curls obedient and light. Thanks to him, it is possible to achieve simplicity of laying and its subsequent preservation.

  • Keratin amino acids (keratin) – a material for the “patch” of damaged hair.
  • Hyaluronic acid. An element that prevents dry scalp and brittle hair. It nourishes the bulbs and maintains a water balance inside the hair.
  • Oils (essential). Give shine to hair, soften locks.
  • Concentrated plant extracts (eucalyptus, green tea, chamomile, hibiscus, aloe). These phytocomponents have an antitoxic effect, increase blood circulation.
  • Vitamins A, C and E nourish the skin, enhance hair growth, make them silky and shiny.

Operating principle

Botox restores hair that is overdried by the effects of paint, burnt by perm, and thinned with styling cosmetics. In addition, it nourishes and revitalizes the bulbs. Used drugs restore shine, smoothness of hair. At the same time, the appearance of bonding and weighting is not created at the same time.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

Molecules of whey contribute to the penetration into the depths of nutrients and moisture, where these components are sealed. This action helps to prevent their washing off and preserves up to 70% of the useful substances that work well and improve the structure of the strands.

The procedure allows you to forget about the problem of split ends for at least 3-5 months. In addition, the curls become voluminous and obedient to any styling. Strengthening the bulbs and increasing the metabolic process in them prevents hair loss and premature baldness. Hair growth improves, hair loss is prevented.

Indications for the procedure

Botox for hair (reviews, consequences, according to experts, please women with a certain hair structure) is recommended:

  • owners of damaged hair due to systematic dyeing or after perms;
  • owners of dull strands, devoid of shine and having split ends;
  • Those who want to have obedient curls that are easy to style.


Often, women who use the procedure notice that they need to wash their hair more often, and the strands are greasy faster. Daily head hygiene washes out the injected compound faster, so the effect of Botox can be short-lived. Oily hair owners should consult a specialist before carrying out the procedure.

Other disadvantages include:

  • After a recent perm, Botox components can cause an allergic reaction in the body.
  • Risky is the absorption of components into the skin for pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • The serum used in the procedure is dangerous if there are scratches on the skin or open wounds.
  • The time interval between trips to a specialist is at least 5 months, it is undesirable to visit the salon again for Botox before the recommended period.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

The drugs used contain components that can provoke an allergic response from the body of a woman.

Negative consequences

Botox for hair (reviews – the consequences of the procedure can cause unpredictable complications), contains serum botulinum toxin – a substance that has not yet been fully studied. Complications can manifest as individual intolerance to the constituents of the serum.

In this case, the repeated procedure is not excluded, you can try changing the brand of the product used.

Most often, unpleasant consequences are manifested:

  • the appearance of dandruff;
  • swelling of the scalp or a change in its color;
  • itching
  • hair loss, if at the same time as Botox permed.

A visit to the salon more often than 3-5 months after the last Botox procedure and re-improvement of the hair will not bring the desired effect of obtaining delicious strands. Having overdone with the remedy, representatives of the weaker sex risk worsening the condition of the hair.

Can I do pregnant

During pregnancy, metabolic processes in a woman’s body change, so the procedure may not bring the desired effect to expectant mothers. Problems with strands in women awaiting the birth of a baby arise most often due to a lack of vitamins.

Botox is not able to saturate the whole body of a woman with nut
rients, its effect extends only to the hair and scalp. The components of the drugs used do not have any negative effect on the fetus, they are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

An exception are drugs manufactured by Asian manufacturers. Often they contain a substance dangerous to the woman and the fetus – formaldehyde. Under the influence of heat, a chemical compound penetrates the human lungs and can cause severe poisoning.

Expectant mothers who decide on the procedure should be familiar with the composition of the product indicated on the label. If formaldehyde is present in the product to be used, it is better to refuse the procedure.

Procedure requirements

The effect of Botox on hair is determined by the components that make up the serum.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

The requirements for an ideal drug are as follows:

  • After the procedure, the strands should acquire a silky appearance, become even, smooth.
  • An ideal remedy effectively nourishes curls from the root to the ends.
  • A flawless serum can straighten hair curly from birth.
  • Botox, carried out with a quality drug, prevents hair loss, accelerates their growth.

Rating of the best manufacturers

The drugs used in conducting Botox produce many well-known cosmetic brands.

Each has its own characteristics:

  1. Spanish serum Magic Efecto Tae. It is used on curly and bleached hair. Saturated with moisturizing ingredients. In addition, it contains: argan oil (prevents aging, nourishes the bulbs, strengthens the hair), hyaluronic acid (stabilizes the water balance of the scalp and curls, prevents the ends of the hair from being cut and brittle), keratin (restores the structure of damaged hair), collagen (seals damage gives volume).
  2. Israeli cosmetics Kashmir Keratin Hair System. In addition to restoring curls, it prevents their loss and activates growth. Contains: botulinum toxin C (carries nutrients to the core and holds them there), keratin, silk protein (gives firmness, elasticity), linseed oil (saturates with vitamins, strengthens), 16 useful amino acids. Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much
  3. Hungarian drug Kallos. A popular, but less saturated remedy, it consists of: keratin enriched with water, hyaluronic acid, collagen.
  4. Brazilian Botox Honma Tokyo. The product consists exclusively of natural ingredients: a complex of vitamins and amino acids of natural origin, extract from green tea (exhibits antitoxic effects, protects hair from harmful effects).

Technique of the procedure and the end result

The professional botox scheme includes the following steps:

  • The hair is subjected to maximum clarification, so that the components of the serum are easily absorbed. To do this, wash the strands with professional shampoo.
  • Depending on the requirements of the instructions for the drug, the concentrate is diluted in water or 2 phases of the product are mixed. Some manufacturers require heating the drug to 40 degrees.
  • Serum is applied to slightly damp hair. Depending on its brand, they can withstand 10 to 40 minutes. A protective cap is put on over the serum mask and the head is placed in a stationary hair dryer. Heating the applied product promotes its penetration deep into the hair.
  • At the end of the stipulated aging time of the serum on the hair, a composition with a sealing effect is applied to them.
    5 minutes later wash your hair with warm water without shampoo.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much

A more detailed procedure is indicated by the manufacturer of the drug in the instructions for use. The procedure does not require complex equipment and special knowledge. After going to the salon, women receive obedient, light, nutrient-rich hair that can take a planned image and save it for several days.

Rules for hair care after Botox treatment

Botox for hair (reviews, the consequences of the procedure confirm that the implementation of special actions will help maintain the effect for 3-5 months) requires fixing the following rules:

  • After washing the hair, the desirability of immediately drying them with a hairdryer, since humidity is the enemy of Botox.
  • Too high ambient temperature, or too low, can destroy the effect. In hot weather, you should cover your head with a panama or umbrella, if it is cold outside – put on a hat.
  • Drying with cool air is less traumatic for hair.
  • Frequent use of styling products is undesirable: ironing, curling.
  • Invalid nutritional maintenance is invaluable. Cereal, dairy and bean products will benefit. Vitamins used in food help to move botulinum toxin deep into the hair.
  • Do not collect hair in a tight bun or tail. The structure of the strands in this position is damaged and does not have time to return to normal after the procedure.
  • The first wash is recommended not earlier than 3 days after Botox. In the future, it is better to use sulfates that do not contain sulfates, which destroy the components of the serum.
  • At least 1 time per week, hair care after Botox should include the use of nourishing, moisturizing masks. It is better if oils become their basis.

How often do cosmetic procedures

Serum manufacturers claim that the effect of Botox can persist for 6 months. But the practice of application and reviews of visitors to the salons indicate a maximum preservation of 3 to 5 months. Therefore, the frequency of application of serum should not exceed 1 time in 3 months.

In addition, cosmetologists advise including a break between procedures of 1 month and an individual approach to the frequency of use, depending on the type and condition of the hair. It is noticed that excessively frequent application of serum makes curls weak, brittle, dry.

Is it allowed to dye hair

Botox for hair and simultaneous staining of strands, as evidenced by reviews of women, cause undesirable effects. These are 2 mutually exclusive procedures. If you want to change the color after Botox, then you should use paints based on hydrogen peroxide. The component will provide dye access to the hair.

Botox for hair, reviews, consequences. What is this procedure, how is it done. Which Botox is better, how much
The article provides the
rules for the Botox procedure for hair, as well as reviews and consequences from it.

Staining should be carried out, adhering to the following rules:

  • It is necessary to wait an interval between procedures of 3 weeks, otherwise the paint will not give the desired shade or does not affect the hair at all.
  • Staining is best done with ammonia-free paints.
  • The choice of a woman should stop at a shade one tone darker than expected.
  • The use of tinted shampoos on strands that have undergone Botox, the use of basma and henna is unacceptable.

The effect of Botox – how much is held

The preservation of the effect directly depends on the quality of the drug used and on how scrupulously the owner of chic hair follows the recommendations for caring for strands. The period claimed by the manufacturers of serums, during which the curls look well-groomed – 6 months.

However, ideally, the maximum effect lasts for 10 sinks, after which it gradually fades away.

Healthy, beautiful hair is the result of constant care, the use of nutrients. Not all strands are recoverable after applying conventional masks and balms. An emergency measure in case of serious damage is Botox for the hair. Reviews of those who decided on the procedure indicate the onset of instant consequences in the form of a deep recovery and recovery of curls.

Video about Botox for hair, rules and procedures

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